The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 6.4 The First Born

Ok, now that the award stuff is done let’s move on to a chapter!

Last time Starla discovered she was pregnant, Rickon got a promotion and most of the family resorted to drinking.

We kick things of with Starla’s continued efforts to turn the entire family against her. I am loving her mean spirited trait! XD Makes things a bit more interesting.


Starla: OMG that dress is so old it still has baby milk on it.

Susan: If you weren’t pregnant… 😡


One of the rare occasions when Max is not a werewolf.

Max: I’d forgotten how good I look.

Yeah, pretty in pink! 😀

Max: It takes a real man to look this good in pink.

With pink hair to boot.


Starla takes a break from arguing with everyone in sight to actually do something useful and tidy up.

Starla: Hey! I’m useful. 😡

For now…


Rickon takes a break from his job to build his painting skill.

I don’t know why but find that painting really creepy.

Rickon: I think it’s cute.  Can I put it on the wall?

No. *sells*

Rickon: 😥


Starla: So I read a superhero comic for the first time.

Mulberry: really. How interesting. *person person plus*

Don’t be fooled, they argued after this.


Yay! someone found the pizza oven! Do you have to do everything in your swimwear?

Susan: I don’t want to get my clothes dirty now do I.


Rickon’s latest Stylist job as a big one from Keeshonden.

Keeshonden: I need a whole new wardrobe my good man. Oh and fix my hair and makeup while you’re at it.

Rickon: OK I know just what you need.


I designed her new wardrobe around that red and black pattern. This is her athletic wear.

Keeshonden: I like it! ❤

Rickon: Naturally, I’m a cut above the rest. 😀


While there I noticed August and Amber Leavitt.  It’s nice to see them still in love.


Starla: What are you looking at? 😡

Just checking you’re ok.

Starla: Well I’m fine so you can just….


Starla: Holy snowballs!

Gnome: Why thanks for noticing. 😉


Starla: It’s a girl! 🙂


Ahem, I meant to say welcome to family little baby Storm.


Did I mention she’s green.



The family is super excited by the new arrival as you can tell.  The rest of the family were at work or sleeping at this point.



Storm’s fav colour is Irish Green and she’s a girl so I redecorated the nursery using pink as an accent colour. I think it works pretty well


Despite her mean ways Starla is actually a very attentive mother. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

Starla: What do you mean by that?

Oh nothing.


Seymour is still around even though he hasn’t eaten anyone. He may not survive for much longer. I am getting bored of him since he doesn’t seem interested causing mischief anymore.

Seymour: I have realised violence is not the answer.


Starla: It’s so good not being pregnant.

Don’t get too used to that.

Starla: Oh no I am not doing that again.

But I need a spare. 😦

Starla: Not my problem sweethart.


Rickon: Who’s daddy’s precious little girl.

Storm: *baby noises*


I was watching these two slap each other and argue for ages.  I was really hoping it would turn into a fight.

Susan: If she wants a fight she’s got one.  Let’s just see her try and beat me.

Yeah Starla doesn’t stand a chance with Susan’s maxed out Athletic and Martial arts. 😀


This is the state of Starla’s relationship with Susan now.  She really fits in well doesn’t she.


Oh dear Susan found the baby swing.  Please don’t put it on fast.

Susan: What was that? Put it on fast, ok.  Wheee!

Storm: *bleugh*

Lovely, thanks.

I think I shall end it on that note.  See you all next time.




Versatile Blogger Award

Hi, I do have pictures ready for another chapter, but first I bring great news!


Many thanks to Earthqueenami of the Kanto Legacy (which I will catch up on at some point!) for nominating me for this award.

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Seven Facts

Ooh this is going to be tough, let me think for a moment.


  1. Ok, well for starters I have a 5 month old daughter.  She is adorable naturally 😀
  2. I have a cat called Teddy, a rabbit called Pickle, a Gecko called Sprout and a bearded dragon called Puff
  3. I live in Cambridgeshire, England.  It is a small village, we don’t even have a little shop!
  4. I have played sims since the first game although I am still not a great lover of Sims 4
  5. I love Penguins (the animal not the biscuit, although they are quite nice)
  6. I love baking whenever I get chance.  Tea loaf is a particular favourite of mine.
  7. I love Disney films.  My all time favourite is Cinderella


Apologies if you have already been nominated

  1. The Simple Life by autumrein
  2. The Sloane Family Legacy by Eddiesims
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Chapter 6.3 The Family that Drinks together, Stays together.

Hi there, I’m back! I was hoping to get a chapter up sooner but we switched broadband providers and it has taken nearly three months to get it up and running.  Thankfully it was sorted out yesterday! It does mean I have a lot to catch up on with all your stories/legacies.  Give me something to do while my daughter takes her naps! 😀

Right then what happened last time? *frantically scans last chapter as it has been so long*

Ah that’s right! Koi left us to rejoin Lucky. 😥 Rickon and Starla got engaged then married and they got a cat ❤

We start where we left off, just after Rickon’s makeover of his older sister Dani.


This is Dani leaving in a huff. (looking stylish in the outfit I spent ages creating for her.)

Dani: Still don’t like it, change it back.

Nope I like it so you get to keep it.

Dani: 😡

Your welcome 😀


Back home Mulberry finds the drafting table.  I love it how a ghost that can float through walls can sit on a stool! XD

Mulberry: I have you know it’s not as easy as it looks.  It takes a lot of concentration.


All that concentration took a lot out of you I see.


Back at the salon Rickon takes pity on poor Shannon Terrey and gives him a makeover.

Oh Rebeca is here.  She’s so pretty ❤


Since Shannon is in the criminal career I gave him a look that was better suited to a career criminal.

Shannon: I like the hat but I would have liked red shoes.


Viserys was loitering upstairs so I had Rickon go say hi.

Rickon: I wonder if Rebeca is still here, maybe I should go say hi to her too.

Viserys: Dude you know she’s a lesbian right?

Rickon: Say it isn’t so bro.

Viserys: Sorry it’s true she’s in a relationship with a woman called Rosa.

Pity, still I might save her and use her later on.


Rickon posing for a fan.  I keep forgetting he’s a celebrity.

Rickon: That’s 2 star celebrity thank you.


Back home baby one is confirmed.


Starla celebrates by breaking the bath tub.

Starla: Why don’t you prove it.

I watched you break it.

You watched me take a bath. O.o


Safe to say these to do not get along.


Oh yes that’s much better.  You are free to go do what you want Susan.

Susan: *runs off before I can change my mind*


There Rickon and Starla’s section in the crypt.


Susan’s first action as a free woman.

Susan: Just celebrating.

Celebrating what?

Susan: My promotion of course.



I used Starla’s YA action to tell Rickon she’s pregnant.

Starla: Honey I’m glad you’re home. There’s something I have to tell you.

Rickon: What is it sweetie


Starla: I’m pregnant!

Rickon: That’s great! I hope it’s a boy *rolls wish for a boy*

Starla: *rolls wish for a girl*


Rickon: Mum said things always seem to break in this house.

Better raise your handiness skill then.


Just Mulberry and Starla having another pleasant conversation.


I had to add this.  It was so funny watching werewolf Max taking on his phone while walking. 😀


Rickon: Attention on me now please.


Rickon: Bask in my awesomeness!

Is that even a word?

Rickon: Don’t ruin the moment.


Mulberry: Nothing like catching a few rays after a hard day.

There’s so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to start.


I pity your future child.  No one in this family is setting a good example.

Rickon: Relax it’s just juice.

Yeah right.


I changed Starla’s pregnancy outfit.  Isn’t it pretty.  I don’t remember where I got the dress from though.


Wow autonomous cooking even though the fridge is full of leftovers.

Max: But I want hotdogs.


Rickon was working out for an opportunity and Susan came over to join in.

Rickon: I don’t mind you working out with me Mum but could you put some clothes on.

Susan: It’s important to let your skin breathe.


Starla: I can’t listen to you anymore.  You’re just taking rubbish!


Mulberry: You’re so mean.  I don’t know what Rickon sees in you.


Rickon is still fixing the things the family breaks.  This time it’s the dishwasher.

Starla: Please be careful honey.  I don’t want my baby to grow up without a father.

That’s about it for this chapter.  I have more pictures so expect another chapter soon.  I shall end this time with some news about Rickon’s siblings



And this one about Susan’s brother Rory.