The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 2.10 Gone in a Flash

Hey there, i’m back with more craziness from the Mendoza’s.  Last time the youngest became kids, Tobias showed more than I would have liked and a pool was added to the house.

I start this time with a rare occurrence of Strawberry being nice to one of her sisters.


Strawberry: Then I shall rain death down on my enemies.  The people will come to know never to cross me.

Mulberry: Sure.

I suppose that is her way of being nice(ish).  The nightgown the girls are wearing is part of a set I got from the Sims 3 store.  I have been on there buying a few things recently.  : )


I don’t normally condone pets on the furniture but this was so cute.  They are best buds and are never far apart.  Those matching collars are great, makes it so much easier to tell them apart.


Shortly after they grew up I signed the girls up for ballet and Blueberry for Scouts.  Halfway through their age bars there was a recital.  Look how cute the little outfits are.

Raspberry: Is that a burglar?!

Stranger: I don’t judge you on your fashion choices

Ooh touchy.


Mulberry: Do I have to go, I’m sleepy




Strawberry: I can’t believe I’m doing this.


I was trying to get a picture of the four of them in their outfits but Mulberry rushed off and Blueberry changed clothes as soon as he got out.  Damn sims.


Upon arriving home Blueberry thought the best place to sleep was on one of the pool loungers, in the rain.  Naturally he got a cold soon after.

Blueberry: But it’s so comfy.


Mulberry is becoming the more productive of the family and can often be found at the easel when Maya isn’t using it.

Mulberry: Being a technophobe means my choices are limited on fun things to do.

Well there is reading, swimming, the dogs, the gnubb set, the chess table, the rocking horse, the doll house, the toy boxes…


Maya: OMG there’s a ghost in Dad’s chair!

That is your mother.

Maya: But she’s a ghost. *faints*

Good job fainting doesn’t count against my score.


As you can see the dogs are popular.

Kiwi: But I was going to feed them.

Nolan: I had the action first.

Jamie: It was my turn.

Tobias: Slow and steady wins the race.


I got the ice cream machine from the store.  Nolan was the first to find it.


However the rest soon started to appear.  The fun thing with this is whenever someone makes ice cream the whole family will flock to it causing a massive traffic jam which as you can imagine is chaos in this kitchen.  It does have the added benefit of making them sick if the eat ice cream when the machine is dirty.  So fun all round!


He does this all the time, it makes me laugh. I have no other reason for adding this picture.

Nolan: This is were the kids get their looks from.  I am as beautiful as a red rose.

Right, moving on


Another new toy I got them is this tablet.  I have seen it in a few legacies/stories.

Maya: This is awesome, it has Candy Crush on!!

Yeah, I am kind of addicted to the game. : D


Look at all these sims (and Melon).  Must be party time.  The kids are being teens.  Doesn’t time fly.


The girl in front is Alora Best.  She is Melon’s crush from prom.  This family is as bad as the Bunch family from Sunset Valley. She just isn’t right for our family, she has to go.


This made me laugh, as soon as Maya fired up the barbeque the men came running.

Maya: Can’t I cook in peace anymore.


Melon: It’s not you, it’s me

Robbie: Is he really breaking up with my sister.


I felt sorry for poor Miles not having anyone, so I became a matchmaker and got Maya to convince Miles to flirt with Katy McKinnon.  She is the Glamorous paparazzi that is always hanging around.


It worked!  Soon after they became an item and moved in together.  Make babies please.


Ok birthday time.  This is the closest I could get to all four at once.  Everyone else kept getting in the way.

Raspberry: Ok, I wish…

Mulberry: Don’t say it out loud, it wont come true.


Ok here they are as teens.  First up Blueberry. His new trait is Insane.


Next up Mulberry.  She looks a lot like Maya I think.  Her new trait is Heavy Sleeper.


Raspberry is next.  Her new trait is dislikes children.  Wonderful!


And last but not least Strawberry.  Her new trait is Insane.  I am really happy with how they all turned out.  It made my job of choosing an heir a little difficult.


Kiwi: Um, guys the party is over.  Guys?

Everyone else: *continues cheering*


This is another of Tobias’ idle animations using the cane.  I love the faces he pulls.  I really think you need to go take a bath though.

Tobias: This is my natural smell.

Smell is right!


Oh my, so many teens! This is what happens when you have 6 teenagers in the house and they invite friends over.  Melon and Kiwi got on the honor roll at this time.


Another day, another fail. -5


Strawberry: You are not my sister.



Ah yes I forgot about these birthdays.

Maya: *coughs sparkles*


Maya: My youth, gone in a flash.

She is now going though a mid life crisis.


Nolan: Yay birthday.

Lassie: *yawn*


Melon: Ha ha! Dad what happened to your hair!


Blueberry what are you doing?

Blueberry: Me and Mr Quackers are having a private conversation, please leave.


This two are still in love and still find the time to share sweet moments like this.


This is not so sweet -5


Nolan: Why is my house being invaded again?

Your eldest son is growing up.


Nolan is a young adult now.  Oh and Jamie grew up, forgot about that.


Here he is, doesn’t look much different.  I let him keep the hat.  His new trait is grumpy and his LTW is Paranomal Profiteer.  He will be available for download shortly.


That’s about it for this time and for Maya’s generation.  Next time her heir will be taking the reins.  I shall leave you with this painting of Maya’s which is a clue to who the heir is.

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 15 x 5 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 2 x 5 = 10

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 6 x 5 = 30

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -45












Chapter 2.9 Almost There

Wow look at that, another chapter! Bet you weren’t expecting that so soon.  Well you see I didn’t realise quite how many pictures I had.  There were too many to put in just one chapter so I split it.

So to recap last time Kiwi grew up and there was a party, during which Tobias embarrassed himself.  Piper & Lassie grew up and Tobias started to loose his marbles.  Lets hope he’s found them now…

silly (44)


Or maybe not.  That poor child

Raspberry: *is scarred for life*

Jamie: Good god man, put some clothes on! 0.0

silly (46)

But why scar one child when two is better.

Maya: Dad please put some clothes on.  The children do not need to see that!

Mulberry: Want food!

Tobias: But I just want to play.

silly (53)

Lets move on to the first of the birthdays.  Oh dear god no!

Melon: I did not need to see that! must unsee.

silly (90)


Anyway here is Melon as a teen.  His new trait is Neurotic.

silly (58)

Ok, next is Mulberry. Everyone has now taken to ignoring Tobias in the buff.

Tobias: It’s actually nice to feel the wind around my…

OK stop there!

silly (67)

Here is little Mulberry all grown up.  Her new trait is Technophobe.

silly (64)

Next up is Bluberry and thank god Tobias is decent again!

Blueberry: Cake now mama

silly (70)


And here he is as a child.  His new trait is Heavy sleeper.  Isn’t he a little cutie.

silly (76)

Next up is Raspberry.

Maya: Can we just get to next one, I’m shattered.

Don’t worry were nearly done.

silly (97)


I really like how her hair looks with the higlights.  It will appear different in later pics as she glitched and I had to change it.  Anyway her new trait is Eco- freindly.

silly (87)

And finally we have Strawberry.

Strawberry: But I wanted red sparkles, this does not suit my evilness.

Maya: Shut up and grow up!

silly (93)


Her she is, the last one to get a makeover.  Her new trait is Equestrian.

silly (99)

The first thing Strawberry did as a child was to sit in the rocking chair.  I love her evil grin here.

Strawberry: That’s because I love other peoples misfortune.

silly (101)


Yes this time it’s because you’ve upset your granddad.

Tobias: But that’s my chair.

Learn to share.

silly (107)

Lassie has discover that having a bigger body has it’s benifits.

Lassie: Dig, dig, dig, dig.

silly (112)


Jamie why are you so happy?

Jamie: The divorce is final, I am finally free of this crazy family!

We shall see.  I have decided to keep her in the house at least until Tobias expires.  I will decide her fate then.  The dogs may stay though.

Jamie: ….

silly (122)


Strawberry loves to show her evil side and it is often poor Raspberry that she picks on.  These two do not get on at all.

silly (128)

Maya: FINALLY I can go back to work!

Then why don’t you look happy?

Maya: I am outside for one, plus I age up soon.

silly (132)

These two had a field trip to the town hall.  I realised they hadn’t come home afterwards and I find them doing their homework outside the town hall.  I don’t blame them really, with so many sims in the house is must be hard to concentrate.

silly (134)

Aw the quads first day of school.  Blueberry rushed of first and ruined the photo. Grrrr

Raspberry: So very tired.

silly (137)


Raspberry: *thinking* I hope no one saw that.

*Sigh* – 5

silly (138)

This guy called up and asked Jamie out for a date.  Since she had recently divorced I thought why not.  They actually got on really well and stood there chatting for ages.

Jamie: Have you heard about this strange fog? Apparently people are disappearing.

silly (139)


Finegan: Um, I think you are confused.  That was the plot of a movie that was on last night.

Jamie: Really? Are you sure?

silly (141)

Back at home the bedtime stories are in full swing.  You show see it, it is utter chaos with four of them all wanting bedtime stories at once and none of them going for they’re actual beds.

Maya: And then without warning the King ordered the traitor’s execution. The executioner swung a mighty sword down and decapitated him with a single stroke.

Um, are you sure that’s the best story for a child?

tiny (14)

Maya: Nobody saw that right?

I did -5

tiny (16)


Maya: Oh no the maid saw. I am so embarrassed.

ManMaid: This is great. That reporter lady will pay me extra for this!

tiny (30)

Things aren’t much better outside.

Raspberry: It wasn’t me.

Nolan: This is what we get for not potty training them.

– 5

tiny (10)

I finally got round to redesigning the back door area.  I have shrunk down the space for Maya’s garden and added a nice little grave area for Jacklyn.  Tobias will be put here eventually so they can be together again.

tiny (26)

I also sold some unwanted stuff and added a pool.  Lassie was the first to find it.  I have never seen a dog swim in this game. (due to my preference of cats) It’s actually kind of cute.

tiny (27)

This isn’t so cute.  Maya wasn’t so graceful when it came to entering the pool.

tiny (29)

She was the first to find the loungers I placed at the side of the pool though.

Maya: Ah it’s so nice not to have any screaming toddlers anymore.

We are almost near the end of Maya’s time as heir. Next time I will be choosing her heir.

That’s about it, I will leave you with Tobias contemplating what to do to the next child that asks for a bedtime story!

tiny (18)


(Don’t worry, I do not condone violence towards children.  He is just twirling his cane.)

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 12 x 5 = 60

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 5 x 5 25

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -55


Chapter 2.8 Growing up

Before I get started with the chapter I would like to mention how exited I am that Maya’s brothers Apollo, Zak and Miles are featuring in generation 7 of the Winters ISBI.  If you haven’t read this yet, shame on you.  Head over there and check it out (but read this first!)

Also I recently made a Chicken Tikka Masala from scratch for the first time, well almost from scratch.  I used a well known brand of curry paste.  I was really surprised how well it turned out and how easy it was to prepare.  I doubt I will go back to the jar sauce.

Anyway on with our regularly scheduled program.  Previously Quads were born, birthdays were all the rage and many fails were had.


I am so grateful for the walker and playpan with the quads.  I don’t know if I could have got through their toddler years without them.

Maya: You and me both.

Kiwi: Oh grandpa

Tobias: No, not again.  Read yourself to sleep.

I can not work out why they all hate the easel.  None of them have the dislikes art trait.



Poor Tobias seems to be the kids favourite bedtime story reader.  As soon as Kiwi was done Melon collared him.

Maya: Why can’t I put all of the little brats in here?

You know I was wondering that.  It’s not like there isn’t room.

silly (33)

I decided to take a closer look at the easel thinking maybe it was the unfinished painting that they were all taking offense to.  As it turned out it was one of the dogs chewing on it that was the problem.

Strawberry: Bad dog

I replaced the easel and all was fine.


Nolan: OK sweetie time for bed.

Nolan is a great dad, he is always on hand to help out when Maya’s needs are dropping.


Kiwi: That’s a neat trick grandma.

Yup Jacklyn is out and causing Maya to faint constantly. Damn that coward trait, not everyone is so fearful of ghosts though.



Ooh this can’t be good, the missus and the ex.  I just realised that both of Tobias’ wife’s names start with J. Guess he still loves Jacklyn after all this time, sweet.

Jamie: He told me clouds are made of candy floss and snow is sherbet.  I don’t know why I stick with him.

Jacklyn: I used to think it was cute when he did that.

Jamie: I don’t, he’s so childish.  At his age he should be more grown up.

I think we should leave them to it.


Someone finally found the jelly bean tree.  Kiwi turned himself blue.  I am glad he didn’t hurt himself.

Kiwi: I look like Blueberry now.

At least you co-ordinate with the room.



Maya: *cough* I think this food has gone off. It tastes like poop.

That is such a great face.  I was so pleased I managed to get the picture.



Ah the twins are here, must be party time.

Apollo: My brother is awesome!

Finigan: I have nothing to say.


Yes it’s Kiwi’s birthday.  Most of the guests didn’t give a hoot, even Melon looks unimpressed.

Melon: I’m just here for the cake.

I thought it was cute when Kiwi started to cheer for himself.  Also that afro guy is the first sim I’ve seen that can carry off that style.  I hate that hair as it looks so plastic.



And here he is as a teen, hmm needs work but not bad.

Tobias: Oh that’s great for my back, a little lower please.

Ah I see the problem.  Maybe I should add a back door.


Meanwhile inside Apollo and Zak meet the quads.

Zak: Don’t pull my hair, do you know how long it takes to make it look this good?

Apollo: Why am I here?



Zak and Susanah are still having problems.  Might have something to do with the fact she is a romantic interest of Tobias.  Miles is still single, he is the only one of Maya’s siblings that is not married.

Miles: That laptop is as broken as my heart.

If anyone wants to give him a happier life he is available for download.  He derserves better than what story progression has given him.


Kiwi: OMG Grandpa peed himself!

Tobias: I am so ashamed.



Having no luck with the ladies at the party Miles admits defeat and plays with the sprinklers. Oh and spring happened

Miles: Maybe this will impress the ladies.

Bearing in mind your sisters are the only adult females left at the party, probably not.

Miles: *sob*



Mia: Do you want to build a snowman?

Apollo: Um, you know there’s no snow out there.


I almost forgot here is Kiwi after his makeover.  His new trait is Bookworm


Here is a final shot of Lassie as a puppy playing in a puddle of his own pee.


Piper: I get big now.

Yes the puppies are growing up.


Piper drew in the biggest crowd.

Piper: They love me!

silly (129)

Here they are grown up.  I gave them a collar each so I could tell them apart easier.  Piper is wearing a blue one and Lassie and green one.

And now for a glimpse into Tobias’s daily life.

silly (9)


silly (25)


silly (28) silly (34)

Tobias: I wonder it there’s a nessie at the Zoo?


silly (40)


This is pretty much his whole day.  He sits in the chair ALL THE TIME.  His needs are nearly in the red before he gets up to take care of them. He is 106 though so I just let him be.

That’s it for now but I will leave you with the dogs playing with their chew toys.

silly (32) silly (16) silly (20) silly (18)


Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 11 x 5 = 55

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 3 x 5 15

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -40




Chapter 2.7 Not What I Was Expecting

Hey it’s that time again.  There was a lot going on since the last chapter, Tobias has found a new obsession in the rocking chair. (seriously he spends most of his time in it!) Jamie found out about Tobias’s other relationships and Maya discovered she was pregnant again.

This time more stuff happens.


Kiwi: Isn’t that grandpa’s chair?

Maya: Look kid I feel like I’m carrying an army in here, I deserve some time in the chair.

As long as you have more than one child I’m happy.

Maya: I’ll just be happy to go back to work


Maya doesn’t spend all her time sitting in the chair, not when there’s a toddler to train.

Maya: One day you might be the star of the show.

Melon: What’s a star mama?


Tobias: What’s with this kid, I’ve read him 5 books already. Why won’t he go to sleep!

Kiwi has been a real pain lately. He gets read a story then gets up and asks for another. It’s an endless cycle

Kiwi: They just haven’t found the right story yet.


This time I am keen for Maya to have at least one girl so she is eating as much watermelon as she can find.

Maya: But I don’t like Watermelon.

Tough I want a girl, eat it!


Piper: I distract you cuz I do cuteness

Isn’t he a cutie. I can’t wait to see what he and Lassie grow up to be.


Kiwi: Dad, something’s wrong with Mum!

Nolan: Why is the kid watching this? 

Yay, baby time. : )


Maya: Twins you said, twins at the most. I hate you.

Kiwi & Tobias: But I wanted to sit in the chair.

Nolan: If I sit here maybe she won’t notice me. 

You may be wondering why Maya is upset. You see Maya had not one baby but 4!! I didn’t even know that was possible. She had 1 boy (pictured here) and three girls.  I will show piccys of them and give you their traits shortly.  I named them Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry & Mulberry. I wanted a berry theme, also I checked Mulberry is a fruit.  I didn’t know that, see games do teach you things!

Maya: This is not what I was hoping for. I’m going to be knee deep in dirty nappies

I was only expecting two at the most. I forgot I had overstuffed houses active. he he he.


In an effort to reduce the number of screaming mouths in the house Maya left poor Blueberry out in the snow.

Blueberry: so cold


Luckily Nolan went and brought him back inside.


With all these new babies poor Melon often gets ignored. Fortunately he won’t be a toddler much longer



Melon escaped the high chair in time for his birthday. Strangely he wasn’t appearing as an option in the cake menu so I used Master Controller to age him up.


And here he is as a kid, looks a bit like Maya I think.  His fav colour is pink so he got a pink themed makeover. I added pink tips to his hair. Looks good actually. He is my favourite of the kids so far.

Oh and his new trait is family orientated.

Melon: I look so manly.


Tobias: He’s not going to sleep is he?

Nope. This one is going to cost my points, I can sense it.


He walked to the front door to pass out. – 5 thanks Kiwi.


Ok let’s get rid of those cocoons. First up is Bluberry.


Here he is as a toddler, little cutie. He has the pink eyes and Nolan’s hair which I altered to add blue highlights and tips. His traits are Good & Exictable.


Next up is Mulberry.


She has pink eyes and inherited Jacklyn’s hair which has green tips added. Her traits are Absent minded & Artistic


I interupt this birthday for another fail. – 5

Piper: This one is ripe for a chewing.


Third for the caking is Raspberry.


Again pink eyes.  Her traits are Good & Heavy Sleeper. I like how her hair turned out with the lilac tips. 


Last up is Strawberry.


Look at her eyes! She is the only one of the children who hasn’t got pink eyes.  Her traits are Evil & Virtuoso.

Do you like the matching outfits the girls have?

And now let the fails begin. These all happen over the course of the birthdays.


– 5


– 5




– 5


– 5

Thanks guys. -.-


I added bunk beds to Kiwi’s room for the two eldest. Melon was originally going to get his own room but with the quads I need the space.  

Look Kiwi has finally found a bed!!


Nolan: I really like having all these babies around. More please

Nolan want baby

*rolls wish for another baby*

Um, no. You have 6 kids already and there is no room for more.  

Nolan: *sob*


Just a couple more things before I finish. This is the family’s new maid, Amber Newill

Amber: I will clean but I won’t like it.


She doesn’t seem to like Tobias judging by that death stare.

Tobias: Cake.


Finally here is an aerial shot of the new house.  At the front we have the main living area, entrance and corridor to the bedrooms.  Behind is the kitchen diner.  Next to the bathroom at the front is the master bedroom.  Kiwi and Melon’s room is next to that.  there are two nurseries at the moment, not redecorated yet.  Finally right at the back is Tobias and Jamie’s room although Tobias tends to sleep in the rocking chair since Jamie confronted him.

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 9 x 5 = 45

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 3 x 5 15

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -30


Chapter 2.6 The Good and The Bad

OK so last time Tobias moved and his new wife and their two puppies were added to the family. I had trouble remembering which puppy was which. I suspect I was blinded by cuteness.


I have now discovered a simple way of telling them apart. Lassie has a brown tail and Piper has a white tail.  Oh and the house got a makeover which I haven’t taken pictures of yet.


Tobias wished to retire from the low level criminal job that story progression gave him.  I let him and he now gets a pension of 50 simoelons a day.

Tobias: Hooray for me! Now I can spend more time with my grandchildren.


Or you can sit in the new rocking chair that I added to the house but forgot to recolour.


Speaking of grandchildren….



A few sims hours later.  (Someone really needs to clean that toilet BTW)

Yes Maya is pregnant again, I am hoping for twins this time.  Both Nolan and Maya have the fertility treatment LTR and the radio is blasting out kids music.

Maya: You promise this is the last time.

If you have twins, yes.



While we wait for the pregnancy to develop life goes on, things break and bedtime stories are told.

This picture also allows a nice view of the new kitchen.  I tried not to go to wild with the aqua which is Maya’s favourite colour. Nolan’s favourite colour is spice brown which really helped in toning things down.



Winter comes to Sunset Valley and with it comes more stupidity.  Tobias thinks the best way to fill his fun bar is to play with the sprinkers.

Tobias: Ah this is so refreshing.

The word you’re looking for is freezing.  Get your wrinkly butt back in the house before you freeze to death. *urge to lock him outside until he freezes to death and gives me pretty ghost*

Tobias: That’s not nice. Do you like being mean to us?

Keep doing that and you will find out.

Well at least Melon is still cute.


Melon: Where are my minions, I have not had attention for ages.

You have just been fed.  Entertain yourself.


Melon: At least I have you Cherri. You won’t ever leave me will you?

Cherri: *fears for life*


Cherri: *dies*

I like this kid!


*pregnacy pop*

Maya: Look at that, pregnant again.




You seem rather happy this time

Maya: This is the last one, I can go back to work after this.

Nolan: *dreams of chicken*



Hey look Jacklyn’s first visit since I acquired her grave!

Jacklyn: I’m back



Maya: *faints*

I forgot she was a coward.



Jacklyn: So your my grandson.  I hope you grow up to be a great thief.

Kiwi: Why can I see through you grandma?


Maya: Dad was right, this thing is great!

I can see arguments over this thing in the future.  I have seen it happen before.


Nolan: Is there a ringing in my ears? Also what is that strange green thing, is it a ghost?

One, someone left the stove on and walked away (-5).  Two that is the dog’s plumbob.

Nolan: Plumbob?


Nolan: Never mind. FIRE!!!

Tobias: What’s going on in here?

Maya: Ok don’t panic.


Maya faints again but at least she walked over to the other side of the kitchen to do it.


Ah well done Nolan, you just need to point that at the fire now.

Nolan: Don’t panic everyone, I got this.



Firewoman: Well done for putting the fire out before I got here.

Yes well if we had waited for you the whole kitchen would be burnt to a crisp.

Lassie: The fire is out, this makes me happy.

Piper: mmm Pancakes.

Kiwi: well excitement over, bored now.


Kiwi: Are you going to read me a story grandpa?

Tobias: What you say boy?


Kiwi: Dad, can you read me a story?

Nolan: You really have to learn to go to sleep without a story.

Kiwi: But Dad

Nolan: No buts, go to bed!



Nolan: This is much more fun than reading to my son.

Piper: This amuses me.

Me to Pip.


This doesn’t -5


Tobias: Yeah! I love this song.

It is at this time that I realise he has the same sleepwear as Nolan so I changed it.



That’s better.


Tobias: But I wanted to feed him.

Maya: Snooze you loose old man.


Nolan: Man I’m so tired. Boss really worked me hard today.





Piper: Feed me human

Nolan: need sleep.


Finally those two romantic interests in his friendship panel catch up with Tobias.

Jamie: I know about the other woman.

Tobias: Jamie honey, you’re the only woman for me.

Jamie: You cheating *******. Get out of my sight!


He was so upset that he smacked into the door on the way out and impalled his leg.



Jamie: I am so angry. I hate him so much right now.




Tobias on the other hand takes it all in his stride.

And that’s were I will leave it for now as I’ve ran out of pictures.

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 10

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) -10

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) -5

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -10


Chapter 2.5 Too much cuteness

Hey there! Well would look at that I got a another chapter for you.  Lets get stuck right in.



I sent Maya out to make some new friends as she was going stir crazy.

Maya: Hi, nice house you live in.

Yolanda: Thanks, hey aren’t you that legacy check? If we become friends does that mean I get some face time.

Maya: Maybe if I invite you to one of my parties.


Back at the house Kiwi is showing that he is a sore loser.

Kiwi: I hereby proclaim that this game sucks!

You only played it once.

Kiwi: I’m the king, do not question me.



Hey it’s Nolan.  What you up to? Gonna clean up that big puddle? put the toys away? clean the dishes?

Nolan: No I have something more important to do.



Nolan: I got to beat KingK03.

You’re playing online chess?

Nolan: I can’t let this punk beat me.



Maya: *Sigh* I knew I should have called to check on you.


Kiwi: wow this flower is amazing. I’m just going to stand here for hours looking at it.

And he did.



Kiwi: Man all this flower watching is hungry work.  I wish there was some food around here.

Cake, next to you. See it?

Kiwi: When did you put that there?

I give up.

I think it’s time for Melon to get some face time.  You ready for the cuteness?

Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100 Screenshot-105

Melon: Omnomnomnom


Kiwi: Ok this doesn’t look to hard.  I can do this.



Kiwi: Ow that hurt.  I don’t get why daddy loves this game.

Me neither.



Kiwi: I don’t like this game.

Are you ever going to find something you DO like?



Maya: I wish I could get working on my LTW.

You will, be patient.

Kiwi: OMG the flower!

Melon(from highchair): Mama food!



Maya: Stop looking at that flower and go take your bath!

Kiwi: But mum I hate water.

Maya: No buts young man!



I don’t get this kid.  He is hydrophobic and is quite happy to play with the sprinklers. However he cries after every bath or shower.


Maya: Dad I’m really worried about you living in that little shack you call a home.  Maybe you and Jamie should come stay with us.

Tobias: That would be great, thanks.

I was unsure whether I should move him in so I flipped a coin.


So Tobias moved in to the house. I got him a cane he rolled for as soon as he moved in.



With him came Jamie, his wife who is now an adult.  I treated her to a makeover.

Jamie: This is not what I signed up for.






Also these two little cuties came with them.  Piper and Lassie. I think Lassie is the top one. I like them so they get to stay.


Kiwi: Dad read me a bedtime story.

Nolan: Go ask someone else kid.  I’m busy right now.

Lassie: I like chicken.



Nolan: Hey there little guy, want a treat?

Lassie: I’m tired of this human teasing me.  If he doesn’t give me the treat soon I’m going to bite him.


Nolan: Let me just put this plate down a sec.




First pass out! – 5

Piper: This one is creepy.

I’m with you Pip.  that is soo creepy.

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134


Sorry they are just soo cute.  Look at them!  I don’t think i’ve ever had puppy sims this cute.


Melon: MAMA! FOOD!!

Maya: I’ll be glad when you can feed yourself.  No more babies PLEASE!

Maya: I hate you.




Look Jamie is earning her place in the household.

Jamie: Maya has her hands full as it is.  I’m glad to help out.

Yeah, we will see if that lasts.


I wanted Jacklyn’s grave back so I sent Maya to visit Susanah and Zak.

Maya: Hi Suz, how are you? you do know your umberella is broken?





Maya: Hey Zak

Zak: She’s having an affair *sob*

Maya: It’ll be ok.

I think I will end it there. I don’t really want to hear the rest of that tale.

Torch Holders: 1

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) -5

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 0

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0


Chapter 2.4 About Time

Wow! it’s been a long time since the last chapter.  I really must get better at posting these more regularly.  I did have a good excuse this time.  I was revising for a exam, which I passed! Also I got a new job.

But you don’t want to here about me.  You’re here to catch up on the Mendoza’s.

photo 1

Maya: Must be nice, going to work instead of being stuck at home.

Yes, actually it is.

Maya: So when will I be able to go back to work?

Um, not just yet. You have something else to do first.

But before well get to that here’s a few pics of Kiwi, just because he is cute.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Kiwi: You wuv me now? ❤

photo 6

Kiwi: Mummy, why you stare at me?

Nolan: Don’t mind me just trying to get some food.

Maya: I feel strange.

photo 7

Kiwi: *gets bored and wanders off to play with manly dollhouse*

Nolan: When will I be married.


Maya: *Is pregnant* Nolan I told you I only wanted one.

Nolan: One what?

photo 8

Maya: Hey Nolan guess what, I’m pregnant again and it’s all your fault.

Nolan: That’s great honey! *is hungry*

Someone has a lot of anger, though it could be hormones.

photo 9

Nolan: This totally rocks babe

Maya: Cut it out.

photo 10

Nolan: Are you sure there’s a baby in here?

Maya: What else would it be?!

photo 11

To calm down and get away from Nolan for a bit Maya does what comes naturally to her during pregnancy and tends to her garden.

Maya: Well it won’t look after itself and I can’t rely on Nolan.  He’s always too busy with something else.

photo 12

Well he is playing chess most of the time which is great but doesn’t help with his job at the diner.  He is still at level 2

photo 13

Maya: Man I’m so good at cooking.  This looks so good.

It’s Mac & Cheese.  There is not a lot of skill involved. Plus that was leftovers you got out of the fridge. I think it was even Nolan that made that batch.

Maya: *ignores* I think there should be a new house rule.  Every meal should be Mac & cheese.

photo 14

Kiwi: ma food!

Maya: *omnomnomnom*

It’s nice to see a family eating together.  It rarely happens in my game.

photo 15

Maya: Say mummy needs a spy day.

Kiwi: What’s a spa?

photo 16

Where is Nolan while all this training is going on?

Nolan: I wish Maya would dress like that for me. I never knew you could get bacon bikinis


Nolan: What?

photo 17

Maya: Put the plate down Nolan.

Ooh someone means business.

Nolan: Ok.

photo 18

Nolan: Can we make out now.

Maya: How about getting married first

photo 19

Nolan: OK.

I will skip the soppy wedding vow nonsense as I’m sure we’ve all heard it before.

Nolan: I agree let’s just skip to the good bit.

photo 20 photo 21

Nolan: And then he was trapped in a legacy for the rest of his life.

Who are you telling a ghost story to?

Nolan: my son

Stop telling stories like that to a toddler!

photo 22

Aw, it’s nice to see them doing stuff together.

Maya: I would have liked a cake like that

Nolan: *ignores*

photo 23 a

Maya: OMG the baby’s coming. NOLAN!

(out of frame) Kiwi: Mummy why you wet yourself?

Maya: Not now sweetie. NOLAN!!

photo 23

Nolan: so what’s up?

Maya: I’d like a taxi to the hospital please.

You changed your outfit to do that?

photo 24

So Maya takes herself to the hospital.

Where’s Nolan you ask?

photo 26 a

Nolan: zzz no zzz maya don’t zzzz I’m too pretty to die zzz


photo 25

Maya: Almost there. Hold on a while longer

photo 26

Hey Zak, I forgot you worked at the hospital.

Zak: I’m a sexy doctor!

Not yet but you are getting there

In case I didn’t mention it before he is now married to Susanah Forsythe, the woman who looked after him and his siblings when they were children.  I think he got a promotion here.  Level 5 now.

photo 27 a

Here is baby number two.  This is Melon.  He is Evil and Easily impressed.

Maya: That was HELL. No more please

I give no promises.

Nolan: *rolls want for a child*

photo 27 b

Maya: Here we are sweetie, this is your home now.

photo 27

Look Nolan is still awesome. he is taking out the trash, future generations have a lot to live up to.

photo 28

With Maya resting after giving birth Nolan tries to cook her a nice meal.

Nolan: Smells good maybe I will get that promotion at work. *daydreams*

photo 29

Um Nolan is it supposed to look like that.

Nolan: Don’t worry it’s all under control.  Maya will love this.

photo 30

Nolan: Ta da!

He burnt it. Makes me wonder what he does all day at the diner.

photo 31

Maya invited Tobias over to see his new grandson.  She has tried many times to get him to come over but he is always busy. (probably with is new wife, who is a young adult!) Which reminds me I must move Jacklyn’s grave to this lot.

Tobias: Thanks for finally inviting me to your new home.

Maya: Thanks for finally putting your hearing aid in so you can hear the phone ringing.

photo 32

Nolan finally gets to meet his father in law for the first time.

Tobias: So when can I take my grandson’s fishing?

Nolan: Who’s this guy?

Maya (of screen): That’s my dad, be nice.

photo 33

Maya: Dad this is Melon, your new grandson.

Tobias: Don’t touch the baby like that.

photo 34

Nolan and Tobias got along really well and bonded over a manly water balloon fight during a full moon.

Tobais: I’m glad that wasn’t a football.

photo 35

Aw, he’s playing with a bunny.  Some things never change.

I am actually debating whether to move Tobias in to live out his final years with his family.

photo 36

Meanwhile the paparazzi go from glamerous to this.

Piratepap: A pirate’s life was not for me. A paparazi I wanted to be.

Look I made a rhyme! 😀

photo 37

Nolan: A clean home is a happy home

Is that becoming a catch phase?

Nolan: I don’t want to be forgotten.  I’m too pretty to be forgotten.

photo 38

Still loves himself.

Nolan: There is nothing wrong with looking good.

No but there is a problem with standing in front of the mirror for hours while your needs drop and your kids are screaming for attention.

photo 39

Nolan: I have the power.

No you have a baby, stop watching 80’s cartoons. Put him down before you impale him on your plumbob

photo 40

Nolan: Now that I’ve impaled your brother it’s just you and me bud.

Kiwi: Wuv you papa ❤

I changed Nolan’s hair here to give him highlights in his fav colour, spice brown

photo 41

With Kiwi’s birthday approaching Maya teaches him to walk.

Maya: See it’s easy.

photo 42

Oh look random people in my legacy house. It must be party time.  I don’t know who this guy with the big ears is, I didn’t invite him.

Apollo: Wow those ears are huge!

Apollo be nice.

photo 43

Of course everyone congregates in Melon’s newly built bedroom blocking the way.

RandomDude: Hey Zak can you introduce me to your sister, she’s hot.

Zak: Sorry she’s taken.

Susanah: Do you think we could dig or way out?

Apollo: Worth a shot, got a shovel?

photo 44

Maya and Nolan finally escape and Melon is first up.

Maya: Yay!!

Miles: Hey cutie.

photo 45

The waiting gets to Nolan obviously.

Nolan: How long is she going to do that?

photo 46

Maya: *is still cheering*

Sadly she was the only one who cheered him on.

Apollo: Don’t mind me, just want some screen time.

photo 47

Of course everyone magically appears when it’s cake time.

Zak: who is that hottie?

hiddenman: OMG it’s Nolan, he’s awesome!

Nolan: I know.

photo 48

Kiwi’s turn!

Nolan: YAY mini me!

Notice how little the guests care

Bigearguy: Is that meant to happen?

Mia: I think it adds drama.

WomaninPurple: OMG a baby. Kill me now!

Is there some kind of party radar because I did not invite these people.

photo 49

Kiwi: wee birthday sparkles.

MendozaBoys: *forms queue for cake in age order*

photo 50

Nolan: *stares at Mia*

Maya: I hope you aren’t staring at my sister’s boobs.

Nolan: Just cleaning up dear. *stares at boobs*

Mia: Where did she find him, he’s hot

Hands off you.  Also notice Kiwi cleaning.

photo 51

Nolan: Damn the sink’s broken

Can’t you fix it?

Nolan: Nope. *goes outside to play chess*

photo 52

Oh yes time for Kiwi’s makeover.

Kiwi: yay a drawer!

photo 53

Here he is, isn’t he cute. I love that hat. His new trait is eccentric by the way.

photo 54

Suprisingly Nolan did this all by himself.  Best. Sim. Ever!

Nolan: You are too kind.

Melon: Where the poop go?

photo 55

Just a pic to show you what he looks like.  He got Maya’s pink eyes along with Jacklyn’s hair.  Such a cutie.

photo 56

Here is Kiwi proving he can be just as awesome as his dad. We will see if that lasts.

photo 57

Look I got the sitting on a toilet shot.  Woo!

Kiwi: This is my thinking chair. please leave me alone

photo 58 Maya new everyday

That’s all for this time.  I will leave you with these pics of Maya’s new everday outfits.  I recently downloaded some new stuff from the store and couldn’t resist trying them out.

Torch Holders: 1

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 0

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 0

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0