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Roaring Heights House Tour

Welcome to the long overdue house tour of the Roaring Heights house.  I held of on doing this as there were a few things I wasn’t happy with.  I have now sorted these and I am ready to show you the finished house.



Here it is from the front with a bit of my rare landscaping.  I am very pleased with how it looks and I love the lot I chose for it.



This is the rear view.  Not much going on back here.

rear deck


I did add this nice decking area as the back of the lot is slopped and difficult to build on.




There is a lawn area to the side of the house that will have a kids playground in when I get round to it.  All it his currently is a trampoline and Susan’s martial arts gear.



This is one of my new additions as I wasn’t happy with the front.

Ground Floor



Birds eye view of the ground floor

main living area


On one side of the partition wall is the dinning area. Simple but effective.



On the other side a lounge area complete with massive TV because why not! 😀

kitchen 1

The kitchen, I love this room.  There is a lot of orange but it still doesn’t seem to bright.  Please ignore the fryer queue.


kitchen 2

Other side of the kitchen with laundry area.


The Study which is also K-9’s sleeping area.

First Floor



Obligatory birds eye view.


Lucky and Koi’s room

Susan & max bedroom

Susan & Max’s room


The twin’s room.

Basement 1



Basement 2/Crypt








A Look at the New House in Lucky Palms

As promised here is a closer look at the new house in Lucky Palms.  I have finally finished it.  Had to wait for them to earn a bit more money. It is really hard to resist not cheating.

To start with here is the front of the house as it looks now.  I personally think it is an improvement on the original EA premade house that it was.

Front of House


And just to be thorough here is the back.

Rear of House

OK lets have a look inside.  I will start with the downstairs where we have a nice entrance way and mini study area. The corridor behind Lucky leads to bedrooms, bathrooms and a smaller living area. We will look at those later.



The entrance area leads directly into the open plan kitchen, dinning and living areas.

Open plan


In a little nook next to the kitchen is a small area for the pets.


Kitchen & Diner


The living area is designed to give separate areas for tv/video games and reading.  As you can guess they rarely use it as I planned them to!


Reception Area


Down the hallway I mentioned earlier is a couple of bedrooms.  The first one is Lucky and CC’s bedroom.  Since CC is the eldest it is decked out in her fav colour.  Cute isn’t it.


Girls Bedroom


Across from the girl’s room is Tobias’ room.  He rarely uses it as he is quite often in the rocking chairs!


Tobias Bedroom


Further down the hallway is the nursery.  Tobias is the only one who comes in here currently.




Turn a corner and the hallway opens out into this little area currently used as a sitting area.  The elders love it. 😀  The door at the end opens onto a small balcony with stairs leading down to the back garden.


Relaxing Area


Upstairs we have the master bedroom which is currently Melon and Magrat’s room.


Master bedroom


Complete with ensuite.


En suite


Elsewhere upstairs we have Maya and Nolan’s room.


Maya & Nolan's Bedroom


The boys room (can you tell I ran out of money here!) There is also another bedroom up here but that is empty as like I said funds ran out.




Inbetween the bedrooms is this bathroom.  I have not shown the downstairs bathrooms (there are four of them) as they all look the same as this.


Upper bathroom


OK so that’s the inside done.  Outside we have some planted area at the front to the right hand side of the front door.  This is where Seymour now resides.

Seymour: Come on, take a bite.


Front garden


To the other side of the front door is this area.  I made it look nicer, kind of.




Round to the side is this little patio type area that I have plans for.


Side Patio


This leads directly to the back patio.



Next to that is a small area where I have put Jacklyn’s grave (for now.)  The stairs lead into the basement


Jacklyn Grave and basement stairs



The basement looks like this at the moment.  It isn’t that different to similar ones I have seen in many a legacy.



Here is a closer image of the paintings.  You will notice I have added couple pictures inbetween.  I thought this was a nice touch.  I plan to add make this look a look less sparse!




OK back outside and to the thing that fills up most of the back garden. The pool. This was already here when I bought the house and I kept it in.  I added a waterfall and diving board.



The building to the back is the garage.  Yes, I got them a fixer upper car.  Gives them something to do.



The inside of the garage is pretty empty.  I forget who’s car that is.




I think that is about it.  I plan on saving a copy of this house.  If anyone would like the house let me know and I will add it to the download page.  I am quite proud of this one. 😀

There will be an actual chapter soon, it will be Melon’s last chapter as heir.  I am playing through the teen years as I want to get started on Generation 4 as soon as I can.

Melon is SO close to completing is LTW.  I hope he does it before his time as TH is up.