The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 1.2 Meet & Greet

Hi thanks for coming back.  Hopefully a little more will happen this time.


Jacklyn: So you look like your loaded, can you lend me some money?

Jacklyn had a wish to mooch a large amount. The heavily pregnant woman Jacklyn is mooching off is Jane Doe.

Jane: I can spare 10 simoleons, will that help you?

You got to love EA’s definition of a large amount to mooch.

Jacklyn: I don’t.  Look at her house, she must have more to spare than $10.

Yes but she also has 3 children with another on the way.


Jacklyn became friends with Jane and she agreed to let Jacklyn stay the night.

Jacklyn: Better than sleeping in a field.

She got her revenge on the pitiful amount Jane gave her by fulfilling her wish to steal candy from a baby.

Jacklyn: This is too good for a kid this young.  I’ll just give it one of this rotten hot dogs instead. *chucks*

This is Jacklyn in one of her rare evil moments.

Jacklyn: What do you mean rare! I’m evil 24/7.

*cough* flower lover *cough*

Jacklyn: That’s a bad cough you have.


Jacklyn loved the guest room so much she took the lamp and mirror.

Jacklyn: These will look nice in my bedroom, when I get one


Tada! You don’t have a bedroom as such, but you do have a house of sorts.

Jacklyn: It’s about time! A bit small though.

Beggars can’t be choosers.


Here’s what it looks like inside.  Everything except the windows, door and bed are stolen.  I don’t think you can steal beds which is why I got her one.

Jacklyn: It’s not much but at least I don’t have to sleep on that sofa in the middle of a field.


To celebrate having a roof over her head Jacklyn heads over to the park to have a snowcone. (Which I never realised were free!)

Jacklyn: ARGH Brainfreeze!!

Well that serves you right for eating it so fast.


She was then invited to participate in an eating challenge by this guy.

Jacklyn: I never turn down a challenge.

Especially when you’re hungry.


Jacklyn: I WON! I WON!

BlueCapGuy: BLEUGH!!!

He ran off and was never seen again.  Seriously, he vanished from her friend list.

Jacklyn: Shame, he was cute.

Maybe try not scaring the next one off?


Fausto: Well hello cutie. ❤

Jacklyn: Er, hi. (get me away from this creep)

Nope, you have to make friends with people, just suck it up and be nice.

Jacklyn: (I’m not sucking anything!)


Jacklyn: I’m getting really tired, I should probably go home.

Fausto: Need someone to keep you warm. *eyebrow waggle*

Jacklyn: No thanks. *runs away at top speed*

Wow I didn’t know you could move so fast.

Jacklyn: I can when the need calls for it.


Jacklyn: Hi, I’m new in town. Nice place you have here.

Marina: It’s always nice to meet a new face.  I get so lonely, my husband works long hours.

Funny story this woman is Fausto’s wife!

Jacklyn: (that creep is married!)


Still they have some nice stuff.

Jacklyn: You mean had! Ha, I’m so funny.

Just take the stuff and run.

Jacklyn: Yoink! 😀




Chapter 1.1: Starting at Midnight

Welcome to my first legacy story, the Mendoza Legacy. This is a thief legacy, rules can be found in the ‘about’ section.  As this is my first time writing something like this so I don’t know how good it will be. I am just having fun playing with the sims and hopefully the writing will get better as I go along. 🙂

The neighbourhood I have chosen to start this legacy in is Midnight Hollow which is available from the Sims 3 store.  It can be found here. Despite being a bit dark it is actually quite a pretty town with some interesting looking sims.

Jacklyn arrives at new home

This is our founder Jacklyn Mendoza, she is Evil, A Mooch, A Kleptomanic, Family Orientated and Handy. Her LTW is Possesion is 9 10ths of the law.

Say hi to everyone Jacklyn.

Jacklyn: Never mind that what I am doing in this field?

That field is your home.

Jacklyn: You. Have. GOT. To. Be. Kidding

Nope that’s your home.  You have to beg, borrow and steal to get enough money to build anything on that field.

Jacklyn: Can’t we come to some arangement on that?


Jacklyn: 😡


Jacklyn is in the park I added opposite her field.  I sent her to harvest the crops and fruit trees growing there so she would have a source of free food to keep her going for a while

Jacklyn: Can’t I have a step or something, these apples are high up.

Stop moaning and get on with it.


There are also an abundance of wild flowers here.  I love these as some can be rare and have high sale prices.  A great source of income.

Jacklyn: Yes and they smell nice too, can I keep them?

Maybe a couple of the cheap ones to decorate your home (when you get one!)

Jacklyn: Not funny, I don’t see you living in a field.

I’d like to think I wouldn’t agree to do a legacy without knowing what’s involved first.

Jacklyn: 😡


Another great source of income is rummaging.  Time to get your hands dirty Jacklyn.

Jacklyn: Can’t I stick to the flowers, they smell nicer.

Variety keeps things interesting.

Jacklyn: Yes but can variety not include garbage cans?

Despite her whinging she found a couple of gems and a teddy bear as well as a truck load of rubbish.


With 7pm fast approaching it is time for Jacklyn to meet her first victim *ahem* I mean neighbour.  This is Samatha, she lives next to Jacklyn’s field.

Samantha: It’s nice to meet you, but why do you smell like you’ve been rolling in garbage.

Jacklyn: Um, you probably don’t want to know.  Listen I’ve just moved here and my house hasn’t been built yet. Could I use your shower?

Samantha: Sure come on in.  I’d be glad to help you out.


After cleaning up Jacklyn’s mind turned to other things, like the main reason she is here in the first place.

Jacklyn: Mwahahahaha!!!

Samantha: O.o


Jacklyn: This is nice, yoink!

That is a great start, keep it up!


She also stole the PC but that was it for the useful items.

Jacklyn: Curtains and lights are always useful

If you say so.  Higher priced items would be nicer and help more towards your LTW.


The next day I send Jacklyn back to the park.  She is on a mission to find a man, however she is not having much luck at finding a decent one.  This is Lucien Hyde he is a struggling artist who looks a bit like Marilyn Manson.

Jacklyn: We can still make use of him, can’t we?

Of course, he has a nice house in town so you will be visiting him later on.


Jacklyn then got stuck talking to the mascot.

Jacklyn: I am beginning to think everyone here is a freak

That is your assumption after meeting 3 people?!

Jacklyn: What? I say what I see.

And that’s all for now.  Hopefully there will be more interesting things happening next time.  I hope you will come back.  Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. x