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Generation 8 Heir Poll Results

Hi guys! I have closed the poll and will now announce the results.  The winner of the poll and the torch holder of the next generation is…


She was in the lead right from the start!

Savannah: You expect me to take over from a father I never met?

Pretty much.  You do get a cool house.

Savannah: Sold!

This house is one I am building from scratch (well almost) I used one from the house bin and basically just went from there.  I will give you the grand tour when I have finished.  Which might take a while as I am trying to write the next chapter for the Ordonez legacy as well.  It’s good to be busy right?

I am very proud of this house so far and I haven’t even started on the inside yet.  So looking forward to showing it off. 😀



Generation 8 Heir Poll

Wow Generation 8!! I am surprised I have managed to get this far. I admit Gambit’s sudden and tragic death was a small bump in the road.  I am over that now and ready to move on to the next generation.

Now that Magenta has had her babies (yes there was more than one) it is time to meet them.

Magenta: Here they are. 😀

Funny. I kind of like that dress on her, she may end up with it when she ages up.

Anyway I have aged them up to toddlers so lets meet them

First is Munchkin.  She is easily impressed and friendly.  She has Gambit’s hair and I think those eyes came from Max. That skin colour must have come from Starla too, it’s a bit dark to be Magenta’s.

This is a Munchkin Cat.  So cute ❤

Next is Savannah. She is a Genius and a heavy sleeper.  That is Magenta’s hair and I am not sure where the eye colour came from, probably Starla?

This is a Savannah Cat. I having nothing more to add.

Last is Siamese.  He is Good and Athletic.  His hair and eye colour both come from Magenta.  Now this looks more like Magenta’s skin tone.  Nice that they are all different, I like variety.

This is his namesake.  I didn’t used to like them very much, mainly to do with these two from Lady and the Tramp I think.

BTW hair, skin and eyes are pretty much the only genetics I am good at guessing in sims!

OK so now that we have met the triplets it’s time for an heir poll.

Here are the contenders.  I have gone into CAS for each of them so you can see them all as teens.  Their current traits as well.

Now that you have seen them all it’s time to make your choice and cast your vote.




I Just Don’t Know What to do With This

This is not a chapter as such more of an update on the future of this legacy.

Following the meteor strike and deaths of Gambit, Rickon and Cyclops but mainly because of Gambit I was ready to give up on this.

However, after hearing how much you guys don’t want this to end I started to think of ways I could continue

Obviously the first choice would be to bring Gambit back as a ghost but I was not that enamoured with that idea.  Plus no one rolled the oh my ghost! opportunity after his death.  Yes I could have cheated him back into the family but that didn’t feel right either.  I haven’t ruled it out completely just yet though.  Need to see where the game takes things.

The next option of course is to use one of the twins as the next heir, or both.  This seemed like the best idea so I loaded up the game with the intention of ageing them up and continuing with one or both of them as the gen 8 heir.

Magenta threw a spanner in the works by announcing another pregnancy.

Remember the shower woohoo shortly before the meteor? That was a try for baby.  I didn’t realise it had worked as I play with the sound off.

By the way I got Magenta out of that ridiculous outfit.

Magenta: That sounded rude.

It did rather, didn’t it.

This family is not having a good time at the moment.  A couple of days after the tragic deaths this happened.

Shaggydog was 51 days old at the time of his death.  Also what the hell happened to the floor?

Anyway this pregnancy will introduce new gen 8 heir options.  Especially if their genetics are better than the twins! I will wait for the babies to be born and make a decision then.  There may be an heir poll if I can’t decide who should be heir.


Chapter 7.7 Fire, Death and Great Big Rocks

As you can tell by the title this is not going to be a happy chapter. Sorry about that.

But more on that later.  Last time Magenta had twins, Burmese and Ragdoll, Rickon got old and Gambit continued to impress everyone with his acrobatic skills.

Gambit: I try my best.

Let’s start on a happier note with Rickon and Magenta building a snowman.

Rickon: Be careful handling my big ball.

Gambit meanwhile is out doing what he does best. The audience seem to like him. The teen at the front btw is Story Moss.

Gambit: Of course they do. 😀

Back home Rickon is being the least boring of the family.  First he practices martial arts.

Then he puts Burmese down for a nap even though he is not tired.

Rickon: Just call me Super Gramps.

Burmese: I’d rather call you senile for putting me in here when I am clearly not tired.

In between gigs Gambit takes on some toddler skilling duties.  I don’t seem to have the playpen and walker (will have to fix that!) so we are toddler skilling the old fashioned way.

I displayed some of Gambit’s selfies in the basement.  I love the one of Gambit and Rickon. ❤

Gambit: I like them all because they feature me. 😀

Another day, another show.  This time Magenta tags alone.

Still no steady gig though.

Gambit: It’s only a matter of time, they love me.

Poor Burmese. Welcome to life in an ISBI kid.

His parents decide that making more babies is more important than looking after the ones they have.

Gambit: That’s what grandparents are for.

Magenta and Shawna decided to build a snowman autonomously so I sent Gambit and Cyclops to join them for a nice family moment/photo.  Not sure who built the Reaper one but I like it.


Yeah, then this happened.  All this time with no meteors in my games and the time it does happen is in one of my legacy files.

Magenta: *cough, cough* What the plumbobs just happened?

Where is everyone else? Are they ok?

Magenta: I don’t know.

Ah Shawna you’re alive, that’s good!

Maid: I’m alive too, not that anyone cares.

Shawna & Magenta then proceeded to put all the fires out. Well done girls.  The twins were inside playing so they are both ok.

Shaggydog: What’s this? It smells funny.

I wouldn’t go near that if I were you.  It’s very dangerous.


Reaping a large rock?


Deaths? Did you say deaths, as in plural?


Cyclops: Oh man, I was so close to my birthday too.  Being dead sucks.


Rickon: Please spare me.  It’s not my time yet.



Gambit: Please don’t take me, I don’t want to die.



No he just fainted at the sight of you.

Magenta: NOOO! Bring him back! Please don’t take him away. *cries*


Shawna: Bit insulting isn’t it? You just took my husband, son and step-son and you’re blogging?!


Grim: *typing* And so the meteor did fall, crushing the life out of three more sims.  The amazingly talented and handsome Grim then descended on the scene and in a magnificent display reaped the souls of those poor departed sims.  

Well that was unexpected.  I got so many notifications I didn’t see the one about the meteor.  Since the twins are obviously way too young to take over this chapter will be the last one of this legacy.  I am so gutted about this.  I know I could have exited the game without saving but that would have been cheating.  You have to roll with the bad as well as the good.  Still 7 generations isn’t too bad I guess.

I may start a new challenge at some point in the future.  At the moment I don’t know what that will be or even if it will be on Sims 3 or Sims 4.  This wont be for a while though.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like and comment.  x



Technical Difficulties

Whilst I was playing the Irving save file the game crashed and I got this message when I tried to load the game again.

I have been trying various things to get the game to work and all of them have failed.  As such I am left with no other option but to reinstall the game.  Obviously it will take some time to get all the EPs and stuff packs back on and all my CC once I am sure the game is working.

Unfortunately this means I have to put all sims 3 blogs on hold until I get things sorted.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get things working again.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Ooh look another award! This is so overwhelming, I don’t know what to say. 😀

Seriously though it always shocks me whenever I get nominated for one of these things.  I never really consider my legacies to be worthy, especially when compared to some of the great stories/challenges I have read.

A big thank you to blamsart who nominated me for this award.  Her legacy Light the way to Heaven is awesome!! I suggest you go check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

What is it?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

The Rules:
1. In a blog post, thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate a certain number of new blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.


1) Do you have a brainstorm group?

Short answer: No

Long answer: I haven’t heard of a brainstorming group before.  I get that some people would find it useful to bounce ideas of each other though. Not something I have ever considered.

2) How do you feel about that wonderful Laundry Day pack for the sims 4? Evolution am I right?

This is on my wish list on Origin.  It is one of about 2 or 3 stuff packs I don’t have yet so I can’t really comment on it.

3) Do you have grand ideals for your story? A set goal you’re trying to achieve? Whether it’s in the complexity of the story, number of readers, or just simply managing to finish it?

I guess I am just trying to finish it before TS3 gives up on me! XD I am having a lot of fun playing and blogging about it.  It brings me great joy to here that you, dear readers like what I write. ❤

4) Whether you’re writing a story or a challenge, were you a writer before playing the sims? Was that one of your hobbies?

I have dabbled a bit manly short stories though.  Sims is such a great tool for story writing though even if you don’t share all of them.

5) What do you expect from the sims 5? Will there be a sims 5?

Sims 5? I hope so.  I would like them to bring back the CAS options from TS3.  You know the ones where you can customize your sims clothes, hair, eyes etc in any colour you choose.  I have loved sims since the start though so I would probably love sims 5 as well if they make it. *fingers crossed*

Or maybe a dating agency element that is better than the so called ‘online dating’ in TS3.  There could be a community lot/rabbit hole for it.

6) What’s the most amusing/hilarious/BEST fail you’ve ever had in the sims?

This is a hard one, there have been so many fails over the years.  Each and every one of them is amusing for it’s own reasons. One of the more recent ones that I can recall is the triplets birthday from the Irving DITFT.

Bellatrix wouldn’t age up at all so I aged her up in CAS and she ended up looking like this.

7) For statistical purposes, how much CC do you have for this game?

*looks at mod folder* Well it says there is 339 items in my mod folder so it’s fair to say a lot!  Ha ha didn’t realise I had so much, no wonder the game takes a while to load! XD

8) Do you think the sims 3 community will continue to thrive and survive, or do you expect it to fade out into the void of new not improved sims games?

As long as there are people out there that still love playing TS3 as well as those, like myself who enjoying writing stories and challenges the community will stay alive.  Oh and not forgetting of course all those wonderful people out there who love reading said stories and challenges.

9) How did you come across the sims? Did a family member have it? Or friends?

I was in college (UK meaning of the word) when I first played sims 1.  A very good friend of mine had it and I had a go on it.  Fair to say I was hooked from that moment!

10) I’m always in need of new music, so what’s your best tunes for writing/simming?

*checks spotify playlist* Here’s a few of my current favourites:

Ed Sheeren – Perfect

Taylor Swift – Shake it off

Take That – Relight my Fire (One of my favs from my younger days)

Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer

Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the Feeling (from Trolls)


It was so hard to narrow it down, I love all your blogs.  Even though I have listed just a few here I would like to extend this to all of you.  Basically if you read this consider yourself nominated.

Noble Doubt

Sloane Family Legacy

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11 6 Questions for You

  1. Do you have a favourite sim couple from your story/challenge?
  2. How long do you spend working on each chapter?
  3. What’s your favourite colour
  4. What made you start blogging?
  5. What is your favourite moment from your story/challenge?
  6. Do you have a character in your story you regret killing off?
  7. What is the hardest thing about writing?

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Chapter 7.6 Where did that come from?

Hi there! No I haven’t forgotten about my Sims 3 blogs, I am just having so much fun with Sims 4 at the moment.  Never thought I would say that! For those who don’t know I am now writing my sims 4 legacy as an actual story.

I am having a lot of fun creating characters and scenes for it.  As well as working out where the story will go.  I do have a rough idea of what I want to do with Rose but most of it is just make it up as I go.  For anyone that wants to check it out please click here. To start Rose’s story start at Generation 2.

Last time Gambit and Magenta got married, A baby was confirmed to be on the way and Gambit had gigs.

So lets see what the family is up to this time.

Rickon: Does the itty bitty kitty need a flea bath.

Beast: No. Please kindly so talking to me in such a manner.

And this is why poor Beast is getting bothered by Rickon! XD I swear I don’t know why I bother buying these animals beds, they hardly ever use them.

Gambit meanwhile has been out and about auditioning for gigs.  Cue audition spam.

Audition spam end.  He got three out the 4 gigs which is not bad going.

He then went to the coffeehouse to have something to eat so I made him work for tips afterwards.

Gambit: Be nice if more people showed up.

They are all on the other side of the coffeehouse where I directed you to perform.  YOU decided to walk all the way round to here.

All that hard work wore poor Gambit out.  I let him have a nap in the rocking chair as it fills energy faster.  A TH has a lot to get done in a day.

Poor Magenta, not only are her boots cutting into her legs now she’s pregnant but Cyclops decided to unleash his werewolf growls on her.

She was not impressed.

Magenta: How dare you scare a pregnant woman.  Do you want me to go into premature labour?

Cyclops: Not while I’m present. 😀

Magenta: 😡

Cyclops: In other news I have decided I want to top the criminal career.

Here’s Gambit at another gig.  I think his new performance outfit is drawing in the ladies.

Storm: Well I’m not impressed.  He should cover up in this weather.

Would you be saying that if he wasn’t your brother.

Storm: Well that would be different.

Gambit’s job performance bar was very close to the end so he impressed the crowd with more acrobatic antics after the show.

Gambit: Ooh Ring of Fire!! Can I try it please.

You might want to get home first.

Gambit: Why?

Magenta: Good gravy it wants out!

A few hours of standing around screaming (alone) later.


It’s a boy!

Magenta: And..

Yes well I failed to get a good picture but there was a baby girl as well.  We have twins! I will introduce them a bit later.

Here we have Rickon’s excellent choice of sleeping location. XD

I declined it naturally but I had to laugh at this opportunity of Rickon’s!!

Gambit squeezing in some skill boosting before the twin’s birthday.

Ah there’s the baby girl.  See she does exist!

Rickon: I’m a grandad! 😀

It’s Rickon’s birthday too.

Last look at Rickon before he gets old.

Doesn’t everyone look happy.

This the first of the twins. Not sure where that blonde hair came from.

She’s not the best at having her photo taken.  Her name is Ragdoll and her traits are Good and Friendly

The naming theme this generation is cat breeds.  This is what a Ragdoll cat looks like, it’s one of my favourite breeds.

Cute father son intermission

This is the other twin.  His name is Burmese and his traits are Slob and excitable.

This is his namesake

Finally here is Rickon as an elder.

To finish here is some extended family news.