The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 8.11 Baby Chaos

Last time 6 babies were born and some home improvements were done.

With 6 babies in the house you would think clusters like this wouldn’t happen.  Guys come on there are 6 cribs you don’t have to put all of them in one.

Azrael seems to be happy he’s a dad.  He has actually proved to be very helpful and usually comes to help when the babies need something.

Of course most of the work is done by these two.  As you can imagine not much work is being done on the LTWs at the moment, sorry girls.

Proof that idiots can be helpful.

So can grandparents! 😀

Munchkin: That’s nice and all but she’s kind of in my way.

There’s another crib behind you!

In the midst of the chaos these two still find time for each other which is nice.  ❤

Magenta: Well this came round too quickly.

Magenta: Well this sucks.

Aw come on you make a cute elder. ❤

Now she looks even better.

More baby chaos!

One member of the family who hasn’t even been up to seen the babies yet is Shawna.  I don’t think she leaves her room all that much any more.

Magenta: In my younger days I could rock that look.  Probably still could you know.

Not a sight I want to see.

So it begins!

Another birthday.  Davender is growing up.

I thought he looked a bit dull so I gave him a bit of colour! Pretty kitty. ❤

I lost the pic of the notification but it told me that Siamese and Kay had a baby boy called Jeremy.  I went to check him out and found Kay in the bushes with him.

I went into CAS so you could have a look at the little blue cuteness. ❤

Look who found the nursery!

Shawna: Ooh babies.

Crystal: But I wanted to hold that one.

Crystal: Hello kitty. ❤

This made me laugh so much.  She left the chair, went to the nursery, got a baby and returned to the chair with it. XD

Oh yes there is a time machine in the basement.  Azrael and Munchkin decided it needed ‘breaking in’!

Savannah escaped the madness for a short scuba trip.

Savannah: Ooh Octopus.

Crystal: Why can’t I pick them up? What’s going on.

Floor birthdays! Right time for introductions

This one is Paprika. Her traits are Loves the Heat and Easily impressed.

This little guy is Mace.  His traits are Slob and Athletic. Also he’s a fairy like his daddy.

His sister is Ginger.  She is an Evil Loner.

Next up is Cinnamon.  She is Exictable and Athletic.

Chia is next.  She is a genius that loves the outdoors

Finally we have Annatto.  She is a clumsy virtuoso.

Wow I think is the most introductions I have done at once.  That’s it for now.  Next time we move on to the madness that is having 6 toddlers at once! Fun fun fun




Chapter 8.10 Full House

Ten chapters in and we finally get to the babies!  Last time we finished up the trip to Egypt and we had three pregnancies

Shawna’s lifebar is nearly full and she spends most of her time in her room.  Thanks to her irresistible trait though she is rarely alone.  Unfortunately that also means her needs are in the red a lot of the time.  How she doesn’t cause more fails I will never know.

Here’s Davender looking cute as always.  He has now gained the non destructive trait.

Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she can relax.  There are always things to fix.

Munchkin: Why is it always the toilets. Can’t we get ones that don’t break?

Of course she also has to work on her instrument skills for her LTW.  Draws a crowd which is nice.  I may get her out and about playing for tips at some point.

Magenta here becomes a elder very soon.  Here she is in denial about it! XD  Nice castle though.

Azrael managed to use the microwave to cook hotdogs.  Gained a skill point at the same time.  Nicely done.

I got a pop up saying Magenta was missing work.  I found her just outside her workplace drinking.

Magenta: What does it matter, I retire soon anyway.

Oh do you now.

Just Crystal doing laundry.  I love her ❤

Munchkin had a wish to get to level four handiness so she is upgrading things.

Munchkin: When can I leave this bathroom?

Savannah: Don’t we employ someone to do this for us?

Yes but they’re useless so you get to do it instead!

While she was doing that I was selling a few things in her inventory that she had found previously

She’s doing great! Just another 38,000 to go!

Oh here we go.  Munchkin is first to go into labour after upgrading the sink.

As I was putting the walls up in order to get a picture I noticed Beast’s urn is still in the hallway.  I have since moved this to the graveyard.

Savvanah, quickly followed by Crystal makes three sims giving birth at the same time.  Oh joy of joys.

What are the rest of the family doing while this is going on?

Magenta is watching TV after a hard day at work.

Shawna is giving Davender fusses.

Azrael is asleep and oblivious to everything going on.

Munchkin gave birth to a boy and a girl.  I called them Ginger and Mace.  After a lot of changes I settled on spices for the naming theme this time.

Poor little Mace was no traits

Thanks to Master controller I was able to populate his traits. He now has a personality.

Munchkin had two girls who I named Chia & Paprika.  Paprika also had no traits.

Problem solved.

Crystal also gave birth to two girls in the newly renovated basement.  I named them Annatto & Cinnamon

So we now 6 children only one of which is a boy.  Happy days.

I will give them all proper introductions when they become toddlers.

I have been busy with house renovations.  Here is the new look basement.  This is the main area.  Displayed some the families stuff acquired over the generations.

Same room looking the other way.

Little side room full of unused bits and bobs.

Finally I have extended the 1st floor to accommodate the newly arrived generation 9.  Wow can you believe it! The penultimate generation have finally been born!

To end with here are a couple of amusing glitches.

Crystal had trouble putting one of her daughters in the crib and bust a hole in the wall while doing so.

Then we had an alien with an invisible ship.  XD


Chapter 8.9 Idiots in Egypt Part 2 and Consequences

Last time saw the start of my heir’s honeymoon.  Both couples headed off to Egypt while I kept everything crossed.  Savannah headed off to explore a bit while Munchkin and Azrael kept themselves busy at base camp.

We rejoin our honeymooners for the rest of their trip.

These two are still very much in love.  It’s really nice when this happens. ❤ They are doing a great job of ignoring the creepy local paparazzi too.

Of course they are not the only ones enjoying the holiday.  Savannah having tried exploring decides to spend some time with her wife.

I never tire of watching the tent fly.  That would be so scary if that happened in real life though!

Munchkin took a trip to the market to get some souvenirs and found a huge basement.  Being a Mendoza the first thing she heads for is the nectar rack.

Munchkin: They wont miss one.

She then gets overly excited about finding a tiny study.  The lack of chair at the desk bugs me a bit.

Munchkin: Oooh shiny.

Food Vendor: Ugh your that one who Woohooed in public.  Get out of my store, you are driving away my customers.

Crystal: Just say the word.

Savannah: Leave him, he’s not worth it.

In an attempt to get them away from the tents I sent them all to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  It’s a holiday so they are seeing the sights.

Azrael: Why are there so many stairs?

Well that plan backfired.  You take them to a beautiful place with lovely views and still nothing changes.

Savannah: It’s really nice eating out in the open like this.

Azrael: The light, it’s so pretty.

Another trip to the market, this time for better food than the quick meals available back at base camp.  Munchkin takes the opportunity to build her guitar skill while Azrael plays in the sand.

I forget what I was doing at this point, looking for something I think.  Anyway I noticed smoke coming from one of the houses.  You can see it in the centre of the photo.


Yikes! I wonder how that started?

After that I go to base camp to check on Savannah and Crystal.  Well at least it’s a change from the tent.

Munchkin: Before you say anything I am just going to bed.  I am really tired.

Automonous dip kiss.  ❤

Paparazzi: A witch and a greenie.  This is gold!

Oi don’t call her greenie.

All good things as the say must come to an end so here we are back home again.  They are all exhausted so I direct them to their new bedrooms for some much needed rest.

Then in the morning this happened…

Surely not all three of them! o_o

Savannah went on a dive in search of more things to sell for her LTW.  This amused me a ghost and a mermaid chatting.  Apparently I have a ghost family in the town now.

Munchkin is not idle either.  She is working on her own LTW.  Sweet that Azrael came to join her.  He does this a lot actually.

I really don’t know what to say in response to this.  Oh wait I’ve got it

Munchkin: Hey babe just so you know I’m pregnant.

Azrael: That’s awesome.  I hope it’s a boy.  *rolls wish for a boy*

Since we have been doing so well lets end with a fail.  That irresistible trait really doesn’t do her any favours.  Everyone keeps wanting to talk to her which cancels out the actions to tend to her needs.

Savannah: Please tell me she’s not dead.  I don’t want a dead woman on my carpet.

Relax she just passed out.


Chapter 8.8 Idiots in Egypt part 1

Last time there was a double(ish) wedding and Beast’s life came to an end.

Now since my game has been behaving itself recently I decided to take a risk.

Both of my heirs have had wishes to go to Egypt for a while now so they are going on a joint honeymoon!

Munchkin: Come on slow coach let’s get going!

This is me while Egypt loads

Yes! We are in Eygpt.  So what do you guys want to do?

Azrael: Look I can fly!

Munchkin & Savannah: Ooh a noticeboard.

As for Crystal well lets go in for a close up so we can see her cute face.

Crystal: OMG I’m married!

Savannah: I fancy going on an adventure, who wants to come with me.

Crystal: Sorry sweetie I’m tired from the trip.  I think I’ll stay here and catch up on my book.

I think Azrael and Munchkin have other plans too. ; )

Savannah: Guess it’s just me then

Well it is a honeymoon after all.

Savannah: So I read you have something you want me to find?

LocalWoman: Yes please go find my papers.  I think I left them in the tomb of discovery.

Savannah remembers Beast’s passing.

Never mind I can fix that! Grief begone!

These two are so loved up.  ❤

Savannah heads to the market in preparation for her tomb adventure. We also pick up a few bits for home.

These two were meant to go with her but they had other ideas.

Crystal made it to the market. She spend her time playing with the snake basket.

Long story short Savannah entered the really small tomb found the papers and some treasure.

Azrael: Whee! Wings are awesome!

Munchkin: Savannah was right this game is great!

Crystal: I can do magic!

Making friends. ❤

Azrael’s fairy trick backfired! It did not help their friendship level.

So ends day one in Egypt.  I have yet to play this family any further so I can’t say when the next part will come.  Just watch this space I guess.


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Chapter 8.7 What on Earth Was I Thinking

So last time Starla died and Munchkin proposed to Azrael.

My plan this time is to do a double wedding which of course means a wedding party!

Savannah as you can see is very excited about the prospect.

Savannah: Do you mind I need to complete this level so I can get a bridge for my pond.

Suddenly the prospect of proposing and hosting a double wedding party hits our heir so she hits the bar.

Nice to see you two getting along but is this really the best place for a chat.

Also sorry about lighting it was a full moon.

That’s better.  Crystal interrupted their chat for an impromptu dip kiss.  Creepy Azrael stays and watches.

Savannah seizes the moment and decides it’s time to propose.  I step in and move them to the upper balcony to avoid a bathroom proposal.  There is a much nicer view up here.

Aw so sweet.  Love these two together. Also gave me a great idea for where to set up for the wedding.

Tada! Pretty huh?

Savannah sends out the invites while Crystal admires their new bedroom.

Crystal: Nice but needs a little redecoration.

Don’t worry it’s on my to do list.

The wedding party getting their grove on.  Mainly to show off their formal wear!

OK the guests have started to arrive let’s get this show on the road.

Munchkin: Cake ❤

Savannah: *mingles*

Crystal: Has this always been here?

Um guys? Why are you all staring at the cat?

Ragdoll: So what did I miss?

Oh no not Beast! Not during the party!

Meanwhile upstairs everyone is thankfully blissfully unaware of Beast’s passing.

Savannah: Wanna get married?

Crystal: Sure!

Munchkin: Honey it’s time to get married.

Azrael: *to busy grooving*



Kay: I think we should head up upstairs now.

So pretty love this neighbourhood.


Angelo: I thought this was supposed to be a wedding.  I’m out of here.

True story, he literary walked in then I got a pop up saying he had somewhere else to be and he left.

Upstairs news starts to filter through the guests that Beast has left the building.  This does not phase Savannah and Crystal as they say their vows.

Munchkin and Azrael still refuse to get under the arch.

Congratulations Mrs and Mrs Mendoza. ❤

Good news Munchkin and Azrael are under the arch! Bad news they keep cancelling the action.  I tried doing the private wedding instead but Munchkin didn’t have the option so I had to reset her.

It is now about 7pm but wedding no 2 is underway.  I wave of grief hits the guests as they find their seats.

Hooray their finally married!

Look how many sims found seats! Amazing!

Oh look Angelo came back. Funny how sims do that when there’s cake! XD

So the scramble for cake begins.

While everyone tries to get there hands on a slice of cake let me show you the bedrooms for my newly married heirs.  This is Savannah and Crystal’s.  I think I worked in the lime pretty well, love it!

This was originally Munchkin and Savannah’s childhood bedroom.  I little redecoration and bathroom addition later and voila!

That’s all for now but don’t worry more is on the way.  This seemed like a good place to stop.

Thanks for reading and see you soon x

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Chapter 8.6 Death by the Pool

Last time both Savannah and Munchkin found their spouses and Starla got into a fight with Shawna.

The older Starla gets the less she tries being nice to people.  Here she is giving Crystal her own form of welcome to the household.

Crystal: I think I have may have been too hasty in agreeing to move in.

Don’t worry everyone else is much nicer.

Munchkin had a wish to learn a new song so here she is learning it.  The kitten is called Davender, he came with Crystal.  His only trait is lazy.

I had an error 12 while saving a couple of times so I lost the jet ski.  This time Savannah got this lovely little boat instead.

Savannah: Better for carrying my diving equipment in.

Savannah: Are you sure this is safe?

Of course it’s safe, as long as you leave them alone they will leave you alone.

Savannah: Fine but if anything happens I hold you responsible.

I can’t be held responsible for that.

Savannah: I got scared, it’s a natural reaction.

Scared of what?

Savannah: I don’t want to talk about it.

Savannah: OMG a mermaid! A real life mermaid!

This is Triton King.


Caught Beast playing in the bath.

At the same time I caught the maid slacking off to clean his teeth.

Maid: Well I’m done for the day.

Crystal and Azrael seem to get along well.  As long as talking is all they do.  They will both get makeovers soon.

Starla is mean to Munchkin one last time…

Before her time is up.

Munchkin: I did nothing.

Munchkin: Oh grandma why. *sobs*

Crystal & Magenta: What’s going on?

Azrael: *stubbs toe on lounger* OW!

Magenta: Rest in peace. May the house be more peaceful without your presense

Beast’s reaction to the death.

RIP Starla even though you were mean to everyone you produced some great kids.

With Starla barely even cold in the ground I turned her bedroom into a music room for Munchkin.  I predict this room will get used a lot.  Instruments seem to draw idiots like moths to a flame (in my game at least!)

Hey we have another one who likes the sandpit. He doesn’t even have the childish trait. I am dying to get a picture of Azrael and Magenta playing in it together now.

Speaking of Magenta now that Savannah is a YA I kicked Magenta out of the main bedroom and made over Siamese and Burmese’s old room for her.

Munchkin: So Savannah gets the big bedroom then?

Well yes, she was the reader’s choice.

Munchkin: What about me, the room I’m in doesn’t even have an ensuite.  Is that anyway to treat an heir.

Patience I’m working on it.

Later on while I was following Savannah around during a dive these two decided to woohoo autonomously in Shawna’s bed.

Shawna: Ew, I’m not sleeping in that bed again.

You don’t anyway.  The rocking chair is your favourite sleeping place.

Since they were already in the mood I had Munchkin pop the question to Azrael.

Munchkin: Marry me?

Of course Azrael said yes.

While we are on the subject of good news Jubilee had her baby.  I caught her just as she was giving birth to him.

Nice name.

I went into CAS so I could show you all what he looks like.  Cute little booger isn’t he?

On that note I will end things here.  Next time I am going to try a double wedding. Not holding out much hope for that going well!

I am predicting it is going to be more like..


Chapter 8.5 Diving Straight In

Last time the triplets grew up and Siamese moved out.  Now that our heirs are YA we can get stuck in to their careers/LTW and find them spouses.

The first thing I do after their birthday is to get Savannah and Munchkin jobs.  Savannah is self employed diver, Munchkin got job in the music career.

At the same time I got a notification that Siamese got a new job as well.

Of course everything stops for graduation.

Munchkin: As it should. 😀 Naturally I rock these robes ❤  Then again I look good in anything.

Starla has graced us with her presence.  I do hope she is going to be on her best behavior today.

Hey look Siamese is graduating too!

Savannah: Yay stairs!

Munchkin: That’s great sis now get out of the way.

Realised about this time that I hadn’t updated Savannah’s formal wear.  I love this dress, it’s simple yet so pretty ❤

Munchkin: Wahoo! I graduated.

Savannah: Maybe we should have a party to celebrate.

How about no you just had a birthday party.

Savannah: Congrats on graduating! What do you say we go out and celebrate?

Siamese: I don’t know, I start my new job tomorrow.

Speaking of new jobs it’s about time you started thinking about yours and less about parties.

Time to get started on Savannah’s diving LTW.  Off we go to explore the first diving spot.  Love these water taxis.  Shame they have to be yellow though.  What’s wrong with a nice black taxi?

This is the place.

Savannah: Not much here.

Well it is a diving LTW, the clue is in the name.

Savannah: Oh yeah!

Savannah: I am disapointed by this place.

Why is that?

Savannah: Well it’s called Mermaid grotto right? So I thought there would be mermaids here.

Savannah: Maybe they are hiding in here.

Nope, no mermaids here. Just this guy, Shawn I think.  He’s married, sorry sweetie.

Savannah: Hmm, not my type anyway.

I spotted Rouge swimming around near the diving spot just as Savannah was off on a seashell hunt.

Savannah: Um driver, shouldn’t you slow down a bit. I think you might hit that swimmer.

Driver: *distinct lack of regard for other water users* That’s alright, she’ll move.

Savannah isn’t the only one working on her LTW.  Munchkin who already has 6 points of piano skill is starting on her drum skill.  I plan on adding/altering a room to give her a music room but for now she plays in the basement.  Drum kit will change colour also.

Savannah discovered a new island on her seashell hunt.  This is Beryl Shoals which I believe is the only island that can be found through normal naval exploration.  That’s what it says here anyway.

Back at home Beast is having a little trouble eating.

Beast: No I’m not, see I can reach my food perfectly.

Savannah: That ghost just broke the dishwasher.

Rickon: It was like that when I got here, honestly.

Savannah: So have you found a spouse yet?

Munchkin: No but I believe the watcher has it in hand.

Savannah: You don’t believe in that watcher nonsense do you?

Munchkin: *Points at watcher* Well she is right there, watching our every move.

I brought Savannah a jet ski! Also isn’t Isla Paradiso pretty. ❤

Of course she is off on another dive.  Got to reach that 40,000 simoleon target.

Just Munchkin taking a nap by the pool.

Slappy, Slappy, Slap, Slap! (fans of Cbeebies might get this one)

It’s the moment I have been waiting for! Starla and Shawna engaging in a full on fight.

Starla wins!

Starla: Now get out of my room!

Shawna: As soon as I can straighten my back out.  Give me a minute.

Savannah is blissfully unaware. She is exploring a new diving spot, Dead Mans Locker

After the dive I sent Savannah to the park.  It’s time I found her a spouse.  First person she sees is Jubilee and her husband Tariq

Jubilee is expecting a baby so Savannah went for a tummy feel.  so cute.

Then I spied this blue haired beauty on the other side of the fountain.  Savannah was obliged to go say hi.  Game says she is straight, I say who cares!

Especially since they get on really well and she has blue hair! Oh her name is Crystal Leavitt BTW

Magenta finding the pool, that is all.

Back at the park Savannah goes into full on flirt mode and tries a flower gift.

More romantic spam later and Savannah has obtained her spouse.

For those who are interested this is Crystal’s family tree.  I created a family using some of my saved sims so Crystal is now the sister of Angelo Leavitt and Kay Jordan.  She was created using both of them so I am hoping for some interesting looking children.

Rickon went for a swim but freaked out.

Rickon: My body’s gone! Where is it?

Moving on to new arrivals in the neighbourhood.  We have Danablu Winterton in front.  Near the mailbox from front to back we have Nora Malone, Azrael Winterton and Vicki Indanezy.

I sent Munchkin over to say hi.  They are for her to choose a spouse from after all.  She is greeted at the door by Danablu.

Muchkin then moves inside and meets Vicki and Azrael who are both fairies.

Her conversation with Azrael moves to the upstairs bathroom.  Danablu is not pleased with this. He was talking to Munchkin then Azrael took over.

Danablu: I give up.

Vicki: I think they look sweet together.

Munchkin liked Azrael so much and rolled so many wishes for him that I gave in and let her keep him. Meanwhile Danablu and Vicki started flirting in the background.

Well that’s it for now but don’t worry I took a ton of photos so another chapter shouldn’t be far behind.