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Ordonez Generation 2

Hey there! Please please please check out the new chapter I have just finished writing for the Ordonez Legacy.  I am keen to know what you all think of the changes.   Thanks x

Chapter 2.0



Chapter 7.5 They’re Finally Getting Married

Hi there! Before I get started I just want to say –

Hope you all had a great time over the holidays.  My daughter is starting to understand what’s going on a bit more.  She loved the presents and the decorations but I don’t think she knew what it was all for!

OK so last time Magenta had a hen party, Gambit had his first show, Beast got old and Max left us.

Did I mention I love Magenta, she is so good on free will (for the moment!) Here she is taking care of the pets social need.

Shaggydog: At least someone remembers we’re here.

Beast: I hear you bro.

Gambit is back at the coffee shop auditioning for another gig.

Lady: You’re getting good, I’ll give you another shot.

Gambit: That’s great! Could I have a hand out of this please.

Lady: Maybe you should practice before the gig.

Back at home Gambit practices his new contortions ahead of his two gigs.

Other members of the family are not so constructive.

Rickon: At least I’m not causing a fail.


Gambit is at the park performing for tips.  I usually send him to the coffee shop as there is a bigger crowd but I thought a change of scenery would be nice.  These two kids showed up to watch they are Maria and Josiah Best.  I took pity on them and sorted out their hair.

Much better.

Gambit started to get better and drew in a larger crowd.  He had a productive day and brought home about 300 simoleons.

I do love it when my sim couples stay in love after I stop controlling them.  These two are so sweet. ❤

Gambit’s gig in the park went pretty well.  He got a decent crowd and they all seemed to like him.

He got a good review too!

The first thing Gambit does upon arriving home is to celebrate his good show with his fiance.

Oh yes I also recolored the master bedroom.  I added black to balance out the brightness of lime and hot pink.

Cyclops: I’m just going to sit here, read my book and pretend I don’t know what my brother is doing upstairs.

By book you mean romance novel.

Cyclops: Is that a problem?

Gambit: So now that Magenta is quite possibly knocked up I’d better marry her.

Knocked up? That’s what you’re going with?

Gambit: Yes. Now hush I have calls to make.

Not much of interest happens so let’s skip to the wedding day.

Rickon: I can’t believe my son is finally getting married.

This is the little chapel I made for them.  Doesn’t it look pretty in the snow. ❤

Just to show you the inside.  I love how it turned out. ❤

OK ready for some wedding spam!

Aww ❤ Suprisingly most of the family turned up, even Starla! Oh and that balding man in the front row is not a party crasher that’s Bran.

Magenta: This has no bearing on what just happened. *throws up*

I think we all know by now what this means! 😉

Time to cut the cake.

Viserys & Brigitta: YAY cake!

Naturally everyone showed up for cake making me wonder if I should have added another table.

There was a lot of socialising going on as the party started to wind down.  It’s always nice to see extended (and often forgotten) family members getting on.

Gambit’s selfie obsession continues.

Gambit: I know I just married Magenta but I think you’re hot.

They hart farted but I failed to get a picture.

Gambit doesn’t have time to flirt though he’s off to another gig.

This was probably because he turned up late.

Still he did get a promotion out of it! I think he is at level 7 now.  This career is proving easy to progress in so far.  Here’s hoping it continues.

And finally we end with the news that Magenta is indeed pregnant.  Gambit has the fertility treatment LTR so I am hoping for multiples.

Next time we meet the new arrivals. It is on the home page but I will reveal here that the naming theme this time is cat breeds.