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Chapter 8.4 All Grown up and Raring to Go

Sorry it’s taken a while to get another chapter out.  I have been working on new chapters of the Ordonez Legacy.  The latest one, chapter 2.6 can be read here.  I am currently working on the next one and should be out soon.

Last time Burmese and Ragdoll became young adults, skilling was performed and Magenta finally got her hairstyle back.

We kick things off this time with Starla flexing her mean spirited trait.  Shawna seems to be one of her preferred targets for this.

Another slapping! I had the camera ready for a full blown fight but it didn’t happen.  A little disappointing really.

Shawna: You wanted to see me get beat up by this old hag?

Starla: Who are you calling an old hag?

Shawna: Oh put your hearing aid in today did you?

Starla: I doubt you would say anything worth me listening to.

Savannah: How come there are two heirs this time and I am the one stuck with this job again?

Just lucky I guess.

Despite her complaint Savannah still rolled a wish to tinker with something.

Shawna: Don’t forget me, I’m being useful too.

Yes you are, you just washed the dishes.

Uh oh, hear we go again.  Magenta is on the receiving end this time.  Starla seems to getting worse the older she gets.

Another slap this time it’s Starla that gets slapped.  I failed to get a screengrab of it but Starla does not have a positive relationship with anyone in the house.

Magenta: This was not the welcome home I was expecting after I got a promotion at work.

Ooh extended family.  Oh and the brown haired teen is Siamese’s friend.  I think she’s called Cristabel or something.

It’s the triplets birthday and I threw a party.  Most of the extended family showed up.  Oh and the kid by the fridge?

That’s Indigo, Brigitta’s son.  Cute isn’t he.  I gave him a better hairstyle.

There we go I fixed Jubilee’s bad styling.

Savannah: Who’s that? She wasn’t on the guest list.

I think her name is Gabriella.  Here is a better look at Cristabel.

Anyway on to the makeovers.  First up is Siamese.  I like the hairstyle he grew up in so I let him keep it.  His new trait is Snob and his LTW is International Super Spy.

Next is the reader voted heir Savannah.  Her new trait is Brave and her LTW is Deep Sea Diver. I tried to make her new look reflect that of someone who spends a lot of time in the water.

Finally we have my choice, Munchkin.  I had a lot of fun with her makeover.  Her new trait is Artistic and her LTW is One sim Band

Savannah’s first action as a young adult is to remind me that she is a witch.  Also this shows off her cute new outfit. ❤

Oh Starla we were doing so well.

Siamese: It’s time for me to leave the nest.  See you around.


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Chapter 8.3 Ageing up and Getting out

Before I get started I would like to mention a new blog of mine for those of you who don’t know about it yet.  It is called A Different Path and it is basically me messing around with pre-made sims.  I have already written a couple of chapters centred around Agnes Crumplebottom.  I highly recommend you check them out.  : )

Last time Starla was mean, Munchkin and Savannah continued working on the skills I am predicting they might need for their LTWs and Beast used a cat bed. 😀

This is the building where Shawna works, when she didn’t come home after her shift finished I went looking for her.  I found she was still at her work building in this rather nice little room taking a nap.

I took a close up as it’s hard to see her in the other photo.  It really is a nice little room. ❤

Back home Starla was taking a break from being mean. Mainly because she was the only one in the house at the time besides Beast and she actually likes him!

Also I want a jumper like that.

Magenta finally got a wish to change her hairstyle.  Much better.

Magenta: Agreed

Homework buddies.

Burmese: Aw I hate Maths.

Don’t worry you won’t have to do it for much longer.

Shawna came home eventually and took up her usual position.

Shawna: I’m old, it’s what I do now.

Now that I have started Munchkin on the piano skill that is generally what she gravitates towards when left to her own devices.

Not all of the family are so productive though.  I am getting the feeling Burmese is not keen on growing up.

This is Magenta putting the maid out of a job! You go girl!

Munchkin had a wish to learn the guitar skill so I brought her one.  It is proving popular.

Siamese working out in his very masculine bedroom!

Someone found the pizza oven and she didn’t burn it.

Fun fact: I can’t eat pizza anymore which is sad because I used to love it.

It took longer than I expected but Beast has finally rebelled against the cat bed.  I had wanted to get a picture of Beast and a ghost cat both sleeping here but the ghost moved.

Wow these birthdays just creep up on you don’t they.  It’s time for Ragdoll and Burmese to become YAs.  Prepare for birthday spam in 3, 2, 1…

This is of course Ragdoll, her new trait is Eccentric and her LTW is Paranormal Profiteer

This is Burmese looking very nice in his pink waistcoat.  His new trait is Clumsy and his LTW is jack of all trades.

I have saved them both so if anyone would like to add them to their game just let me now in the comments.

Ragdoll: Yes hello.  Do you have any houses available please?

Ragdoll: Oh you do, that would be great thanks.

Bye Ragdoll, Bye Burmese.  See you at the triplet’s party!

That’s the end of this chapter, next time the triplets should age up.


Chapter 8.2 Slap and Splash

Last time generation 8 started with the triplets becoming teenagers.  Elsewhere there were fails and the odd bit of skilling.

DogGnome: Oh I love this bit. ❤

BunnyGnome: Does it come in colour?

Beast must really like this cat bed as I caught him using it again.

Oh Magenta you were so close.  Thank you for the first fail of the chapter.

Burmese: Why did no one tell me we had a computer.  This is awesome!

Don’t you have homework to do?

Burmese: Let me just finish this level.

Beast joined the gnomes watching TV.  Loved that he sat on the sofa to watch! XD


Munckin is working on her piano skill in the hope she gets a musical LTW, she is up to level 3 already.

Ah finished that level then?

Burmese: I died, a lot.  It was depressing how much I sucked at it.

Starla in a rare moment of pleasant conversation.  Even Ragdoll is confused by this, look at her face.

Here is a closer image so you can see better.

Savannah: *retches* Ew a ghost and he’s eating cake.

That ghost is your dad.

Savannah: I stand by by original comment, ew.

Starla reign of meanness continues.  Here she is criticising Magrat’s family.

Magrat: Aren’t you part of this family too.  How can you say those things about your own son?

Most days Starla and Magenta are the only sims left in the house which often leads to scenes like this one.

This picture also shows Magenta’s new outfit.  She had a MLC wish to plan an outfit and since I technically don’t have to control her to complete it she got her wish.  I will fix her hair eventually I am just waiting to see if she gets a wish for a new hairstyle first.

This is what Starla and Magenta’s relationship is like now.  I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before they resort to physical violence.

A lovely moment when the sim I can control chooses to do her homework herself.

Following her arguement with Starla Magenta needed to let off some steam.  I keep forgetting about that childish trait of hers.

Savannah had a wish to snorkel in the sea so here she is.  I am trying to hold off on going diving until her LTW is decided.

See what did I say.  I don’t even want to know what Starla said to cause that reaction.

Starla: Check this out kid, Your old granny’s still got the moves.

Siamese: I really wish you didn’t

Starla: Now who’s being mean?

Hold on I don’t think that much time had passed.

Siamese: It felt like it having to watch her dance.

Siamese: Ah now this is the life.  I could get used to this.

Don’t you have needs to fill, homework to do?

Siamese: *ignores and relaxes*

Siamese: Hey bro, you avoiding chores and homework too?

Burmese: Something like that.

Now he’s feeling relaxed Burmese had a go at diving off the diving board.

SnowGnome: This should be good for a laugh.  Kid is sure to fail on an epic scale.

Burmese: OK here goes.


SnowGnome: Well that’s a shame.

Found this guy on our lot, not sure how he managed to get passed the gate.  Anyway his name is Xavier and is in much need of a makeover.

Much better.  Munckin seemed to like him.

Siamese: Who’s that talking to my sister?

I wouldn’t worry too much about him. He vanished from the town when he left the lot, shame.

That’s all for now but another chapter shouldn’t be far off, I took a LOT of photos.  For now though here are a couple of things going on with the extended family.


Chapter 8.1 Jumping Back In

I honestly didn’t think it would happen at one point but here we are at the start of generation 8.  The finish line is in sight. A bit naughty but I have skipped ahead a bit.  We rejoin the family just before the triplets become teenagers and we start with something that doesn’t happen very much at all.

That’s right Beast is actually using the cute paw print cat bed I added for him.  Needed photo evidence of this moment as it probably won’t happen again!  My own cat doesn’t even have a cat bed, hasn’t since he was a kitten.  He prefers to sleep everywhere else instead! Well when my daughter lets him! XD

Despite going around being mean to people Starla has actually been helpful.

Starla: You make it sound like that’s all I do.

It IS all you do, well apart from sitting in the rocking chairs.

Elsewhere we had a small ghost glitch.  Ready Brek appeared solid for a minute and floated across the room before returning to ghost form.

Shawna: I’ve just watched him come through the wall like that.  That’s not creepy at all. I’m probably going to have nightmares now.

Ready Brek: Trying really hard to be insulted right now.

Gambit made an appearance and he had a conversation with Magenta in the bathroom.  It’s nice to know these two still have feelings for each other even if Gambit is now a ghost.

Shawna gave us the first fail of this generation.

Munchkin: I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

Just the elders doing what they do best.  Great that they managed find the right chair in the right room.

The kids found the sandpit.  Well Munckin and Siamese did anyway.

Savannah preferred playing chess indoors in her swimsuit.

Birthday time! Just going to put a birthday spam in here.

Oh and Magenta’s sudden change in hairdo is because she recently had her adult birthday and I haven’t changed it back yet.

Time for makeovers! Love this bit.

This is Savannah, her new trait is Loves to Swim.  As a child she gained the trait Photographer’s eye.

Next is Munchkin. Her new trait is Vegetarian.  As a child she gained the trait Virtuoso.

Finally we have Siamese.  His new trait is Loves the Cold.  As a child he gained the trait Bookworm.

After the excitement of his birthday our little bookworm returns to what he enjoys most.  He really stands out against the black wallpaper with that bright yellow shirt.

Now that she is a teenager Savannah takes on her duties as the new torch holder.

Savannah: Did my first task have to be this? It’s gross.

You’ll get used to it, plus you won’t be doing these tasks alone.

Savannah: Oh?

Munckin: What are you looking at me for?

So I felt bad that I had to abandon the double heir thing in the Irving DITFT and I do really like Munckin.

Munckin: Thank you. ❤

Since this household will be emptier once the spares have gone Savannah and Munckin will both be heirs.  Such fun!

Munchkin: That’s cool I guess.

Since she’s a virtuoso and will most likely end up with a music related LTW I am fine with her playing the piano instead of getting exicted about her new status as co-heir.

Munckin: And I’m ok with you referring to me in the third person when I am right here.

Aw Beast is getting a fuss. ❤

Beast: *purrs*

Beast is 52 days old now and has maxed out his life bar so I am not sure how much longer he will be with us.  Don’t worry though his things won’t go to waste.  There will be new pets soon.

Munckin: So listen to this.  When you were over there with your nose in a book like always I was chosen to be co-heir with Savannah.

Siamese: Well done sis.  I am honestly really happy for you.

All the kids went on field trip to the police station.  It proved too much for Ragdoll and she passed out from exhaustion.  Fail number two. Also bit creepy the way that girl is watching her from the door. I hadn’t noticed her there.

Savannah had a wish to learn the diving skill so she is snorkelling in the pool.  She is also reminding me that I need to change her swimwear.

Savannah: When can I practice in the ocean?  Looking at the bottom of the pool is boring.

Ragdoll: I swear I didn’t do anything. I just want to sit in the chair.  Noticed that in tab camera mode when I was moving into position to take pictures and it amused me.

It’s just Shawna failing again.

I think that might be a good place to end things.  Bye for now!



House Tour

Hi, as I mentioned in my last post I have been working on a new house for the family.  I used this house to start from as I liked how the front looked.  It is called Kid Friendly – Mother Approved and came with the Generations EP.

Naturally it didn’t stay looking like this for long.  This is what it looks like now.  Isn’t it great? I am really proud of this. 😀  The more eagle-eyed readers might spot that we are not in Starlight Shores anymore and you would be correct in thinking that.  For the remaining generations the family will be living in Isla Paradiso.  I really want to explore diving and resort management.

This is the front.  Notice the double garage, a staple of every big house. (that I see anyway!)

And this is the back.  The courtyard bit was inspired by one of my favourite sim bin houses from Sims 2 the Helluva Hacienda.

This is the one I am talking about.  I used to love this house, of course I used to modify it a little!

While we are looking at the back let me show you the garden.

It’s so neat and formal looking isn’t it? I wasn’t originally going to make it look like this but once I had done the courtyard and the graveyard it just looked better.  Not sure what I am going to do with that side bit behind the garage at the moment.  I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.

This is the graveyard.  There are some pets and other family members to the side just hidden by the wall.  I think this is the first time this family have had an outdoor graveyard.

I made a playground for the kids.  I added the meteorite here as a memorial of sorts to Gambit.  Originally I wanted to put it in the graveyard but it just didn’t look right.

This is the courtyard with a Monte Vista style trellis canopy, swimming pool and hot tub.

Just to the side of that is a patio area with bbq and seating.  Sorry about all the trees blocking the view, you should get a better view later.

OK now we have inside.  This is the ground floor layout.  The small wing on the left hand side of the picture is for our two old dears Shawna and Starla.  Yes I moved Starla back in, she is the kids grandmother after all i couldn’t very well leave her behind.

Speaking of Starla this is her bedroom.  Done up of course in her favourite colour.  All the bedrooms have been decorated with the sims favourite colours.

This is Shawna’s bedroom.

In between the bedrooms is a little sitting room. (and a bathroom)

This leads us nicely onto the entrance hallway.  It’s a nice bright place and I like how it turned out.  On the main overview there is another part to the hallway but I don’t appear to have any pictures of it, never mind you will probably see it at some point anyway.

Moving in a clockwise direction as seen on the overview picture these are the rest of the rooms downstairs.

Another bathroom.  They all look like this so I haven’t photographed them all you would only get bored!

The Study.


Dining Room

Sitting room or Lounge whatever you want to call it.  This is actually a sizable room so I have had to photograph it in bits.

Reading/studying area.  You can see Beast’s new bed here.  It looks like a paw, so cute. ❤

TV watching area.  I added a wall of windows here to give a view out onto the garden.  You should get a better view of the patio area now.

Put in a grand piano just because.  Goes nicely with my black and gold colour scheme which was inspired by the sofa by the way.  Drat now I have the Black and Gold song in my head.

And now you do too.  Your welcome! 😀

After that musical interlude we move upstairs.  Only having two floors is a joy compared to the last house.  Makes it a LOT easier to find everyone!

Look a bathroom! Don’t see many of those around! XD

Ragdoll’s bedroom

Savannah and Munchkin’s bedroom

Burmese and Siamese’ bedroom

The master bedroom currently used by Magenta.

There is a balcony area up here too.

There are some great views from up here.

Last thing to show you is the basement.  Wow I put a lot of lights down here, didn’t realise I put in so many.

There is a gallery showcasing all the heir portraits I managed to get and some of Gambit’s selfies too.

The whole basement is designed to display any trophies, artefacts etc that the family pick up along the way.  It mostly just houses painting and sketches at the moment. I am hoping it will improve soon.

Well that’s it the house that I built! What do you think of it?


Chapter 7.7 Fire, Death and Great Big Rocks

As you can tell by the title this is not going to be a happy chapter. Sorry about that.

But more on that later.  Last time Magenta had twins, Burmese and Ragdoll, Rickon got old and Gambit continued to impress everyone with his acrobatic skills.

Gambit: I try my best.

Let’s start on a happier note with Rickon and Magenta building a snowman.

Rickon: Be careful handling my big ball.

Gambit meanwhile is out doing what he does best. The audience seem to like him. The teen at the front btw is Story Moss.

Gambit: Of course they do. 😀

Back home Rickon is being the least boring of the family.  First he practices martial arts.

Then he puts Burmese down for a nap even though he is not tired.

Rickon: Just call me Super Gramps.

Burmese: I’d rather call you senile for putting me in here when I am clearly not tired.

In between gigs Gambit takes on some toddler skilling duties.  I don’t seem to have the playpen and walker (will have to fix that!) so we are toddler skilling the old fashioned way.

I displayed some of Gambit’s selfies in the basement.  I love the one of Gambit and Rickon. ❤

Gambit: I like them all because they feature me. 😀

Another day, another show.  This time Magenta tags alone.

Still no steady gig though.

Gambit: It’s only a matter of time, they love me.

Poor Burmese. Welcome to life in an ISBI kid.

His parents decide that making more babies is more important than looking after the ones they have.

Gambit: That’s what grandparents are for.

Magenta and Shawna decided to build a snowman autonomously so I sent Gambit and Cyclops to join them for a nice family moment/photo.  Not sure who built the Reaper one but I like it.


Yeah, then this happened.  All this time with no meteors in my games and the time it does happen is in one of my legacy files.

Magenta: *cough, cough* What the plumbobs just happened?

Where is everyone else? Are they ok?

Magenta: I don’t know.

Ah Shawna you’re alive, that’s good!

Maid: I’m alive too, not that anyone cares.

Shawna & Magenta then proceeded to put all the fires out. Well done girls.  The twins were inside playing so they are both ok.

Shaggydog: What’s this? It smells funny.

I wouldn’t go near that if I were you.  It’s very dangerous.


Reaping a large rock?


Deaths? Did you say deaths, as in plural?


Cyclops: Oh man, I was so close to my birthday too.  Being dead sucks.


Rickon: Please spare me.  It’s not my time yet.



Gambit: Please don’t take me, I don’t want to die.



No he just fainted at the sight of you.

Magenta: NOOO! Bring him back! Please don’t take him away. *cries*


Shawna: Bit insulting isn’t it? You just took my husband, son and step-son and you’re blogging?!


Grim: *typing* And so the meteor did fall, crushing the life out of three more sims.  The amazingly talented and handsome Grim then descended on the scene and in a magnificent display reaped the souls of those poor departed sims.  

Well that was unexpected.  I got so many notifications I didn’t see the one about the meteor.  Since the twins are obviously way too young to take over this chapter will be the last one of this legacy.  I am so gutted about this.  I know I could have exited the game without saving but that would have been cheating.  You have to roll with the bad as well as the good.  Still 7 generations isn’t too bad I guess.

I may start a new challenge at some point in the future.  At the moment I don’t know what that will be or even if it will be on Sims 3 or Sims 4.  This wont be for a while though.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like and comment.  x



Technical Difficulties

Whilst I was playing the Irving save file the game crashed and I got this message when I tried to load the game again.

I have been trying various things to get the game to work and all of them have failed.  As such I am left with no other option but to reinstall the game.  Obviously it will take some time to get all the EPs and stuff packs back on and all my CC once I am sure the game is working.

Unfortunately this means I have to put all sims 3 blogs on hold until I get things sorted.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get things working again.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.