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Christmas Hiatus

Hi hope you are all well? As the festive season approaches I am finding I have less time for summing and blogging. As such I have made the decision to take a break till the new year. 

I will still try and keep up to date with all your blogs when I can as I love reading them. Hope you all have a great Christmas! xx


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Heir Poll – The Winner!

Hey guys! Not a chapter, sorry.  I am working on one for the Irving DITFT though so keep an eye out for that.

What I am here to tell you today is the results of the heir poll and who is going to lead us into generation 7.  So drum roll please

Here are the results.  So pleased to see everyone got some votes. 🙂

That means the winner and next torch holder is…

Well done Gambit! 😀

Gambit: What if I don’t want to be the TH. Don’t I get a say in this?


Storm: If he doesn’t want it, I’ll have it.

Jubilee: What makes you think you should have it?

Storm: I am the eldest.

Storm/Jubilee: *bickering in background*

Gambit: *ahem* Sorry about that.  Thank you kind readers for choosing me as the next heir.  I will try not to disappoint. 🙂


Chapter 6.13 The Stylish One

Hi I’m back again! Last time the quads had their teen birthday, there was a fire and Starla became a tragic clown


Ooh look someone found the pizza oven.  What you making Susan?

Susan: Bread. Now beat it I don’t want to burn it.

Lady: You really heals are the way to go.

Rickon: Oh yes and a new hairstyle will complete the look.  Trust me I’m a stylist. 🙂

Rickon is at the salon raising his job performance by styling random sims.

Shawna: Ow! I think the baby’s coming.

Jubilee: Your pain amuses me. >:)

Gambit: OMG What do I do? *panics*

Jubilee: *tries to react like a normal person*

Contessa: Shouldn’t you get your butt home boy.

Rickon: In a minute, I just want to finish this.

As you can see Rickon is super exicted to meet his new child.

Jubilee: Every great villian has a cat.

Beast: Put me down human.

Gambit: I’m hungry now, You’ll be fine on your own right?

Shawna: I love this family, really I do.

Wolverine is oblivious to what is going on.

Wolverine: This coffee is just too good.

Aren’t you a bit young for coffee?

If the option is there I will take it.

I love how much this family cares about a new addition. This is Storm while Shawna gives birth.

Jubilee: I can’t have a dirty cat sitting on me as I plan by evil schemes.


Rickon: Shawna’s having the baby, like now! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

I did, you just cancelled the action to go home and stayed at the salon.

It’s coming!

Shawna: Hi there cutie ❤

Shawna: OK I’m bored of it now, where’s Rickon?

Meet Cyclops.  He was born Evil and Athletic.  He is also a werewolf and has the hidden trait makes no messes.

This is who he is named after.

Jubilee is the first to be drawn to the new baby.

Jubilee: This room is so dark, I love it.  ❤

It all proves too much for Wolverine and he passes out.

Wolverine: No one warned me about caffine crashes.

Rickon: Hello?

Pom: Hey hot stuff ❤ How about you and me got out sometime.

Rickon: Ew no way.  I don’t date old ladies plus I’m married.

Pom: Too bad, you don’t know what you are missing.

Rickon: *hangs up* I really don’t want to know.

Instead of heading upstairs to meet his new son Rickon heads for the drafting table instead.

Rickon: I’ve already seen 5 of them as babies.  How is this one going to be any different.

Parent of the year right here.

Gambit: There you go bro all clean.

Well done Gambit. ❤

Gambit: Holding a baby and standing around in my undies will hopefully increase my chances in the heir vote.

Gambit: Why is it crying now? Make it stop.

Ah normality is restored

Wolverine: It’s really cold outside dad.

Rickon: Then stay indoors.  I don’t want have to thaw you out too.

Storm: I heard holding the new baby will help with the heir vote.

No it won’t put him down.

Darrick: OMG It’s Rickon! I’m gonna get a new look from THE Rickon!

Rickon: Yes now calm down please.

Rickon: Hmm the body needs work.

Darrick: Why what’s wrong with it?

Rickon: Nothing a little styling wont fix.

Darrick: I look hot! thanks dude.

Rickon: Please don’t call me dude.

Next to be styled is Kenyatta Cap (Toan’s daughter)

Rickon: Not bad, I can work with this.  Stand still, time for the master to work his magic.

Kenyatta: Fluffy leg warmers, seriously?

Rickon: I think they look good on you.

Kenyatta: I don’t like it. Sorry.

Rickon: *gains promotion*

He is now at level 6, I failed to get a shot of the notification.

Just Rouge building a snowman on the beach.

I just the faces Jubilee pulls. ❤ I have no other reason for this picture.

Gambit: Why did I come in here?

Rickon is back at the salon.

Kiana: But aren’t I a bit young for heals?

Rickon: Sorry, I’m just used to styling adults.  How about a new hairstyle instead.

Here she is made over.  She is the daughter of Mance Maloney btw.  She’s so cute.

Gambit: Come on boy get the piggy.

Shaggydog: Someone is actually paying attention to me.

Jubilee what are you doing with Cyclops?

Jubilee: You’ll see, hush now.


The evil is strong with this one.

And that is it for now.  I’ve ran out of piccies.  The heir poll will be closing soon so hurry and vote for your fav while their is still time.  I have a three way tie at the moment so your vote will help.


Memory Lane Challange

I have been nominated for the Memory Lane Challenge by somebodysangel13. It is different to the other awards I’ve seen.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/story/challenge so far
  3. Nominate up to 5 blogs to do the same.

So here are my five favourite moments from the Mendoza

1# Jacklyn and Tobias’ Wedding

Tobias was one of my favourite spouses.  His childish trait made him so much fun.

2# Tobias in the buff

Yes I know it’s Tobias again.  He was my first senile naked elder.  This was such a funny moment

3# Melon and Magrat’s wedding

I loved these two. I think Melon has been my favourite TH so far.  Their wedding was a great day the only bugbear of mine is that no one used the lovely benches I designed.

4# Playing with life and death

I had great fun with this thing.  It may make another appearance soon. Watch this space

5# Susan and Max’s Honeymoon

I think has been the only time this family has travelled.  I will have to try and include more trips.









Heir vote

Hi everyone.  I am still trying to get enough pictures for another chapter.  In the meantime let’s get the heir vote out.

Here are your choices, in no particular order.

I have my favourites but as always I enjoy seeing how you guys vote. I look forward to seeing the results.


Chapter 6.10 A Second Chance

Hello dear readers, I’m back and I have a new chapter for you all! Yes I know what you are thinking.

Real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of Sims.  Over the last 3 to 4 months I have been very ill and have had to be admitted to hospital a couple of times.  I am recovering nicely now so I will try to get more chapters out.  I do have one major distraction though and here she is.

This is my 1 year old daughter.  She is adorable and keeps me very busy.

That’s enough about me.  Let’s get on with what we are all here.  Last time *goes back to check as it’s been so long*. Rickon was asked on a date by his Aunt, Storm had her teen birthday and the kids found the new playground.

We kick things off this time with the family getting to know the new maids.

Max: I must be more tired than I thought, I am seeing double

Also the maids are not exempt from the bedtime story curse.

Rickon in particular seems to really like this one.  Her name is Shawna Chapman and he is rolling wish after wish for her.

Rickon: I think you are hot ❤

Shawna: *Swoons*

Gambit proves that not all of this family are complete idiots. Good boy Gambit.

I love this picture, it looks like Rickon is telling Storm off for something. He is actually telling the woman in the bed that she is behaving inappropriately. Storm is just having a freak out.

Storm then takes it upon herself to learn the guitar and ends up building her skill to level 3 on her own.

Storm: No need for the heir poll, we both know it should be me. 😀

Sorry sweetie it doesn’t work like that.

Rickon is chained to the sketching table when he has nothing else to do.

Rickon: *cancels action* I have a better idea.

Really? Do tell.

Rickon: *throws elixer at Shawna* Presto instant best friends!

Shawna: Person person plus

Rickon: Now that our friendship bars are full, love me. ❤

Storm: Stupid kids, always in my way. 😡

After some romantic spam Shawna and Rickon share their first kiss. ❤

Jubilee: Dad is the maid my new mum?

Rickon: *too busy smooching*

Rickon: Want to go steady?

Shawna: Sure why not.

Jubilee. Dog


Rickon: Since we are on a roll, marry me?

Shawna: Gasp! It’s so shiny.

Since she is already on the hook I decide to make things official. They have a private wedding in the kitchen/dinning room.

I gave her a makeover.  I love her, she’s so pretty.  Welcome to the family Shawna

When I get time to update the downloads page I will add her to it.

Sorry Rickon but I can’t let you finish that.

Rickon: Why not? It’s going to be my finest work.

Don’t care. *scraps*

Gambit welcomes Shawna to the family the best way he knows how.

Gambit: Hi new mum.  I need a bedtime story stat.

Shawna; OK kid.

Gambit: Sorry that one didn’t work.  I am going to need another.

Shawna: When do they grow up?

Three days time.  Just bear with.

Someone asked Max on a date and I accidentally clicked yes.

Whoever it was stood him up anyway.  I think he found the snow much more interesting anyway.

Max: What’s all the white stuff?

Beast: You must be new here.  I would like breakfast at 6am, fresh tuna only please. Served on a plate like the cats on TV, not a yucky bowl like the dog.

Rickon: Please don’t throw this one away. 😥

I approve of this one, continue

Rickon: 😀

Shawna managed to find the right bed on the first try on her own!! Did I mention I love her.

I changed the aqua to spiceberry which is Shawna’s fav colour.  I am not doing the rest of the house.

Rickon: Why am I the only one in this house who does these jobs.

That’s the joy of being an ISBI TH sweetie.

Rickon: Can I resign?

No but don’t worry it won’t be for much longer.

This is what Shawna has to put up with constantly.  Her needs are constantly low as everyone wants to talk to her all the time.  The joys of the irresistible trait in an ISBI.  I may have to change it if things don’t improve.

Susan leaves the comfort and safety of the rocking chairs to play on the trampoline.

Susan: Wheee!

Things prove too much for poor Rickon and he hits the bar.

Nolan: Ew a werewolf.

Max: Ew a ghost.

Melon: Hi! 😀

First day of school for the kids.  All these snow days are annoying.

Rickon is out styling the town again.  This lady is his first victim customer.

Rickon: Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Rickon: My work here is done.

Next is this guy who has the unfortunate name of Elbert.  Starla was here too, I am unsure if she lives here or is just visiting.

Elbert: Hey you’re good.  Thanks mate ❤

Starla: I have to get out of here.

While Rickon was out this happened.  I could only watch as poor Susan’s needs steadily dropped.

That’s all for this time.  Will Rickon get home in time to save his mother? Will the bedtime story curse ever end?

Find out next time.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

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A Liebster Award Appeared!

I’m sorry to anyone expecting a new chapter.  Our computer is currently without screen and keyboard as my boyfriend is upgrading my parents computer.  He is nearly done so normal service should resume shortly.

Ha ha! XD Sorry couldn’t resist! XD

Anyway this post is because once again the Liebster Award is doing the rounds.

I have been nominated by Earthqueenami of the Kanto Legacy for this award. It’s always nice to be appreciated so…

The Rules

I think everyone knows these by now but here are they are anyway.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person asked you
  3. Nominate other bloggers
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions of your own

Questions for Earthqueenami

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world besides where you live now, where would you choose?
    • That’s a tough one.
    • Ok I am going to be really dull and choose somewhere that is in the same country that I live in.  If I could live anywhere I would choose Scotland.  I went there on holiday a couple of years ago and it is just beautiful.
  2. What is your favorite song right now? What song annoys you the most?
    • Being the mother of a 1 year old it difficult to think of a song that isn’t for children! XD So I shall just say the song I am currently listening to which is Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm. Oh how I love Spotify.
  3. If you could only eat foods from one of the five food groups for the rest of your life, which group would you choose?
    • I am currently on a light diet to add in my recovery after my time in hospital and since I am eating a lot from this group anyway I will say vegetables, legumes and beans.  I love veggies anyway so that works quiet well for me. 😀
  4. What’s your favorite scary movie?
    • I am not really a big fan of scary movies.  The closest one I can think of is a film I have loved since I was a child.
    • I still watch it and I love it! ❤
  5. Which period in history fascinates you the most and why?
    • I would have to say without a doubt the Tudors.  What’s not to love? Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, The dissolution of the monasteries, Mary Queen of Scots, The Spanish Armada.  I love it all, it’s just so fascinating.
  6. What’s your favorite thing to do on a night out with your friends?
    • I have a toddler so my favourite thing to do in the evenings is flake out in front of the TV after she has gone to sleep! I am such an exciting person, aren’t I! XD
  7. If you could marry any fictional character, which would it be and why?
    • The Flash. You would never be late for anything!! XD
  8. Which Disney princess is/was your favorite? How about the princes?
    • This one is easy, my favourite Disney princess has always been Cinderella.  Never really thought about the princes.  The ones from the earlier films are all the same really and those are the films I remember more than the modern ones.
  9. If you could have any animal as a pet, which would you want? What would you name it?
    • I already have the animal I wanted.  A cat! his name is Teddy.
  10. Do you play board games? If so, which do you have the fondest memories of playing?
    • I remember playing Payday when my brother was younger.  We found it less stressful than Monopoly!
  11. And last but not least, the most important question: Left or right Twix?
    • I always go for the right one first.

My nominations


Light the Way to Heaven by Blamsart

Whisp ISBI by Loralie0512

The Sloane Family Legacy by EddieSims

Perodically Different by theamazingrey

Bedlam ISBI by Umbramuse

Rouke Epic Legacy by Somebodysangel13

My Questions

  1. If you could bring one of your Sims to life who would you choose and why?
  2. Chinese or Indian?
  3. What made you choose your legacy/challenge style and which is your favourite?
  4. Britain’s Got Talent has just finished here in the UK. Do you have any talents?
  5. Of all the traits featured in the Sims games which one would you say suits you best?
  6. If you had a million (in your own currency) what would you do with it?
  7. What is your favourite Pokemon?
  8. What book are you reading at the moment?
  9. Game of Thrones starts in July, so exicted! So with that in mind Stark, Lannister, Targaryen or Baratheon?
  10. Biscuits or Cake?
  11. And finally, What would be your perfect day and who would you share it with?