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Chapter 7.1 …In With the New

Welcome to Generation 7! So exicted to be starting a new generation and doing the acrobat career.

Gambit: Plus I here you’ve picked out a hottie for me. ❤

Patience, we’ll get to that later.

Last time Storm grew up and grew out taking Mulberry with her, Rouge got a boyfriend and Rickon styled a lot.

Rickon: You worked me to the bone more like.

Rickon is getting close to that LTW so he is still working hard.

Rickon: I don’t mind the work but I do mind that most of my female clients keep hitting on me.

Richlady: That’s because you’re hot sweetie. ❤

Richlady: Wow, you are really good.  Fancy coming inside and getting out of those wet clothes. 😉

Rickon: I’d love to but I need to get back to the salon. Maybe another time.

Richlady: Pity. 😦

Back at the salon I got stuck in the tab camera.  This is what I had to look at.  Scary right?

Starla: Watch who you’re calling scary.

After reloading the game I noticed Rickon’s job performance bar was almost maxed out so I had Rickon offer Starla a makeover.

Starla: Are you sure about this?

Rickon: Of course. I have just the outfit for you.  You’ll look great I promise.

Starla: Getting my ex to style me. What could possibly go wrong?

Starla: You have GOT to be kidding me! What have you done! 😡

Rickon: This is what you deserve.  Also thanks for helping me achieve my LTW.

Plus I wanted to use some bits and bobs I rarely touch.

Here’s a closer look at what I did. It was really hard to make her look bad as she looked good with any hairstyle so I went for daft instead. 😀

Starla: At least the makeup matches my eyes. ❤

Back at home Max suffers from a badly broken neck. This was seriously creepy to look at in game.

Max: No one told me how stiff and uncomfortable you would get at this age.  Where’s that rocking chair.

What about your neck?

Max: Hold on. *loud cracking* Aah that’s better. 🙂


Jubilee: Are you sure you should be doing that which that huge puddle there dad?

Rickon: What puddle?

Jubilee: *rolls eyes*

Jubilee: That puddle. You ok dad?

Rickon *gets zapped* yep I’m fine sweetie.

Thank goodness he survived. Although a nice yellow ghost would have broken up all the grey.

Rickon: Gee thanks. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to take a shower.

Hang on a minute, who are you?

Efrain: Door was open. You know the dishwasher’s broken right?


He reminded me that I had failed to do this.  Hopefully this will keep unwanted guests out.

OK that’s everything finished up, time to throw a party for the quads birthday. Rickon makes the call while Susan cleans up. She looks like a butler in those gloves!

Susan: I guess I missed my calling.

This is my little party set up.  Just one thing missing, where are the guests?

Cyclops: They’re not here, just nana peeing herself.

Susan: You could have moved out the way.

Cyclops: You could have used that toilet behind us.

Rickon: I can’t see anything past my latest masterpiece.

This masterpiece is worth 2015 simoleons!

Rickon: I want to keep it.

OK. *puts on wall*

Rickon: 🙂 ❤

The party guests were all a no show so we carried on regardless.  So pleased I was able to get this shot. I think this is the best quad birthday pic I’ve taken.

Wolverine went first, he looks exactly the same.

Wolverine: I’m a work of art. ❤

Rouge: Cake. ❤

Rouge: *blows out candles*

Jubilee: Well that’s attractive.

Rouge: Tada!

She’s s pretty. ❤

Gambit is next up.

Gambit: *cheers loudly*

Rickon: *deafens Cyclops*

Gambit: What happened to my hair!

Don’t worry I’ll fix it.

Wolverine: Ha! Ha! Ha! you got the pigtails. XD

Jubilee: 😡

OK time for makeovers.

First is Jubilee. Her new trait is Workaholic and her LTW is Emperor of Evil.

Jubilee: I did tell you.

Wolverine is next. His new trait is Artistic and his LTW is Illustrious Author.  Such a shame I can’t keep him around.

Rouge is next. Her new trait is Absent minded and her LTW is World class gallery.

Finally our new TH Gambit.  Amazing what a decent hairstyle can do.  His new trait is Evil.

The first thing that happens after the birthdays.

Susan: I can see a white light.

Susan: I guess this is it for me.  Oh well it’s been a good innings.

The whole family turn up to see her off.

Shawna: What’s all the fuss about?

Susan: What a B*****, I never liked her.

Susan, language!

Death: Susan Mendoza, You’re coming with me.

Susan: Well if you insist.

Susan: Lets go then Grimmy.

Death: Please don’t call me that.

Shawna: *still not mourning*

Oh crap it begins.

Death: This is why I wear earplugs. 😀

Do you even have ears?

Death: You have no idea what’s under this hood.

The moodlet manager is passed from Rickon to Gambit and he sets about removing the mourning moodlet.  The only ones left with it are Max and Rickon because I felt they should mourn her being her husband and heir respectively.  Cyclops is also left mourning as are the pets.

RIP Susan Mendoza.  You were only 2 days over the end of your life bar at 86 days.

OK back to business.  Time for the spares to move out.  I wish I could keep them all around but that would make for a very crowded house.  They vanished from the lot after Jubilee made the call so I couldn’t get shots of them leaving.

It was the middle of the night when all the exictement was over.  Too late to visit the park and get a job (lighting would not have been great!). Instead I start him on his skills.  He already has athletic level 3 so he is learning handiness.  A very important skill for a TH.

Proof that Beast is still here and actually uses the cat tower.  Wonders will never cease!

Upstairs there is some inappropriate sniffing going on.

Shawna: Stop that tickles! XD

Cyclops: Dad aren’t you going to stop them.

Rickon. It’s ok, your granddad’s a werewolf.  You get used to it after a while.

Rickon: *licks plate*

Gambit: Dad there is a butt load of cake in the fridge.

Shawna tries to flirt with Rickon but he is having none of it.

Rickon: You do know my Mum just died.

Beast caught a turtle.  I kept it. She is now called Mystique. The last use of the X-men theme.

To finish off here’s Gambit in his private gym raising his athletic skill while listening to a cooking tabcast.  Next time we meet Gambit’s spouse.



Chapter 6.17 Out with the Old…

This will be the last chapter of generation 6.  Can’t believe another generation is finished but I am looking forward to doing the acrobat career again.  I was hoping to fit in the quads birthday in this chapter but I took too many photos whilst I was waiting for them to reach the end of the teen bar so I had to split it up.

Last time Rickon was out styling again and Susan and Max retired. Also Storm and Cyclops had birthdays and the game crashed.

I will kick things off with Cyclops’ makeover.  I was trying my best to bring out his evil trait but he is just too cute.  His new trait is Neat.

Cyclops: An important skill for a bad guy that is.  Don’t want to leave any evidence behind.

Since Storm’s LTW relates to the singer career I sent her to the park to get a job before I move her out.

Rickon is as always out styling sims.  He is at level 8 now I think so I am pushing him hard to try and reach level 10 before Gambit takes over.  First up is Courtney.

Courtney: My husband left me for a younger woman so I want you to make me over so he knows what he’s missing.

Rickon: I can do that.

Courtney: Wow! Great job! I look hot. ❤

Rickon: Do you have to do that?

Courtney: Just showing my appreciation. ❤

Next up is Sonoko.

Sonoko: I need a dress for a party tonight. I hear you’re the man to ask.

Rickon: You heard right.  Nice shoes.  Love the colour.

Sonoko: Thanks ❤

Sonoko: This dress is amazing, thanks.  It’s looks almost as good as you do. ❤

Rickon: I, er, have another client to get to.  Glad you like it, bye. *runs away, fast*

Back at home Storm practices guitar for the last time. It’s time for her to move out.

Storm: You sure I can’t change your mind.  I would make cute babies.

Sorry but the readers have spoken.  Don’t forget you will have a shot as a potential spouse in my DITFT legacy.

Storm: True. OK time to go then.

She will be added to the download page at some point.

So Storm moves out to live her life in story progression.  Mulberry goes with her to free up space in the house.  Bye girls! Go forth and make cute babies please.

Rickon is still out and about.  He has a lot of work to do to fulfil his LTW.  This is Becky Lake his next client.

Becky: I need a new look, I haven’t changed my style since college.

Rickon: It definately shows, but don’t worry I’ll soon get you sorted.

Becky: I hope so. ; )

Rickon: How about this? I think you look so much better.

Becky: It’s ok but you’re cute so I’ll keep it. ❤

Rickon: *blushes*

Wolverine: This is so unfair, I haven’t done anything wrong. *sulks*

He got put in a time out for bad grades.

Wolverine: You forget to do homework a couple of times, get a D and suddenly you’re failing.

I have nothing to say to that.

Meanwhile at the Salon.

Rickon: I want to talk to Anya but she is in the way.

This gif could represent every time I play sims!! XD

I noticed Rouge hadn’t come home after school. I found her sleeping in the little chapel at the graveyard.

Cyclops had his first transformation into a werewolf.

Cyclops: Cool but why is my hair not?

His hair colour changed to brown, got to fix that.

I got sidetracked and forgot about Rouge.  When she did arrive home Rickon caught her.

Rickon: You are in big trouble young lady!

Gambit: I’ll just sneak past while dad is busy.

Rouge got put in a time out for bad grades and grounded for staying out after curfew. Gambit got away with not being punished.

Cyclops goes to his grandpa for werewolf advice. (insert werewolf joke here). They end up playing tag but the lighting was too poor for photos.

Whilst in the basement, Cyclops met the family ghosts and experienced the battle for the rocking chairs.

Cyclops: Nope, that is too many ghosts for me to cope with. Get rid of them please.

I am pondering moving the ghosts to a separate lot. They are causing some issues in the house.

Rickon’s latest artwork.  It’s cute. ❤

Max is proving to be an entertaining elder.  Here he is rocking out on the guitar.  This naturally draws in the idiots who stand there watching as their needs drop.

A rare moment of Susan and Max being civil.  Their relationship has plummeted and I doubt they have enough time left to fix it.

The girls find Storm’s old room.

Rouge: Zzzzzzz

Jubilee: Well that’s interesting, there are two paths in the criminal career.  Which one shall I choose.

You already know what you want to do then? I don’t see a LTW in your panel.

Jubilee: We both know it’s inevitable.

Rickon fixes the computer, again.  Luckily he doesn’t die.

Max: Hello? A date?! I’m not sure I should.

You do know your wife is behind you.

Max: *leaves for date*

Hey I didn’t say you could go on the date! Get back here! (this really happened. I clicked on the cross but he went anyway.  He soon regretted it though)

Max: NO! I make my own decisions!

Starla: Hi! Ready for our date. ❤

Max: OK next time I’ll listen to you. *returns home*

Starla: Rude.

Rickon: If it’s a new look you want I have a new dress I’ve been working on.

Woman(Forgot her name): Wow sounds great, I’ll try it.

Woman: It’s great!

Rickon: Why do they keep doing that.

Gambit: I think we need a new bus driver.  This one has trouble parking.

Driver: Nonsense *hic* I am parked per- *hic* perfectly straight.

Gambit: Help, I’m to young and pretty to die

Storm went to a friends house after school.  I followed her.  Turns out her new friend is Chance Moss. They seemed to get along ok.

Make that great.  I stepped in after a lot of flirting and they are now in a steady relationship.  I hope they stay together in story progression.

Rickon has been very busy and is now at level 9. I accidentally deleted the notification pic, oops.  His latest client is Lanya, she is married to Viserys.

She got a hair colour change as well as an outfit update.  Just to add a bit of variety to the town.

Lanya: I think I can live with this.

Max finds the gym and tries out the martial arts dummy.

Max: This isn’t so hard.

Gambit finds the pool.  He is now at level 3 in the Athletics skill.  That gives him a nice head start, good job!

Gambit: I so excited to get started on my career.

This seems like a good place to end generation 6.  After many MANY tries I got a painting of Shawna that was ok.  Still a little dark but I just got fed up trying.

The first chapter of Generation 7 will be coming very soon.  I just have a few more photos to get to complete the chapter.  Watch this space!

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Chapter 6.16 Didn’t we do this already?

Last time skilling was done, Mulberry became a YA again and toddler training was completed.

Rickon: Ow

Rickon failed at fixing the computer.  Luckily he is still with us.

Gambit: Not fair, when is it my turn.

Not much longer now, just be patient.

Rickon heads off to work for the first time since the move.

Rickon: Something’s wrong, I can see far too much.

Hang on…

There, that better?

Rickon: Much, thank you. 🙂

Rickon’s first client is Brandon Woods.

Brandon: This EA chosen outfit is awful, please say you can fix it.

Rickon: I will have you looking stylish in no time.

Rickon: There, I even ripped holes in the jeans.  I read that’s an in look at the moment.

Brandon: Thanks. I love it. ❤

The next client lives in this cool house.

Rickon: This place is awesome! Why can’t I live here?

Because you have a better one.

When you’re quite finished you have a job to do, remember?

Rickon: On it.

Rickon: I can see why you called.  Those trousers have got to go.

Paul: I actually like my trousers thank you.  It’s my hair I want you to fix.  I want you to make me look younger.

Rickon: If you insist on keeping the outfit then this is the best I can do.

Paul: It’s awesome! Thanks ❤

The baby on the fountain is Paul’s grandson Joshiah btw.

Back at home a queue formed to feed Cyclops.  Mulberry won.

With his home visits done I send Rickon to the salon.  First to be forced into a makeover is Danielle Pratt.

Danielle: Well if you’re sure I need it.

Lanya: I’m out of here before he gets me too.

Rickon: There that’s better.  I think you look great.

Danielle: *blushes* you do? thank you.

Rickon’s next victim is Yolanda Lemon.

Yolanda: What have you done to me! 😡

Rickon: There is no pleasing some people.

That pattern will be used on every stylised sim from now on.

At home Mulberry is still hogging Cyclops.

Cyclops: I has bath. ❤ I like bath. 😀

I realise Storm didn’t come home after school.  I find her outside the hospital doing her homework.

Storm: Much more peaceful here than at home.

Jubilee: Who keeps letting these reporters in? Want me to sort him out?

Shawna: I’ll deal with it.

*reset sim* I think they need a better gate.

Shawna: I can’t get to the reporter guy, Rouge is in the way.

Rouge: So what would you have done to him?

Jubilee: I can’t say much with Shawna and the reporter right there but lets just say it wouldn’t be pretty

Rouge: Cool!


Rickon is still at the salon.  His latest victim client is Seth Monroe

Rickon: Overall you don’t have a bad look but it could be better with a couple of tweeks.

Seth: OK go ahead.

Rickon: You look great, you will be fighting off the ladies in this.

Seth: I like the sound of that, thanks mate.

Using a couple of newly found tools to bypass the launcher when adding sims3pack CC to the game I added a family I had been trying to add to the game for absolutely ages.  From L-R say hello to Chance, Benito, Riddle, Cocaine, Anya and Story Moss.  They are of course from the totally awesome Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss by StyxLady

I sent Rickon to say hi on his way home from the salon. He didn’t stay long as his needs were very low.  They did heartfart all over the front garden though.

Wolverine went all the over to the little BBQ kitchen to prepare hotdogs.

Only to bring them all the way back to the main house to nuke them.  Maybe I should put a second microwave out there.

Shaggydog: Excuse me, birthday underway here.

Shaggydog is becoming an elder.

Just our future TH building his athletic skill.  I think he is at level 2 now.

Gambit: The soundwaves make my legs look broken.

Elsewhere I let Susan retire.  She is getting near the end of her lifebar and has earned a rest.

Susan: *celebrates politely* I don’t have to contribute to the household anymore! Son! meet your new drain on resources.

Wow time for Storm’s birthday already. Also Cyclops is becoming a child

The whole family came to cheer them on.

Storm: Can we get on this, I’m hungry.

Rouge: When does she leave? I’m tired of her whinging.

Storm: Here’s what you could have had as heir.

Shawna: Please put some clothes on Gambit.

Gambit:*Extreme birthday cheering*

Here she is as a YA. Her new trait is Lucky (locked in) and her LTW is Vocal Legend.

Cyclops is next.

Gambit: YAY little bro! 😀

Cyclops: Look I grow up with muscles.

Storm: Well time to split

Oh how I loved that game ❤

Elsewhere Max also retired.

Max: Probably for the best.  The patients didn’t really feel that confident with a werewolf treating them.

At this point I thought ‘I should really save now’.  The game however had other ideas, it froze then crashed.

Right let’s try that again.  I had last saved just after adding the Moss family.  First Shaggydog ages up, again.

Shaggydog: Didn’t this happen already? Also what is this weird green diamond thing floating above my head?

Susan retires for a second time.

Susan: Just point me in the direction of the rocking chair and I’ll be happy.

At the hospital Max’s job proves too stressful plus he has an empty energy bar.  He leaves work to transform.

Max: Hi boss! I would like to retire please. Yes I know I’m just outside, I didn’t want to come back in.

Max: Yay! I don’t have to clean this confetti up! 😀

Birthday time again.  Isn’t this a cute pic of mother and son. ❤

Storm shows up for her birthday too.

Cyclops: I no wanna share.

Cyclops: No sparkles in my birthday picture, I approve.

Storm: Whee! I love sparkles ❤

I liked the outfit she grew up in so I let her keep it. I just recoloured it.  Her new trait this time is Hates the Outdoors (locked in) and her LTW is Vocal Legend.

I haven’t given Cyclops his makeover yet so you will see that next time.  His new trait is neat which might be useful around the house.

Cyclops: Just because I’m the son of a maid doesn’t mean I’m going to clean up after everyone.

I think this is a good place to end it.  I have after all ran out of pictures.  Next time the Quads will be growing up and Gambit will take the reins.  So exicted to be starting a new generation!



Chapter 6.15 Young Again

Hi! Hope you are all well? I’ve been a bit busy recently but managed to squeeze in some sims playing.  The result of which is a shiny new chapter.

He he, I may have overdid the gifs there a little. 😀

Ahem… Last time Rickon become an adult, Cyclops became a toddler, Gambit was voted the next TH and of course the family uprooted and moved to Starlight Shores.

Rickon: Meaning you packed us up and forced us to move.

They may have happened. Anything else to add or can I get on with the chapter?

Rickon: I think I’ve made me point, I’m done.

Thank you. Ugh these TH’s can be such divas


Let’s move on shall we.

Susan is the first to enter the property and explore while the others stand by the gate and decide what to look at first.

Susan: Nice chair, I like it. ❤

Susan is now 83 and edging towards the end of her life bar. I am expecting her to go senile any day now.

Susan: Speak up I can’t hear you.

Storm wins the race to fill the food bowls for the pets.

In their mad rush to get inside poor little Cyclops was left out front.

Cyclops: Bubbles is my only friend.

Bubbles’ days are numbered. (bubbles is the IF’s default name. IFs annoy me so I couldn’t be bothered to change it)

I had Rickon go out and get him.

Rickon: Where do those dolls come from?

Don’t know but I know where they’re going… eventually.

All the teens except for Jubilee gather at the dinning table to do their homework.  I am impressed but I know it won’t last.  Not sure why Gambit chose to sit on the floor when there are 5 spare chairs.

Jubilee showed up when the homework was done to tell a scary story which judging by the picture had something to do with Ghost Rider.

(as he looks in Marvel’s Agents of Shield)

Gambit meanwhile finds the gym in the basement and builds his martial arts skill.

He does really well and reaches level 1 gaining a new belt.

Gambit: And looks really cool as he does.

Storm finds the piano on one of the upper levels.

Beast: *yowls along*

Love those record rugs. ❤

Rickon made the first meal in the new house, hotdogs.

Rickon: I made a shield to keep ketchup off my shirt.  Do you like it?

Gambit: LOL! Dad’s got a plate stuck on his hand! XD

A cluster of idiots soon appeared.  This is without a fryer or ice cream machine!

Shawna: I don’t understand how a ghost could prevent me from getting my food.

Sweetie you know there is a plate of hotdogs already sitting on the counter?

Jubilee: Yes but I like fresh ones, straight from the oven.


Jubilee: Whatever.

Rocking chairs have been found and are rarely empty!

Hi Koi! Hi Nolan!

Nolan: More rocking chairs please. There is nowhere to rest my handsome ghostly butt.

I was amazed that everyone managed to find a bed. Only Jubilee managed to find the correct bed however. (At the back of the room) Not that I’m complaining, I’ll take this over mass failures any day.

I guess not everyone found a bed.  On the plus side she didn’t pass out.

This is all this little booger does if he is not occupied.

Cyclops: Entertain me!

Daddy to the rescue!

Cyclops gets dumped placed in the walker because the adults are too lazy to teach him so he can learn to walk.  Love his eyes ❤

Rickon: Why are you skipping school young lady? You’re grounded!

Storm: So not fair. Also the computer is broken.

Their relationship has plummeted thanks to this.  Rickon let her off and sent her to school.

I found her a little while later on a street corner, in the rain.

Storm: I’m going, I’m going.  I just stopped to admire this tree. (true story)

I then noticed these three had come home.

Gambit: Hungry

Wolverine: They didn’t have clean napkins.

Jubilee: I was just bored.

I got Rickon to send them all back to school only to find this group all waiting to get inside.  I wasn’t aware there was so many kids in town!

Back at home Mulberry had a wish to use an elixar.  Since she had a young again potion already sitting in her inventory I made her use it.  (A little bit of a cheat but she isn’t really part of the main family anymore anyway.)

Max: Why can’t I have one of those.

Mulberry: It’s working! WOO!

Mulberry: Old age and saggy tits begone!

Mulberry: I’m beautiful again ❤

I gave her a new look for her second chance.  She’s so pretty ❤

I also changed her ghost colour.  This one is the scuba one, running out of air.  I just liked the colour.  I plan to move her out eventually, there is something I want to test out with her first.

Max: Can I have one of those potions.


Max: 😥

Wolverine heads to a friends house after school.  I found him in the house alone raiding their bar.

Wolverine: Well if they are going to leave it unattended

Mulberry: This thing’s kind of neat.  What is it?

You’ll see.

Mulberry: I am not accustomed to travelling so fast.

I was not about to wait for you to float all the way across town to get here.

Mulberry: Um, Hi.  I’m looking for a certain elixar can I have a look at what you’ve got, please.

George: Sure!

Moments later

George: Ew, a ghost.

Mulberry: You’re a vampire, get a grip for watchers sake!

They didn’t have what I wanted that day.  There was something else that might be fun to use later.

Rickon painted this awesome painting.  I like it so I kept it.

Hey look who’s cooking up a storm! 😀

Storm: Not funny.

I thought it was. XD

Gambit & Jubilee: Pizza

Shawna: They after my pizza aren’t they.

DogGnome: Affirmative mistress

Rickon: We’ve not even been here a week and the place is already a tip.

Gambit: *too busy thinking about sporty things*

This marks the completion of Cyclops’ toddler training.  Well done little guy!

Dude, seriously? Hiding in bushes, taking photos of teenage girls? Isn’t that just a tiny bit creepy?

*reset sim*

Look who found the ball I gave him!

Gambit: Don’t hit the dog, don’t hit the dog.

Another productive sim! Love these guys.

Finally we have Rickon fixing the computer.

Will he fix it safely? Will Mulberry get the elixar she’s after? Will the teens ever reach their birthdays?

Find out next time! 😀

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Starlight Shores House Tour Part 2

So, continuing on from part 1 we come to the 2nd floor

Not a lot on this floor. Just one nice sized room that I have turned into a music room.  There is also a smaller room that is currently empty.  The rest of the space is one large balcony area.

This is the Music room.  I left the odd indoor pool as I thought it was a nice feature.  This may end up as a party area eventually

Through the door and onto the balcony.  I can’t deny my idiots so I made them a bar area.

Rickon: I plan to make good use of that.

Round the corner is the beginnings of a skilling area.

That’s it for this floor next up the 3rd floor

Finally we have reached the top. Not much up here

Rickon: Come on, this is the best floor.

The 3rd floor starts with a nice little landing which I made nicer

That leads into this nice hallway with the indoor pool.

Gambit: So you can wake up and go for a swim. Nice.

Up here we have the Master Bedroom. Currently set up for Rickon and Shawna.

Rickon: What do you mean currently.

Well this is were the TH and spouse sleep.  When Gambit takes over you will be moved to another room.

It is huge! It was hard not to cram loads of stuff in here.

There is a lovely ensuite too.

Finally we have the nursery.  Currently coloured black for Cyclops.

Cyclops: *claps happily*

That’s it. House tour over.

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Starlight Shores House Tour Part 1

It has taken a long time but I am now ready to reveal the new house in Starlight Shores.  It took a lot longer than I had anticipated plus I had some loading issues caused by bad CC but I got there and personally I think it was well worth it.

At the end of the last chapter I showed you all which house I had moved them too. Which was a gorgeous house that was already occupied.  I evicted the old man that lived here and moved the Mendoza’s in.

Old Man: You can’t just chuck me out of my home.

Rickon: We can pay cash.

Old Man: Where do I sign?

As a little reminder this is it.  It’s not bad but a bit dull and grey. If I want to look at grey I can just look out the window!

British weather LOL! (also I can’t pass up the opportunity to use a David Tennant gif! :D)

How about now? What do you think?

Rickon: Amazing what a lick of paint will do. 😀

Max: Oh you redecorated, I don’t like it.

This house has a total of 5 floors so I shall start at the bottom and work up.  This means we start with the basement.

I have kept the footprint the same size as the ground floor (more or less)

This is a large open plan area mainly used as the portrait gallery.  I still have the romantic selfies to try and sort out.  They were all blank after the move. 😦

Rickon: Shouldn’t there be urns on those tables?

Yes I added those after the photo was taken. You can see them in the top down shot.

Same area from a slightly different angle.  We still have rocking chairs!

Susan: Good I plan to make use of those in my retirement.

This room with the lilac feature wall is…

Rickon: It’s mine! It’s mine!

Calm down, yes it’s for you.  This is Rickon’s studio.

Here it is from the other way.  I am trying to make the house a bit easier on the eyes so most rooms will have a neutral look with accent colours.  I am planning ahead for next gen as Gambit’s fav colour is lime and I don’t fancy a whole house of lime.

Susan: Someone’s been watching too many property shows.

This room is a present for my new torch holder.

Gambit: For me? ❤

Yes, do you like it?


With that let’s move on up to the ground floor.

Isn’t it lovely.  The ground floor is completely open plan apart from a bathroom.

Moving around in an anti-clockwise direction we start with the kitchen.  The layout is the same as what was here originally I just changed the units.

Shawna: That’s the cleanest you will ever see it!

Next to the kitchen is the dining area.

Wolverine: Simple but very useful.

On the opposite side to the dining table is a small study area.  Just a computer desk at the moment though.

Susan: Reminds me of Mum 😥 (Lucky Charms)

Next on our tour is the first seating area.  This one is meant for reading. Nice area for gift giving parties too

Gambit: Or dancing.

This is the second seating area. Mainly for recreation.

Rouge/Jubilee: TV!

Gambit/Wolverine: GAMES CONSOLE!!

I am included the outside space in this section.  This pool was already here I just made it look better. The outdoor kitchen you can see on the right is a room on the side of the garage that I had no other use for.  There is a bathroom in there too.

Close up of the pool kitchen. It has a pizza oven and a top end BBQ

Rickon: Nice

Pool area bathroom.  Just need to add clutter.

That’s it for this floor next up the first floor

I shall start with the hallway.  A little plain currently.  More clutter may be added later.

Susan: Needs a rocking chair.

The biggest room on this floor is Susan and Max’s bedroom.

Susan: It’s beautiful. ❤

I need to add some bits and recolour the curtains bit it is pretty much done.

This is their ensuite bathroom.  The toilet is behind the door next to the sink. For some reason all the bathrooms were set up like this.

This is Storm’s room.

Storm: Thanks ❤

Across the landing is Gambit and Wolverine’s room.  Lime and lilac is not a great combination hense the divide.

Finally on this floor is Jubilee and Rouge’s room.  I liked the divide idea so I used it again here.

There is still more to see but it would make this too long so I had to split this into two parts.  Keep your eyes peeled for part two





Chapter 6.14 A Determined Move

Last time Rickon was styling, Cyclops was born and the teens tried to gain the favour and votes of the readers.

To kick things of we have a ghostly babysitter.

Mulberry: Aren’t babies supposed to swim?

Please keep the baby away from the pool.

Meanwhile at the Salon.

PigtailsLady: What do you think that floating plumbob means Emerald?

That floating plumbob is Rickon in antsim mode having his adult birthday.  These two elders are the only witnesses.

Rickon: I’m me again. *Has midlife crisis* *rolls wish to flirt with bluecoplady*

Back at home the girls ponder the results of the heir vote.

Rouge: So Storm how does it feel to loose to your younger brother?

Storm: I can’t believe people voted for him over my obvious talents

Jubilee: What like blowing your own trumpet!

Storm: Oh how I wish I was an only child.

Jubilee: Hey Shawna! Thought anymore about my little plan.  We could clean up.

Shawna: I think you could clean this place first. It’s filthy

Storm looking beautiful as always! XD

Storm: That’s it, rub salt in the wound.

Back at the salon I decide to indulge Rickon’s wish to flirt with this lady.

Rickon: Hi, nice to meet you.

After a freindly hello Rickon turns on the charm.

Rickon: I’d like to take your picture if you get my meaning. *waggles eyebrows*

Bluecop: Careful boy, I could have you arrested.

She did not appreciate Rickon’s advances.  The wish remains unfulfilled.

Here’s Jubilee pulling a great evil face.  It was at this point that I decided I didn’t like her with this hair.

There that’s better.

Grandma Susan finds her new grandson.

Susan: I like this one, it doesn’t talk yet.

Jubilee finds the telescope.  I do like it when they skill autonomously

Susan: OK I’m done. Time for my nap.

Time to age up the burrito.

Aw cute.  He got Shawna’s hair too. ❤

There that’s better isn’t little guy. ❤

Susan goes swimming in her formal wear.

Susan: Well it is a Sunday.

Is it? I thought it was Tuesday

Rickon is still chained to the drafting table.  I’m not sure I like that sketch.

Gambit thanks you for choosing him as heir by cooking in his undies.

Gambit: Just giving my fans what they want ❤

With more crashes, freezing etc I decide to move them early. I gather up everything and everyone I want to take with me and get Rickon to make the call.

Rickon: I’m going to miss this place.

*move cancels due to annoying werewolves*

Rickon: Do we really have to take them with us.

Yes, they’re family.

Bran you are trying my patience. *move cancels*

Rickon: OK all the werewolves are in human form can we please move now.

The move seems succesful and the loading screen appears for the new town but then…

*game crashes*

Rickon: I give up. Oh great watcher please give us your assistance.

Starla: I like it here, there’s cake.

At the last minute Gambit rolls his LTW.  He wants to be an acrobat.

In the end I had to save the family to the sim bin.  So we take one last look at the house in Roaring Heights.

To start anew in this gorgeous house in Starlight Shores. I will now be decorating the house so there may not be a chapter for a while.  I will post a house tour when I am done.