The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Generation 1 – Jacklyn Mendoza


Chapter 1.1 Starting at Midnight

Chapter 1.2 Meet & Greet

Chapter 1.3 When one thief just isn’t enough

Chapter 1.4 My Little Grape

Chapter 1.5 Double Trouble

Chapter 1.6 Getting Older

Chapter 1.7 The End of the Line

Epilogue – Goodbye Jacklyn


Generation 2 – Maya Mendoza


Chapter 2.1 New Beginnings 

Chapter 2.2 Not what I expected

Chapter 2.3 The First Born

Chapter 2.4 About Time

Chapter 2.5 Too Much Cuteness

Chapter 2.6 The Good and The Bad

Chapter 2.7 Not what I was Expecting

Chapter 2.8 Growing up

Chapter 2.9 Almost There

Chapter 2.10 Gone in a Flash


Generation 3 – Melon Mendoza


Chapter 3.1 Clearing out the House

Chapter 3.2 A Cute Couple

Chapter 3.3 Want to see my Rocket

Chapter 3.4 Can we make him Yellow

Chapter 3.5 They’re finally getting Married

Chapter 3.6 It’s a bit Seedy but I Like it

Chapter 3.7 Maybe I could use my Magic to make him Yellow

Chapter 3.8 The one with too Many Birthdays

Chapter 3.9 Dreams come True

Chapter 3.10 We all Scream for Ice Cream

Chapter 3.11 A Change of Scenery

Chapter 3.12 The Penultimate One

Chapter 3.13 The Final Curtain


Generation 4 – Lucky Charms

Chapter 4.1 Frosty Face

Chapter 4.2 Choosing the Right Daye

Chapter 4.3 Starting a Family

Chapter 4.4 Holy Cheesepuffs

Chapter 4.5 3 Birthdays, 2 Births and a Party

Chapter 4.6 See My Cake

Chapter 4.7 Is this the End

Chapter 4.8 Playing with Life & Death

Chapter 4.9 Your Hunger is Amusing

Chapter 4.10 The Big Move

Chapter 4.11 The One with Many Stakeouts

Chapter 4.12 How to Make Friends

Chapter 4.13 Sparkle Possession


Generation 5 – Susan

Chapter 5.1 That Boy is Mine Now

Chapter 5.2 Taking a Trip

Chapter 5.3 Baby Boom

Chapter 5.4 Autonomously Skilling Sims

Chapter 5.5 Cuteness Overload

Chapter 5.6 They Come in Packs

Chapter 5.7 The one where the Idiots can’t find the Toilet

Chapter 5.8 The King’s Birthday

Chapter 5.9 The Walk of Death

Chapter 5.10 Carrying on Regardless

Chapter 5.11 Passing the Torch

Generation 6 – Rickon

Chapter 6.1 My Time to Shine

Chapter 6.2 The Charm Offensive

Chapter 6.3 The Family that Drinks Together Stays Together

Chapter 6.4 The First Born

Chapter 6.5 Hungry Like the Wolf

Chapter 6.6 Life Changing Events

Chapter 6.7 I’ve Got the Cake

Chapter 6.8 Five times the Fun

Chapter 6.9 A Bad Date

Chapter 6.10 A Second Chance

Chapter 6.11 The Race is On

Chapter 6.12 Two Greenies and A Fire

Chapter 6.13 The Stylish One

Chapter 6.14 A Determined Move

Chapter 6.15 Young Again

Chapter 6.16 Didn’t we do this already?

Chapter 6.17 Out with the Old…


Generation 7 Gambit

Chapter 7.1 In with the New

Chapter 7.2 A Very Busy Day

Chapter 7.3 Say you’ll be Mine

Chapter 7.4 A Party to Die For

Chapter 7.5 They’re Finally getting Married

Chapter 7.6 Where did that come from?

Chapter 7.7 Fire Death and Great Big Rocks

Generation 8 – Savannah & Munckin

Chapter 8.1 Jumping Back in

Chapter 8.2 Slap & Splash

Chapter 8.3 Ageing up & Getting Out











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