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Idiots do it their way


Chapter 6.9 A Bad Date

Hi! I had planned on getting this down earlier but me and my boyfriend decided to leave our daughter with her grandparents and go and see Logan.  Not a bad film, I recommend it.

Last time we had five birthdays, the bedtime story curse continued and Susan and Max both wished to see Rickon married again.

After the crash (as mentioned in previous chapter) I had to redo Storm’s bedroom makeover.

I think I like this one better. Sorry for the hole in the ceiling.  The floor above is completely covered but this hole refuses to go away.

Rickon: We need a maid.  I have better things to do than clean up after this lot.

I will definitely consider it.

Susan meanwhile fails to find a bed and passes out on the bathroom floor.  Sorry for angle it’s a very small room.

Rickon got asked on a date and I thought why not.  The lucky lady turned out to be 1) affected by the ant sim glitch and 2) his aunt.

AntHelen: Nice to see you Rickon.

Rickon: Wish I could say the same! XD

AntHelen: Not funny.

Rickon: This is not going to be a good date.


I sent them to the pool to force Helen to change outfits.  Rickon’s other aunt Romana was there with this handsome young chap who is her son Erik.  His father is Basil Cabernet.  It was refreshing not to have to adjust his outfit or hair.

Rickon: Wow a self playing bass, don’t see that everyday.

Helen finally got in the pool fixing the glitch.  She is not bad looking.

For those that are interested here is why she is Rickon’s aunt.  She is Rory’s wife.  They have two sons, both of whom have inherited Koi’s hair colour.

Rickon joined her in the pool, eventually. Although he doesn’t look to happy about it.  Not entirely sure why. Cute face though.

He then challenged his date/aunt to a hold your breath contest

Rickon won! 😀

I changed Helen’s hair.  I couldn’t leave her with those awful pigtails.

Helen: Much obliged.

Did our heir say goodbye to his date/aunt? No he was hiding in the bathroom.

Rickon: Has she gone yet?

I finally got round to adding some kids stuff to the garden.  I love that water slide because who wouldn’t want to slide through a sharks open mouth! XD

While Rickon was cleaning up the plates left on the floor after the party Max grabbed one of them

Max: Hunger refilled in 3,2,1

Susan: I want to clean up this plate but the plate is in the way.

Max: I want to talk to my wife but she is in the way.

Gambit: Grade A idiots the pair of you.


Moments later.

Susan/Max/Gambit: Dishwasher’s broken.

Rickon: Then one of you fix it, I am busy.

Jubilee and Rouge enjoying a nutritious meal.

Max: Hmm this feels nice.

Mulberry: Who’s a good boy.

Her social butterfly trait is a nightmare.  Her social bar is constantly in the red.  Thank goodness she didn’t win the heir vote for her generation.

Starla’s twin sister Sharon paid us a visit.

I gave her a new hairdo. Much better.

Since becoming an elder Max has joined the ranks of the rocking chair warmers.

It’s time for another birthday.  This time it’s the turn of the Storm.  She is about to become a teen.

Storm: After this I have the heirship in the bag!

Not yet you don’t missy

Max: Dishwasher is still broken.

Beast: What’s going on over here?

Beast: Never mind I need to pee now.

Storm: Well readers you know who to vote for.

Holy cow she’s pretty! Her new trait is Natural born performer.  If she wins the vote I plan to have her do one of the performer careers meaning the family will move to Starlight Shores.

Jubilee is the first to find the new play equipment.

Jubilee: This is fun! Whee!

Wolverine: That looks like fun.

Wolverine: *wants to go on same one as Jubilee* Never mind looks rubbish anyway.

Rickon had an opportunity at the hospital so I followed since the rest of the family were asleep or being boring.  I found this rather nice looking vampire loitering outside.  His name is Daniel Maloney and he is the son of Elliot Maloney and Tam’s Simself.

Finally I had Rickon hire a maid.  Two bland faced maids showed up so I randomised their faces and changed their hair colours.  I may consider the second one for Rickon.

That’s about it for this time.  Thanks for reading. ❤



Chapter 6.8 Five Times the Fun

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.  I was spending time trying to work out some issues with the Wintertons, which as you probably already know didn’t work.  Also my boyfriend had some time of work and you know how high maintenance men can be! 😉

Last time Rickon and Starla broke up and she moved out, the quads became toddlers and Mulberry obtained a fountain of youth potion.


I caught Mulberry doing something other than keeping the rocking chairs warm.

Rouge: This does not feel safe.


Unfortunately for the kids Rickon was out styling and the adults fail at childcare so poor Jubilee gives me a toddler fail.  Rickon rescued her when he got home.


Meanwhile downstairs there is a gnome party.

Snowman: Ain’t no party like a magic gnome party!


I think Shaggydog has been spending too much time with Beast as he has started to sleep on the furniture.


Someone put Rouge in the playpan and she started to learn to talk on her own! I was surprised as this never happens on free will in my games.

Rouge: I shoe in for heir now. 😀


Proof that Rickon spends time with his kids.

Jubilee: Daddy pirate.


I caught Mulberry and Susan throwing peace signs at each other.  I thought it was neat.

Susan: It makes a nice change from her scaring everyone.



Five cakes, count them. FIVE. What in the world was I thinking.


I threw a party, among the guests was Starla.  She is the kids mother after all.


Suprisingly she was the one who brought the kids to the cakes.  First up is Gambit

Starla: After this I’m done with this family.

Aw you don’t mean that.


It took the guests a while to figure out what was going on.

Rickon: WOO!!


Gambit: Mummy watch me.

Rickon: It’s so nice to have the family together

Gambit: Mummy? 😥


Gambit adds Can’t stand Art to his traits.


Next up is Jubilee.

Max: Feed me!


Starla and Jubilee: *blows out candles*

Max: Oh is this whole cake for me?


Starla: When will this nightmare end.


Jubilee’s new trait is Adventurous


Third birthday and the party guests finally twig what’s going on. XD


Max: Hey not bad.

Toan: Bored now.


Rouge: Love you Mummy

Starla: Sure you do.  Lets just get this over with.


Starla: This is the last time.


Rouge gains Photographers Eye as her new trait


Starla: OK kid blow out your candles so Mummy can go home.

Gambit: Don’t you love us anymore Mummy?

Sure she does, she does has difficulty expressing it.


Jubilee: That is obvious.

I love that the quads have Starla surrounded here! XD


Wolverine adds Grumpy to his traits.

Here are the makeovers.










Kids: Bedtime story please.

Shaggydog: That sounds nice, I’ll have one too.



Max: Something stinks in here.

That would be you, go take a shower.

Rickon: Do you think we need a maid?

Susan: Well I’m not cleaning.

It was around this time, just after the party that both Susan and Max rolled this wish


Ignore the pic of Max here, it refused to change when he became an elder.


Jubilee: Wow granddad’s a werewolf.


Gambit: Mum left so will you read me a bedtime story granddad.


Ghost in a sleeping bag.  This amuses me greatly.


Storm: Ew granddad you stink.


Storm: This is for me?

Call it an early birthday present.

Storm: I like it.

Game: *crashes*



Rickon: I am flattered that you asked me on a date Caitlin.  I do think you are a bit too young for me though.

Caitlin: I grow up soon.

Rickon got asked on a date by a teenager! XD


Walls down shot to show the quads all found a bed. Eventually


Rickon does not have the never nude trait but I caught him showering with his clothes on.

Rickon: Well you do like to spy on us all the time.

That’s my job


Shaggydog eating of the plates no one wanted to clean up.  I really need to get this family a maid.


And finally an amusing photo of Beast sleeping on his back.

That’s all for now, see you next time.


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New Challenge Alert

After giving it much thought I have started a new legacy.  Yes I am sad that the Wintertons are lost but I want to move on and do new things.  This time I have decided to revisit one of my favourite challenges. The Differences in the Family Tree challenge.

This is Luther Irving, the founder of said challenge. The first chapter is up. To check it out click on Luther’s face.


Luther: Click me.