The Mendoza ISBI

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Chapter 8.4 All Grown up and Raring to Go

Sorry it’s taken a while to get another chapter out.  I have been working on new chapters of the Ordonez Legacy.  The latest one, chapter 2.6 can be read here.  I am currently working on the next one and should be out soon.

Last time Burmese and Ragdoll became young adults, skilling was performed and Magenta finally got her hairstyle back.

We kick things off this time with Starla flexing her mean spirited trait.  Shawna seems to be one of her preferred targets for this.

Another slapping! I had the camera ready for a full blown fight but it didn’t happen.  A little disappointing really.

Shawna: You wanted to see me get beat up by this old hag?

Starla: Who are you calling an old hag?

Shawna: Oh put your hearing aid in today did you?

Starla: I doubt you would say anything worth me listening to.

Savannah: How come there are two heirs this time and I am the one stuck with this job again?

Just lucky I guess.

Despite her complaint Savannah still rolled a wish to tinker with something.

Shawna: Don’t forget me, I’m being useful too.

Yes you are, you just washed the dishes.

Uh oh, hear we go again.  Magenta is on the receiving end this time.  Starla seems to getting worse the older she gets.

Another slap this time it’s Starla that gets slapped.  I failed to get a screengrab of it but Starla does not have a positive relationship with anyone in the house.

Magenta: This was not the welcome home I was expecting after I got a promotion at work.

Ooh extended family.  Oh and the brown haired teen is Siamese’s friend.  I think she’s called Cristabel or something.

It’s the triplets birthday and I threw a party.  Most of the extended family showed up.  Oh and the kid by the fridge?

That’s Indigo, Brigitta’s son.  Cute isn’t he.  I gave him a better hairstyle.

There we go I fixed Jubilee’s bad styling.

Savannah: Who’s that? She wasn’t on the guest list.

I think her name is Gabriella.  Here is a better look at Cristabel.

Anyway on to the makeovers.  First up is Siamese.  I like the hairstyle he grew up in so I let him keep it.  His new trait is Snob and his LTW is International Super Spy.

Next is the reader voted heir Savannah.  Her new trait is Brave and her LTW is Deep Sea Diver. I tried to make her new look reflect that of someone who spends a lot of time in the water.

Finally we have my choice, Munchkin.  I had a lot of fun with her makeover.  Her new trait is Artistic and her LTW is One sim Band

Savannah’s first action as a young adult is to remind me that she is a witch.  Also this shows off her cute new outfit. ❤

Oh Starla we were doing so well.

Siamese: It’s time for me to leave the nest.  See you around.