The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 6.15 Young Again

Hi! Hope you are all well? I’ve been a bit busy recently but managed to squeeze in some sims playing.  The result of which is a shiny new chapter.

He he, I may have overdid the gifs there a little. 😀

Ahem… Last time Rickon become an adult, Cyclops became a toddler, Gambit was voted the next TH and of course the family uprooted and moved to Starlight Shores.

Rickon: Meaning you packed us up and forced us to move.

They may have happened. Anything else to add or can I get on with the chapter?

Rickon: I think I’ve made me point, I’m done.

Thank you. Ugh these TH’s can be such divas


Let’s move on shall we.

Susan is the first to enter the property and explore while the others stand by the gate and decide what to look at first.

Susan: Nice chair, I like it. ❤

Susan is now 83 and edging towards the end of her life bar. I am expecting her to go senile any day now.

Susan: Speak up I can’t hear you.

Storm wins the race to fill the food bowls for the pets.

In their mad rush to get inside poor little Cyclops was left out front.

Cyclops: Bubbles is my only friend.

Bubbles’ days are numbered. (bubbles is the IF’s default name. IFs annoy me so I couldn’t be bothered to change it)

I had Rickon go out and get him.

Rickon: Where do those dolls come from?

Don’t know but I know where they’re going… eventually.

All the teens except for Jubilee gather at the dinning table to do their homework.  I am impressed but I know it won’t last.  Not sure why Gambit chose to sit on the floor when there are 5 spare chairs.

Jubilee showed up when the homework was done to tell a scary story which judging by the picture had something to do with Ghost Rider.

(as he looks in Marvel’s Agents of Shield)

Gambit meanwhile finds the gym in the basement and builds his martial arts skill.

He does really well and reaches level 1 gaining a new belt.

Gambit: And looks really cool as he does.

Storm finds the piano on one of the upper levels.

Beast: *yowls along*

Love those record rugs. ❤

Rickon made the first meal in the new house, hotdogs.

Rickon: I made a shield to keep ketchup off my shirt.  Do you like it?

Gambit: LOL! Dad’s got a plate stuck on his hand! XD

A cluster of idiots soon appeared.  This is without a fryer or ice cream machine!

Shawna: I don’t understand how a ghost could prevent me from getting my food.

Sweetie you know there is a plate of hotdogs already sitting on the counter?

Jubilee: Yes but I like fresh ones, straight from the oven.


Jubilee: Whatever.

Rocking chairs have been found and are rarely empty!

Hi Koi! Hi Nolan!

Nolan: More rocking chairs please. There is nowhere to rest my handsome ghostly butt.

I was amazed that everyone managed to find a bed. Only Jubilee managed to find the correct bed however. (At the back of the room) Not that I’m complaining, I’ll take this over mass failures any day.

I guess not everyone found a bed.  On the plus side she didn’t pass out.

This is all this little booger does if he is not occupied.

Cyclops: Entertain me!

Daddy to the rescue!

Cyclops gets dumped placed in the walker because the adults are too lazy to teach him so he can learn to walk.  Love his eyes ❤

Rickon: Why are you skipping school young lady? You’re grounded!

Storm: So not fair. Also the computer is broken.

Their relationship has plummeted thanks to this.  Rickon let her off and sent her to school.

I found her a little while later on a street corner, in the rain.

Storm: I’m going, I’m going.  I just stopped to admire this tree. (true story)

I then noticed these three had come home.

Gambit: Hungry

Wolverine: They didn’t have clean napkins.

Jubilee: I was just bored.

I got Rickon to send them all back to school only to find this group all waiting to get inside.  I wasn’t aware there was so many kids in town!

Back at home Mulberry had a wish to use an elixar.  Since she had a young again potion already sitting in her inventory I made her use it.  (A little bit of a cheat but she isn’t really part of the main family anymore anyway.)

Max: Why can’t I have one of those.

Mulberry: It’s working! WOO!

Mulberry: Old age and saggy tits begone!

Mulberry: I’m beautiful again ❤

I gave her a new look for her second chance.  She’s so pretty ❤

I also changed her ghost colour.  This one is the scuba one, running out of air.  I just liked the colour.  I plan to move her out eventually, there is something I want to test out with her first.

Max: Can I have one of those potions.


Max: 😥

Wolverine heads to a friends house after school.  I found him in the house alone raiding their bar.

Wolverine: Well if they are going to leave it unattended

Mulberry: This thing’s kind of neat.  What is it?

You’ll see.

Mulberry: I am not accustomed to travelling so fast.

I was not about to wait for you to float all the way across town to get here.

Mulberry: Um, Hi.  I’m looking for a certain elixar can I have a look at what you’ve got, please.

George: Sure!

Moments later

George: Ew, a ghost.

Mulberry: You’re a vampire, get a grip for watchers sake!

They didn’t have what I wanted that day.  There was something else that might be fun to use later.

Rickon painted this awesome painting.  I like it so I kept it.

Hey look who’s cooking up a storm! 😀

Storm: Not funny.

I thought it was. XD

Gambit & Jubilee: Pizza

Shawna: They after my pizza aren’t they.

DogGnome: Affirmative mistress

Rickon: We’ve not even been here a week and the place is already a tip.

Gambit: *too busy thinking about sporty things*

This marks the completion of Cyclops’ toddler training.  Well done little guy!

Dude, seriously? Hiding in bushes, taking photos of teenage girls? Isn’t that just a tiny bit creepy?

*reset sim*

Look who found the ball I gave him!

Gambit: Don’t hit the dog, don’t hit the dog.

Another productive sim! Love these guys.

Finally we have Rickon fixing the computer.

Will he fix it safely? Will Mulberry get the elixar she’s after? Will the teens ever reach their birthdays?

Find out next time! 😀