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House Tour

Hi, as I mentioned in my last post I have been working on a new house for the family.  I used this house to start from as I liked how the front looked.  It is called Kid Friendly – Mother Approved and came with the Generations EP.

Naturally it didn’t stay looking like this for long.  This is what it looks like now.  Isn’t it great? I am really proud of this. 😀  The more eagle-eyed readers might spot that we are not in Starlight Shores anymore and you would be correct in thinking that.  For the remaining generations the family will be living in Isla Paradiso.  I really want to explore diving and resort management.

This is the front.  Notice the double garage, a staple of every big house. (that I see anyway!)

And this is the back.  The courtyard bit was inspired by one of my favourite sim bin houses from Sims 2 the Helluva Hacienda.

This is the one I am talking about.  I used to love this house, of course I used to modify it a little!

While we are looking at the back let me show you the garden.

It’s so neat and formal looking isn’t it? I wasn’t originally going to make it look like this but once I had done the courtyard and the graveyard it just looked better.  Not sure what I am going to do with that side bit behind the garage at the moment.  I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.

This is the graveyard.  There are some pets and other family members to the side just hidden by the wall.  I think this is the first time this family have had an outdoor graveyard.

I made a playground for the kids.  I added the meteorite here as a memorial of sorts to Gambit.  Originally I wanted to put it in the graveyard but it just didn’t look right.

This is the courtyard with a Monte Vista style trellis canopy, swimming pool and hot tub.

Just to the side of that is a patio area with bbq and seating.  Sorry about all the trees blocking the view, you should get a better view later.

OK now we have inside.  This is the ground floor layout.  The small wing on the left hand side of the picture is for our two old dears Shawna and Starla.  Yes I moved Starla back in, she is the kids grandmother after all i couldn’t very well leave her behind.

Speaking of Starla this is her bedroom.  Done up of course in her favourite colour.  All the bedrooms have been decorated with the sims favourite colours.

This is Shawna’s bedroom.

In between the bedrooms is a little sitting room. (and a bathroom)

This leads us nicely onto the entrance hallway.  It’s a nice bright place and I like how it turned out.  On the main overview there is another part to the hallway but I don’t appear to have any pictures of it, never mind you will probably see it at some point anyway.

Moving in a clockwise direction as seen on the overview picture these are the rest of the rooms downstairs.

Another bathroom.  They all look like this so I haven’t photographed them all you would only get bored!

The Study.


Dining Room

Sitting room or Lounge whatever you want to call it.  This is actually a sizable room so I have had to photograph it in bits.

Reading/studying area.  You can see Beast’s new bed here.  It looks like a paw, so cute. ❤

TV watching area.  I added a wall of windows here to give a view out onto the garden.  You should get a better view of the patio area now.

Put in a grand piano just because.  Goes nicely with my black and gold colour scheme which was inspired by the sofa by the way.  Drat now I have the Black and Gold song in my head.

And now you do too.  Your welcome! 😀

After that musical interlude we move upstairs.  Only having two floors is a joy compared to the last house.  Makes it a LOT easier to find everyone!

Look a bathroom! Don’t see many of those around! XD

Ragdoll’s bedroom

Savannah and Munchkin’s bedroom

Burmese and Siamese’ bedroom

The master bedroom currently used by Magenta.

There is a balcony area up here too.

There are some great views from up here.

Last thing to show you is the basement.  Wow I put a lot of lights down here, didn’t realise I put in so many.

There is a gallery showcasing all the heir portraits I managed to get and some of Gambit’s selfies too.

The whole basement is designed to display any trophies, artefacts etc that the family pick up along the way.  It mostly just houses painting and sketches at the moment. I am hoping it will improve soon.

Well that’s it the house that I built! What do you think of it?



Generation 8 Heir Poll Results

Hi guys! I have closed the poll and will now announce the results.  The winner of the poll and the torch holder of the next generation is…


She was in the lead right from the start!

Savannah: You expect me to take over from a father I never met?

Pretty much.  You do get a cool house.

Savannah: Sold!

This house is one I am building from scratch (well almost) I used one from the house bin and basically just went from there.  I will give you the grand tour when I have finished.  Which might take a while as I am trying to write the next chapter for the Ordonez legacy as well.  It’s good to be busy right?

I am very proud of this house so far and I haven’t even started on the inside yet.  So looking forward to showing it off. 😀


Generation 8 Heir Poll

Wow Generation 8!! I am surprised I have managed to get this far. I admit Gambit’s sudden and tragic death was a small bump in the road.  I am over that now and ready to move on to the next generation.

Now that Magenta has had her babies (yes there was more than one) it is time to meet them.

Magenta: Here they are. 😀

Funny. I kind of like that dress on her, she may end up with it when she ages up.

Anyway I have aged them up to toddlers so lets meet them

First is Munchkin.  She is easily impressed and friendly.  She has Gambit’s hair and I think those eyes came from Max. That skin colour must have come from Starla too, it’s a bit dark to be Magenta’s.

This is a Munchkin Cat.  So cute ❤

Next is Savannah. She is a Genius and a heavy sleeper.  That is Magenta’s hair and I am not sure where the eye colour came from, probably Starla?

This is a Savannah Cat. I having nothing more to add.

Last is Siamese.  He is Good and Athletic.  His hair and eye colour both come from Magenta.  Now this looks more like Magenta’s skin tone.  Nice that they are all different, I like variety.

This is his namesake.  I didn’t used to like them very much, mainly to do with these two from Lady and the Tramp I think.

BTW hair, skin and eyes are pretty much the only genetics I am good at guessing in sims!

OK so now that we have met the triplets it’s time for an heir poll.

Here are the contenders.  I have gone into CAS for each of them so you can see them all as teens.  Their current traits as well.

Now that you have seen them all it’s time to make your choice and cast your vote.




I Just Don’t Know What to do With This

This is not a chapter as such more of an update on the future of this legacy.

Following the meteor strike and deaths of Gambit, Rickon and Cyclops but mainly because of Gambit I was ready to give up on this.

However, after hearing how much you guys don’t want this to end I started to think of ways I could continue

Obviously the first choice would be to bring Gambit back as a ghost but I was not that enamoured with that idea.  Plus no one rolled the oh my ghost! opportunity after his death.  Yes I could have cheated him back into the family but that didn’t feel right either.  I haven’t ruled it out completely just yet though.  Need to see where the game takes things.

The next option of course is to use one of the twins as the next heir, or both.  This seemed like the best idea so I loaded up the game with the intention of ageing them up and continuing with one or both of them as the gen 8 heir.

Magenta threw a spanner in the works by announcing another pregnancy.

Remember the shower woohoo shortly before the meteor? That was a try for baby.  I didn’t realise it had worked as I play with the sound off.

By the way I got Magenta out of that ridiculous outfit.

Magenta: That sounded rude.

It did rather, didn’t it.

This family is not having a good time at the moment.  A couple of days after the tragic deaths this happened.

Shaggydog was 51 days old at the time of his death.  Also what the hell happened to the floor?

Anyway this pregnancy will introduce new gen 8 heir options.  Especially if their genetics are better than the twins! I will wait for the babies to be born and make a decision then.  There may be an heir poll if I can’t decide who should be heir.