The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 6.2 The Charm Offensive

I only have just over two weeks left before baby makes an appearance, scary how close it is getting.  Now that I am on maternity leave I am trying to get some updates out as I don’t know how much time I will have after the birth.

Anyway, enough about me.  Last time Rickon took the reigns and the spares moved out.  Rickon went on a spouse hunt and met the lovely Starla.  Oh and I began giving the house it’s lilac and turquoise makeover.


I hate it when couples don’t get along after I stop controlling them 😦 I had to laugh at Susan accusing Max of being insane when she is also insane!


I seperated them as I realised I hadn’t started on the portraits yet.  Hmm, I have a feeling this one is not going to look right.

Susan: How about you wait until I have finished before judging my work.


Susan isn’t the only one being creative.  Rickon is studying fashion concepts on the drafting table as he has yet to actually start his stylist job


He is also the first to find the tepanyaki grill I added to the kitchen.


Koi: My time has come, Lucky I’ll be with you again soon.


Is anyone else amused that someone named Koi died near water?


Nice bit of long distance reaping by death here.

Death: Well excuse me for trying something different.


Rickon: No grandma! 😥

Death: I don’t think this is working.


Death: Don’t worry about moving, I’ll come to you.

Koi: Good, I’m not used to this floating lark yet anyway.


Koi doesn’t make a fuss and shakes death’s hand before jumping into the tombstone.


Koi joins Lucky in the crypt.  Hope you haunt us soon!


I hate the mourning that follows so Rickon goes around with the moodlet manager making everyone happy again.


Starla has a hard day at work and looses me points when she leaves off.  -5

Note: She was already in the military career when she entered the household so I let her keep it.



Susan: Don’t worry he doesn’t eat meat.

Very true, he spits out everyone he eats.


Right time to get these to married, I want to pop some babies out soon. Rickon chose a nice romantic location to propose didn’t he?

Rickon: The location doesn’t matter when the person is perfect. ❤


Rickon: Hi I want to get married before my fiance changes her mind.  Get your butts over here now.


Yup first one was too dark, this one looks better.


Jacklyn: Ew a ghost.

Mulberry: Have you looked in a mirror lately?


Just eat someone already otherwise what is the point of keeping you.


Dani: Charming he invites us over for his wedding and he’s alseep.

Eddard: *impales self on door*


The woman behind Viserys is Starla’s mother Airdale who is now an elder.  The man walking across the front lawn is Starla’s older brother Kraig.


The last guest to arrive is the father of the bride, Rhamnus.  He and Airdale broke up but I can’t remember he is with now.


WOW some guests actually found the chairs!


Shame not everyone remembered how to use chairs.  I had wanted to set up the wedding on the beach but the slope was too steep.   Still what could better than a view like that.


I present to you the new Mr and Mrs Mendoza.  Rice throwing comences and amazingly no one got stuck!


Much attention is paid to the cake cutting.


I forgot Rhamnus is a coward.  He fainted when he remembered Max is a werewolf! 😀


Susan: OK who’s next?


Oh Susan. -5


There is nothing creepy about watching your daughter make out with her new husband.

Airdale: I’m outta here, that just reminds me why I left him.

Rhamnus: I just want to make sure he isn’t going to hurt my baby girl.


The newly weds waste no time in consummating their union.  Is that a lullaby I hear? 😉


Rickon: Does he know the party’s over?

Rhamnus hung around long after the other guests left and showed off his dance moves.


Starla retreats to the newly decorated basement (Which I forgot to take photos off) and is the first to find the juice keg.  Not sure you should be drinking sweetie.

Starla: Why not?

You know what I’ll let you find out on your own.


Mulberry whips out a sketch pad I didn’t know she had.  I’m sure the laundry basket will make an exicting subject.

Mulberry: Got to start somewhere.


Starla starts her charm offensive on the rest of the family.

Starla: Oh my plumbobs you have got to be the first werewolf I’ve met with no brains.

Max: Don’t make me angry girl.


With Rickon’s portrait down Starla is next.  This looks promising.


I had wanted to get a big dog but only little ones were available so I caved and got a cat.  This is Beast.

Beast: Point me to the counters, I’m sleepy.

This cat like my cat choses not to use the nice catbed I brought him.

This is probably a good time to reveal the naming theme for this generation.  Should be kind of obvious given the cat’s name but the theme this time is X-men.

This little guy is named after the big blue guy.



Ooh this is good, very good! 😀

Starla: Not from this angle.


Rhamnus left the house in style at 3am the morning after the party had ended! XD


Yes I got a jellybean bush.

Rickon: AHH that’s got a kick!


Rickon: Hey there little guy. ❤

Beast: Got any treats in that hand?


Nope too dark, do it again.

Susan: Can’t you see I’m in mourning here.

Rickon get over here with that moodlet manager.


Rickon: You didn’t say this family would be so much hard work.

They’re a bunch of idiots what did you expect?


Well not complete idiots.  Starla managed to make some waffles without burning them.


Rickon actually has his first styling job and it’s his sister Dani.  She wanted a lot of stuff!


Rickon: My work is done.

Dani: What have you done to me! 😡

Well I liked it.




Chapter 6.1 My Time to Shine

Hi, how are we all?

This is what I am listening to at the moment.  An oldie but a goodie! XD I love it!

Last time saw the last chapter of generation 5.  Susan completed her LTW, there was a party for the quads birthday (which included a fire) and we met a potential spouse for Rickon.

Since it’s a new generation lets meet our new TH.  I am so pleased to have another male TH.  The stylist career is going to be such fun!

Welcome card

Rickon: It’s my time to shine!

Whatever I just what you to pass on that hair to your offspring.

gen 6 (1)

First thing to do is kick out the spares.  Bye guys!

Ayra: I really need to pee.

Then get out before you loose me any more points.

gen 6 (2)

Never mind Max already took care of that.  -5

gen 6 (7)

Graduation blah blah blah

gen 6 (8)

After graduation I sent Rickon to this cute little cafe for a date with Rebecca.  He introduces himself to the ladies already here.  This is Keeshonden (I think). I sure Tam will correct me if I have it wrong!

gen 6 (9)

He also met Pom here.  While they are both great they are also too old which is a shame as I love Pom’s hair colour.  (Plan starts to form in head)

Rickon: Something tells me I don’t want to know what you are thinking.


Long story short Rebecca stood Rickon up, twice!! Feeling a little down Rickon heads over to one of the beachfront bars.  I think its called The Luminous Bar.  There he ran into childhood friend Starla.  Starla is the daughter of Rhamnus & Airdale Winters.  She is really pretty with a lovely eye colour, the only issue is she still a teen.  She ran off before I could fix that problem


Later on the way home…

Rickon: I have this weird feeling I’m being followed.

Starla: He smells good ❤


I managed to age her to a YA using master controller and gave her a quick makeover.


Back home the remaining family are being mostly boring by sleeping.  Koi is the only one up.  I took this to show she does move away from the rocking chair at times.

Koi: I need to get past this level.  Hush up.


Rickon invites Starla inside and turns on the charm.

Rickon: You look like a sexy vegetable. ❤

Yeah really smooth.


Rickon: I got you pink flowers ❤

Starla: Thanks.


Guess it worked, first kiss!


And a romantic selfie, cute.


Meanwhile Mulberry is settling back into the household by scaring anyone and everyone. Today’s lucky victim is Susan who is looking lovely in her new formal wear.


Dip Kiss FTW!


Oh dear we have a slight setback.  Turns out Starla is Mean Spirited.  This just makes me want her in the family more.  She would spice things up with that trait!

On another note, everytime I look at this picture I keep thinking of this! XD  (more the song than the video)

Just thought I’d share that!


Ooh ghosts can paint.


Just added because it’s cute


Susan continues to be awesome even though she is no longer under me control.


Rickon had a wish to buy an elixer so I sent him to the consignment store.  He ran into some of his siblings while there, doesn’t he look thrilled to see them.


Max: So I read online that the town bridge is going to disappear in mysterious fog.

Mulberry: Yeah because if it’s online it has to be true.


Seymour! Don’t you dare eat her.

Luckily he spat her out again.


Short smustle intermission.


Rickon invited Starla over again.  He is smitten with her, half of his wishes are for her.  I fullfilled a couple by making her his girfriend and moving her in.


I gave her a better makeover.  She’s so pretty. ❤ I love her eyes. This is her outdoor wear btw.


Starla: Something in this house stinks.

Koi: Should I tell her or do you want to?

This is Starla’s everyday wear.  Her fav colour is turquoise.


The dog gnomes seem to be multiplying, we now have 3.

Rickon: Can we get a real doggy?

We’ll see.

Rickon: 😀


Koi remembered we have an ocean behind the house.


Starla meanwhile found the firepit.  Not sure your bikini is the best attire though.

Starla: I beg to differ, this is a beach.

Good point.


Bonehilda is back and being useful for once! Also early peak at house renovations.


Shreddies: Between you and me Cherrios, something stinks!

Cherrios: XD


Mulberry: Your lucky Rickon only mentioned vegetables.  When my brother Melon met his wife Magrat he had this strange obsession with rockets.

Please don’t bring that up again.

Susan: The poor girl doesn’t need to know about Grandpa’s rocket obsession.

Finally I will finish with first of the renovations.  I have only done the ground floor so far. I didn’t actually spend a lot on this.  Most of the furniture is the same just recoloured.


New lounge where the old kitchen was.


New kitchen which will hopefully be better for taking photos at birthdays.


Study.  I haven’t done the outside of the bathroom yet which is why they are not pictured.


Long shot of main living, dining, kitchen area as I am proud of how well it turned out. 😀  I am actually surprised how well the colours lilac and turquoise work together.

See you next time for a wedding and possibly a baby.

Torch Holders: 5

Every birth: (+5) 29 x 5 = 105

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  10 x 5 = 50

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 4 x 25 = 100

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 2 x 10 = 20

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 45 x 5 = 205

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 5 x 5 = 25

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 57 x 5 = 285

Total: – 140