The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 6.7 I’ve Got the Cake

How about that, you lucky people get another chapter and so soon! :O  I will do another Winterton chapter at some point but I am having so much fun playing with this family at the moment.

In other news I read an article recently saying that toddlers are coming to Sims 4 in a free update!


Finally!! I may have to update the game and check it out, maybe.

So, last time Susan became an elder, quads were born and Rickon styled the town.


We rejoin the family as Rickon is taking a break from his hard life as a TH.

Rickon: Just catching up on the gossip on Simbook.

Anything good?

Rickon: Just this about Julia having a stalker.



I then realised Susan wasn’t home from work yet.  I found her camped out in front of the stadium. She was on the verge of freezing when she finally decided to head home.


Back at home….

Rickon: I have had enough of your meanness. We are through!

Starla: Seriously? You are breaking up with me(?)


Rickon: Just get out. 😡

Starla: Fine. Like I want to look after 4 screaming babies anyway.

It’s sad how little she cares. 😦


Starla: Freedom!

I will add her to the download page for anyone who wants her to reek havoc in their game! 😀 If you require a CC free version please let me know.


Rickon has a freak out soon after.

Rickon: How am I going to look after 5 kids without her.

The same way would if she stayed.  By yourself, probably.


Aw you having second thoughts?

Starla: No, I’m upset that it’s raining and my outfit is going to be ruined.

I did ponder getting rid of her in other ways but since that would be cheating as I can’t control her.  So she gets to live. She just wont be coming with us when we move towns.

Rickon: Hey Seymour! 🙂 Nice cake.

Um, Rickon?




Rickon: Something about this doesn’t feel right.


Oh not my TH please. :O


Rickon: (muffled) I got the cake.

Seymour: *Gags*


Rickon: Yuk, I need a shower now.

Just be grateful you are alive!

Seymour: Well can’t deny it anymore, I am definitely a vegetarian.



Susan: *Breaks arm on cot*


Don’t worry she fixed it in time to change the baby’s nappy.


Rickon is out styling again.  This lovely lady is Alicia Huggins and this is the formal wear I/Rickon gave her.


It’s nearly winter, it’s raining so what’s the best outfit to ask for?

Patrick: Can you give me a new swimwear outfit please.

Rickon: No problem, I have just the outfit in mind that will look perfect on you.


Patrick: Oh yes, I look great! Thanks buddy 😀

Rickon: My work here is done. 😀


Rickon then got promoted to level 4. Yay!


And promptly rolled this! XD Yeah that’s not going to happen.


OK, who left this poor baby in the floor? *Checks where family is* Oh it’s Rickon!

Rickon: I wanted to see what life would be like if I was the size of an ant.


Rickon: It is very difficult to lift a baby.


Rickon: Feeding her is proving difficult too.  I don’t like this, can you fix me now.


I did fix him in the end, still funny though.


Max passes out in front of the hospital.  I have lost track of the score so I am giving up on that.


Birthday time for the quads.  I will introduce them all later.


The family showed up to cheer them on.

Rickon: It doesn’t feel right without Starla. 😥


Cute. ❤


Just a normal mealtime for the Mendoza’s


Mulberry looks so proud to have been chosen to bring the babies to the cake.

Mulberry: At last I have a purpose in life!

screenshot-32 screenshot-33

Then there were two.

screenshot-34 screenshot-37 screenshot-40

Susan there is an abundance of seats there you know.

Susan: It’s part of my training regime.


It all proves too much for poor Max


Storm: Nana, will you read me a bedtime story?

Susan: Maybe later sweetie. Your brother is having his birthday and I simply must cheer him ignoring my low needs.


Right that’s all of them. Time for the makeovers.


This is Jubilee.  Her traits are Loves the Heat and Eccentric.  She is also a witch.  Not sure where that came from though.

She is named after Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)



This is Gambit.  His traits are Loves the Heat and Athletic.  He also has a special trait, he can apprehend burglars.

He is named after my favourite of the X-men.



This is Rouge.  Her traits are Brave and Friendly.  She is my favourite at the moment.  That may change when they all grow up.

This is who she is named after.



And finally we have Wolverine.  His traits are Friendly and Genius.

He is of course named after this guy.



Gambit: Daddy I pooped.

Other babies: *all poop*

Rickon: When will this nightmare end.

When they grow up and leave home! XD

Rickon: Not funny.


Susan: Yay all the babies are crying and I am not obligated to do anything. 😀

Rickon: Gee thanks Mum


Mulberry rolled a wish to get an elixir.  I was going to ignore it but they had a fountain of youth potion so I locked it in and sent her.  A little bending of the rules but it’s my game and I don’t care. 😀

And that’s it.  Next time more stuff will happen.




Chapter 6.6 Life Changing Events

Hi everyone! 😀 First I’d like to wish you all a happy new year


Ooh pretty.

Ahem, right… Anyway

Last time Rickon Styled, we got a dog, Storm had a birthday and Seymour continued to be useless.


To kick things off Susan reacts badly to realising she becomes an elder soon.


Rickon meanwhile painted this gorgeous painting.  I kept it for one of the children’s bedrooms.

Yes that’s right I said children’s.

Rickon: But it’s nice only having one child.

Tough we need more in case anything happens to Storm.


As a reward for his nice artwork Rickon gets to fix the bathtub.  The work of a TH is never done.

Rickon: I wish you could control those idiots.  Then I wouldn’t have to do all the grunt work. 😡

Less complaining, more fixing.


Ooh this looks awkard

Susan: (to self) Don’t make eye contact.


Starla: How are you going to keep your job now you’re going to be old and useless?

Susan: Just ignore her, she’s only here to pop out kids.


Starla: That’s it walk away, you know you can’t win against me.

Susan: Just give me the command.

Just be patient, she won’t be around much longer.


Right on to the birthdays.  It’s a double one. Susan is becoming an elder.


While Storm is becoming a child.

Susan: *blows out candles.*


Aw look the whole family turned up to cheer them. ❤


Susan: Thank the watcher I don’t have to do that again.

That’s a bit morbid.

Susan: I’m old now, I can get away with saying things like that.


Storm’s turn.


You want to look at the camera so we can get a look at you.

Storm: Not really


Storm: I see a ghost.

Oh I see, don’t worry that’s just Koi.  She’s your great-grandmother.

Storm: Yes and she’s dead.

I’d get used to seeing ghosts round here.  It’s all part of legacy life.


Here are the makeovers. First is Susan.  I tried to keep the sporty look.  You can’t see it very well here but I gave her purple highlights and blue tips.  I felt it suited her better.


This is Storm is a child.  Her new trait is Star Quality.  I changed her outfit later on as I wasn’t happy with it.


I love this kid already.  Only just aged up and already cleaning up.


I forget why I took this photo.  It’s cute though. ❤


Did I mention how much I love this kid.  NO BEDTIME STORY!!! She just went to bed.  😀


Rickon is out styling the town.  His first client is Airdale Winters.

Rickon: You need a makeover stat.

Cat: I second that.


Airdale: What did you do to me.  I look hideous.

I like it.


This man is Patrick Cassat.  He wanted a new haircut and I can see why.


There much better.  He actually liked the makeover.


Last job of the day is Sammy Winters.  He is the son of Samoyed Winters.  Sorry for the bad angle but they insisted on standing in the most awkward place.


Rickon: What is wrong with these people.  I make them look good and they hate it.

I liked Sammy so I saved him.  I plan to move town for the next generation and I want to take some of the offspring in town with me.


Beast and Shaggydog bond near the wedding setup that I still haven’t cleared away yet.


As soon as Rickon gets home he heads to the basement to accuse Starla of cheating.  This confuses me so I check her relationship panel.  Turns out she has an RI I missed.  There relationship has hit rock bottom and they both rolled the wish to break up.  😥


It’s so sad that this marriage didn’t work out.

Rickon: When my child is born, you time in this house is over.

Starla: It can’t come soon enough.


Starla: Oh plumbobs! Not yet. Too soon, Too soon!


It’s a boy! Yay

Starla: Hold that thought. I’m not done yet.



OK so we have not 1 but 4 new babies.


Yes you read that right we have quads. Two girls and two boys.  Two of which are green.  I will introduce them to you next time.


Where is the father while the quads are born? He’s on an outing with my simself’s daughter Meghann.

Rickon: Thank goodness Seymour spat her out, she’s cute.

Yes and also in a relationship with a girl.


I took pity on her and changed her hairstyle


There much better.

That’s all the photos I have so I will have to end it here.

Note: For those who don’t know the men in the gifs the first is Mr Bean played by Rowan Atkinson. The second is Prince George from Blackadder the Third played by Hugh Laurie.