The Mendoza ISBI

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I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I had updated this.  The truth is I am not enjoying playing this family anymore, I am finding it hard to stick to the rules and I miss being able to build and design my sims house.  The concept of the thief legacy is an interesting one and I am glad I tried it but I will not be continuing it.  I am working on an ending for Jacklyn which will be written from her POV.  This is something I feel is fitting to give her a proper farewell.

I can’t tell you much about what will happen but I will say that it will be left open for one of the children to carry on the legacy but that will possibly be a different kind of legacy.

I am sorry to anyone who has been reading this and enjoying it.  The Winterton’s will be continuing so please head on over and give it a read if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading x