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Starlight Shores House Tour Part 2

So, continuing on from part 1 we come to the 2nd floor

Not a lot on this floor. Just one nice sized room that I have turned into a music room.  There is also a smaller room that is currently empty.  The rest of the space is one large balcony area.

This is the Music room.  I left the odd indoor pool as I thought it was a nice feature.  This may end up as a party area eventually

Through the door and onto the balcony.  I can’t deny my idiots so I made them a bar area.

Rickon: I plan to make good use of that.

Round the corner is the beginnings of a skilling area.

That’s it for this floor next up the 3rd floor

Finally we have reached the top. Not much up here

Rickon: Come on, this is the best floor.

The 3rd floor starts with a nice little landing which I made nicer

That leads into this nice hallway with the indoor pool.

Gambit: So you can wake up and go for a swim. Nice.

Up here we have the Master Bedroom. Currently set up for Rickon and Shawna.

Rickon: What do you mean currently.

Well this is were the TH and spouse sleep.  When Gambit takes over you will be moved to another room.

It is huge! It was hard not to cram loads of stuff in here.

There is a lovely ensuite too.

Finally we have the nursery.  Currently coloured black for Cyclops.

Cyclops: *claps happily*

That’s it. House tour over.


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Starlight Shores House Tour Part 1

It has taken a long time but I am now ready to reveal the new house in Starlight Shores.  It took a lot longer than I had anticipated plus I had some loading issues caused by bad CC but I got there and personally I think it was well worth it.

At the end of the last chapter I showed you all which house I had moved them too. Which was a gorgeous house that was already occupied.  I evicted the old man that lived here and moved the Mendoza’s in.

Old Man: You can’t just chuck me out of my home.

Rickon: We can pay cash.

Old Man: Where do I sign?

As a little reminder this is it.  It’s not bad but a bit dull and grey. If I want to look at grey I can just look out the window!

British weather LOL! (also I can’t pass up the opportunity to use a David Tennant gif! :D)

How about now? What do you think?

Rickon: Amazing what a lick of paint will do. 😀

Max: Oh you redecorated, I don’t like it.

This house has a total of 5 floors so I shall start at the bottom and work up.  This means we start with the basement.

I have kept the footprint the same size as the ground floor (more or less)

This is a large open plan area mainly used as the portrait gallery.  I still have the romantic selfies to try and sort out.  They were all blank after the move. 😦

Rickon: Shouldn’t there be urns on those tables?

Yes I added those after the photo was taken. You can see them in the top down shot.

Same area from a slightly different angle.  We still have rocking chairs!

Susan: Good I plan to make use of those in my retirement.

This room with the lilac feature wall is…

Rickon: It’s mine! It’s mine!

Calm down, yes it’s for you.  This is Rickon’s studio.

Here it is from the other way.  I am trying to make the house a bit easier on the eyes so most rooms will have a neutral look with accent colours.  I am planning ahead for next gen as Gambit’s fav colour is lime and I don’t fancy a whole house of lime.

Susan: Someone’s been watching too many property shows.

This room is a present for my new torch holder.

Gambit: For me? ❤

Yes, do you like it?


With that let’s move on up to the ground floor.

Isn’t it lovely.  The ground floor is completely open plan apart from a bathroom.

Moving around in an anti-clockwise direction we start with the kitchen.  The layout is the same as what was here originally I just changed the units.

Shawna: That’s the cleanest you will ever see it!

Next to the kitchen is the dining area.

Wolverine: Simple but very useful.

On the opposite side to the dining table is a small study area.  Just a computer desk at the moment though.

Susan: Reminds me of Mum 😥 (Lucky Charms)

Next on our tour is the first seating area.  This one is meant for reading. Nice area for gift giving parties too

Gambit: Or dancing.

This is the second seating area. Mainly for recreation.

Rouge/Jubilee: TV!

Gambit/Wolverine: GAMES CONSOLE!!

I am included the outside space in this section.  This pool was already here I just made it look better. The outdoor kitchen you can see on the right is a room on the side of the garage that I had no other use for.  There is a bathroom in there too.

Close up of the pool kitchen. It has a pizza oven and a top end BBQ

Rickon: Nice

Pool area bathroom.  Just need to add clutter.

That’s it for this floor next up the first floor

I shall start with the hallway.  A little plain currently.  More clutter may be added later.

Susan: Needs a rocking chair.

The biggest room on this floor is Susan and Max’s bedroom.

Susan: It’s beautiful. ❤

I need to add some bits and recolour the curtains bit it is pretty much done.

This is their ensuite bathroom.  The toilet is behind the door next to the sink. For some reason all the bathrooms were set up like this.

This is Storm’s room.

Storm: Thanks ❤

Across the landing is Gambit and Wolverine’s room.  Lime and lilac is not a great combination hense the divide.

Finally on this floor is Jubilee and Rouge’s room.  I liked the divide idea so I used it again here.

There is still more to see but it would make this too long so I had to split this into two parts.  Keep your eyes peeled for part two





Chapter 6.14 A Determined Move

Last time Rickon was styling, Cyclops was born and the teens tried to gain the favour and votes of the readers.

To kick things of we have a ghostly babysitter.

Mulberry: Aren’t babies supposed to swim?

Please keep the baby away from the pool.

Meanwhile at the Salon.

PigtailsLady: What do you think that floating plumbob means Emerald?

That floating plumbob is Rickon in antsim mode having his adult birthday.  These two elders are the only witnesses.

Rickon: I’m me again. *Has midlife crisis* *rolls wish to flirt with bluecoplady*

Back at home the girls ponder the results of the heir vote.

Rouge: So Storm how does it feel to loose to your younger brother?

Storm: I can’t believe people voted for him over my obvious talents

Jubilee: What like blowing your own trumpet!

Storm: Oh how I wish I was an only child.

Jubilee: Hey Shawna! Thought anymore about my little plan.  We could clean up.

Shawna: I think you could clean this place first. It’s filthy

Storm looking beautiful as always! XD

Storm: That’s it, rub salt in the wound.

Back at the salon I decide to indulge Rickon’s wish to flirt with this lady.

Rickon: Hi, nice to meet you.

After a freindly hello Rickon turns on the charm.

Rickon: I’d like to take your picture if you get my meaning. *waggles eyebrows*

Bluecop: Careful boy, I could have you arrested.

She did not appreciate Rickon’s advances.  The wish remains unfulfilled.

Here’s Jubilee pulling a great evil face.  It was at this point that I decided I didn’t like her with this hair.

There that’s better.

Grandma Susan finds her new grandson.

Susan: I like this one, it doesn’t talk yet.

Jubilee finds the telescope.  I do like it when they skill autonomously

Susan: OK I’m done. Time for my nap.

Time to age up the burrito.

Aw cute.  He got Shawna’s hair too. ❤

There that’s better isn’t little guy. ❤

Susan goes swimming in her formal wear.

Susan: Well it is a Sunday.

Is it? I thought it was Tuesday

Rickon is still chained to the drafting table.  I’m not sure I like that sketch.

Gambit thanks you for choosing him as heir by cooking in his undies.

Gambit: Just giving my fans what they want ❤

With more crashes, freezing etc I decide to move them early. I gather up everything and everyone I want to take with me and get Rickon to make the call.

Rickon: I’m going to miss this place.

*move cancels due to annoying werewolves*

Rickon: Do we really have to take them with us.

Yes, they’re family.

Bran you are trying my patience. *move cancels*

Rickon: OK all the werewolves are in human form can we please move now.

The move seems succesful and the loading screen appears for the new town but then…

*game crashes*

Rickon: I give up. Oh great watcher please give us your assistance.

Starla: I like it here, there’s cake.

At the last minute Gambit rolls his LTW.  He wants to be an acrobat.

In the end I had to save the family to the sim bin.  So we take one last look at the house in Roaring Heights.

To start anew in this gorgeous house in Starlight Shores. I will now be decorating the house so there may not be a chapter for a while.  I will post a house tour when I am done.


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Heir Poll – The Winner!

Hey guys! Not a chapter, sorry.  I am working on one for the Irving DITFT though so keep an eye out for that.

What I am here to tell you today is the results of the heir poll and who is going to lead us into generation 7.  So drum roll please

Here are the results.  So pleased to see everyone got some votes. 🙂

That means the winner and next torch holder is…

Well done Gambit! 😀

Gambit: What if I don’t want to be the TH. Don’t I get a say in this?


Storm: If he doesn’t want it, I’ll have it.

Jubilee: What makes you think you should have it?

Storm: I am the eldest.

Storm/Jubilee: *bickering in background*

Gambit: *ahem* Sorry about that.  Thank you kind readers for choosing me as the next heir.  I will try not to disappoint. 🙂