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I Just Don’t Know What to do With This

This is not a chapter as such more of an update on the future of this legacy.

Following the meteor strike and deaths of Gambit, Rickon and Cyclops but mainly because of Gambit I was ready to give up on this.

However, after hearing how much you guys don’t want this to end I started to think of ways I could continue

Obviously the first choice would be to bring Gambit back as a ghost but I was not that enamoured with that idea.  Plus no one rolled the oh my ghost! opportunity after his death.  Yes I could have cheated him back into the family but that didn’t feel right either.  I haven’t ruled it out completely just yet though.  Need to see where the game takes things.

The next option of course is to use one of the twins as the next heir, or both.  This seemed like the best idea so I loaded up the game with the intention of ageing them up and continuing with one or both of them as the gen 8 heir.

Magenta threw a spanner in the works by announcing another pregnancy.

Remember the shower woohoo shortly before the meteor? That was a try for baby.  I didn’t realise it had worked as I play with the sound off.

By the way I got Magenta out of that ridiculous outfit.

Magenta: That sounded rude.

It did rather, didn’t it.

This family is not having a good time at the moment.  A couple of days after the tragic deaths this happened.

Shaggydog was 51 days old at the time of his death.  Also what the hell happened to the floor?

Anyway this pregnancy will introduce new gen 8 heir options.  Especially if their genetics are better than the twins! I will wait for the babies to be born and make a decision then.  There may be an heir poll if I can’t decide who should be heir.



Chapter 7.7 Fire, Death and Great Big Rocks

As you can tell by the title this is not going to be a happy chapter. Sorry about that.

But more on that later.  Last time Magenta had twins, Burmese and Ragdoll, Rickon got old and Gambit continued to impress everyone with his acrobatic skills.

Gambit: I try my best.

Let’s start on a happier note with Rickon and Magenta building a snowman.

Rickon: Be careful handling my big ball.

Gambit meanwhile is out doing what he does best. The audience seem to like him. The teen at the front btw is Story Moss.

Gambit: Of course they do. 😀

Back home Rickon is being the least boring of the family.  First he practices martial arts.

Then he puts Burmese down for a nap even though he is not tired.

Rickon: Just call me Super Gramps.

Burmese: I’d rather call you senile for putting me in here when I am clearly not tired.

In between gigs Gambit takes on some toddler skilling duties.  I don’t seem to have the playpen and walker (will have to fix that!) so we are toddler skilling the old fashioned way.

I displayed some of Gambit’s selfies in the basement.  I love the one of Gambit and Rickon. ❤

Gambit: I like them all because they feature me. 😀

Another day, another show.  This time Magenta tags alone.

Still no steady gig though.

Gambit: It’s only a matter of time, they love me.

Poor Burmese. Welcome to life in an ISBI kid.

His parents decide that making more babies is more important than looking after the ones they have.

Gambit: That’s what grandparents are for.

Magenta and Shawna decided to build a snowman autonomously so I sent Gambit and Cyclops to join them for a nice family moment/photo.  Not sure who built the Reaper one but I like it.


Yeah, then this happened.  All this time with no meteors in my games and the time it does happen is in one of my legacy files.

Magenta: *cough, cough* What the plumbobs just happened?

Where is everyone else? Are they ok?

Magenta: I don’t know.

Ah Shawna you’re alive, that’s good!

Maid: I’m alive too, not that anyone cares.

Shawna & Magenta then proceeded to put all the fires out. Well done girls.  The twins were inside playing so they are both ok.

Shaggydog: What’s this? It smells funny.

I wouldn’t go near that if I were you.  It’s very dangerous.


Reaping a large rock?


Deaths? Did you say deaths, as in plural?


Cyclops: Oh man, I was so close to my birthday too.  Being dead sucks.


Rickon: Please spare me.  It’s not my time yet.



Gambit: Please don’t take me, I don’t want to die.



No he just fainted at the sight of you.

Magenta: NOOO! Bring him back! Please don’t take him away. *cries*


Shawna: Bit insulting isn’t it? You just took my husband, son and step-son and you’re blogging?!


Grim: *typing* And so the meteor did fall, crushing the life out of three more sims.  The amazingly talented and handsome Grim then descended on the scene and in a magnificent display reaped the souls of those poor departed sims.  

Well that was unexpected.  I got so many notifications I didn’t see the one about the meteor.  Since the twins are obviously way too young to take over this chapter will be the last one of this legacy.  I am so gutted about this.  I know I could have exited the game without saving but that would have been cheating.  You have to roll with the bad as well as the good.  Still 7 generations isn’t too bad I guess.

I may start a new challenge at some point in the future.  At the moment I don’t know what that will be or even if it will be on Sims 3 or Sims 4.  This wont be for a while though.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like and comment.  x


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Chapter 7.6 Where did that come from?

Hi there! No I haven’t forgotten about my Sims 3 blogs, I am just having so much fun with Sims 4 at the moment.  Never thought I would say that! For those who don’t know I am now writing my sims 4 legacy as an actual story.

I am having a lot of fun creating characters and scenes for it.  As well as working out where the story will go.  I do have a rough idea of what I want to do with Rose but most of it is just make it up as I go.  For anyone that wants to check it out please click here. To start Rose’s story start at Generation 2.

Last time Gambit and Magenta got married, A baby was confirmed to be on the way and Gambit had gigs.

So lets see what the family is up to this time.

Rickon: Does the itty bitty kitty need a flea bath.

Beast: No. Please kindly so talking to me in such a manner.

And this is why poor Beast is getting bothered by Rickon! XD I swear I don’t know why I bother buying these animals beds, they hardly ever use them.

Gambit meanwhile has been out and about auditioning for gigs.  Cue audition spam.

Audition spam end.  He got three out the 4 gigs which is not bad going.

He then went to the coffeehouse to have something to eat so I made him work for tips afterwards.

Gambit: Be nice if more people showed up.

They are all on the other side of the coffeehouse where I directed you to perform.  YOU decided to walk all the way round to here.

All that hard work wore poor Gambit out.  I let him have a nap in the rocking chair as it fills energy faster.  A TH has a lot to get done in a day.

Poor Magenta, not only are her boots cutting into her legs now she’s pregnant but Cyclops decided to unleash his werewolf growls on her.

She was not impressed.

Magenta: How dare you scare a pregnant woman.  Do you want me to go into premature labour?

Cyclops: Not while I’m present. 😀

Magenta: 😡

Cyclops: In other news I have decided I want to top the criminal career.

Here’s Gambit at another gig.  I think his new performance outfit is drawing in the ladies.

Storm: Well I’m not impressed.  He should cover up in this weather.

Would you be saying that if he wasn’t your brother.

Storm: Well that would be different.

Gambit’s job performance bar was very close to the end so he impressed the crowd with more acrobatic antics after the show.

Gambit: Ooh Ring of Fire!! Can I try it please.

You might want to get home first.

Gambit: Why?

Magenta: Good gravy it wants out!

A few hours of standing around screaming (alone) later.


It’s a boy!

Magenta: And..

Yes well I failed to get a good picture but there was a baby girl as well.  We have twins! I will introduce them a bit later.

Here we have Rickon’s excellent choice of sleeping location. XD

I declined it naturally but I had to laugh at this opportunity of Rickon’s!!

Gambit squeezing in some skill boosting before the twin’s birthday.

Ah there’s the baby girl.  See she does exist!

Rickon: I’m a grandad! 😀

It’s Rickon’s birthday too.

Last look at Rickon before he gets old.

Doesn’t everyone look happy.

This the first of the twins. Not sure where that blonde hair came from.

She’s not the best at having her photo taken.  Her name is Ragdoll and her traits are Good and Friendly

The naming theme this generation is cat breeds.  This is what a Ragdoll cat looks like, it’s one of my favourite breeds.

Cute father son intermission

This is the other twin.  His name is Burmese and his traits are Slob and excitable.

This is his namesake

Finally here is Rickon as an elder.

To finish here is some extended family news.


Chapter 7.5 They’re Finally Getting Married

Hi there! Before I get started I just want to say –

Hope you all had a great time over the holidays.  My daughter is starting to understand what’s going on a bit more.  She loved the presents and the decorations but I don’t think she knew what it was all for!

OK so last time Magenta had a hen party, Gambit had his first show, Beast got old and Max left us.

Did I mention I love Magenta, she is so good on free will (for the moment!) Here she is taking care of the pets social need.

Shaggydog: At least someone remembers we’re here.

Beast: I hear you bro.

Gambit is back at the coffee shop auditioning for another gig.

Lady: You’re getting good, I’ll give you another shot.

Gambit: That’s great! Could I have a hand out of this please.

Lady: Maybe you should practice before the gig.

Back at home Gambit practices his new contortions ahead of his two gigs.

Other members of the family are not so constructive.

Rickon: At least I’m not causing a fail.


Gambit is at the park performing for tips.  I usually send him to the coffee shop as there is a bigger crowd but I thought a change of scenery would be nice.  These two kids showed up to watch they are Maria and Josiah Best.  I took pity on them and sorted out their hair.

Much better.

Gambit started to get better and drew in a larger crowd.  He had a productive day and brought home about 300 simoleons.

I do love it when my sim couples stay in love after I stop controlling them.  These two are so sweet. ❤

Gambit’s gig in the park went pretty well.  He got a decent crowd and they all seemed to like him.

He got a good review too!

The first thing Gambit does upon arriving home is to celebrate his good show with his fiance.

Oh yes I also recolored the master bedroom.  I added black to balance out the brightness of lime and hot pink.

Cyclops: I’m just going to sit here, read my book and pretend I don’t know what my brother is doing upstairs.

By book you mean romance novel.

Cyclops: Is that a problem?

Gambit: So now that Magenta is quite possibly knocked up I’d better marry her.

Knocked up? That’s what you’re going with?

Gambit: Yes. Now hush I have calls to make.

Not much of interest happens so let’s skip to the wedding day.

Rickon: I can’t believe my son is finally getting married.

This is the little chapel I made for them.  Doesn’t it look pretty in the snow. ❤

Just to show you the inside.  I love how it turned out. ❤

OK ready for some wedding spam!

Aww ❤ Suprisingly most of the family turned up, even Starla! Oh and that balding man in the front row is not a party crasher that’s Bran.

Magenta: This has no bearing on what just happened. *throws up*

I think we all know by now what this means! 😉

Time to cut the cake.

Viserys & Brigitta: YAY cake!

Naturally everyone showed up for cake making me wonder if I should have added another table.

There was a lot of socialising going on as the party started to wind down.  It’s always nice to see extended (and often forgotten) family members getting on.

Gambit’s selfie obsession continues.

Gambit: I know I just married Magenta but I think you’re hot.

They hart farted but I failed to get a picture.

Gambit doesn’t have time to flirt though he’s off to another gig.

This was probably because he turned up late.

Still he did get a promotion out of it! I think he is at level 7 now.  This career is proving easy to progress in so far.  Here’s hoping it continues.

And finally we end with the news that Magenta is indeed pregnant.  Gambit has the fertility treatment LTR so I am hoping for multiples.

Next time we meet the new arrivals. It is on the home page but I will reveal here that the naming theme this time is cat breeds.



Chapter 7.4 A Party to Die For

Last time Gambit proposed to Magenta, got a gig at the coffeehouse and Magenta bonded with the family.

This time we start with a party!

Gambit: Party time! 😀

It’s a hen party, your not invited.

Gambit: I’ll just go to the park and practice my routine for later then.

Magenta’s stylish forced party outfit!

Magenta: You have a strange definition of stylish.

Rickon: Can I leave too?

I can’t control you so no.  Just go hide somewhere.

Rouge: Hi dad! Stereo’s broken.

Anya is the first to get sprayed with nectar.

Starla: This party sucks.

Remind me why I invited you?

Starla: I’m Gambit’s mother.

Hair fixed.

Starla: Gee thanks.

Come on would a smile hurt? just a little one?

Most of the female members of the family turned up. From L-R we have Ayra, Brigitta, Jubilee, A Party Dancer & Storm.

I used Magenta’s YA move to ask Starla for permission to marry Gambit.  Surprisingly she said yes!

With the party in full swing Gambit is still out and about.  It’s time for his first show at the coffeehouse.  I decorated the stage a bit.

The show got a poor review which to be honest I was expecting.

Gambit: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

He did get a promotion though.  He is flying through these levels so far!

Back home the party is still going.  At this point it had been going for 12 sim hours.

Rickon: Are they ever going to leave.

Now that I fixed the stereo, not likely.

Magenta: Come on dance with me!

Party Dancer: Nah, I’m tired.

With the party going on I almost missed Beast’s birthday.  He is now an elder.

Beast: I still look good.

Not wanting to face a house full of woman (or his mother) Gambit hangs around the coffeehouse and makes good use of the crowd.

Then the camera pulls me back home because of this.

Max: Maybe it’s lack of sleep but I think I’m floating.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Max: Aw crap.

And the penny drops.

Cyclops: No Grandpa!

Sorry for walls down pictures Max choose to die in a cramped space.

Magrat: I sense a new ghost.

Death: Couldn’t you have gone a few more steps before dying? Makes my job a lot easier.

Wow I didn’t know so many sims could fit on that tiny landing.

Party Dancer 1: Well that killed the mood fast.  I’m out of here.

Death: Fine if you’re not going to move I’ll just get on with it.

Sharon: Why is it so cold in here?

Sad faces all round.

Starla running from Death! LOL

Max: Please let me live a little longer, I’m too young to die.

Death: Please, like I haven’t heard that like a million times before.

So Max joins the gallery of the dead in the basement.  RIP Max

Where is Gambit while all this is going on? He’s still at the coffeehouse where he has drawn quite an impressive crowd.

He made a good amount from them too.

What in the world are you wearing?!

Magenta: My new outdoor wear, do you like it?


There that’s much better.

While I’m showing off your outfits here is here new formal wear for the wedding.

Rickon sets of a trap.

Rickon: OK who did it?

Think it through, how many teens are currently in this house?

Rickon: Oh right, my son.

Magenta continues to bond with the family. They all love her. ❤

Gambit retreats to the gym to work on his athletic skill for a want he rolled.  He ended up getting another promotion out of it.

Gambit: It’s kind of nice getting promotions for lying on your back.

Cyclops: *growls*

Shawna: Bad dog!

Cyclops: *whimpers like a dog*

We end with Cyclops being Gambit’s latest selfie victim.  I will display them all in the house soon.

Let’s have a sprinkling of notifications to finish.





Chapter 7.3 Say you’ll be Mine

Last time Gambit got a job as an Acrobat.

Gambit: Woo!

He met Magenta, his chosen spouse.

Gambit: Woo!

Cyclops became a teen and we had a visit from zombified Wolverine.

Gambit: Those aren’t about me, boo!!

Not everything is about you.

Gambit: Well it should be.

Are you done, can I get on with the chapter?

Gambit: Well I am in the first picture so go ahead.

Gee thanks.  Anyway we used the moodlet manager on Wolverine.

Gambit: Brother of the Year, right here.

Reporter: This is gold!

Wolverine: Thanks bro. 🙂

Gambit: Want to come inside for a bit.  I’m sure everyone would be glad to see you.

Wolverine: Sure!

Rickon: A ghost! I feel sick just looking at it.

Jacklyn: Show some respect, without me you wouldn’t be here!

Gambit: Hey I should throw a wedding party! huh why isn’t there an option?

Maybe you should ask her to marry you first

Gambit: What? Didn’t I do that already?

Luckily for Gambit the perfect opportunity appeared soon after.  Magenta found him so she could flirt with him.  I love it when my sim couples do that. ❤

❤ After a few romantic interactions Gambit decides the time is right.

Gambit: Magenta darling, in the true nature of sims legacies our romance has been a short one.  I don’t know how but some unknown force is telling me you are the only girl for me.  Will you do me the greatest honour and be my wife?

Magenta: Um, no.

Gambit: 😥

More romantic spam later…

Magenta: Oh my plumbobs! It’s so big!

Gambit: So I’ve been told. 😉

She said yes!!!

Aww ❤

With that out of the way it’s back to work for Gambit.

Gambit: This box is shrinking! help me!

He gained a level while at the park. Nice job!

Since he rolled a wish to get a gig I sent him to the coffeehouse to do just that.  His first audition was interrupted by this lady giving birth.

So they moved away and Gambit tried again. Seriously the pregnant lady is literally just out of shot.

Wayne: Hey is that woman giving birth in the street?


Since there was a small crowd here Gambit took full advantage.

Storm: Nice suit brother.

Hang on who’s that blue woman in the background?

First sighting of Brigitta Rourke! Isn’t she pretty. ❤

Gambit: Would it be wrong to have two wives?

Yes it would.

Gambit: Pity.

In case you are wondering what the rest of the family are up to and why there are few pictures of them.  Here is your answer, they are all being very boring.

Back at the coffeehouse Gambit ends his performance on a high and wows his crowd of 4.

He is brought back down to earth when he gets home though.  A torch holder’s work is never done.  Thank heavens for the moodlet manager! 😀

Just Magenta flexing her childish trait in Cyclop’s old nursery.  She will get a proper introduction when she marries Gambit.

Magenta: Good to know. Do I get a new dress for the wedding?

I think that can be arranged.

In the meantime she continues to bond with the family.  Here she is playing tag in the rain with Rickon.  Love her already ❤

That’s it for now.  Next time Magenta gets a bachelorette party & Gambit performs at his first gig.

To finish here is a couple of notifications



Chapter 7.2 A Very Busy Day

Sorry it’s been so long since the last chapter.  Been a lot going on, I have been playing with the Irvings for one thing.  In real life I recently had an operation, nothing major don’t worry.  I just had my gallbladder removed.  So I have been recovering from that.  Also Christmas is fast approaching so I am now entering the stressful period of what to get everyone.

I could look at that all day *sigh*

Gambit: *Ahem*

Oh yes! Sorry he he.

Last time Rickon completed his LTW and reached the top of the stylist career.  I honestly didn’t think he would do it, he cut it rather fine.  The quads became YAs and despite my wish to keep them all Gambit kicked them out and Generation 7 began.

Gambit: That’s the picture you’re going with for the recap? Couldn’t you have gone for something more exciting?

Are you going to be like this all the time because it’s not to late to replace you.

Gambit: *leaves quietly*

Let’s start where we left of last time, with Gambit’s graduation.  As you can see everyone had a great time! XD

Gambit: Can I really do that?

What take over the world? Probably not.

Gambit: 😥

After graduation Gambit shot himself with the moodlet manager (it failed) and headed to the park to get himself a job.

Gambit: OK done that, now what?


Gambit: Hold that thought. *runs over to food stand*

Gambit: Can I has please.

???: Help.

???: Is this meant to impress me? *yawn*

Lady: *claps politely*

Notice how uninterested everyone is in Gambit’s performance! XD

Gambit: Hurtful.

Oh and his stage name is Remy LeBeau.  According to Wikipedia this is Gambit’s real name (must be 100% accurate then! XD)

Gambit: *Wails over dead grandma*

Um Gambit why not go and say hello to that lovely lady there.

Ladies and jelly-spoons meet Magenta Rourke from the Rourke Epic Legacy by somebodysangel13.  Audrey Rourke can be seen in the background.  I added Brigitta as well.  Not seen her yet though she’s not been idle.

Chance: OMG my girlfriend’s brother is a legacy TH! (He is Rouge’s BF)

Riddle: *mourns empty graves*

Magenta left so Gambit went to speak to Audrey.  They hartfarted all over the place.

Gambit: This one is good too.

She is but I have already picked Magenta for you.

Gambit: Selfie time!

This is a friendly selfie.  I used his lifetime happiness to buy him jock points to unlock this.  (only takes 4,000 points)

Max: This just isn’t the same without Susan.

Poor thing doesn’t do much anymore.  I think he’s just waiting for the end so he can be with his dear Susan again.  It’s so sad to watch.

Gambit is taking another selfie.  That makeup makes him look really creepy.  I haven’t decided where to display his selfies yet.  I will show them to you all when I do.

Crap I forgot Cyclops’ birthday.

Cyclops: I feel so loved.

Cyclops: This won’t do, I look awful.

Agreed.  Time for a makeover.

What do you think of this?

Cyclops: I look great!

His new trait is Charismatic.

Here is Shawna trying to be useful.  Spoiler she burnt the meal.

SnowmanGnome: I’m melting! I’m melting!

Gambit: This is where the girls live? Seriously?

Yes, this is where I put them.

I had to give Magenta another job as it was a pain to pin her down and other suiters were closing in.

Gambit: *rings doorbell*

Magenta: If I just stand here quietly he’ll think I’m not here.

Gambit: I can see you girl, you going to answer the door.

Magenta: Crap.

Magenta lets him in and they hartfart all over the front porch.

Gambit’s selfie obsession strikes again.

Gambit turns on the charm and wins her over.

Gambit: So, want to be my girlfriend?

Magenta: Sure why not.

Gambit: Now that’s out of the way fancy moving in with me.

We move fast here folks.

Nope that looks awful. Do it again.

Rickon: 😥

Quit sulking.

Rickon: *ignores* Hi son! who’s your friend?

Gambit: Hi Dad, this is Magenta she’s my girlfriend and kind of lives here now!

Rickon: OK! Nice to meet you Magenta!

Magenta: Is it always like this here?

Pretty much.

Notice how the male family members flock to her first.  No flirting please.

Damn I forgot another birthday.  Apologies for the full moon lighting.

Shawna: This won’t do at all. I don’t want to get old. *mid life crisis begins*

Lucky I don’t have to do your wishes. 😀

Zombie Wolverine pays us a visit and scares the papparazzi.  I must have left the gate open.

To finish with I gave Shawna a makeover.  I think her new look is more fitting now she’s older.  You should see her outfits next time.

Bye for now!