The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 8.24 Reaching a Goal

Last time Munchkin and Azrael became a couple again ❤ and Savannah completed a handiness challenge

I found Azrael and Anatto sleeping in the attic.  Not that I have anything against that, at least no fails were involved!

Magenta: There seems to be one of my grandchildren sleeping on the floor.

Savannah: That’s kind of normal mum.

Munchkin: Yes, and as long as they get some sleep I’m not really bothered where they do it.

Paprika: I don’t really feel comfortable sleeping here with a stranger next to me.

*resets sims*

Paprika: That’s much better thanks ❤

You and those jelly beans.

Savannah: I don’t know what you mean.

Just two more to go.  She is getting really close now.

Crystal is reading in my favourite chilling spot.

End of another school day and Cinnamon passes out.  Paprika thankfully manages to make it home.

Wowzers! O.O they all got on the honor roll!

Annatto: Seriously? We’ve only just got home and you’re doing homework.

Ginger: More time to plan.

Annatto: That’s my little secret dear cousin.

Savannah, cooking.  Trying to get food that is no deep fried into the family.

Cinnamon sitting in the dining room.  Not sure why but at least she’s happy about it.

Another skill done.  Just Bass to go now.  That LTW is so close now.  Come on Munchkin you can do it.

Davender proving once again why it’s pointless buying a cat a pet bed.

After upgrading a string of appliances Savannah takes a well earned rest. (ignore the ringing phone messing up the photo)

Munchkin is so close to completing her LTW.  She is chained to the bass trying to max out that last skill.

Magenta’s duplicate has passes on.  This makes me worry that Magenta’s time is coming too. 😥

Munchkin: Hey look, no skill bar. 😀

Yay! She did it! It was a close one and I wasn’t sure if she would complete it in time.

Munchkin: Never underestimate me. 😀

Mace: So many cakes. ❤

That’s right, it’s finally time for all 6 teens to become young adults.  The end of another generation is upon us.

Mace: WOO! I get to go first.

Cinnamon: I feel uncomfortable having a ghost watching this.

Mace: Here I go!

Everyone else clearly has an issue with Savannah’s umbrella

Mace: Looking good. ; )

Cinnamon: You keep telling yourself that.

Chia: Has he gone yet?

Cinnamon is clearly very exicted about growing up while Ginger does it in her undies.

This is the closest I could get to having them all lined up.

Annatto: No fair she’s got more candles.

Ginger: That’s because I am more important. 😀

Cinnamon: Freedom here I come!

Wow that’s a er, unique look.

Paprika: Yay i’m next. Everyone gather and watch

Everyone: Ooh Ginger is aging up.

Paprika: Um guys? over here.

Paprika sweetie you seem to be missing something.

Chia: Is it my turn yet, I am so ready to leave this place.

Ginger: Time to shine!

Amazing she grew up into matching undies.  :O

Savannah, Mace and Munchkin: *synchronised tooting*

Mace: *preparing for loud toot*

This makes me laugh more than it should as toot is my 2 year old’s word for breaking wind! XD

Chia: Finally!

Savannah: Can I eat the cake now?

Chia: This does not please me.

Ok now that’s out of the way, here are their makeovers.

First up is Paprika, her new trait is friendly.

Mace without that ridiculous hair.  His new trait is Computer whiz

Cinnamon looking as gorgeous as ever.  Her new trait is Dramatic

Chia looking no different actually.  Her new trait is Neurotic

Annatto’s new trait is Mean Spirited

Finally here is our new torch holder, Ginger.  I gave her a new tattoo which can be seen in the mirror.  I will try and get a better pic of it.  Anyway her new trait is Genius.

Well that’s it, the end of generation 8.  It was an experience having 2 torch holders but I am glad to be going back to just one.  How many sims will be leaving the household is still to be determined but all will be revealed in the next chapter.

I am really looking forward to the next generation. It took a while to decided but I have a naming theme picked out, I wont reveal that yet though.  Not sure who her spouse is going to be yet either.

Thanks for reading and I will see you all in generation 9! x




Chapter 8.23 Love is All Around

Last time Munchkin met her duplicate, Savannah and Munchkin had fun in the new park/festival grounds I added and there was other random stuff going on.

We kick things off this time with a makeover.  No that isn’t Savannah, well it is but it’s the copy.  I gave her pink hair and altered her outfit a tad so I could tell them apart.  I plan to do this to the rest of the duplicates eventually.

Since raising the freindship between these two was going well I decided it was time for Munchkin to turn on the charm.  Her advances were accepted.

They are now romantic interests so we are getting there.

Savannah is pretty much left on free will most of the time.  Here she is blocking the way to one of the bathrooms to play with magic.

Paprika: Is it hot in here?

No that’s just you.  She got burnt but I have no idea what it was from.

Paprika: Maybe it’s due to my natural hotness. 😀

Savannah is at the jelly beans again.  I swear she’s addicted to the things.

Savannah: I like being yellow.  Yellow makes me happy. 😀

Azrael finds the bass and draws in quite a crowd.

Annatto joins in.  Two of her sisters come to watch.  Cinnamon however, finds her homework far more interesting.

Also notice that Paprika has not taken a shower since being mysteriously burnt

Chia got in trouble for trying to set a booby trap in front of Munchkin.

Munchkin: What in watcher’s name were you thinking?

Chia: I didn’t think anyone was watching.  It’s not like it’s a big deal or anything though.

Munchkin: That’s it, you’re grounded.

Chia: 😡

I made Savannah let her off the hook in time for school.

I think these two are the only ones who use this room.  I predict it will become empty and unloved when they leave.

Cinnamon: Does this thing go any faster?

Savannah is going around upgrading everything.  She is close to finishing the tinkerer challenge.  This is number nine.

I left Munchkin alone for a while, she was sleeping after all.  I had forgotten about the pumpkins she picked.

Cinnamon: Why did I come in here again?

Maybe to use the ensuite bathroom?

Munchkin is really close to maxing her piano skill as such she is stuck down here constantly.  Not that she’s lonely, Azrael joined her on the drums.

This makes number 10! I was surprised I only had to add one item to the house to allow her to finish this challenge.

FAIL! Poor Mace passes out at school.

Cinnamon: Oh for crying out loud, get a room!

Can’t really remember why but they moved to the kitchen for more flirting.

Magenta is still with us.  She is 94 days old at the moment and is mainly glued to the rocking chair.  This is just one of the rare occasions when she does something different.

When I check back with the lovebirds I find Azrael talking to Magenta.

Munchkin: Flirt with my mother again and I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

Azrael: Message received, loud and clear.

They are now a couple again.  I may let them get married again, possibly.

Savannah talking to Mace about rubbish I think.  My sims always choose the best things to talk about.

Here’s our heir in the dining room doing homework in her undies.  Just another normal day in the Mendoza household.

Not to be left out Savannah seeks out her wife for kisses.

Nope, not going to happen.  *deletes wish*

Cinnamon: My work here is done.

So close to lvl 10.  Almost half way through her LTW.  Just a couple more points in Bass and Drums and she is done.

Cinnamon is getting good on the ballet bar.  I took a butt load of pics of her so enjoy.

Finally we have an exhausted Chia reading.  I think I better end it here before I get any fails.

Next time will be the last chapter of generation 8.  So excited to start a new generation and have a smaller household!


Chapter 8.22 Finding Myself

Last time Munchkin and Azrael divorced and Savannah completed her LTW.

We start with a rare sight.  One of my teen sims actually cleaning something! Not sure who made the sandwiches but they got put in the fridge soon after this.

Found Chia in one of the bathrooms just staring at the mirror.  She soon moved when someone found the instruments though.

Munchkin was in another bathroom checking for wrinkles.

Munchkin: OMG I really am getting old now.

Once again Magenta failed to come home after her shift.  Found her passed out.  Normal ISBI service has been resumed!

Olive: I have no obligation to help this woman.  *hails cab and vanishes*

Munchkin: Does he have to do that while I am practicing?

It keeps him happy, besides he’s getting pretty good at it.

I always find it surprising when sims choose proper food over the fryer.

Then this popped up and I was like…


I knew it wasn’t our Munchkin so I checked Crystal’s relationship panel.  I was shocked to see two Munchkin’s.

Naturally I had to invite her over.  Purely for my own amusement I had Munchkin great her.

I took this opportunity to check out her household status using MC.  Looks like there is a whole duplicate family in the town.  They are currently homeless but I am hoping to fix that.  I might alter their appearance a tiny bit in order to tell them apart.

GreyGuy: This has to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.  Not sure if anyone is going to believe this.

LOL! It had to be done!

Munchkin(1): This is going on Simstagram #findingmyself

Chia: I don’t even want to know.

Cinnamon: So are you like a clone or something?

I put a new park down opposite the house which doubles as a festival ground.  With everyone else busy I sent Savannah and Munchkin over.  Munchkin harvested some pumpkins for carving later.

Savannah meanwhile checked out the haunted house.

I dropped a couple of sims into the town.  This is Sapphire Bright.  She is basically a recoloured version of my simself.

This is one of a family of aliens I got from the exchange.  I can’t remember his name.

We got our first new gnome!

Munchkin went apple bobbing with Nadia and Lucian.  Munchkin won!

No opportunity for skill building can be missed.  Plus she had a wish to play piano in the park.

Then this popped up so as is the Sims way Munchkin went back home to tell Azrael they should ‘just be freinds’.

He took the news surprisingly well.  Their relationship is still quite high so I am hoping I can get them back together.

Back at the park and Savannah is taking a nap on a bench.  Where is this bench?

Nadia: This show sucks.  Boo!!


Poor Chia was woken from her slumber by her gossiping sisters.

If looks could kill.

OK, lets end this on a high note with Mace getting on the honor roll.  😀

Well that’s a little lie as it’s not quite the end.  I have the results of the heir poll for you.  It was as close run thing with the leader changing on a few occasions but I can announce that the winner and therefore the next torch holder is Ginger

Ginger: I won! That’s awesome!

There are 6 days left before Ginger becomes a YA so a couple more chapters left before she takes over.  Really looking forward to seeing what she gets up to.


Chapter 8.21 The Unwanted Wish

Last time there was a few fires (all accidental) and our torch holders had their adult birthdays.

Just a quick reminder before I start the chapter that there is still time to vote in the heir poll.  There should be a link to it in the side bar to the right, under recent posts.  It’s been a close run thing so far, the leader has changed a few times already.

Munchkin is still working on her instrument skills.  We are getting there. Drums and Bass are at level 5 and Piano is at level 8.  Not sure if she will complete them all in time but I will try.

I realised that Magenta hadn’t come home after her shift had finished and found her sitting outside the diner playing.

Fairy bonding.  Probably sharing dance tips!

Then Munchkin rolls a mid life crisis wish and it had to be this one.  Well since my TH rolled it I must obey.

Munchkin: So yeah, I can’t really forgive you for hitting on my mother. I want a divorce.

Azrael: What?! I thought we’d put that behind us.

Munchkin: How can I trust you not to do it again?


Aw he still loves her ❤

What is the best thing to do right after divorcing someone? Well to jam with them of course! XD

Paprika: So flowers are awesome right?

Mace: I guess.  Can I get back to dancing now?

I liked this moment.  Three sisters watching TV and chatting.

Beast: I’m going to catch that fly.

Munchkin: Well that was easy.

The girls broke the TV so I had Savannah fix it.

Cinnamon: Cool I can make sparkles.

Chia: Is the TV fixed yet Mum?

Savannah: Almost.

Just Savannah napping while listening to a Logic tabcast. 😀

Azrael: Hey son I want to tell you how amazing flowers are.

Mace: So I hear.

Oh balls I forgot another birthday.  They just creep up on you don’t they.

Crystal: Woo! Yeah birthday time!

Crystal: No wait, I don’t want to get older.

Crystal: Heh, I still look great.

Paprika: It’s been really nice taking to you Ada.  I’m getting a bit chilly though so I’m going to head inside now.

I am keen to mend Munchkin and Azrael’s relationship after that wish so I had Munchkin start a conversation.  It went fairly well.

Azrael even accepted her flirting until he got interrupted by the cat.

Look no skill bar!!

Ahem, and finally here’s Cinnamon being the first to use the ballet bar.



Chapter 8.20 Burning Down the House

Last time Azrael cheated on Munchkin with Magenta, the family realised they had a pool and skills were maxed.

Before I get started please don’t forget to vote in the heir poll.  If you have already voted then why not vote again! 😀

Annatto tries out the bass which naturally draws in a crowd.  Even my two torch holders who are meant to be skill building.

I had a feeling this would happen at some point.  I didn’t catch who was responsible.

Everyone: OMG the kitchen’s on fire!!

Munchkin: *waiting to age up*

Ginger to the rescue!

We interupt this fire for Savannah aging up in the bathroom.  She didn’t get a mid life crisis which is unusual for my game.

Crystal helps Ginger out by casting an ice blast spell.

Munchkin: Yay birthday time!!

Paprika: My sister is awesome!

Ginger: Are you going to replace that, i’m hungry.

Lol pigtails. XD She gets to keep them for a bit.  She got the mid life crisis so I will change her hair if she rolls the makeover wish.

I tried to improve Arzrael and Munchkin’s relationship but they just kept arguing.  😦

This is Munchkin’s reaction later the same day after Azrael tried to flirt with her.  Please don’t roll a wish to divorce him.  😦

Despite all the beds Chia decides the best place to sleep is in the kitchen.

Azrael had ‘work on car’ in his queue but obviously changed his mind as the next time I checked on him he was dancing. XD

Woo another fire.

Savannah: It wasn’t me.

Yes it was.  I failed to get a picture but she got a jelly bean that gave her an electric shock.  This caused the curtains to catch fire. Again it’s Ginger to the rescue.

Munchkin: Thanks sis. ❤

Cinnamon: Ew I don’t want see my parents do that.

More jelly beans because she keeps rolling wishes for them.

Savannah: I approve of this yellow skin.

Well there was yellow skin in your family back in generation 3

Ah Melon and Magrat. ❤ I miss them.

Thankfully Savannah made it to a shower in time.   I think I need to end this before some sim dies! XD


Chapter 8.19 Jelly Beans, Bones and Water

Last time Savannah started upgrading things around the house, the fairies were dancing more skilling was done.

Look at that skill bar, come on Munchkin you are so close.

Yes! Well done! Just three more skills to go.

Munchkin: You are kidding right?

No come on, piano next.

Munchkin: Hang on got to do something first…

I left Savannah to her own devices while I was watching everyone else.  She found the jelly bean tree, nothing exciting happened but at least she didn’t die.  That would have been a cool ghost though.

I haven’t updated her outfit yet as she has almost reached her adult birthday.  If she gets a mid life crisis wish I will change it then.

Munchkin: Why aren’t you in school young lady?

Paprika: I missed the bus.

Munchkin: Unacceptable, everyone else made it on time.  You are grounded don’t even think about leaving this house.

Paprika: Then how am I supposed to get to school?

Munchkin: Good point.

I had Munchkin let her off the hook so she could go to school.

Savannah and Munchkin both wished for it so her is our new maid, Bonehilda!

Left Munckin on free will for a bit.  She has taken up sculpting which is fine but music should really come first.

Savannah: Stereo upgraded and level 10 handiness reached.  All in a days work.

You ate another jelly bean didn’t you?

Savannah: Whatever gives you that idea?

Oh just a hunch really.

Mace really likes working out.  Most times if I loose him he can be found in here.

Crystal was sitting by herself in the study at the chess table, which looked a little lonely.

So I had Savannah join her.  With all the skilling these two have not had much time together.  So I thought kill two birds with one stone!

Magenta: The stars are so pretty tonight, fancy watching them with me.

Azrael: I can’t see any problem with that.

Azrael then cancelled the interaction to HOTM with his wife.

Crystal: Wasn’t he just flirting with her mother?

Munchkin: What did she just say?

Oh dear, this is not good.  I hope I can mend the relationship.  That **** celebrity system! 😡

Munchkin: WHAT!! How could he cheat on me? With me mother no less! What is wrong with him? 😡  😡

Still building logic but with the telescope this time.  Isn’t this a pretty little balcony. Not sure spying on the neighbours is a good thing sweetie.

Savannah: It’s ok they’re too busy to notice me.


Munchkin: I suppose if I must be chained to this thing I might as well do it outside.

Let’s round this chapter off with some family pool time.  Cinnamon and Munchkin are both heading for the diving board, Annatto is reading.  (I added a bench a bit later on)

Chia & Mace: Nice pool.

Cinnamon and Chia had a contest to see who could hold there breath under the water the longest

Cinnamon won!

Pool area is busy still.  I set Munchkin back to working on her piano skill.

Munchkin: Slave driver.

Oh hush, you can do what you like soon enough

Savannah and Crystal having a sweet moment ❤

Cinnamon working out. No one has used the ballet bar yet. 😦

Munchkin has drawn a crowd.

Munchkin: Can I take a break yet?  My fingers ache.


To finish this chapter here is Crystal helping Savannah raise her logic skill.  By the end of this game she reached level 6.  Almost there!

Keep an eye on your reader or inbox as the heir poll is coming immanently.


Chapter 8.18 The Fairy Dance

Last time Ginger was evil, fairies dancing and much skilling.

Smart sims continues with Cinnamon trying out the treadmill

Cinnamon: This isn’t so bad.

Look they even do homework! 😮

Azrael takes a break from dancing and drumming to work on the fixer upper car for a bit.  Where have my idiots gone?

Annatto: Right the heir vote is coming up.  Better get productive if I want those votes.

Normal service is resumed, dancing in the gym.  I took way too many pictures of him dancing so here’s a spam.  😀

Aw jamming together, I approve.  I really like how this little corner turned out.  ❤

Productive sims in the kitchen.  Munchkin is cooking, Savannah is upgrading the trash compactor and Chia is using the fryer.

I keep meaning to change the walls in here.

Aw autonomous kitty love. ❤

Beast: I did not give my permission for this hug.  Put me down at once or suffer my wrath.

The car is coming along nicely and helps Savannah’s handiness skill a lot.  Especially when I have her listening to tabcasts at the same time.

I have not forgotten her need to max the logic skill though.  I think she is at level 5 at this point.  This new LTW should be doable.

Hi Jacklyn! Nice to see you.

Jacklyn: Just thought I’d lend a hand.

Tobias is out at the same time. ❤  Hi Tobias!

Crystal: Ew no.  I don’t do ghosts.

Magenta: I just watched a trailer for Game of Thrones.  Is it April yet?

Azrael: Point me to my bed.

Note Savannah still upgrading stuff around the house.

Savannah: What is wrong with you guys? Has Beast pooped in here again?

Nope they are all reacting to these three ghosts.  I may end up having to move the graveyard to a different lot. It is a nightmare trying to get my heirs to do anything at night.  Also I am surprised no one has died of hunger yet, the ghosts keep distracting them on the way to the kitchen.  Heaven only knows how I have got this far with no fails.

OK that’s it for now.  I have more photos but I didn’t want to make the chapter too long so I have split it.  Maybe I just take too many photos! 😀

Anyway heir poll will be up after the next chapter so start thinking about who’s your favourite.