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Chapter 8.15 A Grim Turn Out

Last time there were many fails and Munchkin got rid of the creepy IF dolls

In order to reduce the number of passing outs and failed bedtime stories I gave all the kids sleeping bags.  They actually use them too, which is great.

Magenta: I hate being old, nothing works properly anymore.

No you just love that chair too much.

Savannah is out doing what she does best, diving!

A couple of days away from their teen birthday and the kids finally have their first day at school.

These two even did their homework directly after.  Such good kids.

Meanwhile at home Shawna’s life is expiring.

Shawna: Neat I’m all sparkly.

Ginger: Oh wow she’s totally dead.


Ginger: …



Rest in peace Shawna.

Savannah is still diving and obviously to events at home.  She did find this cool looking chest but needs skill level 8 to open it.  She is half way through level 7 so not long till she finds out what’s inside.

I took a break from following Savannah to check on the others.  Chia, I noticed had not come home after school.  I found her sleeping here near the school.

Savannah proving she is a badass, fighting a shark! She fought two and won both times.  Got two shark teeth out of it.  Might keep one of them.

It’s that time again! I threw a party for them this time and invited the extended family.

Munchkin: Mum why are all these people in our house?

Those are our party guests!

Mace decides he is not ready to grow up yet and sleeps by the pool instead.

With six birthday’s happening I was happy just to get three of them in one shot.

Just the maid, Munchkin and Crystal to cheer them on so far.

Annatto goes first.

Not bad, needs work though.

Cinnamon is next. Hey Ragdoll is here!

Ew, that hair.

Paprika is next.  Thanks Magenta for blocking my photo.

Here she is all grown up, cute hat.

Next is Chia.

So pretty.

Ginger’s turn.

Wow that’s bad.  Don’t worry I’ll sort it.

Finally we have little Mace.

Wow nice hair! XD

I am currently in the process of giving them makeovers so I may do a separate post to show them off.  Not doing the heir vote just yet.  I want to wait till they are closer to become young adults first.


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Chapter 8.14 Fails, Snow and a Useless Maid

Last time our six potential heirs became kids, there were fails and the bedtime story nightmare began.

With more time on her hands now the kids are more self sufficient Munchkin gets back to her LTW.  Wow that hallway is empty.   I will have to add clutter at some point (probably end up being never!)

Beast: Must investigate tiny humans

Cinnamon: Hi kitty. ❤

Munckin’s music draws in sims like moths to a flame.

Magenta: I’m so hungry but I feel compelled to stay and listen.

Well don’t blame me if you end up dying of hunger.

Just Ginger smashing a sandcastle.  Whatever keeps her happy I guess. 😀

Azrael got chosen to read Cinnamon a bedtime story.

Hey look at that she’s asleep!

These two are still in love ❤  It’s so nice when couples I put together stay together.

I sent Munchkin out fishing while she was waiting for the depressurising moodlet to go away.

Back at home Munchkin was set to work making our collection of creepy IF dolls disappear.  I was praying the whole time that she wouldn’t die.

Munchkin: Booyah!

Paprika: Why does she have to be so happy about destroying our toys.

Another fail from Shawna,  her irresistible trait seems to be a problem in a ISBI challenge.

These kids are awesome! To prove it here is Paprika loading the dishwasher.

Mace meanwhile is doing what fairies do best, dancing.

It’s like real life, you buy kids all these toys and they would rather be playing with a pile of stinky leaves the garden.

Paprika found the playground.  It was kind of sad to watch her play on her own though.

I do like it when they socialise autonomously.

Beast proves the cat bed was a great investment!! XD

I am a little impressed with Annatto, she showed such dedication to her chores that she very nearly wet herself.  I am pleased to report she made it to a toilet just in time.

Ginger: Look at me! I can be helpful too.

Ginger: Well that’s done.  Time to track down an adult to read me a bedtime story.

Crystal bakes while Savannah mends the dishwasher

New island found via Lifetime happiness reward.  I lost the notification but I think it’s called Plunder Cove.

Another day, another dive.  So far she’s raised 5684 towards her 40000 goal.  I can’t see her reaching it but we are giving it a damn good try.

ManMaid: Wow this place is flithy.

How about you clean it up, that is what we are paying you for.

ManMaid: I think I’ll just stand here complaining about the mess till my shift ends.

Savannah went to the grocery store to complete an opportunity and I realised she hadn’t come home.  I found her making a snow angel in her swimwear.  How she didn’t freeze I’ll never know.

Annatto: Excuse me! I can’t talk to my sister on account of her being in the way.

Savannah explored a new diving spot.  A shark appeared so I made her watch it for a bit.

Annatto: It was the freezer bunny gnome, honestly.

Mace: Why did there have to be a witness to this.

Cinnamon: I am not cleaning that up.

Annatto: I just tripped honestly.

Cinnamon: I saw you pass out sis.

I give the kids sleeping bags after this.  I have yet to see them use them.

To finish our run of fails, here is Magenta peeing herself inches away from a toilet.

Well this looks a lovely spot for the cat to sleep.

Chia found something productive to do.  She gained a skill point from it too.

I don’t know why she even has homework.  The kids are now 3 days away from becoming teens and they have yet to go to school.  Silly snow days.

Ok well that’s it for now.  Next time there will most likely be another batch of birthdays among other things.

Thanks for reading x


Chapter 8.13 Making things Easier

Last time I ended the chapter with this.  Also there was some toddler training and some fails.

The kids are growing up, should make things easier! I have opted for cakes this time but no party.  Saving that nightmare for when they are older!

Ok let’s get this show on the road.  First up is Chia and Annatto I think.  *checks in game* Yes I was right, there is just so many names to remember.

Surprise, surprise the maid is taking a break.

Munchkin: The trash compactor is broken.

Maid: That’s above my pay grade

It’s been broken for a long time. You guys just haven’t had the time to fix it.  Or by the looks of it clean out the fridges

Maid: Well I’m all finished, see you tomorrow!

Savannah: Well better go get another one.

Munchkin: That doesn’t look right

Chia: Nothing better than a good stretch before growing up.

Azrael: What in watcher’s name have I walked into?!

Here is a better look at the monstrosity

Shawna: Don’t mind me just going to eat my burnt waffles.

There is like 6 cakes sitting there and you want to eat that?

Aw poor Annatto only Azrael is left to cheer her on.

More birthdays!

Savannah: Trash compactor is broken

Ah this is more like what I was expecting.  Toddlers on floor waiting to age up, Munchkin can’t get to the cake for Mace’s birthday as Crystal and Paprika are in the way and everyone else just wants cake.

The puddle on the floor is Shawna’s.  She is 90 days old now so I can forgive her.

The birthday chaos gets to poor Mace. Plus he is really tired. Oh well he can sleep after his birthday.

Right then lets have a look at them all as children now that I have finally finished their makeovers.  Had a lot of fun with these.

First is Annatto.  Her new trait is Equestrian.

Next is Chia.  She is now Adventurous.

Cinnamon is next.  Her new trait is Heavy Sleeper.

This is Ginger.  Her new trait is Night Owl

Next is Mace. His new trait is Good sense of Humour

Finally we have Paprika.  Her new trait is Star Quality.

Annatto’s first action after her birthday is make this puddle.  Nice one, thanks.

Ginger: This pleases me.

Savannah: ‘We’ll be eating cake for-ever more!’ 

(In my head she sang this to the tune of Bread of Heaven)

With 6 kids the time of bed-time stories is much more frustrating than normal!

Savannah: Well I’m out of here.

Oh Chia you were so close.

With no more toddlers taking up her time Munchkin fixes the trash compactor.  You could have put changed first though.



Chapter 8.12 Toddlers, Fails and Cakes

Last time the kids became toddlers, much chaos ensued. Also Magenta and Davender had birthdays.

With 6 toddlers I knew training them the old way was not going to happen.  Instead I bought 6 walkers resulting in scenes like this.

They all learnt to walk fairly quickly but made it difficult for the adults to get to the bathrooms.

Magenta: In you go little guy.

Mace: Nana up. Nana up. : (

First fail of the chapter goes to Azrael.

Azrael: Who me? I don’t think so, I’m just walking here.  No idea where this puddle came from.

Not sure how many of them if any I will get potty trained but at least I can say I tried. 😀

Another fail this one is Crystal’s.

Savannah: You could at least clean it up.

Cyclops: Is anyone going to acknowledge I’m here?

I think it might be safe to assume Azrael has a favourite!

Hey look they found the playroom! Well the two whose needs are full anyway! XD

Munchkin: It’s nice to find time for myself.

*All 6 toddlers suddenly need their bottoms changed*

Munchkin: Never mind.

More toddler training underway.  Not doing too bad really.  Now that they are toddlers it is marginally easier.  Thank the sim gods I have 2 controllable sims.  I can’t imagine I would have got this far without the social worker showing up if I could only control 1 of them.

Having lost track of Azrael I find him outside playing in this pile of leaves.  Whatever keeps you happy.

Cute mummy daughter moment. ❤

Apologies for walls down but this is to show a rare moment in the house. All 6 toddlers sleeping at the same time!!

On top of that I have even managed to get some potty training done.  I got 3 of them trained before their birthday so not too bad.

Savannah took a break from toddler care to visit the consignment store. No real reason she needed a break from toddler caring and went shopping. Totally valid reason, I have done it myself. 😀 Oh and yes, that is a blue version of Derek Khan in the background.

That has to be the most cakes I have had laid out at once.  This is going to be fun! That will have to wait till next time though.


Chapter 8.11 Baby Chaos

Last time 6 babies were born and some home improvements were done.

With 6 babies in the house you would think clusters like this wouldn’t happen.  Guys come on there are 6 cribs you don’t have to put all of them in one.

Azrael seems to be happy he’s a dad.  He has actually proved to be very helpful and usually comes to help when the babies need something.

Of course most of the work is done by these two.  As you can imagine not much work is being done on the LTWs at the moment, sorry girls.

Proof that idiots can be helpful.

So can grandparents! 😀

Munchkin: That’s nice and all but she’s kind of in my way.

There’s another crib behind you!

In the midst of the chaos these two still find time for each other which is nice.  ❤

Magenta: Well this came round too quickly.

Magenta: Well this sucks.

Aw come on you make a cute elder. ❤

Now she looks even better.

More baby chaos!

One member of the family who hasn’t even been up to seen the babies yet is Shawna.  I don’t think she leaves her room all that much any more.

Magenta: In my younger days I could rock that look.  Probably still could you know.

Not a sight I want to see.

So it begins!

Another birthday.  Davender is growing up.

I thought he looked a bit dull so I gave him a bit of colour! Pretty kitty. ❤

I lost the pic of the notification but it told me that Siamese and Kay had a baby boy called Jeremy.  I went to check him out and found Kay in the bushes with him.

I went into CAS so you could have a look at the little blue cuteness. ❤

Look who found the nursery!

Shawna: Ooh babies.

Crystal: But I wanted to hold that one.

Crystal: Hello kitty. ❤

This made me laugh so much.  She left the chair, went to the nursery, got a baby and returned to the chair with it. XD

Oh yes there is a time machine in the basement.  Azrael and Munchkin decided it needed ‘breaking in’!

Savannah escaped the madness for a short scuba trip.

Savannah: Ooh Octopus.

Crystal: Why can’t I pick them up? What’s going on.

Floor birthdays! Right time for introductions

This one is Paprika. Her traits are Loves the Heat and Easily impressed.

This little guy is Mace.  His traits are Slob and Athletic. Also he’s a fairy like his daddy.

His sister is Ginger.  She is an Evil Loner.

Next up is Cinnamon.  She is Exictable and Athletic.

Chia is next.  She is a genius that loves the outdoors

Finally we have Annatto.  She is a clumsy virtuoso.

Wow I think is the most introductions I have done at once.  That’s it for now.  Next time we move on to the madness that is having 6 toddlers at once! Fun fun fun



Chapter 8.10 Full House

Ten chapters in and we finally get to the babies!  Last time we finished up the trip to Egypt and we had three pregnancies

Shawna’s lifebar is nearly full and she spends most of her time in her room.  Thanks to her irresistible trait though she is rarely alone.  Unfortunately that also means her needs are in the red a lot of the time.  How she doesn’t cause more fails I will never know.

Here’s Davender looking cute as always.  He has now gained the non destructive trait.

Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she can relax.  There are always things to fix.

Munchkin: Why is it always the toilets. Can’t we get ones that don’t break?

Of course she also has to work on her instrument skills for her LTW.  Draws a crowd which is nice.  I may get her out and about playing for tips at some point.

Magenta here becomes a elder very soon.  Here she is in denial about it! XD  Nice castle though.

Azrael managed to use the microwave to cook hotdogs.  Gained a skill point at the same time.  Nicely done.

I got a pop up saying Magenta was missing work.  I found her just outside her workplace drinking.

Magenta: What does it matter, I retire soon anyway.

Oh do you now.

Just Crystal doing laundry.  I love her ❤

Munchkin had a wish to get to level four handiness so she is upgrading things.

Munchkin: When can I leave this bathroom?

Savannah: Don’t we employ someone to do this for us?

Yes but they’re useless so you get to do it instead!

While she was doing that I was selling a few things in her inventory that she had found previously

She’s doing great! Just another 38,000 to go!

Oh here we go.  Munchkin is first to go into labour after upgrading the sink.

As I was putting the walls up in order to get a picture I noticed Beast’s urn is still in the hallway.  I have since moved this to the graveyard.

Savvanah, quickly followed by Crystal makes three sims giving birth at the same time.  Oh joy of joys.

What are the rest of the family doing while this is going on?

Magenta is watching TV after a hard day at work.

Shawna is giving Davender fusses.

Azrael is asleep and oblivious to everything going on.

Munchkin gave birth to a boy and a girl.  I called them Ginger and Mace.  After a lot of changes I settled on spices for the naming theme this time.

Poor little Mace was no traits

Thanks to Master controller I was able to populate his traits. He now has a personality.

Munchkin had two girls who I named Chia & Paprika.  Paprika also had no traits.

Problem solved.

Crystal also gave birth to two girls in the newly renovated basement.  I named them Annatto & Cinnamon

So we now 6 children only one of which is a boy.  Happy days.

I will give them all proper introductions when they become toddlers.

I have been busy with house renovations.  Here is the new look basement.  This is the main area.  Displayed some the families stuff acquired over the generations.

Same room looking the other way.

Little side room full of unused bits and bobs.

Finally I have extended the 1st floor to accommodate the newly arrived generation 9.  Wow can you believe it! The penultimate generation have finally been born!

To end with here are a couple of amusing glitches.

Crystal had trouble putting one of her daughters in the crib and bust a hole in the wall while doing so.

Then we had an alien with an invisible ship.  XD


Chapter 8.9 Idiots in Egypt Part 2 and Consequences

Last time saw the start of my heir’s honeymoon.  Both couples headed off to Egypt while I kept everything crossed.  Savannah headed off to explore a bit while Munchkin and Azrael kept themselves busy at base camp.

We rejoin our honeymooners for the rest of their trip.

These two are still very much in love.  It’s really nice when this happens. ❤ They are doing a great job of ignoring the creepy local paparazzi too.

Of course they are not the only ones enjoying the holiday.  Savannah having tried exploring decides to spend some time with her wife.

I never tire of watching the tent fly.  That would be so scary if that happened in real life though!

Munchkin took a trip to the market to get some souvenirs and found a huge basement.  Being a Mendoza the first thing she heads for is the nectar rack.

Munchkin: They wont miss one.

She then gets overly excited about finding a tiny study.  The lack of chair at the desk bugs me a bit.

Munchkin: Oooh shiny.

Food Vendor: Ugh your that one who Woohooed in public.  Get out of my store, you are driving away my customers.

Crystal: Just say the word.

Savannah: Leave him, he’s not worth it.

In an attempt to get them away from the tents I sent them all to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  It’s a holiday so they are seeing the sights.

Azrael: Why are there so many stairs?

Well that plan backfired.  You take them to a beautiful place with lovely views and still nothing changes.

Savannah: It’s really nice eating out in the open like this.

Azrael: The light, it’s so pretty.

Another trip to the market, this time for better food than the quick meals available back at base camp.  Munchkin takes the opportunity to build her guitar skill while Azrael plays in the sand.

I forget what I was doing at this point, looking for something I think.  Anyway I noticed smoke coming from one of the houses.  You can see it in the centre of the photo.


Yikes! I wonder how that started?

After that I go to base camp to check on Savannah and Crystal.  Well at least it’s a change from the tent.

Munchkin: Before you say anything I am just going to bed.  I am really tired.

Automonous dip kiss.  ❤

Paparazzi: A witch and a greenie.  This is gold!

Oi don’t call her greenie.

All good things as the say must come to an end so here we are back home again.  They are all exhausted so I direct them to their new bedrooms for some much needed rest.

Then in the morning this happened…

Surely not all three of them! o_o

Savannah went on a dive in search of more things to sell for her LTW.  This amused me a ghost and a mermaid chatting.  Apparently I have a ghost family in the town now.

Munchkin is not idle either.  She is working on her own LTW.  Sweet that Azrael came to join her.  He does this a lot actually.

I really don’t know what to say in response to this.  Oh wait I’ve got it

Munchkin: Hey babe just so you know I’m pregnant.

Azrael: That’s awesome.  I hope it’s a boy.  *rolls wish for a boy*

Since we have been doing so well lets end with a fail.  That irresistible trait really doesn’t do her any favours.  Everyone keeps wanting to talk to her which cancels out the actions to tend to her needs.

Savannah: Please tell me she’s not dead.  I don’t want a dead woman on my carpet.

Relax she just passed out.