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Idiots do it their way

Chapter 6.3 The Family that Drinks together, Stays together.


Hi there, I’m back! I was hoping to get a chapter up sooner but we switched broadband providers and it has taken nearly three months to get it up and running.  Thankfully it was sorted out yesterday! It does mean I have a lot to catch up on with all your stories/legacies.  Give me something to do while my daughter takes her naps! 😀

Right then what happened last time? *frantically scans last chapter as it has been so long*

Ah that’s right! Koi left us to rejoin Lucky. 😥 Rickon and Starla got engaged then married and they got a cat ❤

We start where we left off, just after Rickon’s makeover of his older sister Dani.


This is Dani leaving in a huff. (looking stylish in the outfit I spent ages creating for her.)

Dani: Still don’t like it, change it back.

Nope I like it so you get to keep it.

Dani: 😡

Your welcome 😀


Back home Mulberry finds the drafting table.  I love it how a ghost that can float through walls can sit on a stool! XD

Mulberry: I have you know it’s not as easy as it looks.  It takes a lot of concentration.


All that concentration took a lot out of you I see.


Back at the salon Rickon takes pity on poor Shannon Terrey and gives him a makeover.

Oh Rebeca is here.  She’s so pretty ❤


Since Shannon is in the criminal career I gave him a look that was better suited to a career criminal.

Shannon: I like the hat but I would have liked red shoes.


Viserys was loitering upstairs so I had Rickon go say hi.

Rickon: I wonder if Rebeca is still here, maybe I should go say hi to her too.

Viserys: Dude you know she’s a lesbian right?

Rickon: Say it isn’t so bro.

Viserys: Sorry it’s true she’s in a relationship with a woman called Rosa.

Pity, still I might save her and use her later on.


Rickon posing for a fan.  I keep forgetting he’s a celebrity.

Rickon: That’s 2 star celebrity thank you.


Back home baby one is confirmed.


Starla celebrates by breaking the bath tub.

Starla: Why don’t you prove it.

I watched you break it.

You watched me take a bath. O.o


Safe to say these to do not get along.


Oh yes that’s much better.  You are free to go do what you want Susan.

Susan: *runs off before I can change my mind*


There Rickon and Starla’s section in the crypt.


Susan’s first action as a free woman.

Susan: Just celebrating.

Celebrating what?

Susan: My promotion of course.



I used Starla’s YA action to tell Rickon she’s pregnant.

Starla: Honey I’m glad you’re home. There’s something I have to tell you.

Rickon: What is it sweetie


Starla: I’m pregnant!

Rickon: That’s great! I hope it’s a boy *rolls wish for a boy*

Starla: *rolls wish for a girl*


Rickon: Mum said things always seem to break in this house.

Better raise your handiness skill then.


Just Mulberry and Starla having another pleasant conversation.


I had to add this.  It was so funny watching werewolf Max taking on his phone while walking. 😀


Rickon: Attention on me now please.


Rickon: Bask in my awesomeness!

Is that even a word?

Rickon: Don’t ruin the moment.


Mulberry: Nothing like catching a few rays after a hard day.

There’s so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to start.


I pity your future child.  No one in this family is setting a good example.

Rickon: Relax it’s just juice.

Yeah right.


I changed Starla’s pregnancy outfit.  Isn’t it pretty.  I don’t remember where I got the dress from though.


Wow autonomous cooking even though the fridge is full of leftovers.

Max: But I want hotdogs.


Rickon was working out for an opportunity and Susan came over to join in.

Rickon: I don’t mind you working out with me Mum but could you put some clothes on.

Susan: It’s important to let your skin breathe.


Starla: I can’t listen to you anymore.  You’re just taking rubbish!


Mulberry: You’re so mean.  I don’t know what Rickon sees in you.


Rickon is still fixing the things the family breaks.  This time it’s the dishwasher.

Starla: Please be careful honey.  I don’t want my baby to grow up without a father.

That’s about it for this chapter.  I have more pictures so expect another chapter soon.  I shall end this time with some news about Rickon’s siblings



And this one about Susan’s brother Rory.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 6.3 The Family that Drinks together, Stays together.

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  2. Wow, so much drinking in this chapter. Baby X is going to be a drunkard out of the womb.

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