The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


Chapter 4.10 The Big Move

Hello dear readers, hope you are all well.  Let’s kick things off with the results of the heir poll.

Gen 5 heir poll

I can announce that with 50% of the vote Susan will be the next torch holder

voting card Susan


So last time Susan and Romana became teens, Koi became an adult and Magrat mourned the loss of her beloved Melon.

We kick things off this time with Magrat retiring.


Magrat: Hello, I would like to retire.  Being Empress of Evil doesn’t have the same edge anymore.

Susan: Dishwashers broken, again.


Magrat: *polite clapping & Confetti*


Grim: Welp I’d better go prepare for another reaping.  Be seeing you soon Magrat Mendoza.

(Her lifebar is full 😥 )

Melon: You will have another piece of Melon soon my love.

Well that’s comforting


OMG I love this girl! She is at level 4 in athletic already.


Susan: Go bother someone else, you’re making me loose my grip.

There are some glitches that just make me laugh! XD

Susan: It’s not funny from this angle. 😡


Aww mother & son bonding. ❤

Rory: So mum, how about letting me have another go at driving

Koi: No

Rory: Come on, I promise I won’t run any old ladies over this time.

Koi: That ‘old lady’ was your grandma.

Oops (I failed at getting a picture of this but just picture Magrat standing in the middle of the bonnett of a car! I was laughing too much to concentrate on pressing C)


This was such a great moment.  Grim playing with Seymour.

Grim: So we meet again.  Ate anyone interesting?

Seymour: No one that suits my delicate palette.


But what really put the icing on the cake was this.

Seymour: So what do you taste like?

Grim: I don’t have time for your childish games. *returns to wherever he came from*


Susan is not the only only skilling.  Martha now has a point in guitar and a point in drums.

Magrat: My grandkids are so talented. ❤

Melon & Magrat Grandchildren

Speaking of grandkids, this is how many Melon and Magrat have. Only one got Magrat’s skin colour, so sad. Guess the yellow skin genes are not as strong in my game as they were in Tam’s! XD


Romana: What do you mean no one voted for me. I demand a recount! 😡

Uh oh, someone is not taking the voting results well.

Romana: *glares*

*leaves room slowly*


Lucky: Wow, this far into the chapter already and this is the first picture you have of me?

Well, all you are doing currently is solving cases which is repetitive and would make for a boring chapter.  You still have a long slog before you get anywhere near completing your LTW.  You have another 15 cases to solve before Susan grows up.

up (3)

Proof that Magrat does leave the rocking chair on occasion! XD Also proof that Lucky does take a break from solving cases every no and then.

up (8)

Koi: What’s going on? Why is the house void of furniture?

Lucky: Well we are moving to a new town so most of it has been packed up.  I sold the rest.

I wanted to make the move before Martha became a YA and she is 3 days away from that so yeah we are moving.

up (9)

So with everything all packed up. Oh and I am taking 24Hourspar, Giggles, Ready Brek & their two children with us.  There is just too many other family members to take all of them. I need room in the new town for all the lovely handpicked sims I plan to drop in it.

up (11)

So with one final look at the Lucky Palms house we are off.

up (13)

Romana: Where in Llamas are we?

Welcome to Roaring Heights. So pretty ❤

Lucky: We appear to be on a beach.

Yes, this is your new home.  Wait hang on a bit.


up (14)

Tada! Yes I took the plunge and built a house from scratch.  I am really happy with it. 😀 I did have to resist using the awesome two level apartment I usually use when playing this town.

up (15)

This is the back.  There will be a nice barbeque/relaxing area on the lower deck eventually. I did have one all nicely done but the game crashed.

up (17)

All the gnomes make the journey across.  I have a couple of new ones by the looks of it.  I haven’t named them all yet as I am too lazy.

up (19)

All the pictures and paintings are intact as well.  I sold the personalised items so everyone now has a flower or a pot paint instead.  You may also notice the row of rocking chairs.  I took inspiration from other ISBIs such as this one for the basement.

up (21)

Before I kick out the hangers on I let Martha have some bonding time with her mother.  I used her one teen move to initiate socialising.

Martha: So did you enjoy the trip?

24Hourspar: It was ok but I am glad to have my feet the ground again.

up (23)

So after an epic water ballon battle bonding session I move the spares out.  (The other two teens are Ready Brek’s kids Whitney – renamed Wesley and Jan)

up (24)

Ready Brek: Well it was nice to get some face time again but all good things must come to an end.

up (25)

Magrat: Ah this is much better.  I can see myself spending many hours here.  (spoiler: She does!)

up (27)

Koi meanwhile has taking up drinking.

Koi: I have to deal with getting older somehow.

water (1)

Rory and Susan were still chucking water balloons at each other long into the evening.  Little creepy how a paparazzi showed up and kept snapping pics of them.  Nice outfit though.

water (2)

Lucky rolled a wish to learn fishing so hear she is, fishing.

Lucky: Got to make the most of living on the beach.


water (7)

Yay someone found the megaphone! XD


Susan: Oh I think I just wet myself.

Koi: *evil cackle*

water (13)

OK on to nicer things.  It’s Martha’s birthday!

water (15)

water (18) water (20)

She doesn’t look all that different but I see a lot of Lucky in that face.

water (21)

So after a quick makeover Martha is the first to fly the nest.

water (24)

Martha: What?! I’m not the heir?

No you only got one vote.

Martha: You are kidding me, right?

Sorry Susan is just more popular than you.  Never mind though there will be a butt load of shiny new sims moving to town soon that you can get your claws into.

Well, that’s it for now.  I have to finish the house and repopulate the town so it may be a while before the next chapter but I will get a house tour up soon and an update on the new residents of Roaring Heights.

If I haven’t grabbed your sims yet and there is a sim you would like added there is still time.  Let me know in the comments section below.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 1 x 10 = 10

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 24 x 5 = 120

Total: – 65



Chapter 4.9 Your Hunger is Amusing.

Hey there, another chapter coming your way.  Generation 5 is getting close now, there will be an heir poll after this chapter.

Last time Magrat reached the top of the criminal career and achieved her LTW on her own!! Rory grew up and other stuff happened.


Lucky is out doing her PI job.  She is actually on hold with someone.

Lucky: I hate hold music.

You and me both.

Suddenly the camera pans home and this happens. 😥


Melon: Mum? Is that you?


Death: OK which one of you wants the honour of joining me in the netherworld.

Melon: It’s not me, take her instead!



Melon: PLEEAASEE don’t take me away.

Death: Get up, this is embarrassing.


Melon: How about a mind meld first?

Death: *sigh* Is it too much to ask for them to just go quietly.


After all that Grimmy hung around and chatted online for a bit.



Bye Melon.  I’ll miss you.  (the megaphone is the only thing I could think of that related to his final career in the director’s branch of the film career)


Anyway on to happier things.  Susan & Romana’s birthdays. Romana is up first.

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-29

Not bad, I can see a little Lucky in her but not bad

Magrat: How can you all celebrate when my beloved Melon is gone.


Susan is next.


Sadly this is the only picture I have of her before makeover.


Speaking of makeovers here is Romana as a teen.  Her new trait is Loves to Swim.



This is Susan as a teen. Her new trait is Dramatic.  I had to get a doctor who pattern in there somewhere and since her fav colour is blue it is more suited to her.


I always find it cute when the dog licks the sim when they are getting brushed.  This is the first time I have managed to get the picture right when it happens. 😀


Lucky was working out for an opportunity. Her athletic daughter decided to join her, in her swimwear.


In other news Emmie the pit monster claims another victim.  The ghost for this death btw is always drowning, even the pop up is for drowning. Lazy EA, lazy.


Oh yes, I discovered Martha has a hidden trait.


She’s an imaginary friend.  I think she inherited it from 24HourSpar.


I let her walk around the house like it for a bit but that face is so creepy so I changed her back.  You won’t be seeing her like this again, probably.


Magrat: I think you should do your bit and help with the cleaning.


Yeah that didn’t go over well.  These two are not on good terms anymore.


Lucky’s latest case involves this guy, Russell Tanner.  First she questioned him.


Then she dusted his home for prints.  I was disapointed that the family was actually home as I noticed Lucky had the option to break in.


Finally she had to go through the garbage.

Lucky: Can’t I have an assistant to do this bit.


Martha: Grandma, why so sad?



Magrat: I miss Melon. *sob sob*

Martha: There, there. It’s ok, You’ll see him soon.

Not sure that’s the best thing to say. :/


Seriously she does this all the time.  I felt she should keep the mourning moodlet but no I wish I hadn’t


This is just Martha setting a prank.  Nothing more to say, just liked her face here.


Rory: Aw English Lit is hard. Why does it have to be Shakespeare. Why can’t it be something I actually understand like Iron Man.

Romana: You are comparing Shakespeare to a comic?! I can’t even look at you right now.


Ooh someone found the guitar.  She actually stuck at it long enough to gain a skill level. 😀


Susan is cooking breakfast when there is a ton of leftovers in the fridge.

Susan: I don’t know how long that stuff’s been in there.


This makes perfect sense, the hydrophobic one wants to play in the waterfall.


Koi is still playing with the kids toys.  It’s cute to watch so I haven’t packed them away.


It’s Lucky’s first stakeout. How’s it going.

Lucky: Well I seem to be nicely camouflaged so my target shouldn’t see me.


And just were is your target?

Lucky: Well, you see…

No one turned up. 😦 Stakeout failed.


This is what happened on the second try.

RB: Hey sis, what are you doing?

Lucky: Don’t talk to me, I’m on a stakeout.  Move or you’ll ruin it.

Stakeout failed, again. 😦

twit (2)

Um Susan won’t your parents catch you. They were both right there?

Susan: Relax, my target is closeby.

twit (5)

Rory: Ah the perfect spot for some solo gaming.

twit (6)

Whoopie Cushion: *Pppphhhhhhhhhfffffffffffttttttttt*

Rory: What the heck!

twit (10)

OMG I love these kids. ❤

twit (11)

Romana: Hungry now.

Magrat: I find your hunger amusing. *evil cackle*

twit (14)

Yes, I forgot Koi’s birthday.

twit (17)

She looks the same but is now going through a mid life crisis.  No problem with that, I don’t have to fulfil your wishes.

twit (18)

Magrat: Listen there’s this film coming out at the weekend that I can’t miss.  Could you hold of on reaping me till after then?

Susan: Is she really making a deal with Grim?

Death: Listen lady, I already let one member of this household live way past his expiry date.  I am not doing that again.

twit (20)

Stakeout try 4.

Oldguy: Is it just me or does that bush look oddly like a woman.

Teen: Never mind that. Just get this over with, I’m tired.

Lucky got what she needed, reported it to the police now I just have to wait for the appropriate time to do the second stakeout.

twit (24)

Did I mention I love these kids? Martha is working on the car.

twit (28)

Martha: This presentation is great, I should take some notes.

Ok that’s it.  Here are your choices for heir.

Voting card Martha Voting card Romana Voting card Rory voting card Susan

Heir poll will be up shortly.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 1 x 10 = 10

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 24 x 5 = 120

Total: – 65


Chapter 4.8 Playing with Life and Death

Hey there! I would have got this out sooner but it was my birthday last week so I postponed this. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has agreed for their sims/simselves to added to the town.  I am so looking forward to the move and setting it up.

Anyway last time the youngest girls grew up, Coco was taken from us 😥 and Lucky nearly got eaten by Seymour.

We begin this time with someone actually using the nice little reading nook I created in the study.


gen 4 ch 8 (3)

Magrat: Quiet, they’ll hear you.


gen 4 ch 8 (4)

Ha ha it’s almost like a conga! 😀 Look at their cute little outfits. ❤ Of course Romana has to remind me that I forgot to put glasses with her formal wear.

gen 4 ch 8 (6)

Magrat: Damn it, how did they find me.

That’s the power of the bedtime story.

Susan: Aw Rory, she was gonna read to me first.

Romana: But I found her first.

Rory: Well I’m the eldest so there 😛

gen 4 ch 8 (8)

No one is safe when kids are tired.

Lucky: Don’t worry I got this. 😀

gen 4 ch 8 (9)

*Sigh* oh Rory. -5

Things got better the next time Magrat went to work.  I knew she was doing well but I hadn’t checked her level recently.  Imagine my surprise when this popped up.

Magrat lvl 10 Magrat LTW finished

gen 4 ch 8 (11)


Well done Magrat, first non controllable sim to achieve their LTW.  It helped that she was always working out due to her athletic trait. +25

gen 4 ch 8 (15)

These birthdays kind of sneak up on you don’t they.  It’s Lucky’s adult birthday and Rory’s teen one.

gen 4 ch 8 (19) gen 4 ch 8 (20) gen 4 ch 8 (21) gen 4 ch 8 (23) gen 4 ch 8 (24) gen 4 ch 8 (26) gen 4 ch 8 (29) gen 4 ch 8 (31)

Lucky looked the same I just gave her a little mini makeover to suit an older woman.



Rory has an interesting look but he is ok.  His new trait is proper so I tried to incorporate that into his look while keeping a slight eccentric look to him.


Lucky is still out and about trying to solve as many cases as she can before I relinquish control.  I laughed when this guy got struck by lighting and Lucky just didn’t care at all.  Everyone else turned to watch but not Lucky, nothing stops her solving a case.


These two have taken to dancing together a lot.  They are getting rather good.


Oh Seymour, not again.

Romana: OMG I’ve never seen cake this big!


Seymour: Omnomnom


Seymour how could you do that to a child.  Spit her out this instant. 😡


Thank you.  (I am so glad the cow plant doesn’t eat children)

Romana: Ew cow plant slobber

Later that same day…

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25


He did spit the maid out so all was well.



I may have forgotten I downloaded this and wanted to try it out.  It is called the Door of Life and Death for those who don’t know.  It is part of the Grim’s Ghastly Manor set on the store.  It has some options I want to try out plus I heard it attracts Zombies and Paparazzi.

*insert evil laugh here*

This is a little spam of Susan flexing her insane trait, enjoy

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37


End Spam


What could be better than playing chess on your own? Playing with the ghost of a legacy founder of course.  Hi Jacklyn!


He he he. I love this door already.  It has claimed it’s first victim, a paparazzi who’s name escapes me and my notes.

Melon: Would you look at that a door to nowhere.

I know It will look better when I have more time.


And finally Lucky & Koi had another romantic selfie as I lost the first one.  I like this one better though.  Koi’s face is so funny! XD

That’s it I’m afraid, no more pictures. 😦

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 24 x 5 = 120

Total: – 75


Chapter 4.7 Is This The End

Well how about that two chapters in one day, you lucky, lucky people.

Last time Martha grew up, her younger sisters were super cute and K-9 became a big dog.

mad (3)

In a desperate attempt to win your votes Martha helps out with her younger sisters.

mad (4)

While Rory feeds Handles.  Doesn’t he look cute on his little stool. ❤

mad (6)

Coco has maxed out his life bar (I think it was a boy :/) and might not be with us much longer so Lucky is giving him some extra attention

mad (7)

Martha: *fake fear* Oh a zombie, I’m like so scared.

mad (8)

Zombie: brains…

Martha: *squeal* I love this part

mad (9)

Zombie: Raarrr! Brains!

Martha *imitates*

mad (10)

Martha: Oh that was a riot! Do it again! 😀

mad (13)

Melon meanwhile discovers we have a pool with a waterfall.


Lucky: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! 

Romana: Dishwasher is broken

Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52

Oh dear, that looks painful.


Here she is after her makeover, Her new trait is Computer Whiz so I have tried to go for a sort of geeky look.


Next up is Susan.  Oh Melon no don’t copy your father.


Susan: *birthday cross-eyes*


Wow that’s bad styling.

toad (1)

This is her now, much better.  Her new trait is Insane.  Since she is Athletic I have tried to give her a sporty look.  I think it works.  I also added blue tips to her hair which I like.

toad (4)

I converted Maya & Nolan’s old room into the girls bedroom and used their child actions to send them to their new beds.


Oh Romana don’t do that, you were potty trained. -5

toad (12)

Coco: Meow, Meow.

Melon: What’s up Coco, is it your birthday too?

toad (14)

Melon: *sobs* no it can’t be happening.

K-9: *Whimpers*

Death: Clear the way, I haven’t got all day you know.


Melon: NO not Coco! It’s too soon! 😥

Death: Who’s a good boy?


Death: Up, up up to the heavyside layer


RIP Coco Pops. 😦 I put his grave next to Pipers.  I now have a mini pet cemetary

toad (3)

Melon: Damn those kids.

I don’t know, it kind of suits you.

toad (5)

Um Lucky? What are you doing?

Seymour: This one smells good.

toad (6)


toad (7)

Seymour: BURP!

Bad Seymour! 😡

toad (8)

*deep breaths* Oh thank goodness, when this happened in game I thought it was game over.  I have never been so glad to see Seymour spit a sim out.

toad (9)

These to are inseparable.  Whenever Rory has low fun motive he seeks K-9 out.

toad (10)

Hey someone found the other easel. 😀

toad (18)

Martha found the instruments and took a liking to this one

toad (20)

I realised I hadn’t done a potrait of Koi so I cheated and had Melon do it.  Thank you Melon ❤ +5

toad (21)

Melon got pranked again but this isn’t the best part.

Magrat's prank

When looking to see who had done it I was surprised to find Magrat had this moodlet. 😀

toad (24)

Lucky was out working on another case so she visited All Bran who lived nearby.

toad (25)

This is his son, Ricky who has fallen foul to EA styling. Poor kid.

toad (28)

There, much better.

toad (30)

Lucky is now at level 5 and her work outfits are starting to look a bit nicer.

toad (31)

She talks to this woman and voila..

toad (32)

Case 9 done and dusted.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 24 x 5 = 120

Total: – 95


Chapter 4.6 See My Cake

Hi, hope everyone enjoyed the Easter bank holidays.  Last time Rory became a child, Susan & Romana were born and Ready Brek thought his parents old bedroom was the perfect place to woohoo with his wife.

We start this time with Romana being adorable in the walker while teaching herself to walk.


Romana: I favourite now?

We’ll see.


I finally got round to redecorating Tobias’ old room.  Much more fitting for Melon & Magrat.

Magrat: These paintings please me.

I’m not surprised, they are food related after all.


Lucky meanwhile is completing another case involving this woman, Zahra Diwan.


Lucky: 7 down, 28 more to go.

I’m not sure you’ll do that in time.



Seymour: See my cake!

Maid: Oh it’s so big!


Birthday time! Martha is becoming a teenager


Just a small family affair this time.


Koi: Is that meant to happen?

Martha: Whoosh!




After, her new trait is Unflirty.


K-9: *howl* (my birthday too)


He’s so fluffy! 😀


I give him a collar in TARDIS blue. 😀 (or as close as I could get)


LOL poor Martha not been a teen one day and already roped into a bedtime story. At least she is reading him an age appropriate book


Aw, Romana has a sad. 😦



Lucky: OK sweetie, can you say Vashta Nerada?



Melon: There we go honey, grandpa’s got you.




Oh Melon not on the child. -5

Romana: Grandpa go potty


Just for cuteness ❤


Why do I make these people nice rooms with nice beds if they are just going to sleep on the floor.

twits (2)

Koi cooks and doesn’t burn it. Good girl. 🙂

twits (10)


Rory: Come on, get the piggy.

Wow that dog can jump!

twits (12)


Lucky: *sneaky, snoopy*

We are looking for clues at the gym.

twits (13)

I spot a protest going on at city hall.  Something about computers

Jogger: Don’t mind me, just passing through.

twits (16)

Lucky needs to speak to the white haired woman, Volanda Shaw but her brother is busy flirting with her.

twits (18)twits (20)


Lucky does eventually get to speak with Volanda and completes case no. 8

I will finish here for now as I have a ton more pics and decided to split this into two chapters.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  7 x 5 = 35

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 23 x 5 = 115

Total: – 95


Chapter 4.5 3 Birthdays, 2 Births and a Party

Hi there! Wow it’s been a while since the last chapter, sorry about that.  Been a lot going on lately plus I’ve been ill and didn’t feel like playing sims. 😦

Anyway last time Rory was born, birthdays were had, Lucky solved another case and Martha turned into a freaky monster.

Let’s kick things off with little Rory being cute despite playing with his creepy IF doll.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-9


Directly after this I removed it from his possession. I hate those things.


Elsewhere Melon resorts to default old sim behaviour and spends most of his free time in the rocking chair.

Melon: It’s so comfy though.



Seymour is still here and currently on his best behaviour.

Seymour: I’m just biding my time. Luring these idiots into a false sense of security.

Don’t you go eating my sims and loosing me points.


Cute puppy is cute. ❤ I have no other reason for adding this.


Tobias paid us a visit and helped out with childcare.

Rory: Ghosty smell good.

super (1)


Lucky found this little guy a while back and till now he has gone un-named.  He is now called Handles.


Lucky had to talk to this lady in relation to a case she is working on.  She has an interesting face.

Lucky: So you haven’t seen the toothbrush?

Sciencelady: A toothbrush? You’re investigating a toothbrush case?

Lucky: We all got to start somewhere

And then my game froze up and crashed.  Gee thanks. 😡

super (2)

Lucky: There you go sweetie, now teach yourself to talk for mummy.

super (4)

Magrat: There’s my favourite grandson.

Rory: I want to stay in here.

super (7)


Magrat: It seems to be crying, what do I do with it?

super (10)


She figured it out, eventually.

Koi: Just shut him up will you.

super (16)


Magrat & Melon still socialise with each other, there relationship has taken a nosedive since Melon has been left alone.  Here Magrat is acusing Melon of being insane, one of her favourite pastimes.  It upsets me when my couples don’t get along. 😦

super (15)

Another attempt at teaching Rory to talk.  After the game crashed I didn’t feel like adding and recolouring the playpen again so I did it the non cheaty way.

Lucky: Come on sweetie, you almost got it.

super (21)

With toddler training done for now Lucky heads out to work on her latest case.  I love this profession, pregnancy is no boundary to progression.  This kid is a boy btw, his name is Wyatt.  I have no idea why he is hanging around behind a bar.

super (23)

Lucky: Brains…

Don’t do that.

super (20)

I thought this was a cute moment.  Martha was playing with the toys and Koi came and joined her.

Koi: You thought of taking up music, we have a nice selection of instruments.

super (26)

Look Melon does sleep in a bed!

Coco: But I don’t want my mouse barbecued.

super (27)


Rory: Ima big boy now.

This is to signify that Rory has completed his toddler training. Yay!

super (28)

Melon bakes a pie and doesn’t burn it! Just in time too.

Melon: Why what’s going on?

super (30)

It’s party time.  Giggles, 24hourspar and wearwolf man arrive and try to work out how stairs work.  Rice Krispies shows them all how it’s done.

super (32)

Hi All Bran! Cheer up it’s a party!

super (34)

The party is for Rory.  Look at the cuteness. ❤

super (36)

Most of the guests don’t give a damn.  All Bran is here but is thinking of his dad instead of cheering.

super (38) super (40)

Come on turn around so we can see what you look like.

super (41)

Not bad, I can work with that.

super (46)


Tada! I liked the outfit he grew up in so I let him keep it.  I just recoloured it in Aqua, his fav colour.  His new trait is Neurotic.

OK party highlights.

super (43)

Everyone magically appeared when it was time for cake.

Old guy: Move, I want cake.

super (44)

Lucky talks to the warewolf and closes case 5.  just 30 more to go.  Not sure she will complete her LTW but I will give it a good try.

super (48)

Lucky decides this is the perfect time and place to give birth.

Lucky: Get. It. Out!

super (50)

I move her into Melon & Magrat’s room which I never recoloured.

super (55)

It’s a girl! Met Susan. Susan is Easily impressed and Athletic.  She is named after Susan Foreman the first ever companion.  I couldn’t have a Doctor Who theme and not use her could I.

super (53)

I then here woohoo sounds and I find two party guests in Maya and Nolan’s old room.

super (54)

It turns out to be Giggles and Ready Brek. At least their marriage is going well.

Giggles: This is a great party.

RB baby

Giggles gave birth soon after the party ended to their second child Whitney.

twit (1) twit (3)

The instruments are discovered which is great in Koi’s case as she needs it for her job.

twit (5)

Come on guys kiss and make up please.

twit (6)

Baby time!

Koi: Ooh not good.

twit (10)

Melon & Lucky: OMG she’s having a baby! What do we do?

twit (11)

Lucky has things under control eventually and autonomously takes Koi to the hospital. Sweet ❤

twit (12)

Lucky: Come on honey, you’re almost there.

twit (15)

It’s another girl.  This one is Romana. Named after the Fourth doctors time lady companion.  Our Romana is Exitable and Insane.

Lucky why are you holding that thing, I thought we got rid of that, twice.

twit (19)

Martha: Grandpa can you read me a bedtime story.

Ugh here we go again.

twit (21) twit (24)

Oh Koi. I know you just gave birth but their are two bathrooms really close. -5

twit (25)

Koi: Yuck the baby stinks.

No dear that’s you.

twit (26)

Hi Nolan!

twit (27)

Hi Maya!

twit (29)

Magrat: OMG it’s Nolan Mendoza! I got to take a picture.

twit (37)

Lucky is off to work on another case.

twit (39)

We are looking for clues at the beach.

Lucky: I shall find it with my amazing powers of deduction.

twit (42)






While here I take the opportunity to drop these off.

twit (44)

Just a photo to show you that the pool does get used as well as Rory’s cute swimming outfit.

twit (47)

Let’s see what the girls look like.  Romana is up first.

twit (50) twit (53) twit (55)

Oh blue hair!

twit (57)

You might not be able to see her very well but Susan is behind Lucky.

twit (58)

Here is Romana.

twit (60)



And this is Susan.  Aren’t they adorable.

And that’s it.  Sorry it’s a bit long.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  7 x 5 = 35

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 22 x 5 = 110

Total: – 90



Chapter 4.4 Holy Cheesepuffs

Last time Martha was born and was aged up to a toddler, Koi & Lucky got married, Maya retired and another baby was conceived.



The families new puppy is proving to be a miniature pain in the butt.  The only trait he has is destructive so Lucky is constantly scolding him for this behaviour.

K9: But what if there’s a Cybermat under here.

I highly doubt there is.


Lucky was invited to a party at Cookie Crisp’s house but before she goes we have a cute baby bump moment.  She definately takes after her mother with her choice of maternity wear!

Koi: I think it’s singing!

Lucky: Nah that’s just my phone.


Lucky: Hi sis! Nice party. By the way I’m pregnant.

CC: Good for you.

Note: Cookie Crisp now has 3 children.  Before the party she gave birth to a son, Frank.



Later that evening…

Lucky: Uh oh, not good.

To the hospital!


Lucky: Hang on little buddy, just a little bit further.


Koi joined Lucky at the hospital shortly after.

Koi: At least this one will be mine.



It’s a boy! Meet Rory.  Rory is eccentric and loves the outdoors.

He is named after Rory Williams, husband of Amy Pond and companion to the eleventh doctor.


twit (1)

Meanwhile back home.

Melon: How did I end up with babysitting duties.

Because you love your granddaughter. 😀


twit (3)

I found this very cute.  Piper came out and went to sleep on Tobias’ old bed.

twit (9)


Magrat: I had nothing to do with this.

Nope, she just saw a ghost.  At least she isn’t loosing me any points.

twit (10)

Lucky: Wonderful another cake.

twit (14)

Lucky: Right, get on with it.

twit (18)

Lucky: Man I’m awesome.

Rory: I think I have sparkles in my ear.

twit (22)


He is so adorable and he got Koi’s hair.  ❤  Going to be hard to pick a fav this gen I feel.

twit (24)

Maid: For the last time I am not your chew toy! 😡

Seymour: I like to tenderise meat before eating.

Maid: O_o

twit (25)

Hey look someone found the new piano.

Melon: I’m a natural at this.

Martha: I disagree grandpa

twit (35)

The other cake was for Martha, they grow up so fast.

twit (40)

Magrat: We need a new maid, this one stinks.

Maya: OMG a door! When did we get that!

twit (45)

Martha: My brain hurts.

Lucky: It’ll pass.

twit (46)


I have been waiting so long for a sim that suits that hair.  Martha’s new trait is Vegetarian.

twit (48)

Lucky: So now the kids have grown up want to make more?

Koi: *giggles*


twit (49)

Lucky: You brought cake?

Koi: What? Woohoo makes me hungry.

twit (55)

Lucky is finally getting some better cases.  For this one she had to search the mail and rubbish of Naomi Nita.  I love the faces she pulls.

twit (59)


Lucky: Did I just hear a car door? Please don’t let anyone see me like this.

twit (69)

Lucky: So I looked through her mail and garbage like you asked.  Here’s what I found.

Ariel: Great thanks.

That makes 4/35 cases solved.  Still a long way to go.

twit (66)

Holy Cheesepuffs what’s that!

Martha: I see nothing odd.

Magrat: If I don’t make eye contact I will be fine.

I had a bad piece of CC.  This is what I get for downloading a sim from the exchange.  I removed the offending article and Martha returned to a normal child.

twit (71)

Lucky: I do not approve of ghosts in my kitchen.

Jacklyn: But I just wanted to say hi.

twit (72)

Oh look another baby is on the way. 😀

twit (75)


Maya NO!

Maya: Oh death is pretty. ❤

twit (78)

Death: Maya Mendoza It’s time to go.

Nolan: Maya? Honey? No it’s too soon. *wails* *sobs*

twit (81)

Death: Listen, just get in the urn, this guy is getting on my nerves.

Nolan: Maya, no don’t leave me here alone.

Lucky: What’s going on here? Grandma?

twit (84)

Lucky: Grandma no. *sobs*

Jacklyn: What’s going on?

twit (85)


Maya was 106 when she died.  She had a good long life now she and Nolan are together again.

twit (88)

Heh heh, looks like Koi might be pregnant too.  This is the best thing about having two woman as a couple.  You get the babies out quicker! XD

twit (90)

While out and about, I forget why Lucky does the pregnancy pop.  In the background you can see Giggles.

twit (91)

She appears to be teaching her daughter Jan to talk.  She and Ready Brek are expecting another child.  Is it a good thing letting the spares have so many children?

twit (93)

I took pity on the poor girl and gave her a makeover.

twit (94)

Back home Martha does her homework without being asked in her yet to be decorated bedroom.  I love this kid.

twit (96)

Lucky: Ok kid say swimming pool.

Rory: Potty stinks.

twit (99)



And finally proof that Koi was indeed pregnant as well.

Oh and they got 100,000 simoleons. +20


Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 13 x 5 = 65

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 21 x 5 = 105

Total: – 100