The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way


My Simself

Simself Head shot

Charlotte (YA)

Generation One

The neighbourhood of Midnight Hollow is awesome and can be downloaded from the Sims 3 store here

   Founder                                                 Spouse



Jacklyn Mendoza                         Tobias Mendoza (Marshall) 

Children (Spares)

Miles Head ShotApollo Head ShotZak Head ShotMia Head Shot

          Miles                      Apollo                    Zak                   Mia 


Susannah Forsythe – Guardian of Mendoza children following Jacklyn’s death

Generation Two

          Heir                         Spouse

Screenshot-14Nolan Head Shot

 Maya (YA)          Nolan (Parsons) – (A)


Kiwi Head Shot Blueberry Head Shot

   Kiwi (YA)             Blueberry (YA)

Mulberry Head Shot Strawberry Head Shot Raspberry Head Shot

Mulberry (YA)        Strawberry (YA)    Raspberry (YA)


Jamie (Tobias’s second wife) (E)

Generation Three

          Heir                     Spouse

MelonMagrat closeup

 Melon (YA)        Magrat from Winters ISBI

                               You can get her here


All Bran head shotWeetabix Head shotCC head Shot

  All Bran              Weetabix           Cookie Crisp

Cookie Crisps original traits are Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Unstable, Angler and Flirty.  Unstable can be changed to insane for those who wish to change it.

Ready Brek head Rice Krispies Head

Ready Brek             Rice Krispies

Generation 4

Heir                            Spouse

Lucky Charms HeadKoi

   Lucky Charms          Koi from Dayes of Our Lives

                                           You can get her here


MarthaRoryRomana Head

Martha                           Rory                Romana

Generation 5

Heir                              Spouse

Susan headMax Head

Susan                Max from Dripping with Idiots

                               get him here


Dani Viserys

 Daenerys                Viserys

These two both have Dewdrop as a surname as I forgot to change it.  Please feel free to change it back to Mendoza.


Generation 6

Heir                                Spouse                    Spouse 2

Rickon head      starla     

Rickon                 Starla (Winters)      Shawna (Chapman)

9 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Got them 🙂 I only had them as toddlers. Silly me for not checking first!

  2. I got Miles, can’t wait to use him! 😀 I forgot to ask, would you mind if I made him a fairy? I want him to stick around for a while.

  3. I was going to grab your simself, but the link is broken 😦 It seems to point to a folder, not sure if you’ve changed your mediafire folders or something? Same with Jacklyn and Tobias, btw.

  4. Yo can I grab Raspberry? Shes so pretty! I’d love to use her for a spouse in my own ISBI.

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