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Chapter 8.2 Slap and Splash


Last time generation 8 started with the triplets becoming teenagers.  Elsewhere there were fails and the odd bit of skilling.

DogGnome: Oh I love this bit. ❤

BunnyGnome: Does it come in colour?

Beast must really like this cat bed as I caught him using it again.

Oh Magenta you were so close.  Thank you for the first fail of the chapter.

Burmese: Why did no one tell me we had a computer.  This is awesome!

Don’t you have homework to do?

Burmese: Let me just finish this level.

Beast joined the gnomes watching TV.  Loved that he sat on the sofa to watch! XD


Munckin is working on her piano skill in the hope she gets a musical LTW, she is up to level 3 already.

Ah finished that level then?

Burmese: I died, a lot.  It was depressing how much I sucked at it.

Starla in a rare moment of pleasant conversation.  Even Ragdoll is confused by this, look at her face.

Here is a closer image so you can see better.

Savannah: *retches* Ew a ghost and he’s eating cake.

That ghost is your dad.

Savannah: I stand by by original comment, ew.

Starla reign of meanness continues.  Here she is criticising Magrat’s family.

Magrat: Aren’t you part of this family too.  How can you say those things about your own son?

Most days Starla and Magenta are the only sims left in the house which often leads to scenes like this one.

This picture also shows Magenta’s new outfit.  She had a MLC wish to plan an outfit and since I technically don’t have to control her to complete it she got her wish.  I will fix her hair eventually I am just waiting to see if she gets a wish for a new hairstyle first.

This is what Starla and Magenta’s relationship is like now.  I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before they resort to physical violence.

A lovely moment when the sim I can control chooses to do her homework herself.

Following her arguement with Starla Magenta needed to let off some steam.  I keep forgetting about that childish trait of hers.

Savannah had a wish to snorkel in the sea so here she is.  I am trying to hold off on going diving until her LTW is decided.

See what did I say.  I don’t even want to know what Starla said to cause that reaction.

Starla: Check this out kid, Your old granny’s still got the moves.

Siamese: I really wish you didn’t

Starla: Now who’s being mean?

Hold on I don’t think that much time had passed.

Siamese: It felt like it having to watch her dance.

Siamese: Ah now this is the life.  I could get used to this.

Don’t you have needs to fill, homework to do?

Siamese: *ignores and relaxes*

Siamese: Hey bro, you avoiding chores and homework too?

Burmese: Something like that.

Now he’s feeling relaxed Burmese had a go at diving off the diving board.

SnowGnome: This should be good for a laugh.  Kid is sure to fail on an epic scale.

Burmese: OK here goes.


SnowGnome: Well that’s a shame.

Found this guy on our lot, not sure how he managed to get passed the gate.  Anyway his name is Xavier and is in much need of a makeover.

Much better.  Munckin seemed to like him.

Siamese: Who’s that talking to my sister?

I wouldn’t worry too much about him. He vanished from the town when he left the lot, shame.

That’s all for now but another chapter shouldn’t be far off, I took a LOT of photos.  For now though here are a couple of things going on with the extended family.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2 Slap and Splash

  1. My sims never have shotgun marriages, I wonder why that is. So like Brigitta to do that, though, she’s an old-fashioned one.

    Wow, Magenta and Starla really don’t get along. Very rare to see sims get to physical violence on their own!

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