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Chapter 8.1 Jumping Back In


I honestly didn’t think it would happen at one point but here we are at the start of generation 8.  The finish line is in sight. A bit naughty but I have skipped ahead a bit.  We rejoin the family just before the triplets become teenagers and we start with something that doesn’t happen very much at all.

That’s right Beast is actually using the cute paw print cat bed I added for him.  Needed photo evidence of this moment as it probably won’t happen again!  My own cat doesn’t even have a cat bed, hasn’t since he was a kitten.  He prefers to sleep everywhere else instead! Well when my daughter lets him! XD

Despite going around being mean to people Starla has actually been helpful.

Starla: You make it sound like that’s all I do.

It IS all you do, well apart from sitting in the rocking chairs.

Elsewhere we had a small ghost glitch.  Ready Brek appeared solid for a minute and floated across the room before returning to ghost form.

Shawna: I’ve just watched him come through the wall like that.  That’s not creepy at all. I’m probably going to have nightmares now.

Ready Brek: Trying really hard to be insulted right now.

Gambit made an appearance and he had a conversation with Magenta in the bathroom.  It’s nice to know these two still have feelings for each other even if Gambit is now a ghost.

Shawna gave us the first fail of this generation.

Munchkin: I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

Just the elders doing what they do best.  Great that they managed find the right chair in the right room.

The kids found the sandpit.  Well Munckin and Siamese did anyway.

Savannah preferred playing chess indoors in her swimsuit.

Birthday time! Just going to put a birthday spam in here.

Oh and Magenta’s sudden change in hairdo is because she recently had her adult birthday and I haven’t changed it back yet.

Time for makeovers! Love this bit.

This is Savannah, her new trait is Loves to Swim.  As a child she gained the trait Photographer’s eye.

Next is Munchkin. Her new trait is Vegetarian.  As a child she gained the trait Virtuoso.

Finally we have Siamese.  His new trait is Loves the Cold.  As a child he gained the trait Bookworm.

After the excitement of his birthday our little bookworm returns to what he enjoys most.  He really stands out against the black wallpaper with that bright yellow shirt.

Now that she is a teenager Savannah takes on her duties as the new torch holder.

Savannah: Did my first task have to be this? It’s gross.

You’ll get used to it, plus you won’t be doing these tasks alone.

Savannah: Oh?

Munckin: What are you looking at me for?

So I felt bad that I had to abandon the double heir thing in the Irving DITFT and I do really like Munckin.

Munckin: Thank you. ❤

Since this household will be emptier once the spares have gone Savannah and Munckin will both be heirs.  Such fun!

Munchkin: That’s cool I guess.

Since she’s a virtuoso and will most likely end up with a music related LTW I am fine with her playing the piano instead of getting exicted about her new status as co-heir.

Munckin: And I’m ok with you referring to me in the third person when I am right here.

Aw Beast is getting a fuss. ❤

Beast: *purrs*

Beast is 52 days old now and has maxed out his life bar so I am not sure how much longer he will be with us.  Don’t worry though his things won’t go to waste.  There will be new pets soon.

Munckin: So listen to this.  When you were over there with your nose in a book like always I was chosen to be co-heir with Savannah.

Siamese: Well done sis.  I am honestly really happy for you.

All the kids went on field trip to the police station.  It proved too much for Ragdoll and she passed out from exhaustion.  Fail number two. Also bit creepy the way that girl is watching her from the door. I hadn’t noticed her there.

Savannah had a wish to learn the diving skill so she is snorkelling in the pool.  She is also reminding me that I need to change her swimwear.

Savannah: When can I practice in the ocean?  Looking at the bottom of the pool is boring.

Ragdoll: I swear I didn’t do anything. I just want to sit in the chair.  Noticed that in tab camera mode when I was moving into position to take pictures and it amused me.

It’s just Shawna failing again.

I think that might be a good place to end things.  Bye for now!



3 thoughts on “Chapter 8.1 Jumping Back In

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  2. Yay, I love double heirs! And they are both beautiful, can’t wait to see who their spouses/options are.

    • Thanks. I know I love them both. Haven’t really thought about spouses yet, I probably should! Sorry for not replying sooner, been enjoying the lovely weather here with my daughter.

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