The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 6.12 Two Greenies and a Fire


Hello everbody, me again.

First for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet the heir poll is up.  If you haven’t voted please do, the poll is still open.

Last time Shawna discovered she was pregnant, Susan froze solid more than once and the quads had their teen birthday.  Then my game did this.

It goes without saying that I was not happy

Luckily the backup file worked and the Mendoza’s lived to fail another day.

When I loaded the game I was taken back to just before the quads birthday so at least I didn’t have to replay too much.

Rickon: Haven’t I already done this?

Yes, but I had some technical issues

Elsewhere Shawna broke the shower.

Shawna: You’re putting that in, seriously?

Yup. 😀 The readers want to see what you’ve been doing.

Kids: Story.

Mulberry: These kids are giving me a headache, especially this one.

Jubilee: >:)

Love the dip kiss ❤

Rickon: *muffled* A little privacy please.

Sorry. *makes quick exit*

You do know you age up very soon. You don’t have to do homework sweetie.

Wolverine: I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

Lucky step away from the cowplant.

Seymour: It’s ok, I don’t bite.

Lucky: I remember this thing, it’s harmless. Aren’t you. *pets*

In the last few minutes before the party Gambit finds the ballet bar.

While Rickon remembers we have a cat.

Beast: It’s nice to be included.

Right the guests are here. Time for party take 2.

Wait were is our host?

Rickon what are you doing? The guests are here.

Rickon: Laundry.

In your swimwear?

Rickon: Best to be prepared. Plus I look good. 😀

*backs slowly out of room*

Right, cake time! The two greenies got to the cakes first, the other to took their own sweet time getting there so I couldn’t get a nice shot of them all in a row.

Gambit: What did I miss?

Just one missing, now where’s Jubilee.

Rouge: I’m gorgeous ❤

Jubilee: Do I have to stand next to this dork.

Dani: YAY! Stereo’s broken 😀

Wolverine: Hi!



Everyone else: Oh there’s a fire.

Storm: The light from this fire makes me look good.

After that little drama Gambit ages up.

Jubilee: New cake please.

Dani: Cake ❤

Jubilee: Aunt Dani you are ruining my picture.

Jubilee: Ugh, I look hideous.  Makeover now!

Rouge’s new trait is Easily impressed. She is so pretty. ❤

Jubilee’s new trait is Evil.

Wolverine’s new trait is Brooding.  I let him keep the hair as it reminded me of Melon.

Finally is Gambit.  His new trait is Grumpy.  I love how that hair looks on him.  I need to use the ITF stuff more.

Everyone: Doorbell.

Storm: OMG! Mum showed up. 😀

Llama: *Struts around porch.

Pom: *Is unimpressed*

Llama: 😥



Storm: Well this is awkard

This clusterfuck is because Shawna is in the basement.  Got to love that irresistable trait! XD

Jubilee proves that she is indeed a witch.  Also she shows off her cool outdoorwear

I leave Rickon on free will for just a moment and he finds the bar.  I worry about this one, look at all the drinks he made.

Jubilee: So I have this plan that could make us a lot of money, you in?

Shawna: Does this plan involve anything criminal?

Jubilee: Of course not.  I wouldn’t dream of breaking the law (much)

I missed the actually moment but I had Rickon throw a tragic clown elixer at Starla.


Lets take a closer look shall we.

Starla: Lets not.

Starla: That’s the last time I come to one of their parties.

Crowd: *sobs*

Bran: *taps foot impatiently*

Storm continues to raise her musical skills

Wolverine: I want that cake but the cake is in the way.

Storm: And that dear brother is why I am beating you in the heir poll. XD

You have no idea what the results are.

Storm: I don’t need to know. It’s obvious who’s way in front.

Rickon is out styling again.  This is Tara Daye Leavitt.  She is the daughter of Reed and Marina Winters.

Here is a before and after shot of her makeover.  She’s actually really pretty.  I have saved her for future use.

She loved the makeover.

Rickon: I am to please.

This makeover bumped him up to level 6 in his career.  I lost the picture of the notification though.

I have more photos but I think this is long enough as it is. As such I will leave the rest for next time.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 6.12 Two Greenies and a Fire

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  2. So glad the backup loaded up okay 🙂 That could have been awful!

  3. The lightning does make you GORGEOUS Storm
    And I voted for you, so you better be in the lead XD

    Wow gotta hate when your game pulls this on you. But you know what they say….what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

    • She is really pretty, but then they all are really. The poll will be ending soon so you will find out where she came. I am keeping tight lipped on the results for now though.
      It is really annoying. I like to think whatever doesn’t kill the game, makes me more determined to finish the legacy! 😀

  4. Thank goodness for backups! And defective cowplants; cannot believe Seymour hasn’t eaten anyone yet. Though, the number of times Rickon has been eaten, maybe that’s a good thing.

    • I know, I don’t know what I would do without my backups. Safe to say Seymour is not coming when the family moves. I may replace him with something else which should be more fun!

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