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Chapter 6.11 The Race is On


Last time Rickon met Shawna and had a quick romance followed by a kitchen wedding.  Also Storm appealed for votes by taking up guitar and piano. Some other stuff happened but that’s not important enough to mention here.

Rickon: My super styling skills are deemed unimportant? 😡

In this case yes.

Ricko Un: That’s

Storm: *interupts* I was mentioned in the intro? Does that mean I get the heirship?

There has to be a vote first.

Susan is still frozen, Rickon is still out working and her needs are dropping fast.

As I don’t want Susan to die on me (as pretty as the ghost would be) I used Wolverine’s child action to thaw her out.

Wolverine: I will help you nana.

Wolverine: Is she frozen again?

No she’s just passed out.  Being frozen for that long sapped her energy.

Wolverine: Aw come on.  Is this the thanks I get for helping. 😡

Susan: You try being frozen all day.

Wolverine: I’ve tried watching it once does that count?

Just a pic of three dogs. I probably had a good reason for taking it but I have no idea what that was.

Shaggydog: I’m just happy to be included. ❤

Shawna: That filled me up so much. I’m feeling sleepy.

Mulberry: I still don’t understand why I even need sleep still.  I’m a frigging ghost!

I realised Jubilee wasn’t home from school so I went out to find her.  She was at the school doing her homework.  This poor kid came out of the school while I was watching.

It was only when I gave the kid a makeover I realised it was a girl.  Her name is Kenyatta Capp, she is the daughter of Toan Dewdrop making her Jubilee’s cousin.  Shame I can’t control Jubilee to make them friends.

Seymour: Master your home. *sniff sniff*

Seymour: *eats Rickon* Omnomnom


Rickon: Bad cowplant.

Seymour: Sorry 😥

Meanwhile inside Shawna is pregnant.

Max: Another one?

Rouge hadn’t come home after visiting a friends house.  I found her sitting outside the city hall.

Following their marriage I have Rickon paint Shawna’s portrait.

Rickon: This will be my best work.

I reserve judgement until you complete it.

Susan: *doesn’t come in and freezes again*

Rickon: Don’t worry I got this.

Rickon did unfreeze her but I failed to get a photo.

Rickon: Despite that interruption I finished my painting.  Brilliant isn’t it?

Hang on let me get a better angle. *rotates camera*

Rickon: Well?

It’s not terrible.

Rickon: But?

It’s got great either.

Rickon: Are the words ‘Do that again’ heading in my direction?

Yes but later, you have a party to organise for the quads.

Shawna: *passes out*

I really need to change her maternity wear.

Later that morning.

Storm: What’s going on?

It’s the quads birthday.  After this the heir poll will go up.

Storm: Why bother? We both know I’m going get the heirship.

Until the votes are in it could be anyone.

Storm: What about the new baby?

No that one is not up for heir.  Now just enjoy the party, they are still your siblings.

Storm: I’ll try. Might win some votes by showing I am supportive. The race is on!

*rolls eyes*

Storm: Woo! Birthday!

Gambit: I’m already tired of her.

Rouge: I hear you.

Starla: Why did I even bother to come.  I can’t stand being in the same room as Rickon.

Um, your children?

First up is Rouge.

Rouge: Go me! 😀

Ooh pretty. Her new trait is Supernatural Skeptic.

I missed the before shot but Wolverine is next.  That hair reminds me of Melon.   His new trait is No sense of humour

Gambit is next.

Gambit: YAY!

Gambit: Well that was fun.

His new trait is Social butterfly.

Last but by no means least Jubilee

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Her new trait is Evil. That is always fun! 😀

Here are Rouge and Jubilee’s makeovers.

I love how Rouge turned out.  She might be my favourite of the girls.

Jubilee has a different look to her but I still think she’s pretty.  I just realised I forgot her glasses though.

Jubilee: Can’t I just say I got contacts?

The next time I loaded the game to do the boys makeovers I got this message.

Will I get this save working? Will the quads grow up and get their makeovers?

Join me next time to find out the answers to these and more.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 6.11 The Race is On

    im on the edge of my seat by the gods
    *crosses fingers*

  2. LOL, I have tried to kill a sim by freezing. Couldn’t ever get them to actually die. I think Susan’s safer than you think 😉

    Wow, Rogue is so gorgeous. I loved Storm before the quads aged up, but now it might be Rogue…

    • Her needs were in the red by the time I could save her. It sounds awful but I was torn between pretty freezing death ghost and saving her.
      I’m not sure which of the girls is my fav but I do have plans for them.

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