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Chapter 6.5 Hungry Like the Wolf


Sorry for the huge gaps between chapters, there has been a lot going on.  Still having occasional issues with broadband, I am really annoyed with BT.

Anyhoo, last time Storm was born and Rickon worked on his stylist career.


The baby swing still remains popular with the family.  Which means poor little Storm has to endure fast mode a lot.


Beast: Never mind the baby pay attention to me.


Mulberry: What’s that scratching noise?

Beast: Not guilty.


That would be Max.  You can not imagine how grateful I am that there is only one werewolf in the house now. XD


Starla continues to be a good mother to little Storm who is one of only two sims in the house she has a positive relationship with.  The other being Rickon. I am not sure how much longer that will last as Rickon as attempted to accuse her of cheating on a couple of occasions but the ghosts make him cancel it.


Another stylist job for Rickon.  I think this guy’s name is Clifford.


Man is he skinny, it was so hard finding clothes that looked right on him. This was the best I could come up with. He seemed to like it though.


Just because it’s cute.


It’s time these two got working on baby number 2


Since Rickon is named after Rickon Stark I couldn’t resist getting a dog and naming it Shaggydog. 😀

This one will have a happier life though. 😥

Shaggydog: As happy as you can be with one paw stuck in a mini wall.

The word is border.

Shaggydog: I just say what I see.

You’re a dog, technically you shouldn’t be saying anything.

Shaggydog; Woof 😀


Rickon: And poof the baby is gone in a puff of smoke.

Um, that’s talc and I hope Storm is still there


Seymour the cow plant continues to be useless.  Your days are numbered my friend. If you don’t eat someone soon you are out of here.


Proof that idiots will on occasion tend to their needs before they reach the red.


Birthday time for little Storm. Time to see what she looks like.


Starla: Why does she have to be here.

Susan: I’m the kid’s grandmother.

K-9: Don’t mind me, just passing through.


Susan: Tell me she didn’t just dump me granddaughter on the floor. 😡

Come on you did it with your children. Think of it as a tradition.

Susan: Strange tradition.


Ooh nice combination, I like her a lot.


Oh my she is so cute. ❤ Is it too soon to have a favourite?


Beast and Shaggydog meet.

Shaggydog: Don’t you go giving me your fleas.

Beast: Don’t worry they are very selective.


I take my eyes of her for a second and someone dumps her in the playpen.

Storm: It matches my hair.


You want to maybe use the pet bed in the study?

Shaggydog: Nope


This is quickly becoming Starla’s favourite hobby

Starla: Could be worse.


Potty training in progress.

Storm: Can’t a girl poop in peace.


Baby 2 confirmed.  I need to do something about your maternity wear though.


Phew that’s better.


Max: I’m hungry like the wolf

I was astonished when I saw Max had got to level 8 of the cooking skill all on his own.




I swear every time I send Rickon to work out for an opportunity Susan joins in.


Mulberry is making a new friend.  It’s nice to see someone use the study, they haven’t been in there much lately.


Just a ghost-dog sleeping on a bed dreaming of rocks.


Oh dear looks like Rickon is not immune to Starla’s mean side. That’s kind of sad.


Mulberry collared Rickon into posing for a sketch.  I was grateful he kept his clothes on.


Just don’t sketch his face like this.  That is one scary face.


Ghosts fainting at the sight of other ghosts never gets old.


Meanwhile Rickon is still posing.


Wow that’s actually not bad.

Rickon: Why am I naked?

Mulberry: It’s just better that way 😉


Ghost party in the basement.

Melon: Ew

Lucky: Charming.


Susan: Grandma will look after you sweetie

Storm: Gimme Gimme Gimme


Why do even bother with dishwashers they are always breaking down.


Uh oh the curse of the IF doll continues.

Storm: It has the same colour skin as me. ❤

Kids are so easily pleased.


I shall wrap things up with what I believe to be a new gnome.  I don’t know where it came from but I like it.

Bye for now.




6 thoughts on “Chapter 6.5 Hungry Like the Wolf

  1. “Why am I naked?”

    “It’s just better that way!”

    LOL. AGREED. That’s one nicely done sketch I gotta say!

    AND OH MY GOSH STORM IS SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! I mean I shouldn’t have favorites before I see the rest either, but gosh! Adorable! Could any future babies possibly be any cuter? …well, I guess I’ll find out in the next update! XD

  2. Ah my god! Storm is so cute! The Dewdrop hair lives on! I can’t wait to see more babies.

  3. Aw, green skin and pink hair, great combo! I love Storm already. I know you’ve just posted the winner of this gen’s heir poll, so I’m purposely not checking it until I get there. Hoping the community picked a winner!

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