The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 5.10 Carrying on Regardless


Hi, how are we all? OK first lets get the results of the polls out of the way.


The winner of the Heir poll with 36% of the vote is Rickon.  I am really pleased to have a male heir again, not had one since Melon.

Rickon vote card

As for the other poll that ended up a tie between bringing an ancestor back or a towns person.  I have looked into the dead of Roaring Heights and options are limited at best plus Rickon will not be short of potential spouses, there are some real beauties to choose from.

I may bring back one of the previous heirs but I am keeping tight lipped about who that will be for now.

OK with that out of the way lets get on with it shall we.  Last time there was a outing, some fighting, a couple of birthdays and K-9 died.

The whole family as you would expect were upset over the death of the family dog (nothing to do with the moodlet that’s forced onto everyone for 2 DAYS!)


Max: Hungry. 😦

Aren’t you even a little upset about K-9?



Ah! here we go! someone who is actually sad about K-9’s death.

Ayra: *sob* Dad took the last bowl of Mac & Cheese.

I give up



Koi rediscovered the megaphone in her butt pocket and proceeded to have great fun scaring everyone.

Koi: XD

Max: Jumping jellybeans! What’s wrong with you woman?


Bran decided the best place to sleep was on the beach, in the middle of winter.  This was not a good plan and nearly froze.

Ayra & Eddard: *too busy play fighting to care*

FatPap: I never have my camera when I need one.  Why oh why did I forget my camera. 😥


Dani: Ow! ow! That’s not supposed to happen.


First fail of the chapter brought to you by Viserys -5

I have no idea what the other two idiots are up to.


Put this in as I thought it was cute. ❤


Susan in her mid life crisis wisdom wanted to flirt with someone else.  I decided to indulge her and found August Leavitt at one of the beach-front bars.  Wish fullfilled.


What is this? skilling? on free will?

Bran: Well all this creativity has worn me out, time for a nap I think.


Susan is still working on that LTW.  This is the point were she maxed the athletic skill.  She only needs to max martial arts now and she is over half way on that already.


Our future TH reading.  I love this little reading nook. ❤


More skilling?

Bran: It’s either that or cleaning.


Koi is even cooking!

Koi: Well someone took away the fryer.


Aw one of the gnomes died. 😦


Bran achieving level 1 of martial arts.  I do like it when sims are productive on free will.


This is pretty much Visery’s life now he has the irresistable trait.  I think he is at least friends with everyone in the household by now.

Viserys: It’s a tough life being popular.


Dani is the second one to earn a level in martial arts.


The basement has become quite the popular place to hang out.  I am thinking of redesigning this area for Rickon’s generation.


Rickon: OW! Dani said this was easy.

YellowGnome: Still got it. 😀



Lucky: I have no regrets.

NO! 😥


Lucky: Neat, I’m see through.



Gathered family: 😥

Death: Lucky Mendoza your time has come.  Now get in the urn.


Lucky leaves us at the grand age of 96.  Rest well, you will be missed.


I am so glad they don’t die just from getting frozen or I would have no one left to carry the legacy on! They are all complete idiots.


Dani does redeem herself by reaching level 3 in martial arts.


She feels confident enough to move on to the board breaker.


Cute romantic porch moment. ❤

Eddard: *tries to look anywhere but his parents making out*


Koi reminds me of her childish trait by using the swing that the kids never used.


I took a risk and let Susan fix the dishwasher.  She didn’t die, thank goodness!


With winter finally over the teens actually go to school! One of them brought this sim home. This is Darrick, my son in the game.  I haven’t found out Rickon’s gender preference yet so I am not ruling him out as a potential spouse.


Lucky’s first haunting!

Magrat: Just teaching her the ways of the ghost.


Seymour? Please don’t eat the family.

Dani: But he has cake!

Luckily he spat her back out.


Homework club!


Viserys: Le gasp! she peed herself.



Birthday time!

Viserys: I know I’m going to nail this!


Viserys: YAY ME!

Dani: Um, do you not see the flames bro?


Everyone: *Panics!*

Viserys: *Carrys on regardless*


Thank you Bran for putting out of the fire! I am going to see the fire alarm as the fire service are a waste of time.  They are always too late and fine the family for a false call out.


Viserys: I’m a man!

Dani: My cake is ruined. 😦


Birthday take 2


Dani: Yuk, what am I wearing?


Dani: Oh well I still rock it.

Bran: You keep telling yourself that.


Makeover time! This is Viserys, his new trait is Family Orientated.  His LTW as was previously mentioned is Master of the Arts.


This is Danim her new trait is Green thumb and her LTW unsurprisingly is Martial arts master.

They will both be available for download in the near future.


Bran: HA! That’ll teach ’em to mess with the mighty Bran!

Um, that’s your rubbish bin.


Susan, tirelessly working on her LTW. Just two more points to get.


Viserys: I don’t like the way it’s sniffing me.


SEYMOUR! You are on very thin ice!


After getting spat out we have a forced graduation which I care so little about I wrote nothing about what Viserys and Dani got.


Just added to show off Susan’s new formal wear.


And finally we end with Koi up to her old tricks again.

The quads are really close to ageing up so the next chapter will be Susan’s last as torch holder.

Torch Holders: 4

Every birth: (+5) 29 x 5 = 105

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  10 x 5 = 50

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 2 x 10 = 20

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 44 x 5 = 200

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 54 x 5 = 270

Total: – 140



5 thoughts on “Chapter 5.10 Carrying on Regardless

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  2. “After getting spat out we have a forced graduation which I care so little about I wrote nothing about what Viserys and Dani got.” LOL. That pretty much sums up my reaction to every graduation ever. All it does is suck up the entire day as each of my sims travel to the school via various means of transportation and then proceed to get stuck outside of the building while Pomp and Circumstance or whatever crap blares throughout the school and I groan and stuff my face into a pillow, lolol.

    Still though, the kids are all as cute as ever and WOOO congrats to Rickon for winning heir! I’m excited about a male heir too since they aren’t quite as common. Plus Rickon’s got some cool traits and I’m excited to see who he ends up with and what their kids will look like =)

    You’re nearly at the end of another generation! Susan just needs to finish that LTW ^_^

    • I totally agree with you. I usually speed through it just to get it over with quicker! XD
      Rickon definitely has some fine choices, there are some very nice looking sims in town both male and female.
      Susan is so close to finishing her LTW although in game the quads only have 3 days left till they age up so it’s going to be very close.

  3. Graduation is such a pain. I have cancelled out of it on a few occasions because my sims are the same. It doesn’t seem like everyone will take a single car there, or home, if they even decide to come home and then I’m bouncing my screen back and forth between home and the school to make sure no one dies lol. That and it always seems like graduation has to take place when I am trying to secure a spouse.

    I’m excited to see who you have in mind for the next spouse. I’m so sad that Lucky passed away. I’ll miss that blue hair XD

    • Graduation has to be one of the most annoying things in sims 3. I was planning on having Rickon spend the day seeking out potential spouses but no we had to go to city hall for a pointless ceremony inside.
      I have seen at least one other sim that I wouldn’t mind as Rickon’s wife.
      It was sad when Lucky passed. The blue hair is still around, one of Ready Brek’s children has it along with the yellow skin.

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