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Chapter 5.4 Automously Skilling Sims


OK so last time Susan gave birth to twins Daererys and Viserys, Lucky recieved a key to the city & Max did werewolfy stuff.

I shall start with the overdue addition of two new simselfs Sabrina and Julia.



Also a few notifications.  There has been a lot going on but I won’t include all of the popups.  Here is a slice of what is going in in the town.

Rham baby

There have been several babies born. I will send Susan out so you can see them all when they are older.

Nate & Holly

The simselfs are all finding love.  Nate bagged a Dewdrop after his previous old lady girlfriend died.


Julia & Sam


And this just made me laugh.  I think I got another popup shortly after saying they had been fighting! Come on girls play nice.


The new babies are very popular and are never short of attention.

Lucky: I wanted to feed that baby.

Susan: There is another one over there.

Lucky: He’s so needy, I want a moment with my precious little mother of dragons. ❤



Max, as it turns out is a great dad.  He adores his children.



Even if he can’t always work out what they want!



Magrat: Is this new?


Magrat: I like it.



Ok enough of the burritos.  Also it’s Koi’s birthday.

Max: *ignores whatever is cooking in the fryer because of birthdays.*



I am not sure if Koi is sneezing or blowing out candles in this shot.



This is unfortunately the only picture I have of Visery’s birthday.  As you can see he has Lucky’s blue hair.



Koi’s turn next.

Koi: I don’t want to get old.

Max: YAY a lifetime of cake!



Koi is actually a cute elder even if she aged up into a onesie.

Max: *is too cute for words*



Finally we have Daenerys or Dani for short.



Instant toddler, just add cake! XD



Studious little cuties. ❤



Their parents meanwhile….



Here we have the elders in their natural habitat.

Oh Koi I really need to give you a makeover.



Lucky finds the drums.  At least she’s out of the rocking chair.




Ah I sense more babies in your future.

Susan: *retching noises*

twits (6)


Max this is not what I meant by ‘get to know the family’

Max: So you can’t feel anything, not even rain?

Jacklyn: That’s the nature of being a ghost.  Want to find out what it’s like?

You leave him alone.

twits (4)


Baby incoming.

Kittystereo: *kids music*


twits (7)

A mere pregnancy does not stop Susan working on her LTW.  I am also making Susan listen to kids music via the portable music player hense the music note near her head.


twits (8)

Ooh automously skilling sims.  What is the world coming to! O.O


twits (9)

Koi: This bar could do with being better stocked.


twits (11)

Cute mother/daughter moment.


twits (19)

Ah TV how I love thee, such a better carer for the tots than the family are.


twits (21)

A torch holder’s work is never done.  Also another great maternity wear choice.

Susan: There is no point fixing a shower fully clothed.  I would only wet them up anyway.


twits (22)

Yikes that looks painful.

Dani: FEED ME!



twits (24)

Evilgnome: Oh great and powerful gnome satan. Accept this offering as a sign of our fealty.


twits (12)

Seymour is up to his old tricks again, luckily Lucky got spat out.


twits (26)

My that’s a lot of sims just randomly turning up.  PARTY TIME!


twits (28)

No Seymour do not eat the guests! 😡

24hourspar: *waits to be eaten*


twits (34)

Susan greats the guests like any good host should.

Susan: Thanks for coming even though you weren’t invited.

Rhamnus crashes every party they have.


twits (37)


He does provide the entertainment though along with Toan.

twits (38)

Meanwhile outside….


twits (42)

They grow up so fast.



twits (45)

Well that’s a poor turnout, where is everyone.


twits (46)

And here is Dani as a child.  New trait is not written in my notes.



twits (48)

Oh here they all are.  Zombies to the music.


twits (50)

Well not everyone, guess who’s in Susan & Max’s bed.


twits (52)

Yup, these two again.  Seriously guys, this is a kids birthday party.


twits (53)

It’s Viserys turn to grow up.


twits (57)

He is adorable when he’s not pulling a face like that.  Again I didn’t write the new trait down.


twits (59)

After most of the guests had left I found K-9 trying to follow someone home because he had follow in his queue.  I took pity on him and sent him home.



Well that was short lived, full moon happened so Max is a werewolf again.



Still cute baby bump feeling is cute.



Next on Seymour’s hit list is a zombie. Again he spat him out.



Susan: Labour is music to my ears.



Ghostly intermission



Susan: Is it over?

Sigh, she had quads.  That’s what I get for giving Max fertility treatment too.  Still at least all the children are born and Susan can get a job soon.

OK we have Rickon – Freindly & Insane, Ayra – Clumsy & Artistic, Bran – Disaplined & Brave and Eddard – Freindly & Heavy sleeper.  Ayra, Eddard and Bran and werewolfs!

The names are taken from members of House Stark




I shall leave you with the grandparents discovering their new grandchildren.

Oh and one more thing.  Susan got the Oh my ghost opportunity.  I am not sure how to use it at the moment.  Should I bring back one of the old heirs e.g Jacklyn?

Torch Holders: 4

Every birth: (+5) 29 x 5 = 105

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  10 x 5 = 50

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 2 x 10 = 20

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 28 x 5 = 140

Total: – 35



8 thoughts on “Chapter 5.4 Automously Skilling Sims

  1. Yay quads! I have never gotten quads in a game before. I love all the names too. I hope one of them got Max’s beautiful pink hair.

    I have to ask, where did you get Susan’s dress? The blue one that has the transparent long skirt. I just love it!

  2. Ooh, I love that photo of Susan and Dani bonding by the beach. The lighting is so nice in Roaring Heights. You’re making me want to purchase that world, stop it! Lol.

    Your gnomes continue to crack me up. It really does look like the other gnomes are presenting him with a sacrifice, LOLOL. Too funny—as is the queue to be eaten by a ginormous, carnivorous plant. Really guys?! You’d think it was fun or something!

    Lastly OH MY SIMS, quads?! Like autumnrein, I’ve never had quads before. I think I’d cry, LOL. Still loving the naming theme though. Oh and how freaking fitting is it that you used names from House Stark and 3 of the babies are werewolves?! Love it ❤

    • I love Roaring Heights, it has to be one of my favourite store worlds.
      I just had to laugh at everyone making a beeline to the cowplant to get eaten. Thank goodness he spat them all out again.
      Quads seems to be happening in at least 2 other saves of mine. I think it’s linked to giving both parents fertility treatment. This is the second time I have had quads in this family. I just had to use Stark names after Max was picked as Susan’s spouse. So fitting! 😀

  3. Oh you have quads too! Haha! They have brought down my household and I wish you better luck! I love their names to by the way. I got mine by the genie lamp so I kinda expected it.

    • They are definitely hard work. I gave Susan and Max fertility treatment, I was not expecting quads though! They are all adorable so it’s worth all the hassle!! 😀
      Glad to hear you like the names. 🙂

  4. Ouch quads hurts in an ISBI. Though at least the twins are children now, so you don’t have 6 needy little ones at once. Love the names, again.

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