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Roaring Heights House Tour


Welcome to the long overdue house tour of the Roaring Heights house.  I held of on doing this as there were a few things I wasn’t happy with.  I have now sorted these and I am ready to show you the finished house.



Here it is from the front with a bit of my rare landscaping.  I am very pleased with how it looks and I love the lot I chose for it.



This is the rear view.  Not much going on back here.

rear deck


I did add this nice decking area as the back of the lot is slopped and difficult to build on.




There is a lawn area to the side of the house that will have a kids playground in when I get round to it.  All it his currently is a trampoline and Susan’s martial arts gear.



This is one of my new additions as I wasn’t happy with the front.

Ground Floor



Birds eye view of the ground floor

main living area


On one side of the partition wall is the dinning area. Simple but effective.



On the other side a lounge area complete with massive TV because why not! 😀

kitchen 1

The kitchen, I love this room.  There is a lot of orange but it still doesn’t seem to bright.  Please ignore the fryer queue.


kitchen 2

Other side of the kitchen with laundry area.


The Study which is also K-9’s sleeping area.

First Floor



Obligatory birds eye view.


Lucky and Koi’s room

Susan & max bedroom

Susan & Max’s room


The twin’s room.

Basement 1



Basement 2/Crypt








6 thoughts on “Roaring Heights House Tour

  1. That’s lovely! I love how roomy and open it is. The deck and kitchen are especially adorable ^_^ Still loving the color theme too!

  2. Wow! Its so huge! I love it. You are such a good decorator and I am eternally jealous! I especially love the pattern in Koi and Lucky’s room.

  3. Aww, everybody gets their own ‘deathspot’!
    You’re really good at building, the house looks great 😀

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