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Chapter 4.13 Sparkle Possession


Well we have reached the end of another generation.  I will miss controlling Lucky and playing around with the PI career.

Anyway last time Lucky went around town solving cases and topped her career whilst she was at it, Magrat showed her evil trait A LOT and we got a doggie gnome.

Screenshot (1)

Koi has taken to protesting all the time.  She has not ranted about death though, thank goodness.  The gnomes seem to be the only ones who pay any attention to her though! XD

Screenshot (3)

Melon: So you must be close to dying by now.

Magrat: Well I am over a 100 years old but I don’t plan to go just yet.  I have a lot more evil deeds to do. >:)

Melon: That’s may girl. >:)

Screenshot (20)


Romana: Mum, it’s 5am.  Let me sleep a bit longer.

Screenshot (24)

Lucky is still out solving cases.  She had to ask 3 people about someone and ran into Lisa.

Lisa: I wonder how rich this family is.

Screenshot (26)

She also took the chance to visit Rory and see how he’s getting on outside of the legacy house.

Rory: Can you believe my boss told me I can’t wear a bowtie to work.  He says they’re not cool.  😡

Lucky: Bowties are always cool!  Swimming near big red crosses however, totally not cool.

Screenshot (30)

Hey look how the girls came home from school with.  It’s Clover Winterton!

I used Romana’s teen action to flirt with him to see what they would they would do.  It failed though as he already has a girlfriend.

Screenshot (33)

Charlotte: Oh this is perfect, Lucky just stand there, this is the perfect shot.

Lucky: Bye.

Screenshot (34)

Lucky is now searching the Winterton house for clues.  I am really glad I saved this house.  I love it. ❤

Screenshot (36)

Lucky: Ah ha! I knew they were no good.  Look at all these plants, must be drugs.

No, there tomatoes.  Your in Eddie’s garden.

Screenshot (39)

After solving her 27th case there is no more time left and it’s time for Romana and Susan to grow up.  It’s also Lucky’s birthday so she throws a party to celebrate.

Screenshot (40)

Hey look who finally found the football I put in her inventory.  She actually managed to get to level 5 in athletic all on her own.

Screenshot (41)

Look party guests!

Ready Brek: I got a new car! 😀

Clover: Why wasn’t I born into this family.

24HourSpar: *walks into lamp post*

Hold up, what’s that lady carrying…

Screenshot (43)

Chocolate gnomes! Awesome.

Screenshot (48)

Onto the birthdays Lucky goes first.

Screenshot (50)

Lucky: *is possesed by sparkles*

Lee: I really don’t want to be here. *awkward smile*

Screenshot (51)

Lucky: *ker-sag*

Dear Llamas not that hair.

Screenshot (42)

Romana is next.

Romana: This is the most exciting day of my life.

Screenshot (56)

She looks pretty much the same.

Susan: I’m the new torch holder, look at me now.

Lee: Ew, no way.

Romana: Hurry up sis, I really need to pee.

Screenshot (61)


Screenshot (64)

Ooh pretty.  Oh and I made the woman who brought the cool choccy gnomes a vampire.

Screenshot (65)

MAKEOVER TIME! Here’s Lucky as an elder.  I don’t think she looks that different.

Screenshot (68)

Here’s Romana, she’s now a supernatural skeptic and her LTW is Dynamic DNA Profiler.

Screenshot (67)

I failed to get a CAS shot of Susan but here’s her makeover.  I really like her, great choice everyone! Her last trait is Disaplined and her LTW is Physical perfection.

Screenshot (76)

As the new torch holder her first action is to introduce herself to most important person in the house, me! Also I’m a genie now, genies are cool!

Charlotte: Nice to meet you.  Your house is flithy.

Susan: *rolls wish for bonehildla.*

Screenshot (78)

Suddenly the camera is swung across the room to where Magrat as dying.

Rory & Lee: *le gasp*

Charlotte: Look I can fly now!

Koi: Do you have to die now, I want to eat my cake. 😦

Screenshot (80)

Koi: Hello, I cant mourn, Ready Brek is in the way!

He’s behind you, how is he in the way exactly?

Screenshot (83)

Death: Wow, I’m not used to large crowds.

Screenshot (86)

Death: *deap breath* Magrat Mendoza your time is up! now get in the damn urn.

Magrat: Ok no need to rush me.

Susan: Oh it’s Magrat’s ghost.

Screenshot (96)

Everyone: Magrat’s dead

Lee: *not caring*

Screenshot (99)

Death: I am awesome! 😀

Lucky: This room is beautiful.

Susan: I’m in charge now.

Rory: Ha ha! What are you wearing sis! XD

Lee: Boo! Romana sucks.

Screenshot (103)

So Magrat is reunited with Melon in the basement. Come out and haunt soon, ‘kay.

Screenshot (105)

Really? Right after a death? Who would do such a thing?

Screenshot (106)

Of course, it’s you two.  I swear ever party I invite them to they end up woohooing at.

Screenshot (108)

Romana: For me? Wow thanks mum. ❤

Lucky: Yeah, Happy birthday.  Now get out.

Screenshot (110)

So Romana leaves the house and is left at the mercy of story progression.

Speaking of which lets end on some notifications.

popup 9 popup 12 popup 14 popup 15 popup 17 baby 2 baby 3 Break up Rham and Airedale Rory & Jax

I have taken a ton more photos so expect the next chapter to be up soon.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 2 x 10 = 20

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 27 x 5 = 135

Total: – 70


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.13 Sparkle Possession

  1. Oh no! Magrat! You were doing so well. At least she can be reunited with Melon now and they can ghostly rock together.

    Hmm.. A baby with Pom and Frostee. That would be interesting. And maybe a ghost baby for Tam. Airedale and Rham, Heather and Wesker. Your SP is amazing. What totally awesome genetic mixing. That is so exciting lol. Love it!!

    I’m so excited to see what Susan will do as heir.

    • Magrat was 104 when she died but I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t go yet. 😦 Oh well she can haunt the place with Melon.
      Well for the moment it’s amazing. It does have it’s moments but I happy with the pairings so far and I think a baby boom is starting. So lots of potential spouses for gen 6 hopefully.
      I have played ahead a little and I am loving this gen so far. Susan is great fun to play and she will be doing one of two careers I haven’t done for a while which should be interesting.

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  3. Lol, so many simselves getting it on with legacy creations and Rory + Jax is a good combo, you may just get her into the Mendoza family.

    I did not realise Lucky was so old, she’s turning elder when the youngest two are turning YA? Crazy. But I’m looking forward to seeing who Susan’s chosen spouse is, and how she rules.

    (also, love genies! I make my simself a genie in my games all the time)

    • Simselves in the family tree would be cool but potential spouses for gen 6 would be great aswell! XD
      I hadn’t realised she was that old either but I think she was well into her YA stage when she had Susan. There was so much going on back then.
      Susan has already taken well to her rule as TH. Long may she reign! XD
      Yup, genies are cool. I don’t see enough genies in my games.

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