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Repolulation of Roaring Heights (part 2)


Ok, I finally got round to adding more simmies to the town. So sit back, relax and let me introduce them all.

First up we have these three from Jax’s Insanity Doesn’t Compare.

sims (4)

The girls at the front are Cyprus and Drover and the pink haired guy behind them is Frostee. It was so hard to narrow it down as I love them all. ❤

Next up is a sim I made.

sims (2)

This is Cassandra Everhart.  She’s a fairy even though her wings are not showing.

Cassandra: I’m the only fairy in town though.

Working on it.

This next one is more of an addition to an already existing family.

sims (1)

Met Alicia Shafer.  She is Raquel’s daughter.  I couldn’t find her when I added Raquel which annoyed me as I love her. ❤ Better late than never, eh.

Right who’s next? Oh yes. The following two sims are from Different Winters by LilyShadowWriter


This is Marina Winters


And this is…ugh, sims….hang on a bit

*cheesy hold music*


That’s better. 🙂 This is Reed Winters.  I had wanted to add James and Candice but they refused to install properly so I choose these two instead.

Reed: Nice to know we were wanted.

Aw but you are, now go make cute babies please.

Next we have a lovely lady from the Zale ISBI by Heather

sims (7)

This is Meg. I picked her because she is so pretty.

OK, next up we have 4 randomly chosen sims from the Maloney WYDC by somebodysangel13


L to R we have Kyra, Elliot, Mance, Cameron.  I have put them in one of my favourite houses in Roaring Heights so we may be visiting them at some point. It’s a two level apartment with a pool! It’s awesome!

Next up are two sims from Huggs for the Insane by Phycracker93

Screenshot-109 Screenshot-94

Chosen to hopefully spread their genetics throughout the town are Mighty-Bison (top) and Guile (bottom).  I believe Guile is (at the time of writing) in a relationship with Okra Cabernet.  He’s a fast worker! 😀

I did also add Wesker & Bowser Bedlam from the Bedlam ISBI by Umbramuse but I seem to have lost the picture I had of them.  I will add another when I can.

Right now on to the best part, simselfs! YAY! 😀

sims (3)

First up we have Nate Phycracker93 writer of Huggs for the Insane and Jax writer of Insanity Doesn’t Compare, And then it Rained and the Terrey family Legacy.  I made them a couple as they are married IRL.

sims (5)

These three are Samali writer of the Maloney WYDC and the Rouke Epic Legacy, Rad writer of Dayes of our Lives and LilyshadowWriter writer of Different Winters

sims (6)

And this three forming an orderly queue are Autumnrain writer of the Winters ISBI and A Simple Life, Heather writer of the Zale ISBI,  and Umbramuse writer of the Bedlam ISBI

I think that’s everyone, phew.  There is another very special family still to add.  They won’t appear in town till Susan takes the reins though.  Don’t want SP stealing them!

New chapter will be up very soon.  House tour is delayed as the game keeps crashing on me and I loose motivation to redo the work on the house.  I will have to redecorate for the next gen soon anyway.



6 thoughts on “Repolulation of Roaring Heights (part 2)

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  2. So cool to see my sims in your game!!

    OMG though, I didn’t realize that my simself has my name attached to it. Like I literally made it YEARS ago so I had no idea until I noticed it in the “Story Progression” updates on your latest chapter. Could you do me a huge favor then and change my simself’s last name in your game? It freaks me out to see my name on the internet! =O I would really, really appreciate it! ❤

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