The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Repolulation of Roaring Heights (part 1)


As I mentioned previously sims from other blogs will be added to the town along with sims I have created myself.  The first load of these have been added so let’s meet them shall we.

First up is Rhamnus Buckthorn created for Jax’s Bachelorette challenge by blamsart


Why are you hiding in the hedge?

Rhamnus: I want to be a tree so I am starting small.

My goodness that advert is old, why do I still remember it.



There that’s better, everyone can see you now.  I love him ❤ I hope he makes some gorgeous green babies.

Next up is a family I created myself a long time ago, the Leavitts.



From L-R we have Amelia, August, Angela, Arron and Amber.




For those of you who read my Winterton Adoptacy the name Leavitt may sound familiar. I went back later and added the final member to this family, Angelo. Technically he is Angela’s twin brother since I used her to create him.

Angelo: I forgive you for creating me from a woman, she’s actually kind of cute.

August: That’s my wife, back off.

Next up we have 5 siblings from the Winters ISBI by Autumnrain



From L-R we have Samoyed, Keeshonden, Pomeranian, Airedale and Chihuahua.

Pom & Chi: This place is filthy.

Next we have the first of the simselfs and in my personel opinion the best one. Its me! 😀 oh and my boyfriend is there too.  Don’t we look excited.


Right, who’s next. Oh yes the suitably aptly named rainbow household.  Again for readers of the Winterton Adoptacy these guys will be familiar.


L-R Amilia Stone (Danablu’s wife), Kay Jordon, (Danablu’s Prom date), Kidd Gilscarbo (Feta’s husband) and Tina Talisman (almost Danablu’s wife)

I like them so here they are, they glitched when I added them so this pic is from later.  I found them at one of the bars on the beach where they always tend to be!

Tina: I am coming or going.

Kidd: Kay your in my way.

Next another 5 siblings, this time from the Cabernet ISBI.


L-R we have Menthol, Okra, Drizzle, Shiloh, Basil

Um guys, want to look this way so I can get a decent photo of you all?

Everyone: Not really.

Next a cute yellow sim from one of my other saves.  She is called Raquel Shafer.



She was a pain to track down but luckily she showed up where Lucky was investigating.

And finally we have the Wintertons.  I had the family and the house saved to the simbin and decided on a whim to add them into the town.



Oh I miss you guys. 😦 Anyway L-R we have Lotus (child barely visable by gate), Azami, Clover, Blossom (Generation 2 heir), Edwin & Scarlet (Founder)

That’s all of them for now. I have more to add but I kept getting errors so I am doing it slowly.  I will do another update for the next lot.

There will be a new chapter coming soon, possibly two.  I went a bit trigger happy with the C button! 😀


5 thoughts on “Repolulation of Roaring Heights (part 1)

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  2. *flails* Rrrhhhaaammmnnuusss! Hiding in a tree??
    *ahem* Everyone looks awesome!
    …I just have a personal favorite…
    (can I see any of his future babies when they’re born? plz??)

  3. So exciting!! A whole generation of Winters siblings. Dear lord guys don’t embarrass me!! I am so excited for a chapter. What an awesome town population!

  4. Love that you used the Cabernet’s! They were the interesting generation lol!

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