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Winterton Adoptacy Future

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If you haven’t read chapter 4.4 yet this will contain spoilers so go and read that first.






If you have read the last chapter you will know that something awful happened. 😥


Danablu had a jet pack accident and unfortunately died.  Now in my original understanding of the rules this meant the immediate end of the legacy. 😥

However, upon re-reading the rules I noticed this passage.

‘If the bloodline is cut short by death, the challenge ends immediately.’

Now originally I took this to mean if the heir dies so does the legacy but then I started thinking.  Technically the bloodline is not dead as Danablu adopted Harmony before his death.  Plus Brie and Ricotta are still around.

I do not want this legacy to end so I am leaving it’s fate in the hands of you dear readers.  Vote in the poll below and help me decide what to do.  Here are your options


1) In a Game of Thrones approach Harmony becomes the next heir even though she is still young.  We move on to Generation 5 and the legacy continues.


2) Brie & Ricotta are technically Gen 4 spares.  Even though they have moved out I am pondering bending the rules and bringing one of them back to take Danablu’s place as Gen 4 heir.  If this happens Amilia will be kicked out.

yip (54)

3) This could be considered as cheating. I either use one of the methods available in game to revive Danablu (including MC) or add him back to the household as a ghost and carry on with him as the heir.


4) Or if you are not one for bending the rules chose the option to end the Winterton Adoptacy for good. 😥

Now it’s up to you.  Vote wisely.


One thought on “Winterton Adoptacy Future

  1. I read here but I’ll vote on the Winterton page. XD

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