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Generation 5 Heir Poll


Well it’s that time again.  Here is a reminder of the choices, vote for your favourite.

Voting card Martha Voting card Romana Voting card Rory voting card Susan



8 thoughts on “Generation 5 Heir Poll

  1. Picked Rory. I’m really liking the male/female heir swap going on. And I think he would make awesome babies.He has a very unique face that could give some interesting features to some offspring.

  2. Martha and Romana look too much like Lucky, or maybe it’s just her nose. I love Susan’s genetics, but couldn’t pass up the Daye hair colouring. Rory FTW!

    • I can see a lot of Lucky in Romana definitely. Not so much in Martha in my opinion but I am not very good at spotting things like that. I may have to do a side by side comparison.
      Yay for Koi’s hair! 😀 Looks like Rory is an early favourite. Looking forward to seeing how this vote turns out.

  3. Following the trend, I also voted for Rory. He is just so unique and like somebodysangel13 I couldn’t pass up that hair.

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