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Chapter 4.8 Playing with Life and Death


Hey there! I would have got this out sooner but it was my birthday last week so I postponed this. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has agreed for their sims/simselves to added to the town.  I am so looking forward to the move and setting it up.

Anyway last time the youngest girls grew up, Coco was taken from us 😥 and Lucky nearly got eaten by Seymour.

We begin this time with someone actually using the nice little reading nook I created in the study.


gen 4 ch 8 (3)

Magrat: Quiet, they’ll hear you.


gen 4 ch 8 (4)

Ha ha it’s almost like a conga! 😀 Look at their cute little outfits. ❤ Of course Romana has to remind me that I forgot to put glasses with her formal wear.

gen 4 ch 8 (6)

Magrat: Damn it, how did they find me.

That’s the power of the bedtime story.

Susan: Aw Rory, she was gonna read to me first.

Romana: But I found her first.

Rory: Well I’m the eldest so there 😛

gen 4 ch 8 (8)

No one is safe when kids are tired.

Lucky: Don’t worry I got this. 😀

gen 4 ch 8 (9)

*Sigh* oh Rory. -5

Things got better the next time Magrat went to work.  I knew she was doing well but I hadn’t checked her level recently.  Imagine my surprise when this popped up.

Magrat lvl 10 Magrat LTW finished

gen 4 ch 8 (11)


Well done Magrat, first non controllable sim to achieve their LTW.  It helped that she was always working out due to her athletic trait. +25

gen 4 ch 8 (15)

These birthdays kind of sneak up on you don’t they.  It’s Lucky’s adult birthday and Rory’s teen one.

gen 4 ch 8 (19) gen 4 ch 8 (20) gen 4 ch 8 (21) gen 4 ch 8 (23) gen 4 ch 8 (24) gen 4 ch 8 (26) gen 4 ch 8 (29) gen 4 ch 8 (31)

Lucky looked the same I just gave her a little mini makeover to suit an older woman.



Rory has an interesting look but he is ok.  His new trait is proper so I tried to incorporate that into his look while keeping a slight eccentric look to him.


Lucky is still out and about trying to solve as many cases as she can before I relinquish control.  I laughed when this guy got struck by lighting and Lucky just didn’t care at all.  Everyone else turned to watch but not Lucky, nothing stops her solving a case.


These two have taken to dancing together a lot.  They are getting rather good.


Oh Seymour, not again.

Romana: OMG I’ve never seen cake this big!


Seymour: Omnomnom


Seymour how could you do that to a child.  Spit her out this instant. 😡


Thank you.  (I am so glad the cow plant doesn’t eat children)

Romana: Ew cow plant slobber

Later that same day…

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25


He did spit the maid out so all was well.



I may have forgotten I downloaded this and wanted to try it out.  It is called the Door of Life and Death for those who don’t know.  It is part of the Grim’s Ghastly Manor set on the store.  It has some options I want to try out plus I heard it attracts Zombies and Paparazzi.

*insert evil laugh here*

This is a little spam of Susan flexing her insane trait, enjoy

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37


End Spam


What could be better than playing chess on your own? Playing with the ghost of a legacy founder of course.  Hi Jacklyn!


He he he. I love this door already.  It has claimed it’s first victim, a paparazzi who’s name escapes me and my notes.

Melon: Would you look at that a door to nowhere.

I know It will look better when I have more time.


And finally Lucky & Koi had another romantic selfie as I lost the first one.  I like this one better though.  Koi’s face is so funny! XD

That’s it I’m afraid, no more pictures. 😦

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 15 x 5 = 75

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  8 x 5 = 40

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 3 x 25 = 75

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 41 x 5 = 185

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 24 x 5 = 120

Total: – 75


9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.8 Playing with Life and Death

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  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a very enjoyable day! ^_^

    The children continue to impress me with their unique and varied styles! I have to say though, I really wasn’t expecting Rory to turn out that way. Not that he’s terrible looking or anything like that–he just really didn’t seem to have those particular features as a kid, lol.

    Also, wow! Your lot is kind of a death trap isn’t it, what with Seymour AND the door now? LOL. Those sims better be careful! XD

    • I did thanks ❤ No I wasn't expecting Rory to look like that. The nose was a complete surprise. Don't know if it is something to do with the skin I was trying out at the time.
      Just wanted to mix things up a bit, add a little mayhem in there. 😀

  3. Proper and eccentric, that’s a weird mix; and you’re right, he looks kind of strange with his flat nose. But good, better that than face one!

    Add another +10 for Magrat reaching the top of the Criminal-Evil career! Double points for it being her LTW 😉 And has Lucky topped the PI career yet? I know she has to solve 35 cases for her LTW, but the professions level up quickly, no?

    That death trap looks like fun, can’t wait to see who else it kills off.

    • He’s an weird one alright. That nose makes him look different but at least he’s not a clone. (well I hope not)
      Oh yes I forgot to add the points for her topping her career, oops. Yay for Magrat! 😀
      Lucky is at level 6 i think. I am not finding the PI career to be as fast developing as some of the other professions.
      It is great fun. I can’t wait for a full moon to see what happens with the zombies.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had an awesome day!

    Rory turned out so cool! I don’t know what I was expecting him to look like but I was really pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to see what the girls look like when the become teens.

    Seymore is going to kill again. I can feel it! I’m really glad he can’t eat children but he is really fishing in hopes to have a new snack. Too bad he didn’t eat the maid. Unless that one actually cleans lol.

    • I did thanks. 🙂
      I agree Rory is cool but he does have an unfortunate nose. We will see if he grows into that. The girls are 3 days away from their birthday in game so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.
      Yes I think he might, I just wish he would stay away from my possible heirs! The maid is fair game though. He has a cool hat but that is his only redeeming feature! 😀

  5. Wooo I’m caught up! *flails around the room*
    *then realizes that means no more chapters to read*
    Ah well damn.
    Happy belated Birthday and congrats on getting the door of the death. I haven’t seen anyone use it in game yet, so its pretty cool to see it in action.
    Is it me or does the cow plant spit out a lot more than it eats?

    I love your ISBI 😀 *lunges to press follow*

    • Lol XD Glad to hear you are enjoying it.
      No, I hadn’t seen anyone use it so I thought what the hell. I am beginning to think Seymour (cow plant) is a fussy eater! I don’t think he’s ate anyone for ages.

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