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Preparing for Generation 5


I have decided that when the next heir takes over the family will be moving to a new town. However, I plan to delete most of the current residents and repopulate it. My plan is to use sims of my own making but I would like to add sims from other legacies and maybe simselves.
I will be visiting my favourite sites in search of sims to use but if anyone has any sims that they would like to be added to the new town, please comment below. I will be willing to accept more than one sim per person so if you have a favourite couple, siblings etc that is fine.
Please note I only plan to have one household reserved for any simselves so it’s first come, first served I’m afraid.
I already have a town in mind and I am super excited about doing this, usually I am to lazy to customise the town but since this generation will mark the halfway point it warrants something special.


5 thoughts on “Preparing for Generation 5

  1. That sounds like so much fun! Feel free to take anyone you want from my page.

  2. You kind find a bunch of Zales over on my blog if you want! I’m still catching up on your blogs!!

  3. I’m in the process of reading this awesome ISBI, and if I’m not too late I was hoping to be able to propose/throw in this guy XD
    He was originally for a Bachelor challenge, but….HE LOST.
    He was very sad about that.

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