The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 4.4 Holy Cheesepuffs


Last time Martha was born and was aged up to a toddler, Koi & Lucky got married, Maya retired and another baby was conceived.



The families new puppy is proving to be a miniature pain in the butt.  The only trait he has is destructive so Lucky is constantly scolding him for this behaviour.

K9: But what if there’s a Cybermat under here.

I highly doubt there is.


Lucky was invited to a party at Cookie Crisp’s house but before she goes we have a cute baby bump moment.  She definately takes after her mother with her choice of maternity wear!

Koi: I think it’s singing!

Lucky: Nah that’s just my phone.


Lucky: Hi sis! Nice party. By the way I’m pregnant.

CC: Good for you.

Note: Cookie Crisp now has 3 children.  Before the party she gave birth to a son, Frank.



Later that evening…

Lucky: Uh oh, not good.

To the hospital!


Lucky: Hang on little buddy, just a little bit further.


Koi joined Lucky at the hospital shortly after.

Koi: At least this one will be mine.



It’s a boy! Meet Rory.  Rory is eccentric and loves the outdoors.

He is named after Rory Williams, husband of Amy Pond and companion to the eleventh doctor.


twit (1)

Meanwhile back home.

Melon: How did I end up with babysitting duties.

Because you love your granddaughter. 😀


twit (3)

I found this very cute.  Piper came out and went to sleep on Tobias’ old bed.

twit (9)


Magrat: I had nothing to do with this.

Nope, she just saw a ghost.  At least she isn’t loosing me any points.

twit (10)

Lucky: Wonderful another cake.

twit (14)

Lucky: Right, get on with it.

twit (18)

Lucky: Man I’m awesome.

Rory: I think I have sparkles in my ear.

twit (22)


He is so adorable and he got Koi’s hair.  ❤  Going to be hard to pick a fav this gen I feel.

twit (24)

Maid: For the last time I am not your chew toy! 😡

Seymour: I like to tenderise meat before eating.

Maid: O_o

twit (25)

Hey look someone found the new piano.

Melon: I’m a natural at this.

Martha: I disagree grandpa

twit (35)

The other cake was for Martha, they grow up so fast.

twit (40)

Magrat: We need a new maid, this one stinks.

Maya: OMG a door! When did we get that!

twit (45)

Martha: My brain hurts.

Lucky: It’ll pass.

twit (46)


I have been waiting so long for a sim that suits that hair.  Martha’s new trait is Vegetarian.

twit (48)

Lucky: So now the kids have grown up want to make more?

Koi: *giggles*


twit (49)

Lucky: You brought cake?

Koi: What? Woohoo makes me hungry.

twit (55)

Lucky is finally getting some better cases.  For this one she had to search the mail and rubbish of Naomi Nita.  I love the faces she pulls.

twit (59)


Lucky: Did I just hear a car door? Please don’t let anyone see me like this.

twit (69)

Lucky: So I looked through her mail and garbage like you asked.  Here’s what I found.

Ariel: Great thanks.

That makes 4/35 cases solved.  Still a long way to go.

twit (66)

Holy Cheesepuffs what’s that!

Martha: I see nothing odd.

Magrat: If I don’t make eye contact I will be fine.

I had a bad piece of CC.  This is what I get for downloading a sim from the exchange.  I removed the offending article and Martha returned to a normal child.

twit (71)

Lucky: I do not approve of ghosts in my kitchen.

Jacklyn: But I just wanted to say hi.

twit (72)

Oh look another baby is on the way. 😀

twit (75)


Maya NO!

Maya: Oh death is pretty. ❤

twit (78)

Death: Maya Mendoza It’s time to go.

Nolan: Maya? Honey? No it’s too soon. *wails* *sobs*

twit (81)

Death: Listen, just get in the urn, this guy is getting on my nerves.

Nolan: Maya, no don’t leave me here alone.

Lucky: What’s going on here? Grandma?

twit (84)

Lucky: Grandma no. *sobs*

Jacklyn: What’s going on?

twit (85)


Maya was 106 when she died.  She had a good long life now she and Nolan are together again.

twit (88)

Heh heh, looks like Koi might be pregnant too.  This is the best thing about having two woman as a couple.  You get the babies out quicker! XD

twit (90)

While out and about, I forget why Lucky does the pregnancy pop.  In the background you can see Giggles.

twit (91)

She appears to be teaching her daughter Jan to talk.  She and Ready Brek are expecting another child.  Is it a good thing letting the spares have so many children?

twit (93)

I took pity on the poor girl and gave her a makeover.

twit (94)

Back home Martha does her homework without being asked in her yet to be decorated bedroom.  I love this kid.

twit (96)

Lucky: Ok kid say swimming pool.

Rory: Potty stinks.

twit (99)



And finally proof that Koi was indeed pregnant as well.

Oh and they got 100,000 simoleons. +20


Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 13 x 5 = 65

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 2 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 21 x 5 = 105

Total: – 100



10 thoughts on “Chapter 4.4 Holy Cheesepuffs

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  2. “Koi: I think it’s singing!
    Lucky: Nah that’s just my phone.”

    That was epic. I loved it. And I think my stomach turned with the glitched out child in the bed. Holy Cheesepuffs is right! This is going to be such a hard choice. I love the kids so far and now we’re going to get even more! Yay for dual mommy pregnancies!

    Oh yea, and I did get the pikachu in the dress. Like a boss. Can’t say I use it though. It’s one of those things that gives birth to nightmares lol.

    • I know that glitch always creeps me out. I find it worse with babies though. So far the kids are just adorable. I am liking Koi’s genes. 😀
      I like the dress up Pikachu. I recently discovered you can change it’s costume at any contest hall so it’s now a little wrestler. XD The dress was just too creepy especially since I relate Pikachu to the one from the TV Series.

  3. LMAO at Koi taking the cake to the shower. Hungry is totally right.

    Rory is a cutie, yay for Koi’s hair! But I still love Martha and her hair. You’re right, it’s going to be soooo hard to pick a fave this gen. We’ll have to see how the genetics turn out; no face clones allowed!

    Yes, dual mommies is awesome. Especially when your TH has a career-related LTW and you don’t want her taking too much time off work.

    I love that teddy wallpaper, where did you get it?

    • I was watching her do that and it was so funny, I wish I had filmed it now.
      Both are cute. I think i may have to do an heir poll again this gen.
      The teddy wallpaper I got from the sims resource. I will put a link up for it when I am at my PC next.

  4. Aw Rory is just so cute, I love his little shirt with the dinosaurs, so cute. ❤ I predict Martha is going to be a stunner, she is so pretty already. (When she's not glitching out on you)
    LOL duel mothers is so efficient. I wish I could do that in my challenge. 😦
    I laughed so hard at Melon's inappropriate cheering while Koi and Lucky were trying to get in the mood! I love him. ❤

    I also love the teddy wallpaper and would like to know where you got it.

    • I am trying to be less lazy when dressing toddlers but they are rarely in their everyday outfits so it is proving difficult! I have not played this family much so I haven’t seen Martha as a teen yet but I agree. She has good genetics afterall! 😀
      Melon just loves being a grandpa, he can’t help himself!
      I will post a link to the teddy pattern I used for the wallpaper when I am at my PC next.

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