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Chapter 4.3 Starting a Family


Last time Lucky met the Daye girls, she chose Koi but still concieved a child with 24HourSpar and Seymour developed a taste for my sims.

pit (3)

Magrat: That puddle has nothing to do with me.

Maya: Well it certainly isn’t mine.

What a way to kick things off. -5

pit (6)

Elsewhere Melon (in his work gear) is making an effort to get to know Koi.  She gets along with everyone really well.  The main reason they are talking in this room is because Koi has the childish trait and was playing with Lucky & CC’s old toys.

pit (8)

On the other side of town a very pregnant Lucky is interviewing this woman, I think her name is Jeanie or something for a case.  I can’t remember what it was about or why the interview is taking place in a public toilet

Lucky: So I was thinking of Handles if it’s a boy.

Jeanie: That’s er different.

Note: For those who don’t watch Doctor who Handles is the cyberman head the eleventh doctor has with him in the 2013 christmas special ‘The Time of the Doctor’

pit (9)


I thought we got rid of those things?

Lucky: But it’s so adorable, how could I possible part with it.

Crush. Kill. Destroy!

Lucky: That’s a little OTT

pit (12)

Back home Koi found one of the guitars.  Which is good really because she has a job at the theatre.  She gained a point in guitar doing this so she’s in my good books at the moment.

pit (13)

I realised Jeanie, the woman Lucky interviewed lived right next door so I sent Lucky over to make friends.

Lucky: I never thought juggling would be a good way to impress celebs.

Jeanie: Depends what your juggling.  Gold rings work well.

pit (15)

Lucky: So. Much. Pain.

Yay baby time! 😀  Wait hang on, this isn’t right.

pit (19)

There that’s better.

Lucky: You prolonged my pain just to redecorate.


Maya: I like it.

pit (23) pit (25)


It’s a girl! Meet Martha.  Martha is Insane & Hydrophobic

She is named after Martha Jones, companion to the Tenth Doctor



pit (34)

With the arrival of little Martha me and Lucky decide it’s time to take her relationship with Koi to the next level.  So I fulfil this wish Lucky had to set the mood.

pit (38)

Then spam some romantic interactions.

pit (39)

Then Lucky pops the question.

Lucky: I have something to ask you honey.

Koi: What is it?

pit (41)

Lucky: Will you take this shiney and marry me?

Koi: OMG!

pit (43)

Koi: Yes I will.

pit (45)

Koi: It’s so pretty.

pit (49)


pit (51)


Of course they have to celebrate afterwards. ; )


Ha ha! Melon still likes sketching.  His latest model is Lucky.


I think she likes it, love that face.


Aw, nana Magrat found the baby.

Magrat: I want 10 of these please. *rolls wish*

I don’t usually lock in wishes for anyone but the TH but Lucky’s siblings have been busy.

Cookie Crisp had another baby, a boy named Frank

Ready Brek had a little girl called Jan

All Bran had a boy called Ricky.

Add those to Martha and Cookie Crisp’s twins and Magrat already has 6 grandchildren so I locked it in.  Melon rolled the same wish shortly after, I thought it was sweet.


Right, lets see what Martha looks like.

Lucky: You haven’t even finished redecorating.

I haven’t had the time. Don’t worry I’ll get there.


Lucky: Right there you go, get on with it.


Everyone else stayed to cheer the poor kid on.


She got 24HourSpar’s hair! so pleased, as is tradition in this legacy I changed her tips to her fav colour. I really like her grey eyes, not sure where she got those from.  She is really cute though



Looks like Martha is getting a little brother or sister soon.



I cheated a little and got Maya to paint Melon’s potrait.  She took frigging ages to do it.  Looks ok though.  Thank you Maya!


Lucky: It’s potty time!

Martha: Can’t hold it

Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-38

Look at that smile in the last pic.  Looks like she takes after Magrat’s side of the family.

This is a good bit.  Magrat went and got Martha out of her crib, set her down…

Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45

Stole candy from her.



Then reverted back to kind Nana Magrat and gave Martha a bottle.  This had me laughing so much.  XD


Lucky: I’m not a fan of big weddings, want a private wedding right here?

Koi: Sure.

Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-59

The new Mrs & Mrs Mendoza, lovely. ❤


Koi then tries to improve her relationship with Maya by joining her on the dancefloor.

Maya: You have a long way to go to catch me up dearie.


So since the naming theme this gen is Doctor Who companions I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get them a dog called K9.  I was going to make one and colour it like K9 but the red eyes just made it look super creepy.  I adopted a puppy instead.

K9: Feed me please.


Maya: Aww you are so cute

K9: Affirmative


As a reward for doing potraits for me I let Maya retire.

Maya: *polite clapping*


I laughed when Koi came over to cheer for Maya and whipped out a protest sign.

And finally I shall end how we started, with a fail.


Lucky: I want to hold her.




Next time more babies and other stuff.

Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 12 x 5 = 60

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 1 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 40 x 5 = 180

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 21 x 5 = 105

Total: – 125



7 thoughts on “Chapter 4.3 Starting a Family

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  2. Martha is so cute, love 24HrSpa’s hair colour. I should definitely get some Days into my legacy, the genetics are great.

    Ooh, I’d forgotten all about redecorating for next generation. It seems the house has been pink for so long, glad for a change. And this colour is really pretty, great choice of heir, everyone.

    • I agree, Martha is just adorable. I can’t wait to see what the new baby looks like. I am hoping for Koi’s hair to be passed on to at least one child.
      I am still redecorating the house. I forgot just how much pink there is in that place. The combination of Lucky & Koi’s fav colours works really well. Looking forward to showing it off. 😀

  3. I love the theme you picked! Shame on Magrat though, for stealing candy from her grandbaby. And I think she only wants 10 so she can steal candy from them all lol.

    Martha is precious. I’m so glad she got the purple hair. Now Koi and Lucky can procreate like crazy!

    • Thanks, it is one of my fav shows. Magrat made me laugh when she did that, she rarely shows any sign of her evil trait. I think old age might be bringing it out! 😀
      I love Martha she is so cute. I really like the purple hair, so glad she got it. There will be lots of babies to come, watch this space

  4. Awww! ❤ Martha is so adorable. Love her ❤ Love the hair. Can't wait to see Koi and Lucky babies.
    Love the theme (think I mentioned that before?) Love that you named the puppy K-9. Do you have a pic of what he would have looked like in K-9's colours? I can't really picture it.
    LOL Bad Nana Magrat! Stealing candy from your own grandbaby.
    Oh and thanks for letting me use Zak, he has given me some great genetics. 😀

    • Thanks ❤ More babies are coming, prepare for cuteness overload. 😀
      Glad you like the theme and the puppy. I don't have a pic of the dog I tried to create but it was really creepy.
      That's fine, I am exicted to see how his kiddies turn out. 😀

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