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Chapter 4.2 Choosing the Right Daye


How about that, you lucky people get another chapter! I am going to be busy over the next couple of weeks and may not get the time for sims.

Last time we saw the triplets become young adults and Lucky take over as the torch holder.  Also Piper died and I added 3 Dayes to the town.  This time we will find out who she chooses.  First though…

Twit (84)

Magrat: So cold *shivers*

You seem to be turning a little blue there, you ok?

Magrat: *freezes solid*

*rolls eyes* I swear you and Melon have both have death wish.  Do you stop to think that maybe sleeping outside in the snow, in the middle of winter, in your bikini was a bad idea?

Twit (86)


Seeing as no one else cared enough to do it autonomously I sent Lucky thaw her mother out.

Lucky: This is only going to get worse after your birthday, isn’t it?

Lucky is gay

I mean to add this in the last chapter.  Before I added the Daye girls I checked Lucky’s gender preference.  Yup, she’s gay.


Melon the perv

Something caught my eye when I went into Melon’s social menu to do this.  Check out the ‘Sketch Nude’ option he has.  No, just no.

Melon: It’s not perverted or anything. It’s art.

Yeah, that’s not really helping your case.

Lucky: *walks away*

Melon isn’t the only creepy one though. Check out this wish Maya had.

Maya's wish

What is wrong with you people?! o_O



I don’t know about you but I need some cuteness after all that.  These two little cuties are Cookie Crisp’s twin daughters.  She gave birth after the triplets party.  They are Margie and Marlene.



I had Lucky go to CC’s house to met them.  This is Doug Finch, the girl’s father and CC’s boyfriend.  I suppose she could do worse.

Twit (50)

As I mentioned last time Lucky went to the beach to meet Giggles and Koi.  Koi ran off as soon as Lucky got there but I had Lucky introduce herself to Giggles.  I left them to it to see how they got on and Lucky thought the best way to impress her was to spout madness.

Lucky: Have you heard the world is a giant blueberry covered in chocolate sauce?

Giggles: What?!

Twit (53)

Giggles: You are crazy woman.  Please leave me alone.

Lucky: I don’t know what went wrong. 😦

RB Baby


Imediately after this I had a series of notifications about Giggles and Ready Brek.  It appears while Giggles was at the beach she hooked up with Lucky’s brother.  The pair are now married and expecting their first child.  I guess Lucky won’t be choosing her then.

Ready Brek: You snooze, you loose.

Twit (79)

The next day Lucky had to go to city hall to get an award.  She has done 3 cases as a PI.  All fairly simple and boring hacking cases.  There was a protest going on outside that attracted a lot of people.  One of them was Koi so Lucky grabbed the chance to introduce herself.

Lucky: What are they protesting about?

Twit (76)

Ladybugs apparently.

Twit (81)

The pair hit it off and Lucky turns on the charm.  Apparently napkins are a good seduction topic.

Twit (82)

Aw cute.  I think she likes her….

Lucky likes Koi


A lot judging by her wish panel.  We have a contender but I will need to see how she gets on with 24HourSpar first.


While lucky is out the camera suddenly pans home where a couple of things happen.  First it appears Melon nearly gets eaten, AGAIN.

Melon has a death wish


I swear you guys are determined to loose me more points.

The other thing that happened was this.


Nolan: Oh this doesn’t feel good at all.


Nolan: Well looks like my time has come.


Nolan: Don’t cry for me sweet Maya.


Melon: Daddy?

Nolan: Oh are you my ride.

Death: Something like that, ready to go?


Melon: Daddy no! *cries*

Nolan: It’s ok son, It’s my time.

Death: Where’s my fans. I’m used to a bigger audience than this.

Coco: My food bowl is empty.



Nolan: OK I’m ready.

At the age of 100 Nolan leaves us.  Melon was the only person in the house at the time expect for one other.


Maya was there but obviously pancakes are more important than your husband’s passing.



Nolan gets added to the basement.  I added a little something to mark his job and the diner.

Twit (97)


As mentioned in the last chapter Lucky met 24HourSpar at the gym.  She had to leave to go to work so Lucky invites her over.  Suprisingly she agrees! We spam the romantic interactions and they seem to get along nicely.  Lucky doesn’t roll any wishes for her though so it looks like Koi has won her heart.  However we are not quite done with 24HourSpar just yet.  She may not be Lucky’s spouse but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a baby out of her. 😀

Despite being hydrophobic Lucky decides the best place to try of baby is the hot tub.  Where the two of them engage in syncronised foot looking. (or whatever you want to call it)

Twit (100)

Twit (101) Twit (103) Twit (104) Twit (107) Twit (111)



As is the way 24HourSpar does the strut as she leaves.

Lucky: *inner monologue* As I watched her leave I wondered what the repercussions of my actions would be.   I was in love with another but I now carried this woman’s child.   

Could you stop that please.  You are not going to speak in inner monologue all the time.

Lucky: *inner monologue* I again heard a strange voice, no one seems to know where it comes from.  Everyone seems to obey it with no questions though.  I will make it my mission to discover the origins of this mysterious voice.

Ok, I’m just going to go somewhere else now.


Seymour tries to tempt another victim. This time the maid.

(apologies for walls down.)

Screenshot-32 Screenshot-34

Seymour: Burp

(He spat her out.)

Seymour: I just have an acquired taste

Twit (91)

With her choice made Lucky goes to the Daye house and gets her girl.

Lucky: So, I want to be your girlfriend.

Twit (92)


She agrees, yay!


Lucky: OoOoh , I don’t feel so good.

Really? hmm, how strange.

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-36

We have a baby on the way! 😀

OK syncronised birthday, go!

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47

Lucky: Ha ha, awesome!

Screenshot-58 Screenshot-62


Aren’t they adorable as elders.  Sad to see another generation almost gone though, it goes by so fast.  *sobs*


Birthday done I send Lucky back to the Daye house.  With Nolan gone there is only four sims (plus cat) in the house and it feels empty.  Time to move Koi in.

Lucky: Hey bro! Guess what, I’m having a baby!


Ready Brek: Well done sis!

Lucky: Seriously? I’m having a baby and he pats my shoulder?


Aww, so cute.  Koi had a betrayed moodlet here but luckily Lucky had her dad’s moodlet manager and sorted it. 😀 best LTH reward ever!


Lucky: So want to move in?

Koi: Sure.It’s about to get crowded here.


Aw Piper came out and slept in his favourite spot.

Piper: I wonder if chicken still tastes the same


Don’t know if this will happen again soon. 4 generations in one picture.

And finally a cute pic of Coco fishing in the river behind the house.


And one of Koi. She decided the best thing to do in a new house where three of the people don’t know you is to skinny dip in the hot tub where your girlfriend conceived her child with your housemate.

Wow that’s messed up.



Torch Holders: 3

Every birth: (+5) 11 x 5 = 55

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  5 x 5 = 25

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 2 x 25 = 50

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 1 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 35 x 5 = 175

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 20 x 5 = 100

Total: – 125


4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.2 Choosing the Right Daye

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  2. LMAO, Koi is totally messed up. She’ll fit right in! I love that she has Amaryllis’ hair, hopefully one of the babies gets it! Great choice, Lucky! Ooh, maybe Giggles and RB will have ghost babies! That could be cool, spare ghost kids.

    The antics with the cowplant make me laugh – I should so put one in my game, have had it for a while, but never use it.

    So now that Lucky’s in charge, does that mean we redo the house? I love pink, but so ready for a change. Aqua is a pretty colour.

    Also, I’m so impressed that you managed to get Magrat and Melon actually synced for the birthdays. Mine never do that, even when I can control them.

  3. I love the spouse! And how you snuck in an offspring from 24hourspar. Sneaky sneaky :). I can’t wait to see what the babies will look like. Farewell Nolan! He lived a wonderful life and gave many beautiful genetics lol.

    • Thanks. 🙂 Well I couldn’t let those genetics go to waste could I. I have seen what it looks like and I am not disapointed. 😀 This will be the only child that is not Koi’s though.
      Yeah, Nolan was an awesome sim. Maya doesn’t seem that bothered though which I find amusing.

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