The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 3.13 The Final Curtain


Hi guys! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

Do you know evertime I put that all I can think of is this. (skip to 2:40 to see the bit I am referring to. Sorry about the quality it was the best I could find) It is from a great UK sitcom called Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.  If you haven’t seen it go and find it, it is brilliant!

I had wanted to get this chapter out sooner but I needed to play through the teen years first.  Plus I recently got Pokemon Omega Ruby so I have been playing that.  I do wonder if it is ok to still be playing Pokemon games when I am in my 30s!

Last time Melon did some portraits, there were birthdays and Seymour claimed his first victim.


Following his first kill Seymour has been getting a lot more attention.

Lucky: I still wonder why Dad bought this thing.

All Bran: I like it, it’s quirky.

Seymour: I want candy


Melon is still chained to the easel when he has free time.  He is painting a portrait of Jacklyn’s ghost which he had a wish for.  I am keen to see how it turns out.

Melon: I hope you aren’t doubting my talents.

Oh, the outfit he is wearing is also to fulfil a wish.  He is going through a mid life crisis and wanted a stylish makover.

Melon: That may have been a mistake. I see nothing stylish about this.

Don’t worry I deleted it.

Melon: 😀


Rice Krispies: Your getting a little tubby bro.  Might want to lay off dessert for a while.

Ready Brek: Yeah, what if Dad decides to do a portrait of you.

Weetabix: *is too busy playing game to notice*

Guys be nice.


The boys are not the only ones to play video games though.

Lucky: And that Coco is how we win at Mario Kart!

Coco: (Can I chase them now?)

Piper: zzzz Must fetch ball zzzz


Another of Melon’s mid life crisis wishes was to get a haircut.  I gave him this slightly longer style.  I think he looks good.

Melon: I always look good.

(Notice this is before I recoloured the bathrooms)


Maya, the toilet is right there!

Maya: Can’t hold it as long as I used to.


sweet  (1)

Magrat is not taking getting older very well. She is constantly checking for wrinkles.

Magrat: Oh there’s another one.  They are multiplying I’m sure of it.


Jacklyn’s portrait is done.  Looks good actually.  I kept it.  I am not giving myself any points for this one as she is dead already.

Melon: Good? It’s magnificent!

Modest as always, aren’t you

sweet  (13)

Coco: (Look at me, I’m cute.)

CC & Lucky: *ignores and plays game*

Ready Brek: Wow, I didn’t know you could stretch that far Coco.

sweet  (15)

Another portrait done.  I think this is his best one yet.


sweet  (21)

Melon: OK Grandpa nearly done

Tobias: Hurry up boy, I think something cracked.

I let Tobias keep his Christmas jumper as I liked it on him.

sweet  (22)

Melon: Ta da *waits for approval*

sweet  (23)

Tobias: Is that supposed to be me?

Melon: Yes, see you’re holding a cup of tea.

sweet  (25)

Tobias: Then I love it! ❤

sweet  (32)

I finally got Magrat a job.  She is in the criminal career starting at level 4 due to her degree.

Magrat: This pleases me. Plus this lighting makes me look younger.

sweet  (43)

Since I got this thing there is always one of them out here working on it.  Gives them something productive to do.

sweet  (44)

I think is is when we upgraded the graphics card in our computer. Can’t see any difference in picture quality but game runs smoother now.

I have nothing to say about this picture.  Just thought it was cute.

sweet  (63)

Lucky: Don’t you think it’s a little creepy that you spend your nights taking photos of teenage girls?

sweet  (64)

Rice Krispies: *licks plate*

Melon: You couldn’t have waited for me to finish these pancakes?

Rice Krispies: But there was still a little food left.  See it filled my hunger.

Melon: When do they leave?

sweet  (65)

Weetabix found the easel and painted this cute pink giraffe.  I think I sold it.  I love it when they skill on their own.

Weetabix: I aim to please.

sweet  (72)

This was a cute moment.  Jacklyn came out and Tobias went over to talk to her.

Jacklyn: Still hanging on then?

Tobias: I have so much to live for.

What the rocking chair?

sweet  (75)

Maid: OMG He’s naked again and he’s coming over.  Eyes on the face, eyes on the face.

sweet  (80)

Nolan: Here we go again.

sweet  (83)

After talking to the maid Tobias went over and stood behind Rice Krispies while he did his homework.  Creepy and wrong, go and put some clothes on.

Rice Krispies: If I just ignore him he might go away.

sweet  (95)

He did leave Rice Krispies alone, he went outside to have a water balloon fight, still naked.

Oh Tobais you do amuse me. 😀

Birthday time! The twins are becoming Young Adults!

sweet  (100)

sweet  (106) sweet  (110) sweet  (114) sweet  (118)

Wowzers he’s hot! His new trait is Insane and his LTW is Martial Arts Master.

sweet  (121)

I was going to add a beard to Weetabix too but it didn’t look right.  His new trait is Supernatural fan and his LTW is Master of the Arts.

They will both be added to the download list shortly.

Since the boys didn’t move out straight away and no one in this house is a freeloader I got them jobs.  Weetabix got a job in Music and All Bran in Sport

sweet  (127) sweet  (129) sweet  (134)

Lucky slept in that day and missed school.  Magrat was on to her straight away and grounded her.

sweet  (136)

She wandered into the kitchen where All Bran let her off! 😀

All Bran: It’s ok, Mum’s just a little cranky this morning.

sweet  (140)

These two still love each other which is nice. ❤

Melon: It’s only natural. I mean look at me, how could she not want a piece of Melon.

twit (1)

Since she is the heir I gave Lucky a mini makeover. (meaning I got some new pattens and wanted to use them!) 😀

twit (7)

Finally at the amazing age of 156 Tobias finally succumbed to old age.  Not sure if I was relived or sad when this happened.  Probably both.

Tobias: Hey look I’m floating!

twit (10)

Tobais: Well look at that, I can see through my hand

Maya: Dad?

twit (15)

Death: *Loud cracking* Ooh my back, I have to find a better way to travel.

twit (17)

Death: Ahem, I mean Tobias Mendoza your time is up.  You have avoided me for too long.

Tobias: What’s going on? Why is everyone crying?

Lucky: I’m not crying, just something in my eye.

twit (22)

Tobias: Please don’t take me yet. I have so much to live for.

Death: Just get in the urn, I have a tight schedule to keep

twit (24)

RIP Tobias.  You were my oldest living sim.

Resurrection wanted

Directly after his death Maya, CC, Ready Brek and Nolan all rolled the wish to resurrect Tobias.

Um, no. That’s sweet but it’s never going to happen.

twit (35)

Ready Brek: *squeal* A real life zombie.

Blondepap: Is this kid high or something?

twit (39)

Weetabix: This oven needs cleaning.

You think you could maybe clean it?

Weetabix: Not in my best suit.

All Bran: Need input.

twit (41)

So I was just generally looking around, seeing what they were all upto when I saw this look on Nolan’s face.  First I thought he was looking at the cat.  Then I panned out….

twit (42)

And saw what he was really looking at.

Nolan: I’m all about that bass


twit (40)

This painting marks Melon maxing out the painting skill.  Not sure if that is supposed to be the world or a green ball.

twit (57)

He got a plaque though which I hung in his bedroom.

twit (44)

All Bran: That painting has inspired me.

Please don’t sing what I think you’re going to sing.

All Bran: ‘Rocking all over the world!’

Sigh -.-

twit (49)

Magrat: I don’t feel good. I’m just going to lie down for a bit.

twit (52)


twit (56)

Holy smokes what happened to you? You were doing homework?

CC: I’m so good at maths, I’m on fire!

Sure you are.

twit (59)

All Bran: Look Mum, I’m a star

Magrat: That’s nice dear

twit (63)

Melon & Magrat are not the only couple who like to dance.  Maya and Nolan are at it too.

Nolan: Oh my back.  Honey help me up will you, I seem to be stuck.


It’s birthday time again.  This time it’s CC. Check out that smile.


Aww even the cat turned up to watch.

Coco: I just want cake


Cripes were did those boobs come from! Oh wait hang on, I remember something like this happening in the Winters ISBI (goes off to check) Yes I was right. I think they must have come from Magrat.

CC: I don’t care where they came from.  I will have no trouble getting a man with these beauties.


Here she is as a Young adult. It took me a long time to find an outfit that suited her.  Her new trait is flirty and LTW is Heartbreaker.

She will be added to the download list aswell.  For those who don’t like using the unstable trait.  Feel free to change it to Insane.  I will also list her original traits on the download page for anyone who wants them.


OK time to kick out some spares.

CC: I’m going to miss this place.

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29

Buy guys, go make some babies and Weetabix get that arm looked at.  Although I probably didn’t need to tell CC because I got these soon after she moved out.

CC Pregnant CC go steady CC move in with Doug


Guess those boobs helped after all.


Seriously there is a bathroom right there. (first door you can see)



Ready Brek is always dancing and is getting quite good.

Ready Brek: Grandpa says the ladies like a guy who can move.

You probably shouldn’t be talking to him about things like that. O_o


This made me laugh, Magrat came home from work and decided she wanted the hat and mask with every outfit.  It looked so silly and but strangly suited her traits so I let her keep it.


Magrat wanted to make out with Melon before work and Melon is not one to say no to that! 😉

They even got this cute little moodlet afterwards

Second Gear

And that just about wraps up Generation 3.  Next time the triplets grow up and Lucky takes over as Torch Holder.

Torch Holders: 2

Every birth: (+5) 11 x 5 = 55

Heir/Spouse Portrait: +5  4 x 5 = 20

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 1 x 25 = 25

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 1 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 34 x 5 = 170

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 19 x 5 = 95

Total: – 135



13 thoughts on “Chapter 3.13 The Final Curtain

  1. I love the fixer upper car, the sims always work on it themselves. Finally, an autonomous way to learn Handiness (other than Inventing)! Wait til it’s done, then the couples with be making out in it all the time.

    LMAO at naked Tobias! So random that grandparents suddenly go naked. Maybe it’s EA’s attempt to simulate senility? Still hilarious. And then all the family wanted to resurrect him after he died; that’s very nice. I haven’t had that much for grandparents, only accidental deaths.

    Wowza, you’re right, All Bran is hawt! Even though they’re identical, Weetabix doesn’t have the same quality…maybe it’s the blue/pink hair?

    And man, CC has huge boobs! I have to play with that slider more, my sims always have mid-slider ones, which is kind of boring. Though I can see that it would make picking an outfit kind of difficult.

    • I love the fixer upper car too. They learn a skill and if they don’t need an extra car I can sell it for a huge profit! 😀
      Tobias made me laugh everytime he ran around naked. He is the only one so far to do it. It was nice that they wanted to bring him back but I think he’s been around long enough.
      Yeah, I do like Weetabix’s hair but I agree he doesn’t have the same quality as All Bran.
      That was a shock when she grew up with those. I worry about Lucky now, will all my female sims be cursed/blessed with big boobs now? Choosing an outfit was difficult. Her huge boobs made some clothes look silly on her. I haven’t really played much with the sliders, I just kinda stick with average looking sims. I need to mix it up a bit I think.

      • I do the same thing, average or really pretty sims. Maybe try one strong feature, rather than going all out ugly; a big nose or big mouth can still look pretty with the right combination of features.

  2. Haha there is nothing wrong with playing pokemon in your 30’s! I’m late 20’s and still playing pokemon. It’s my replacement when I don’t feel like reading. Its a stress reliever and if you enjoy it, you go girl! My boyfriend and I went to the midnight release of sapphire and ruby and we were the oldest people there but it was awesome.
    It’s so funny that CC got those huge boobs! I remember when I first saw them in my game it made my jaw drop. All I could think of is the fact it would suck to try and buy clothes with those things.
    Can’t wait to see the triplets age up! Great chapter!

    • Well that’s good to know! Not sure about the pikachu in a dress that i just got in game though, poor thing. :\ wow that must of been mental. I went to a local book store once on the release day of one of the Harry Potter books and that was interesting.
      CC getting those boobs shocked me. I don’t usually take the slider up that far so didn’t realise they could get that big! 😀
      All the kids are looking great so far so i have high hopes for the triplets

      • I havent seen the pikachu in the dress yet but then again I can’t seem to find the woman to give me the pass to get into the beauty pageant so I’m stuck. I like X more than sapphire though. I loved being able to customize my trainer. Did you play that one?

        Haha at the release I was saying to my boyfriend “its so nice their parents let them stay out so late”. They accepted us pretty quick though and I got in a few fun battles.I would go again for sure!

        I love the triplets too. I just want to put them all in my game to make wonderful babies! I choked on my coffee when I saw the boobs the girls got from Mighty’s genetics. I’ve never dared put the slider up that high either lol.

      • I think the pageant women appears in Slateport after you save captain stern. I tried to leave via route 110 and an event happened in front of the contest centre. Win a contest and a woman gives you a pikachu. That’s what happened to me anyway, does that help?
        Not played pokemon x.

      • That helps a lot. I am going to tackle that as soon as I get home! Thank you so much!

  3. It is ALWAYS okay to play Pokemon, lol. I just recently bought Omega Red too, but haven’t had time to play it yet because I finally got The Sims 4 and have been playing that instead. I also recently completed the Pokedex in Pokemon X, so I think I needed a little Poke-Break! Lol!

    OMG. I laughed out loud at Melon’s amazing drawing of Tobias, and that picture of Tobias posing. Too hilarious! I don’t think I’ve ever used that interaction before–I love it! Wow though, so Tobias is finally gone, eh? I think I’m having the same reaction as you…I don’t know whether to be happy or sad! I’m leaning sad though….Tobias was an awesome sim and an endless source of entertainment–now who will wander around the house naked? Rofl.

    Lastly, wow CC! Way to get those Winters’ genes, hahaha. That being said, she’s a total cutie! I’m not surprised that she was immediately snatched up upon moving out ❤

    Great chapter!!

    • I haven’t got Sims 4 yet. Not that impressed with what i have seen so far. Tobias has pulled the best faces during the sketch interaction so far. Hilarious. I am leaning more towards sad now but he had overstayed his welcome just a bit. He was a great sim so full of randomness. Still more room for babies!
      Lol, I know! She is really pretty, i was kind of sad i had to kick her out. 😦 Can’t wait to see what her baby looks like though.
      Thanks for reading. ❤

      • Yeah, the only reason I got the game was because I received it as a Christmas gift–I actually wasn’t going to buy it myself, haha. I really like certain aspects of it…but also really hate other aspects of it. I guess I like playing it, but instead of just wanting to play that one and abandoning the whole series (like I did when TS2 and TS3 came out), I find myself wanting to go back to TS3 a lot :/ Maybe that’ll change later on down the line, but I doubt it, especially because I really would love to finish Different Winters!

        I was a bit sad to see CC go too, but I also look forward to seeing her kids 😀 On that note, I look forward to the next generation with Lucky too! ^_^

  4. So much that made me laugh!

    Maid: OMG He’s naked again and he’s coming over. Eyes on the face, eyes on the face.
    This really cracked me up! Creeping on All Bran, not cool
    OMG the Max & Paddy vid. I have not seen that show for years! May have to dig out the dvd. Love that show!
    NO not Tobias! I can’t believe how long he lived though. Kinda sweet that they wanted to bring him back.
    Nolan perving on Magrat was soo funny. His eyes are so wide in that pic. Hope he doesn’t try to hit on her.
    Wow All Bran is a total hottie. I agree with somebodysangel13, Weetabix just doesn’t have the same quality. He is still a cutie though.
    Finally CC definately got the Winters genes. Those puppies are huge. I would kill for boobs like that!
    Great chapter, can’t wait to see the triplets grow up and Lucky take over. ❤

    • I am pleased you liked it. Same here, I haven’t seen it for ages but everytime I write ‘Hi Guys’ that is all I can think off. Still makes me smile. You from UK then?
      Yeah, it’s sad Tobias is gone. He had a good long life though. Every time someone dies in my game there is always someone that wants to bring them back. This time I was like NO WAY! 😀 He was great but he’s had his time.
      Nolan hasn’t done this since way back at the start of Gen 3 when Melon brought her home. I laughed so hard when I realised what he was looking at.
      I love the twins as adults, they both look great but I have to agree All Bran is hot. I hope he makes some babies.
      Your comment about the boobs really made me laugh! CC does look a bit top heavy with them though.
      Thanks for reading. ❤

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