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And the Winner Is….


I am working on the next chapter but before that I can officially annouce the winner of the poll and the Generation 4 torch holder.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who voted.  I got a huge response this time. 😀

OK, drum roll.

The winner with a massive 57% of the vote is Lucky Charms.  This result is totally unexpected to me.  I had expected one of the boys to win.  Weetabix was the fav of the boys coming in second with 24%.



I am happy with this result. Quite relived if it was a girl that one it wasn’t Cookie Crisp. She is pretty but that unstable trait is a huge pain in the butt.

So yeah, Lucky Charms will be leading us into Generation 4.  As I said in an earlier chapter.  24 HourSpar Daye will be the spouse.  I had wanted to do a same sex couple so this pleases me.

I don’t think I mentioned it before but I am trying to do as many different spouse types as possible.  So far I have had.

Tobias – Made by me, same career (sort of!) 😀

Nolan – A propriator

Magrat – Another writer’s sim, A witch.

OK I need to stop now as I am rambling.


6 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….

  1. Horray! I can’t wait to see this generation unfold!

  2. Yay, I love Lucky Charms! She is so gorgeous, without having the yellow skin that has cursed the Winters for generations now. And her traits look interesting; she could be a Private Investigator or some kind of performer, should be fun!

  3. I am a bit disapointed that RIce Krispies didn’t win but Lucky is great too. I agree with somebodysangel13, private investigator would be a good career choice.
    So exicted to see her and 24HourSpar’s children. I assume you have a mod to allow them to have children naturally?

    • I don’t know what career Lucky will do at the moment. I am waiting to see what LTW choices she gets.
      Yes I do have a mod for that, I can’t remember which one allows it though, Master controller? Woohooer? I can’t remember.

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