The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Heir Poll


With all of Melon’s children now teenagers it is time to pick an heir.

These are your choices.

All Bran Weetabix

Cookie Crisp

Lucky Ready Brek 2 Rice Krispies


10 thoughts on “Heir Poll

  1. I had to pick Lucky. My gosh she is just so gorgeous! I know you wanted someone with yellow hair but maybe Magrat’s genes will follow through to the grandchildren lol.

    • I don’t mind not having someone with yellow skin, the blue hair is pretty. I would have been a bit peeved if none of Magrat’s offspring got her yellow skin though!
      Thanks for voting ❤

  2. LOL, Tam. I picked Lucky too, for the same reason. So prettiful. Though I love Rice Krispies’ green eyes.

  3. Argh! can’t choose. I like CC but I don’t want you to be burdened with that damn trait. Lucky is so pretty and I like her hair. In the end I had to go for Rice Krispies. I just love his colouring. ❤

  4. These are some great choices. Doesn’t make it easy to choose though. I love them all but ultimately I have to vote for the one that has been my fav all the way through. Weetabix, I choose you!
    P.S. Sorry for not commenting very much, I do read and enjoy this though.

    • Thanks ❤ Nice to see Weetabix getting some love.
      Don't worry about not commenting. Although I do love to read peoples comments as long as people read and enjoy that is good enough for me.
      Thanks for voting ❤

  5. This was a difficult choice but I too have voted for Lucky Charms. She just looks so pretty.

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