The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 3.11 A Change of Scenery


Hi all.  I can’t believe how close christmas is getting.  I still have lots to do.  Decorations went up at the weekend so feeling a bit more in the spirit now.

Now then, last time on the Mendoza’s there were many birthdays 😀 and many fails 😥

Melon: Well if you insist on having birthdays when everyone is tired that will happen.

Thank you for your insight.

Melon: 😀

I would like to start with something I forgot to add in the last chapter.  I have added something to the household, something I loved in the Sims 2 and was overjoyed to find it on the sims store.

Meet Seymour, the family’s cowplant.  I named him Seymour after a cartoon I remember called Little Shop.


Seymour: Feed me!

Love it! 😀



Magrat, want to explain?

Magrat: I’m having a bath.

In the sink?

Magrat: Yes, there’s bubbles and everything. It’s quite relaxing.

I’m sure it is when you are wearing your formal wear.



CC: Dad, read me a bedtime story

Melon no, don’t get dragged into this charade!

Melon: Sure sweetie



All Bran: I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.

Melon: That’s the spirit son!



Ready Brek is popular at the moment.  Even Weetabix had a cuddle with him.

Weetabix: Just doing my bit to win votes.

Le sigh



Melon joins the rockers! 😀

Nolan: It’s a very exclusive club.


Weetabix: Move it bro!

All Bran: Nope


All Bran: Think of this as payback for creeping on Mum.



Weetabix: I’m so embarrassed.

All Bran: My work is done.

Guys, really? -5


Maya: Awesome Grandma in da house!

Careful with that thing


We are getting a nice collection of uni welcome pack things.  The walking stick with the plumbob on the porch is Nolan BTW.

Nolan: This is my stealth mode


Lucky: Something about this feels wrong. Put me back in the pen.


Seymour: Come on, take the cake.

Someone please feed him.


Rice K: I have foods!


Cookie Crisp found the chess table. Nice to see someone doing something productive.


CC: Then when the old man turned 150 the Sunset Squad came in the dead of night and took him away. No one ever saw him again.

Tobias:Oh that’s so scary. I don’t know if my heart can take it.


Not to be outdone by his little sister.  Weetabix is also being productive, he has taken to working out a lot.


Melon painted this, it’s so pretty.  I sold it and he is now at level 4 in his job. So close.



Time for more birthdays. They grow up so quick.


First up is Lucky Charms

Magrat: *TOOT*

Melon: Honey not in my ear.

Screenshot-135 Screenshot-136


I think she looks a lot like Magrat but I like her.  Her new trait is Freindly.  The hair is a recent find on the Sims Resource.  It is made by Skysims and is based on Elsa’s hair from Frozen. The adult version has little snowflakes on it. I added Sea Foam highlights. (her fav colour)


Melon: If they’re growing up that means I’m getting old! I don’t want to be old. *runs of to bathroom to cry like a little girl*



Melon: (from bathroom) *crys* I want to be young forever*

Magrat: Men.

Ready Brek: Daddy sad.

Piper: OMG this thing is AWESOME!


After that brief interlude it’s back to the birthdays.  Next for the caking is Ready Brek.  This is such a cute photo

Screenshot-155 Screenshot-179


Isn’t he a little cutie. ❤  His new trait is Party animal.


Finally it’s Rice Krispies.


For god’s sake Melon, snap out of it.


Here he is, another little cutie ❤  His new trait is Loves outdoors.

It is around this time that I got a couple of notifications.  First that Jamie has died.

Tobias: I’ve outlived both my wives!

The second concerns Cookie Crisp.  She got this moodlet during the birthdays.

cc delusional moodlet cc delusional


Shortly after I got this notification. Since I can’t control her, I can’t send her to the hospital so the trait change has become permanent.



How does she celebrate her trait change?

Why with a fail of course.



After school the next day she gave me another



Lucky: Story time!


Tobias: My work is done.

That sleeping with the eyes open thing never stops being creepy


Melon continues to be awesome and fixes the sink.


Nolan: Ah nothing like a nice bath.

I finally got round to installing a decensor mod.  God they look funny naked!


Maya, aren’t you a bit old to be using bunk beds?

Maya: Weetabix is in my bed. I got to sleep somewhere.

I suppose I can’t complain, she is using a bed.


Another awesome painting from Melon.

Melon: I aim to please.


I kept this one and hung it in the girls room.


Our little gnome (named Shreddies) pulled this pose. Not seen it before, it’s cute.


I had to make the choice to move towns around this time due to lag mainly.  Everyone took to standing around for hours before doing anything.

Melon: I’m going to miss this place.

Magrat: Just make the call, we’ve already packed.


So with one last look at the house in Starlight Shores, they are off.


To Lucky Palms.  Isn’t it pretty.  And so bright too. There house can be seen here, it’s in front of the small hill near the back.



This is what it looks like close up. For now anyway.  I love this house, it is my favourite in Lucky Palms.  It does need some work to fit them all comfortably though.

Oh and with the sale of the house back in Starlight they have made their first 100,000 simoleons! 😀




That’s about it as I have to decorate, furnish and modify the house.  I shall leave you with Ready Brek, the first one to notice the Cowplant.

Torch Holders: 2

Every birth: (+5) 11 x 5 = 55

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+25) 1 x 25 = 25

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 1 x 20 = 20

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 31 x 5 = 155

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 4 x 5 = 20

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 16 x 5 = 80

Total: – 130




8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.11 A Change of Scenery

  1. Gah! I love it. Rice Krispies is my favourite so far. He seems to have a nice mix of genetics from both his parents. I’m going to have to go over to TSR to get that new hair. it looks so cool! I haven’t checked the site in awhile so it would be good to stop over. Glad you’re getting into the Christmas Spirit. Mine is finally starting to appear, though I really don’t feel like I’m going to have the time. Potlucks and cookie exchanges and cleaning, shopping, wrapping, get a tree, decorating *gasps for air.* and two weeks to go x_x.

    • I think they are all great, I am having a tough time choosing between them. I tend to go to this site when looking for hair.
      It lists every hair ever made for all sims games. I found it by accident but I do find it easier.
      I know, I have loads to do still. Doing the extended family visits at the weekend, have to order the meat, wrap the presents. Getting there, slowly. 😀

  2. PMSL, Nolan’s stealth mode, love it! I had an invisible sim in my game recently; though I could control him to change outfits and become visible again. Not sure how you’d fix sneak-mode on an uncontrollable.

    Oooh, I *love* Rice Krispie’s eyes! Pretty green!

    Be careful Ready Brek, we don’t want you to become Seymour’s dinner! Though I have never seen a cowplant eat a child, so he should be safe…maybe.

  3. That Elsa hair is adorable! I immediately ran off to go grab it, haha. Got it via Beaverhausen, whose retextures I adore ^_^ It really seems to suit Lucky and I have to say her whole look puts me in the holiday spirit 🙂

    I think I’m with the others in saying Rice Krispies is my current favorite, but I always like to see the children as teens before I make any final decisions, especially because the kids can often look so similar at that stage.

    Excited to see what you do with that new house! Yay for moves and less lag!

    • I know, I love the adult version as it has little snowflakes on it. so cute. Lucky’s look was inspired by Frozen after I got that hair and just had to use it.
      Hmm interesting, I have seen them all as teens now and I think the favourite might change. but we shall see.
      I was so nice when I started playing in Lucky Palms. They are all doing stuff instead of standing around. The house looks so much better now I have modified it. It is actually one of the better premade houses in game.

  4. Oh my, that Elsa hair is adorable. Must have it. Yay for Seymour! I love Cowplants. ❤
    I also love the kids, all super cute. I think Ready Brek is my fav at the mo.

    • I hadn’t realised so many of you guys hadn’t seen that hair. It is really pretty.
      I know, cow plants are awesome, I loved them in sims 2 and was so happy when I saw it on the store! 😀

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