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Melon & Magrat at Uni: Bonus Pics


I took so many pictures during Melon & Magrat’s time at Uni and many that I liked didin’t make the cut or left out as the chapter’s were getting too long.  So here are some extras for you to enjoy.

They should be in chronological order.  This first one is just adorable but I didn’t want too many of Melon looking at her.  I thought it might make him look like a creeper!

total (31)


And these are just because of the faces Magrat pulls

total (64) total (73) total (74) total (70)


Some random party Melon & Magrat went to.

total (84)

total (90)


total (92)


Magrat appearing to make some wet themself with her evilness

total (107)


Another of Magrat’s amazing faces


Melon strutting his stuff in his swimshorts


Magrat in the naughty corner!


Melon taking up a new skill.


Report card fun

Screenshot-78 Screenshot-80


Arrival at uni


Melon’s game face



Lover’s tiff



Sketching in the snow


More Magrat studying


Magrat’s hatred of snowmen


Not really sure but their faces make it seem like they were up to something.


Melon being creepy


Melon boob stare


Melrat!! I think that is going to stick now 😀


Magrat being creepy

twit (17)

Melon talking rockets with an elderly student.  Seriously it is all he talks about o_O

twit (19)

This is what happened at the first graduation. Magrat got in, Melon didn’t

twit (24)

Just a few of the outtakes from the graduation picture I tried to get.

twit (48) twit (49) twit (53)



2 thoughts on “Melon & Magrat at Uni: Bonus Pics

  1. These are nice to see. Magrat is so cute with all those faces.
    Melrat, I like it! and Melon’s boob stare! Brilliant! XD

  2. I think my favourite pic is Melon on the Bike and Magrat following behind on her broom. I love them all really. Uni has so many opportunities for really fun photos. It looks like Magrat is mad at Melon for eating at the party. I love it!

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