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Chapter 3.4 Can We Make Him Yellow?


Hey there! It’s time for another chapter.  I had wanted to get this out sooner but I had an exam that needed to study for.  That was yesterday and I passed. 😀 Just 3 more to go now. 😦

Melon: Enough of this chatter, they aren’t here for you. 😡

I sense much anger in this one.

Anyway last time Melon and Magrat finished there first term at Uni.


Tobais: HI! Welcome home!

Yup Tobias is still going strong. 130 days old now.

Maya: When did these flowers change? I don’t remember giving my permission for this.

I don’t recall needing your permission.


Melon: Well here we are. What do you think?

Magrat: Oh I think I’m going to like it here. ❤


Oi stop that! He is out of bounds.

Maya: My babies, all grown up. I feel so old 😥

Nolan: Cheer up honey. When you are sad it is raining in my heart.

Melon: Dad, that was so cheesy.

On another note, do you like what I did to the living room?


Melon: So what do you think? Want to spend the rest of your life here?

Magrat: Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do.

Not the most romantic response.


Melon: If that’s the case then I have something for you.

Magrat: It had better not be a rocket.


Melon: How about a shiny instead.  Marry me?


Magrat: OK, why not.

Romance is not your strong point, is it?


Melon: This is nice ❤


It was at around this time that I noticed the plant sim, Sharon had come home with them and was listed as a non selectable household member. Not sure why. :/

Melon: Um, are you stalking me.  You know I’m engaged right?

Sharon: Well it was worth it shot

I was not able to get rid of her so I used Master controller to make her selectable and kick her out.  Make some plantsim babies please.


I had Melon take the aptitude test to see if could get any funding.

Melon: Oh I know this one, come on Melon think.  Red and Blue make …….

How did you get into Uni the first time. o_O


Melon did not get any extra funding.  They only needed 12 credits each to complete their degrees so I had them go for just one week. Aw look the whole family came out to see them off.

Tobias: This is messing with my rocking schedule.

Nolan: OMG he does get out of the chair! 😮

My thoughts exactly! 😀

Maya: Bye kids, have fun! Don’t forget to call

Melon: Mum, I’m a grown man. Quit it.

Magrat: I’m already tired of seeing your parents walking around in their undies.


Yet you have no problem walking around in yours?

Here they are back at Uni, in the same dorm. Check out Melon’s face, adorable


Melon: I have a cunning plan!

It seems his ‘cunning plan…


Is to scare the bejeebuz out of his fiancée.

Melon: Raaarrr! I’m a scary beast come to devour you!

In pink flowery boxers? Sure that’s scary.


After some synchronized eating with this guy which was cool to watch.

Magrat: You guys should join a circus!


It’s time for classes to begin.


Melon tries his hand at cooking afterwards.  His skill is at level 6 thanks to help from the tabcasts.

Melon: I’m so good I’m on fire!


Melon: Um, what’s that load ringing sound? Why is it so bright in here?

Give it a minute, you’ll figure it out


Melon: ARGH a fire. Put it out! Put it out!

There you go.

Derek: I’m too tired to be dealing with your shtick


Thank you Derek Khan! The firefighter showed up after the fire was out.  Damn useless the lot of them.

Melon: Oh your a lifesaver, I could kiss you.

Derek: Please don’t -_-

WomaninNightgown: I would pay good money to see that.


Classes continue.  Check out the young teacher, she has the attention of nearly the whole class!


Holy macaroni that oven is dirty.  How can you eat anything that comes out of that?!

Magrat: Like I have a choice?

The microwave? right there, on the counter? Or you know you could just I don’t know, CLEAN THE OVEN.


Ah yes this is when my makeover bug struck.  This is Derek Khan the guy that put the fire out.  I checked him out in CAS and he is hot.  Poor thing has to suffer at the hands of EA styling though.  But not for much longer. Drum roll please


Much better, he is actually better looking than I first thought.  Bad hair, clothes and eyebrows were doing nothing for him.  I have saved him and I am thinking of using him somewhere.

Derek: I feel pretty, oh so pretty.



Here is a close up shot of him after makeover.  It is a bit hard to make him out in the last picture.  Oh yes I definitely have a use for you.

Derek: Eeep


Melon: No I do not want to try any experimental drugs.  Stop asking me Uncle Zak!


Magrat takes to studying on her own.  I love her ❤

Magrat: Thanks, now kindly go bug someone else I need to cram for the finals.


Melon meanwhile becomes the yellow gnome’s second victim.

Melon: My beautiful face.

YellowGnome: Gnomes 2  Plebs 0


The week goes by quickly and both Melon and Magrat pass their exams.

Melon: Yay me! ❤


They celebrate of course!  Aren’t they a cute couple.

twit (3)

Melon: WOO perfect GPA! I am awesome!

Derek: Only a C, aww come on.

twit (9)

Magrat: That score is so good I could kiss it.

And that wouldn’t be weird at all.

So graduation comes round and due to past problems with sims not being able to get into the stadium in time I had them hang around outside beforehand. I only had to do it twice!

twit (35)

Melon: How about making him yellow? I’ve heard of yellow snow.

Magrat: o_O

twit (38)

This is the snowman they built.  I’ve never seen an evil one before, isn’t it cool.

Snowman: You try being evil with no mouth and twigs for arms.

If you have no mouth how are you talking?

Snowman: None of your business, move along now.

twit (41)

Well it was cool before Magrat did this. 😥

Melon: She’s so lovely, she’s so lovely!

Stop singing.

twit (42)

Skeleton: Don’t mind me, I can’t go in yet, I have no BODY to accompany me!

Magrat & Melon: *are unamused*

Skelton: Aww come on, that was pure gold

Fools gold more like.

twit (51)

Phew, they both graduated.  Melon got new trait of Artistic and Magrat got Mooch.  (both randomised)

You would not believe how long it took to get this photo.

So they both got their degrees and I can say goodbye to uni for a while.

twit (59)

Melon: Oooh I shouldn’t have had that second burrito at that service station. * stomach gurgles*

Magrat: I did warn you, piggy.

I shall end things with Magrat’s wedding outfit.  Well two really. There were two dresses I really liked on her.  One was used as her actual wedding outfit, let me know which one you like best, just for fun. I wouldn’t normally add a new outfit for borrowed sims but I wanted her to look special on her wedding day.  I hope the owner doesn’t mind.

twit (61) Screenshot-4

I had a request to rearrange this bit, I completely forgot last time.  Hope this is easier to understand now. 🙂

Torch Holders: 2

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 4 x 5 = 20

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 18 x 5 = 90

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Fires: (-5) 3 x 5 + 15

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 7 x 5 = 35

Total: -65


8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4 Can We Make Him Yellow?

  1. She looks so beautiful in both of them! Please feel free to change anything on her you want. I was going to say “except her face” but if you did that it would be going against the reason why you wanted her lol.
    I think I like the second dress the best. Which one do you like better? I’m super pumped they were able to get uni finished. They’re so adorable. Way better than the guy she nabbed in my game on SP. I love seeing them get a life of their own.
    Melon cracked me up with with the yellow snow comment. I may have snorted a little haha!

    • I know don’t they? I will explain more about why I included this pics in the next chapter. Thanks, I like her how she is though, just wanted a special outfit for her wedding.
      They are so cute together and Melon constantly has this dreamy look on his face when he looks at her.
      I had to include the yellow snow comment. It is all I can think of when I see snow ever since a silly song I heard on my local radio station.

  2. Much easier to read, thanks!

    LOL, M&M in their underwear when they arrive at uni? Sounds about right. And then Melon trying to be scary in the pink flowery boxers. So not.

    Can’t wait to see how the Magrat/Melon (Malon? Melrat?) babies turn out!

    • Phew, I glad it’s better. Can’t believe I forgot last time.
      I know they are so random with their outfits. I personally think Melon is too cute to be evil or scary that’s why he got those boxers in the first place. 😀
      Melrat, I like that. Malon reminds me of something. Oh I know! it’s the name of the girl from the ranch in Ocarina of Time! 😀
      Sorry I’m letting my nerd show

  3. I laughed so hard at the yellow snow comment! XD Derak Khan is a hottie, I may have to send Valentina to uni at some point.
    Melon trying to be scary in pink flowery boxers, just brilliant.
    Magrat’s dresses at the end are both beautiful but I think I prefer the second.

  4. Ha ha Melon in his pink flowery boxers! He really sucks at being evil.
    I liked the yellow snow comment, so funny.

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