The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 3.2 A Cute Couple


Last time Melon took over as the torch holder, the quads grew up and Tobias got older.

Before I start I would like to share this picture of my cat Teddy and his lifelong obsession with cardboard boxes. This box now has three holes on each side.  I put a motorised toy in the box making it a great way for him to play on his own!


Anyway enough of my adorable kitty, back to the Mendozas.  At the end of the last chapter Melon was headed for Uni.

shot (185)

Nolan: Bye son! Have fun!

Maya: He left 30 minutes ago. You can stop waving now.

Nolan: I’ll miss you son. *sobs*

Anyway moving on…

shot (186)

This is the dorm Melon is staying in and those girls are two of his dorm-mates.

Melon: I’m going to like it here!

You are not having those girls, I have someone better in mind.

shot (190)

I sent Melon to this cute little house where I have plopped a special sim just for him.

Melon: For me? You shouldn’t have.

Just get in there before I change my mind.

shot (193)

Melon: You should see my rocket, it’s as long as my arm.

Magrat: Um, sure?

This dear readers is Magrat Winters from the totally awesome Winters ISBI If you haven’t read it yet get on over there and do so.

shot (197)

Melon makes up for his initial rocket remarks by producing yellow flowers from his butt.

Melon: I saw these yellow beauties and thought of you.


shot (199)

Magrat: They smell wonderful.

I’m sure they do if you bury your face in them.

shot (204)

After spamming romantic interations for a while Melon gets his girl.  They actually get along really well, I guess it helps that they are both Evil and Insane.

total (2)

Melon: Ugh, damn meet and great.

Magrat: I don’t have to go as well do I?

total (4)

Melon: grumble, grumble

total (5)

Melon: This frisbee is perfect for my plan.

What plan?

Melon: To play frisbee. What a stupid question.

He did not play frisbee.

Melon: How do you know, you don’t watch me all the time.

I am not even going to answer that.

total (11)

Back at the dorm Melon tries to bond with his housemates.  One of them is a plantsim! I have never seen one in game before so my reaction was ‘OMG A PLANT SIM! WANT ONE! WANT ONE!’

Melon: Quiet please! Can’t you see a great artist is at work here.

What great artist? Where?

Melon: Meanie

total (13)

Melon: Tada! This is how I see you!

Sharon: Yes,’s um, er.. actually really good! *plus plus*

Melon: Thanks! See someone appreciates me.

total (16)

Melon: I’m tired I’ll just pull this bed down…

Bed: *THWAK!!*


total (17)

Melon: I hate this bed, get rid of it.

*exhales* oh you’re still ok? thank the moons (I doubt if anyone will get this reference.)

total (18)

Melon: I’m not sure about ok. That bed did a number on my back.

total (25)

Melon recovers from the Murphy bed crushing and heads off the next day for his first day of classes.

Melon: She’s chasing after me, she totally wants a piece of Melon!

I can not believe you just said that.

Melon: 😀

total (28)

I removed the dreaded Murphy beds and claimed the room for Melon.  I added an easel as painting helps with the fine arts degree he is studying.  The sketches are Melon’s own work.  He is very proud of them.

total (29)

Singer: ‘Whenever, Whereever! We’re meant to be together!

(what I am actually listening to as I write this!)

Melon: For the love of all that is holy give me earplugs!

total (44)

Classes continued throughout the week. On the wednesday Melon had this lecture.  As you can see it is riveting stuff!

total (83)

This meanwhile is Magrat’s lesson.  I discovered she is studying business.  I like how they all set up near the toilets.  Many a failure and route fail were had during this lesson as normal library users tried to get to the toilets.

Note: The guy in the background with the green sweater is Richard Randall.  He is the sim I used as Nina’s husband in the Winterton Adoptacy.

total (55)

Back at the dorms Melon is improving his painting skill while listening to the cooking tabcast on the multitab.  Best download ever from sims 3 store, if you haven’t got it I suggest you do pronto.

At this time Melon and Magrat’s relationship reset to freinds. I was not happy and was not prepared to loose her to story progression so I moved her in.

total (57)

Travis: You are a feast for the eyes Magrat. How about you and me go out sometime.

Sharon: You know she’s taken, right?

total (60)

Magrat: Um, I’ll pass.  It’s, er, my turn to do the cleaning.

total (63)

The first thing she did after ditching Travis in the dinning room was to head up to the top floor to do a presentation.

Magrat: and this explains why my children will be the cutest this legacy will ever see.

I just hope that your genetics end up on the kids.  I want yellow babies please.

total (80)

This is Melon’s outdoor class. I am not sure exactly what they are all sketching but Melon ended up with a sketch of a puppy and something else that looks like one of those scribble patterns I used to do as a kid.

total (87)

Melon and Magrat got invited to a keg party where this happened a lot.

total (99)

At exams on the friday of the first week Magrat conjures a posioned apple and procedes to eat it before her next exam.  Naturally she passed out.  -5

total (95)

They both passed their exams.  Melon’s progress bar was maxed out and he was on the dean’s list so I wasn’t worried but Magrat’s bar was on half filled when she went into her first exam so I am surprised she passed.

Melon: Nailed it!

You have another week to get through.

total (111)

Magrat celebrates her pass by trying a trick shot with a gnome.

YellowGnome: This isn’t going to end well is it?

total (112)


Magrat: OW my face, my beautiful face.

total (119)

Melon: Don’t worry I’ll will make it all better.  *eyebrow waggle*

Magrat: What do you have in mind?

total (122)

Melon: Celebratory woohoo of course.

They are so cute together.  😀

total (131)

Melon rolled a wish for a juice keg and Magrat is rarely away from it.

total (132)

Melon: Why do I have to get the alcoholic.

I think your over exaggerating there a bit, it is just juice after all.

Melon: You know as well as I do that is a lie.

That’s about it.  Part two of Melon’s uni adventure will be explored next time.

Torch Holders: 2

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 18 x 5 = 90

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll/deans list: (+5) 3 x 5 = 15

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 2 x 5 + 10

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 7 x 5 = 35

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -65


11 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2 A Cute Couple

  1. Haha I wish that button said “love” instead of “like”
    “Melon: This frisbee is perfect for my plan.
    What plan?
    Melon: To play frisbee. What a stupid question.
    He did not play frisbee.” I laughed so hard at that! Poor Magrat, an alcoholic already! I’m so excited they got along so well from the start! And I can say I’ve never seen a plant sim in any of my games yet either. I didn’t even get one at university :(. I’ll find one! That’s my new objective.

    • Gah! And I forgot to comment on Teddy! he is adorable! He looks so happy and him in his little box reminds me of “if I fits, I sits” *snuggles him*

      • Teddy is happiest when he is either eating or playing in a box. He is easily pleased. I have some videos of him on youtube, i will put links on the hub at sometime.

    • Thanks ❤ I was so exicted when one of Melon's housemates was a plantsim. i looked plantsims up on sims wiki and she is a premade sim in the uni neughbourhood. I may have to send a sim to uni again to get me a plantsim.
      Magrat is great and so pretty! she pulls the greatest faces and is so random. I predict she will find the bar when they get back to the house.

      • Haha I’m so glad she’s not giving you too much trouble yet. I can’t wait to see their babies! I find it funny Magrat is taking business but she never was the type to sit around.

  2. HA HA so funny! Melon’s faces are brilliant! The frisbee thing, I laughed so hard at that! XD
    I liked the bed falling on him, I hate this beds too. I never use them in game. I have lost good sims to them 😥
    OMG Magrat is so pretty, I will definately check out the ISBI she is from. Can’t wait to see little Melon babies.
    The ‘thank the moons’ reference is from Skies of Arcadia right? I remember playing that on the Dreamcast. Such a beautiful game.
    What is the name of the Plantsim? I haven’t seen any in game.

    • Thanks ❤ Glad you are enjoying reading it.
      Those Murphy beds, I am not a lover of them. I have lost one sim to these beds. I was not happy but her ghost was a nice colour.
      I have been thinking about including sims from other legacies for a while and I am glad my first one is such a good one. 😀
      Yay someone got the reference! *does a happy dance* I wasn't sure if anyone would. It is very beautiful and still one of my fav games. I still love playing it.
      The plant sim is called Sharon Dorsey. She is a premade EA sim from the Uni town. I really want to include a plantsim in this legacy at some point so I may send future generations to uni.
      Babies will not appear until after the wedding I have planned for them. I already have their outfits picked out. Although neither of them will probably wear them!

  3. Melon is great! His face at the end cracked me up. XD
    Melon: She’s chasing after me, she totally wants a piece of Melon! I loved that line! And the frisbee bit, brilliant! XD.
    Magrat is so pretty. Don’t think I have got to her on Winters yet. I can’t wait to see there babies. Hope you get her skin colour.

    • Both Melon and Magrat pull the best faces. They are so fun to play. I thought of that line and it made me smile. Glad you liked it.
      I am hoping her genes come out in the babies. I haven’t got that far in game yet so it’s still an unknown.

  4. Ahahaha, yay Magrat!! It’s so awesome to see her here as I just loved her over at the Winters ISBI too XD Her and Melon make an excellent duo and I have to admit I can’t wait to see their kids together, haha.

    Such a great chapter! Between the frisbee, the murphy bed, and the great faces that both Melon and Magrat pulled, I was constantly entertained XD

    Also, your cat really is ADORABLE 😀 ❤

    • I can’t put into words how excited I was to have the opportunity to use her. I loved her in the Winters ISBI too. 😀
      Thanks, I was so worried when the bed smacked on him. It was a relief he was ok.

      Thanks, I am sure Teddy will be pleased to hear that. 😀

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