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Chapter 2.9 Almost There


Wow look at that, another chapter! Bet you weren’t expecting that so soon.  Well you see I didn’t realise quite how many pictures I had.  There were too many to put in just one chapter so I split it.

So to recap last time Kiwi grew up and there was a party, during which Tobias embarrassed himself.  Piper & Lassie grew up and Tobias started to loose his marbles.  Lets hope he’s found them now…

silly (44)


Or maybe not.  That poor child

Raspberry: *is scarred for life*

Jamie: Good god man, put some clothes on! 0.0

silly (46)

But why scar one child when two is better.

Maya: Dad please put some clothes on.  The children do not need to see that!

Mulberry: Want food!

Tobias: But I just want to play.

silly (53)

Lets move on to the first of the birthdays.  Oh dear god no!

Melon: I did not need to see that! must unsee.

silly (90)


Anyway here is Melon as a teen.  His new trait is Neurotic.

silly (58)

Ok, next is Mulberry. Everyone has now taken to ignoring Tobias in the buff.

Tobias: It’s actually nice to feel the wind around my…

OK stop there!

silly (67)

Here is little Mulberry all grown up.  Her new trait is Technophobe.

silly (64)

Next up is Bluberry and thank god Tobias is decent again!

Blueberry: Cake now mama

silly (70)


And here he is as a child.  His new trait is Heavy sleeper.  Isn’t he a little cutie.

silly (76)

Next up is Raspberry.

Maya: Can we just get to next one, I’m shattered.

Don’t worry were nearly done.

silly (97)


I really like how her hair looks with the higlights.  It will appear different in later pics as she glitched and I had to change it.  Anyway her new trait is Eco- freindly.

silly (87)

And finally we have Strawberry.

Strawberry: But I wanted red sparkles, this does not suit my evilness.

Maya: Shut up and grow up!

silly (93)


Her she is, the last one to get a makeover.  Her new trait is Equestrian.

silly (99)

The first thing Strawberry did as a child was to sit in the rocking chair.  I love her evil grin here.

Strawberry: That’s because I love other peoples misfortune.

silly (101)


Yes this time it’s because you’ve upset your granddad.

Tobias: But that’s my chair.

Learn to share.

silly (107)

Lassie has discover that having a bigger body has it’s benifits.

Lassie: Dig, dig, dig, dig.

silly (112)


Jamie why are you so happy?

Jamie: The divorce is final, I am finally free of this crazy family!

We shall see.  I have decided to keep her in the house at least until Tobias expires.  I will decide her fate then.  The dogs may stay though.

Jamie: ….

silly (122)


Strawberry loves to show her evil side and it is often poor Raspberry that she picks on.  These two do not get on at all.

silly (128)

Maya: FINALLY I can go back to work!

Then why don’t you look happy?

Maya: I am outside for one, plus I age up soon.

silly (132)

These two had a field trip to the town hall.  I realised they hadn’t come home afterwards and I find them doing their homework outside the town hall.  I don’t blame them really, with so many sims in the house is must be hard to concentrate.

silly (134)

Aw the quads first day of school.  Blueberry rushed of first and ruined the photo. Grrrr

Raspberry: So very tired.

silly (137)


Raspberry: *thinking* I hope no one saw that.

*Sigh* – 5

silly (138)

This guy called up and asked Jamie out for a date.  Since she had recently divorced I thought why not.  They actually got on really well and stood there chatting for ages.

Jamie: Have you heard about this strange fog? Apparently people are disappearing.

silly (139)


Finegan: Um, I think you are confused.  That was the plot of a movie that was on last night.

Jamie: Really? Are you sure?

silly (141)

Back at home the bedtime stories are in full swing.  You show see it, it is utter chaos with four of them all wanting bedtime stories at once and none of them going for they’re actual beds.

Maya: And then without warning the King ordered the traitor’s execution. The executioner swung a mighty sword down and decapitated him with a single stroke.

Um, are you sure that’s the best story for a child?

tiny (14)

Maya: Nobody saw that right?

I did -5

tiny (16)


Maya: Oh no the maid saw. I am so embarrassed.

ManMaid: This is great. That reporter lady will pay me extra for this!

tiny (30)

Things aren’t much better outside.

Raspberry: It wasn’t me.

Nolan: This is what we get for not potty training them.

– 5

tiny (10)

I finally got round to redesigning the back door area.  I have shrunk down the space for Maya’s garden and added a nice little grave area for Jacklyn.  Tobias will be put here eventually so they can be together again.

tiny (26)

I also sold some unwanted stuff and added a pool.  Lassie was the first to find it.  I have never seen a dog swim in this game. (due to my preference of cats) It’s actually kind of cute.

tiny (27)

This isn’t so cute.  Maya wasn’t so graceful when it came to entering the pool.

tiny (29)

She was the first to find the loungers I placed at the side of the pool though.

Maya: Ah it’s so nice not to have any screaming toddlers anymore.

We are almost near the end of Maya’s time as heir. Next time I will be choosing her heir.

That’s about it, I will leave you with Tobias contemplating what to do to the next child that asks for a bedtime story!

tiny (18)


(Don’t worry, I do not condone violence towards children.  He is just twirling his cane.)

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 6 x 5 = 30

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 12 x 5 = 60

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 5 x 5 25

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -55


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.9 Almost There

  1. hahaha the anti-bedtime stick. I love it. It’s so funny when the seniors are running around with no clothes on. I wonder if that EA’s version of them going senile lol. Tobias does need to learn how to share the chair. I wonder what gets them so obsessed with it lol.

  2. LMAO! Old man in the buff. I laughed so hard at that! Those poor kids.
    Lassie swimming is so cute, I didn’t know they could do that.
    I like the last pic with Tobias and the cane. He must really hate those bedtime stories.

    • I know, it always makes me laugh when they do things like that. I think Nina did it in the Winterton legacy.
      I have not previously played with the dogs much so I wasn’t aware of it myself. Makes sense though really.
      To be honest that was my first thought when I saw the picture. With four kids all wanting bedtime stories at the same time it got a bit mental at times!

  3. Haha, I’ve had that glitch! Naked seniors running around, so random.

    The kids are cute! I think my favourite is Mulberry, love that black hair.

  4. Ha ha Naked old man! XD so many childhoods ruined! The quads are still cute. I think Raspberry is my fav of the girls. I like her colouring.
    That bedtime story sounds strangely familiar. Is that supposed to be Game of Thrones?

    • I laugh every time I see this bit. It was so random. Those poor children. Yes I liked how her hair turned out. I want to see that colour more in my sims.
      The book she was reading was the sim book Game of Thorns so yes that is a reference to the TV series. I removed names to try and make it spoiler free for people.

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