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Chapter 2.6 The Good and The Bad


OK so last time Tobias moved and his new wife and their two puppies were added to the family. I had trouble remembering which puppy was which. I suspect I was blinded by cuteness.


I have now discovered a simple way of telling them apart. Lassie has a brown tail and Piper has a white tail.  Oh and the house got a makeover which I haven’t taken pictures of yet.


Tobias wished to retire from the low level criminal job that story progression gave him.  I let him and he now gets a pension of 50 simoelons a day.

Tobias: Hooray for me! Now I can spend more time with my grandchildren.


Or you can sit in the new rocking chair that I added to the house but forgot to recolour.


Speaking of grandchildren….



A few sims hours later.  (Someone really needs to clean that toilet BTW)

Yes Maya is pregnant again, I am hoping for twins this time.  Both Nolan and Maya have the fertility treatment LTR and the radio is blasting out kids music.

Maya: You promise this is the last time.

If you have twins, yes.



While we wait for the pregnancy to develop life goes on, things break and bedtime stories are told.

This picture also allows a nice view of the new kitchen.  I tried not to go to wild with the aqua which is Maya’s favourite colour. Nolan’s favourite colour is spice brown which really helped in toning things down.



Winter comes to Sunset Valley and with it comes more stupidity.  Tobias thinks the best way to fill his fun bar is to play with the sprinkers.

Tobias: Ah this is so refreshing.

The word you’re looking for is freezing.  Get your wrinkly butt back in the house before you freeze to death. *urge to lock him outside until he freezes to death and gives me pretty ghost*

Tobias: That’s not nice. Do you like being mean to us?

Keep doing that and you will find out.

Well at least Melon is still cute.


Melon: Where are my minions, I have not had attention for ages.

You have just been fed.  Entertain yourself.


Melon: At least I have you Cherri. You won’t ever leave me will you?

Cherri: *fears for life*


Cherri: *dies*

I like this kid!


*pregnacy pop*

Maya: Look at that, pregnant again.




You seem rather happy this time

Maya: This is the last one, I can go back to work after this.

Nolan: *dreams of chicken*



Hey look Jacklyn’s first visit since I acquired her grave!

Jacklyn: I’m back



Maya: *faints*

I forgot she was a coward.



Jacklyn: So your my grandson.  I hope you grow up to be a great thief.

Kiwi: Why can I see through you grandma?


Maya: Dad was right, this thing is great!

I can see arguments over this thing in the future.  I have seen it happen before.


Nolan: Is there a ringing in my ears? Also what is that strange green thing, is it a ghost?

One, someone left the stove on and walked away (-5).  Two that is the dog’s plumbob.

Nolan: Plumbob?


Nolan: Never mind. FIRE!!!

Tobias: What’s going on in here?

Maya: Ok don’t panic.


Maya faints again but at least she walked over to the other side of the kitchen to do it.


Ah well done Nolan, you just need to point that at the fire now.

Nolan: Don’t panic everyone, I got this.



Firewoman: Well done for putting the fire out before I got here.

Yes well if we had waited for you the whole kitchen would be burnt to a crisp.

Lassie: The fire is out, this makes me happy.

Piper: mmm Pancakes.

Kiwi: well excitement over, bored now.


Kiwi: Are you going to read me a story grandpa?

Tobias: What you say boy?


Kiwi: Dad, can you read me a story?

Nolan: You really have to learn to go to sleep without a story.

Kiwi: But Dad

Nolan: No buts, go to bed!



Nolan: This is much more fun than reading to my son.

Piper: This amuses me.

Me to Pip.


This doesn’t -5


Tobias: Yeah! I love this song.

It is at this time that I realise he has the same sleepwear as Nolan so I changed it.



That’s better.


Tobias: But I wanted to feed him.

Maya: Snooze you loose old man.


Nolan: Man I’m so tired. Boss really worked me hard today.





Piper: Feed me human

Nolan: need sleep.


Finally those two romantic interests in his friendship panel catch up with Tobias.

Jamie: I know about the other woman.

Tobias: Jamie honey, you’re the only woman for me.

Jamie: You cheating *******. Get out of my sight!


He was so upset that he smacked into the door on the way out and impalled his leg.



Jamie: I am so angry. I hate him so much right now.




Tobias on the other hand takes it all in his stride.

And that’s were I will leave it for now as I’ve ran out of pictures.

Torch Holders: 1

Every birth: (+5) 10

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) -10

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) -5

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) -5

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0

Total: -10


11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.6 The Good and The Bad

  1. oh Nolan! Too many fails in one chapter. What a bugger. I really hope you get twins this time. Does playing children’s music really help? I’ve seen other people mention it in their blogs but I’ve never heard of it before. Great Chapter!

    • I am really hoping for twins. I have used kids music in the past and it seems to help. I all also hoping they get a girl so Maya has developed a liking for watermelon.
      As always thanks for reading.

    • Children’s music definitely helps – which can be bad if you *don’t* want twins and someone turns on the radio/TV to that channel. If you use MasterController, you can actually see the chance of multiples going up the longer the music/tv is shown.

  2. Aw the puppies are cute. I did consider one IRL but I prefer cats personally.
    It is great to see Jacklyn again.

  3. Let’s hope poor Maya gets her girl, so she can finally go back to work. It seems like forever since she’s gone. Her co-workers should surely be her best friends now, with all the parties she’s been throwing.

  4. Ah the rocking chair addiction begins! Jamie is scary when she gets angry.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:
    Nolan: This is much more fun than reading to my son.
    Piper: This amuses me.
    Me to Pip.
    You crack me up.

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