The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 2.4 About Time


Wow! it’s been a long time since the last chapter.  I really must get better at posting these more regularly.  I did have a good excuse this time.  I was revising for a exam, which I passed! Also I got a new job.

But you don’t want to here about me.  You’re here to catch up on the Mendoza’s.

photo 1

Maya: Must be nice, going to work instead of being stuck at home.

Yes, actually it is.

Maya: So when will I be able to go back to work?

Um, not just yet. You have something else to do first.

But before well get to that here’s a few pics of Kiwi, just because he is cute.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Kiwi: You wuv me now? ❤

photo 6

Kiwi: Mummy, why you stare at me?

Nolan: Don’t mind me just trying to get some food.

Maya: I feel strange.

photo 7

Kiwi: *gets bored and wanders off to play with manly dollhouse*

Nolan: When will I be married.


Maya: *Is pregnant* Nolan I told you I only wanted one.

Nolan: One what?

photo 8

Maya: Hey Nolan guess what, I’m pregnant again and it’s all your fault.

Nolan: That’s great honey! *is hungry*

Someone has a lot of anger, though it could be hormones.

photo 9

Nolan: This totally rocks babe

Maya: Cut it out.

photo 10

Nolan: Are you sure there’s a baby in here?

Maya: What else would it be?!

photo 11

To calm down and get away from Nolan for a bit Maya does what comes naturally to her during pregnancy and tends to her garden.

Maya: Well it won’t look after itself and I can’t rely on Nolan.  He’s always too busy with something else.

photo 12

Well he is playing chess most of the time which is great but doesn’t help with his job at the diner.  He is still at level 2

photo 13

Maya: Man I’m so good at cooking.  This looks so good.

It’s Mac & Cheese.  There is not a lot of skill involved. Plus that was leftovers you got out of the fridge. I think it was even Nolan that made that batch.

Maya: *ignores* I think there should be a new house rule.  Every meal should be Mac & cheese.

photo 14

Kiwi: ma food!

Maya: *omnomnomnom*

It’s nice to see a family eating together.  It rarely happens in my game.

photo 15

Maya: Say mummy needs a spy day.

Kiwi: What’s a spa?

photo 16

Where is Nolan while all this training is going on?

Nolan: I wish Maya would dress like that for me. I never knew you could get bacon bikinis


Nolan: What?

photo 17

Maya: Put the plate down Nolan.

Ooh someone means business.

Nolan: Ok.

photo 18

Nolan: Can we make out now.

Maya: How about getting married first

photo 19

Nolan: OK.

I will skip the soppy wedding vow nonsense as I’m sure we’ve all heard it before.

Nolan: I agree let’s just skip to the good bit.

photo 20 photo 21

Nolan: And then he was trapped in a legacy for the rest of his life.

Who are you telling a ghost story to?

Nolan: my son

Stop telling stories like that to a toddler!

photo 22

Aw, it’s nice to see them doing stuff together.

Maya: I would have liked a cake like that

Nolan: *ignores*

photo 23 a

Maya: OMG the baby’s coming. NOLAN!

(out of frame) Kiwi: Mummy why you wet yourself?

Maya: Not now sweetie. NOLAN!!

photo 23

Nolan: so what’s up?

Maya: I’d like a taxi to the hospital please.

You changed your outfit to do that?

photo 24

So Maya takes herself to the hospital.

Where’s Nolan you ask?

photo 26 a

Nolan: zzz no zzz maya don’t zzzz I’m too pretty to die zzz


photo 25

Maya: Almost there. Hold on a while longer

photo 26

Hey Zak, I forgot you worked at the hospital.

Zak: I’m a sexy doctor!

Not yet but you are getting there

In case I didn’t mention it before he is now married to Susanah Forsythe, the woman who looked after him and his siblings when they were children.  I think he got a promotion here.  Level 5 now.

photo 27 a

Here is baby number two.  This is Melon.  He is Evil and Easily impressed.

Maya: That was HELL. No more please

I give no promises.

Nolan: *rolls want for a child*

photo 27 b

Maya: Here we are sweetie, this is your home now.

photo 27

Look Nolan is still awesome. he is taking out the trash, future generations have a lot to live up to.

photo 28

With Maya resting after giving birth Nolan tries to cook her a nice meal.

Nolan: Smells good maybe I will get that promotion at work. *daydreams*

photo 29

Um Nolan is it supposed to look like that.

Nolan: Don’t worry it’s all under control.  Maya will love this.

photo 30

Nolan: Ta da!

He burnt it. Makes me wonder what he does all day at the diner.

photo 31

Maya invited Tobias over to see his new grandson.  She has tried many times to get him to come over but he is always busy. (probably with is new wife, who is a young adult!) Which reminds me I must move Jacklyn’s grave to this lot.

Tobias: Thanks for finally inviting me to your new home.

Maya: Thanks for finally putting your hearing aid in so you can hear the phone ringing.

photo 32

Nolan finally gets to meet his father in law for the first time.

Tobias: So when can I take my grandson’s fishing?

Nolan: Who’s this guy?

Maya (of screen): That’s my dad, be nice.

photo 33

Maya: Dad this is Melon, your new grandson.

Tobias: Don’t touch the baby like that.

photo 34

Nolan and Tobias got along really well and bonded over a manly water balloon fight during a full moon.

Tobais: I’m glad that wasn’t a football.

photo 35

Aw, he’s playing with a bunny.  Some things never change.

I am actually debating whether to move Tobias in to live out his final years with his family.

photo 36

Meanwhile the paparazzi go from glamerous to this.

Piratepap: A pirate’s life was not for me. A paparazi I wanted to be.

Look I made a rhyme! 😀

photo 37

Nolan: A clean home is a happy home

Is that becoming a catch phase?

Nolan: I don’t want to be forgotten.  I’m too pretty to be forgotten.

photo 38

Still loves himself.

Nolan: There is nothing wrong with looking good.

No but there is a problem with standing in front of the mirror for hours while your needs drop and your kids are screaming for attention.

photo 39

Nolan: I have the power.

No you have a baby, stop watching 80’s cartoons. Put him down before you impale him on your plumbob

photo 40

Nolan: Now that I’ve impaled your brother it’s just you and me bud.

Kiwi: Wuv you papa ❤

I changed Nolan’s hair here to give him highlights in his fav colour, spice brown

photo 41

With Kiwi’s birthday approaching Maya teaches him to walk.

Maya: See it’s easy.

photo 42

Oh look random people in my legacy house. It must be party time.  I don’t know who this guy with the big ears is, I didn’t invite him.

Apollo: Wow those ears are huge!

Apollo be nice.

photo 43

Of course everyone congregates in Melon’s newly built bedroom blocking the way.

RandomDude: Hey Zak can you introduce me to your sister, she’s hot.

Zak: Sorry she’s taken.

Susanah: Do you think we could dig or way out?

Apollo: Worth a shot, got a shovel?

photo 44

Maya and Nolan finally escape and Melon is first up.

Maya: Yay!!

Miles: Hey cutie.

photo 45

The waiting gets to Nolan obviously.

Nolan: How long is she going to do that?

photo 46

Maya: *is still cheering*

Sadly she was the only one who cheered him on.

Apollo: Don’t mind me, just want some screen time.

photo 47

Of course everyone magically appears when it’s cake time.

Zak: who is that hottie?

hiddenman: OMG it’s Nolan, he’s awesome!

Nolan: I know.

photo 48

Kiwi’s turn!

Nolan: YAY mini me!

Notice how little the guests care

Bigearguy: Is that meant to happen?

Mia: I think it adds drama.

WomaninPurple: OMG a baby. Kill me now!

Is there some kind of party radar because I did not invite these people.

photo 49

Kiwi: wee birthday sparkles.

MendozaBoys: *forms queue for cake in age order*

photo 50

Nolan: *stares at Mia*

Maya: I hope you aren’t staring at my sister’s boobs.

Nolan: Just cleaning up dear. *stares at boobs*

Mia: Where did she find him, he’s hot

Hands off you.  Also notice Kiwi cleaning.

photo 51

Nolan: Damn the sink’s broken

Can’t you fix it?

Nolan: Nope. *goes outside to play chess*

photo 52

Oh yes time for Kiwi’s makeover.

Kiwi: yay a drawer!

photo 53

Here he is, isn’t he cute. I love that hat. His new trait is eccentric by the way.

photo 54

Suprisingly Nolan did this all by himself.  Best. Sim. Ever!

Nolan: You are too kind.

Melon: Where the poop go?

photo 55

Just a pic to show you what he looks like.  He got Maya’s pink eyes along with Jacklyn’s hair.  Such a cutie.

photo 56

Here is Kiwi proving he can be just as awesome as his dad. We will see if that lasts.

photo 57

Look I got the sitting on a toilet shot.  Woo!

Kiwi: This is my thinking chair. please leave me alone

photo 58 Maya new everyday

That’s all for this time.  I will leave you with these pics of Maya’s new everday outfits.  I recently downloaded some new stuff from the store and couldn’t resist trying them out.

Torch Holders: 1

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 0

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 0

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0


9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4 About Time

  1. Hi, I just found your story by accident. I get why you changed it from a thief one to an ISBI. I don’t think I could have stuck to that either.
    I love Maya and Nolan together, I like how angry she gets with Nolan for making her pregnant.
    The boys are really cute, can’t wait to see what they grow up like. Will they be having any more children?
    Great story, can’t wait for next chapter.

    • Hi Chas, thanks for taking the time to read my legacy. I always like to hear what people think.
      Yeah Maya is not keen on a big family and just wants to get back to work. She gets annoyed with Nolan every time they have another child.
      I am not sure if there will be any children although Nolan wants a girl.
      I am working on pictures for next chapter so hope to get it out soon.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been reading your story for a while but never commented before.
    I laughed so hard at the boob staring comment. My girlfriend hates when I do that.
    I think you did the right thing in changing your legacy to an ISBI, it has very much improved.
    I can’t wait to see what the boys turn out like and what trouble they get into when they reach puberty.

    • Hi there, thanks for reading. I like your screen name, my cat is called teddy.
      Yeah when i was playing that bit he genuinely kept looking at Mia. I can see why your girlfriend wouldn’t like that but as long as you don’t touch.
      I am hoping they start doing a few more interesting things. I don’t mind them being clean but it is a bit boring.

  3. Now that he’s a child, it’s obvious Kiwi’s fave colour is spiceberry. Melon’s seems to be purple. Both kids got pink eyes, wow. Very few of Nolan’s genetics in here, it seems.

  4. The kids are so cute. I love Kiwi’s hat. I’m guessing Maya is not very maternal?
    Nice to see Maya’s family back. Tobias is a cute elder.

  5. Oh my goodness you cracked me up. I genuinely laughed out loud at this:
    “Tobias: Don’t touch the baby like that.”
    Not sure why that tickled me to bits, but it did!
    I’m rather keen on Nolan. His looks, and his personality! So funny!!

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